Effects of seeding dates for direct seeding on dry paddy on growth and yield of rice varieties in Youngnam region

Ahn DeokJong; Choi JangSu; Choi ChungDon; Lee SeongPhil; Choi BooSull; Lee SangChul

Korean Journal of Crop Science 45(3): 185-189


Accession: 003428682

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Optimum sowing dates for direct sown rice cv. Donganbyeo, Daesanbyeo, Hoanbyeo, Nonghobyeo, and Gwanganbyeo were investigated in the Youngnam region. Dry seeds of these cultivars were sown at 10-day intervals from April 20 to May 30. The period from sowing to emergence was 12-14 days, with shorter periods with delayed sowing. The number of emerged seedlings per unit area decreased when the crop was sown earlier than May. Heading date was delayed as sowing was delayed. Culm length, panicle length and number of spikelets per panicle were not affected by sowing date, but number of panicles per msuperscript 2 and ripened grain ratio were high when sown from April 30 to May 10. The optimum sowing dates for high yield of Donganbyeo, Daesanbyeo, Hoanbyeo, Nonghobyeo, and Gwanganbyeo were estimated to be May 3, May 2, May 10, May 8, and May 1, respectively.