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Efficacy evaluation of lasalocid plus roxarsone combination medication with different geographic field strains of Eimeria acervulina

Pecelunas, K.; Danforth, H.D.; Schildknecht, E.G.; Davis, S.

Avian diseases 44(1): 1-7


ISSN/ISBN: 0005-2086
PMID: 10737638
DOI: 10.2307/1592501
Accession: 003430220

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Performance of broiler chickens medicated with lasalocid alone (at 125 ppm) or in combination with roxarsone (at 50 ppm) was evaluated in battery and floorpen trials after challenge with geographically different field strains of coccidia containing predominately the upper intestinal species Eimeria acervulina. No significant difference in bird performance measured at 6 days postinfection (PI) was observed between lasalocid plus roxarsone-medicated (L+RM) or lasalocid-medicated (LM) birds challenged in separate battery trials with mixed-species inocula from Alabama or Georgia containing 92% or 88% E. acervulina, respectively. In contrast, L+RM birds challenged in another battery trial with a Louisiana mixed-species inoculum containing 92% E. acervulina showed significant reduction in average weight gain at 6 days PI compared with LM-challenged birds. A floorpen trial done with the same Louisiana inoculum showed significant reduction in average bird weight gain at 27 and 35 days of age (6 and 14 days PI) for L+RM-challenged birds compared with both unmedicated-nonchallenged (UMNC) control and LM-challenged birds. The LM+R groups were significantly lower in average bird weight at 27 days of age than the unmedicated-challenged controls. Feed conversions (FCs) for L+RM birds were significantly higher than those for the UMNC control birds during time of challenge (21-27 days of age) and for the 1-to-27-day-of-age time period. No significant difference in FC was seen between the UMNC and LM groups. Results of this study showed that performance of broiler birds medicated with lasalocid plus roxarsone could vary for geographically different mixed-species challenge inocula that contained predominately E. acervulina.

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