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Effects of the concentrated supplementation on the development of pregnant/suckling ewes: weight gain and wool growth

Lema, A.C.F.; Ezequiel, J.M.B.; Cruz, A.E.; Silva Sobrinho, A.G.; Kronka, S.N.

Ars Veterinaria 14(3): 346-351


Accession: 003429475

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A study was carried out during February-August 1992 at Jaboticabal, Sao Paulo, Brazil, to investigate the effects of a concentrate feed fed to 14 Polwarth ewes on liveweight gain and wool growth. The concentrate (51% maize, 37.5% soyabeans, 10.5% wheat, and 1% mineral salts) was available from the last third of gestation until the weaning of lambs (185 days). Ewes grazed on Cynodon dactylon (cv. Coast-Cross) pasture. Two treatments, without supplementation (NS) and with supplementation (CS), were compared. Liveweight gain of ewes were 6.48 and 0.00 kg for the period prior to parturition, and 1.84 and -3.49 kg during lactation for CS and NS, respectively. Results for wool growth were 1.70 and 2.03 cm, and 2.13 and 1.47 cm, respectively.

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