Efficacy of meat and iron-fortified commercial cereal to prevent iron depletion in cow milk-fed infants 6 to 12 months of age: a randomized controlled trial

Yeung, G.S.; Zlotkin, S.H.

Canadian Journal of Public Health 91(4): 263-267


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-4263
PMID: 10986782
DOI: 10.2307/41993166
Accession: 003430630

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A study was carried out to determine whether utilization of iron from infant cereal and pureed meat was sufficient to prevent iron depletion and/or anaemia in infants 6 to 12 months old fed whole cow milk (WCM) as their primary milk source. Six-month-old infants were randomized into a treatment group (n=43) receiving iron-fortified infant cereal (10.2 mg iron), pureed meat (0.75-1.7 mg iron) and WCM for 6 months or a control group (n=54) receiving no dietary intervention. Haemoglobin <110 g/litre or ferritin <10 micro g/litre (measured bimonthly), confirmed in a second blood sample, defined end-points. Proportion reaching end-point was similar between the treatment (3/43) and control infants (5/54) (P=0.66). Infants not complying with the protocol were at greater risk of reaching end-point (P=0.0002). Change in haemoglobin and ferritin across age was similar in both groups. Iron deficiency is not a concern in WCM-fed infants after 6 months of age if iron-containing complementary foods are concurrently ingested.