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Effects of pre- or post-harvest application of liquid calcium fertilizer manufactured from oyster shell on the calcium concentration and quality in stored 'Niitaka' pear fruits

Moon ByungWoo; Lim SeungTaik; Choi JongSeung; Suh YoungKyu

Journal of the Korean Society for Horticultural Science 41(1): 61-64


Accession: 003428239

The Ca content of fruits was increased by foliar spray and/or postharvest dipping with liquid Ca fertilizer (LCF) manufactured from oyster shells. The major forms of increased Ca in treated fruits were water soluble and exchangeable ones. The treatment of foliar spray followed by postharvest dipping was the most effective at increasing cell wall Ca contents. Fruit firmness was maintained at a higher level in LCF-treated fruits for 15 days at ambient temperature and 60 days at low temperature.

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