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Chapter 3,426

Effects of dietary supplementation of feedlot steers with vitamins E and D3 on live performance, carcass traits, shelf-life attributes and longissimus muscle tenderness

Vargas, D.N.; Down, A.E.; Webb, D.S.; Han, H.; Morgan, J.B.; Dolezal, H.G.

Animal Science Research Report Agricultural Experiment Station, Oklahoma State University ( P-973): 59-66


Accession: 003425678

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Cattle (n=119) were divided into four dietary treatment groups: Control, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E and Vitamin E and D. Treatments Vitamin E and Vitamin E and D were supplemented with 1000 IU/head daily of vitamin E for the final 54 days of the feeding period. Steers in the Vitamin D and Vitamin E and D groups received 6 x 106 IU/head daily of vitamin D for the final 6.5 days prior to slaughter.

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