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Effects of feeding vitamin D on feedlot performance, carcass traits, and meat tenderness of finishing steers

Berry, B.A.; Gill, D.R.; Ball, R.

Animal Science Research Report Agricultural Experiment Station, Oklahoma State University ( P-980): 98-103


Accession: 003426319

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Feedlot performance, carcass characteristics, and meat tenderness of steers fed supplemental vitamin D for 5 d followed by 2 d increased calcium supplementation during the 7 d prior to harvest were characterized. Steers were fed either 0 or 6,000,000 IU of vitamin D from d 133 to d 137 of a finishing trial. Vitamin D-fed cattle subsequently received increased levels of calcium until harvest 2 d later. Vitamin D had no effect on tenderness in this trial, however skeletal maturities were less advanced. Feedlot performance was greatly altered for cattle supplemented with vitamin D due to decreased feed consumption.

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