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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3433

Chapter 3433 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ypsilantis, P., 2000:
Embryo transfer in the mare

Ramesha, K.P.; Rao, M.K.; Bhaskar, B.V.; Reddy, A.O., 1999:
Embryo transfer technology in India: costs and applications

Misra, A.K.; Kasiraj, R.; Rao, M.M.; Reddy, N.S.R.; Pant, H.C., 1999:
Embryo transfer technology in the buffalo: our experience and future prospects

Sauve, R., 2000:
Embryo transfer, 20 years of learning

Batygina, T.B., 1999:
Embryogenesis and morphogenesis of zygotic and somatic embryos

Shobha, J.; Sindhe, A.N., 2000:
Embryogenesis in Pennisetum pedicellatum Trin. (Poaceae)

Singh, J.P.; Mukesh, D., 1996:
Embryogenesis of the central nervous system in Chilomenes sexmaculata Fabricius (Coleoptera:Coccinellidae)

Smales, L.R.; Gerhardt, K.; Heinrich, B., 2001:
Embryogenesis, culture and description of the free-living stages of two nematode parasites of the northern hairy-nosed wombat (Lasiorhinus krefftii) (Vombatidae: Marsupialia)

Verzea, M.; Cialacu, M.; Hagima, I., 1998 :
Embryogenic ability and isoperoxidase patterns of the scutellar calli from immature hybrid embryos Triticum durum x Secale cereale and their parental forms

Mendes da Gloria, F.J.; Mourao Filho, F. de A.A.; Demetrio, C.G.B.; Mendes, B.M.J., 1999:
Embryogenic calli induction from nucellar tissue of Citrus cultivars

Bezerra, J.S.; Willadino, L.; Camara, T.R., 2001:
Embryogenic callus growth of maize submitted to salt stress

Chai MingLiang; Kalaiselvi Senthil; M.S.kYoen; Chung YoungSoo; Cho SungHyun; Shin JeongSheop; Park MiHyea; Kim DooHwan, 2000:
Embryogenic callus induction and Agrobacterium-mediated transformation in bentgrass (Agrostis spp.)

Nakajima, I.; Kobayashi, S.; Nakamura, Y., 2000:
Embryogenic callus induction and plant regeneration from unfertilized ovule of 'Kyoho' grape

Izmaiow, R., 1999:
Embryological analysis of Aphanes arvensis L. (Rosaceae)

Mol, R., 1999:
Embryological aspects of in vitro gynogenesis in plant organ cultures

Kamelina, O.P., 2000:
Embryological features in phylogenetic systematics of flowering plants

Kaushal, R.; Sharma, R.L.; Bist, H.S., 1999:
Embryological studies in plum x apricot combinations

Tobe, H.; Sampson, B., 2000:
Embryology of Takhtajania (Winteraceae) and a summary statement of embryological features for the family

Pare, J.; Raynal Roques, A., 1999:
Embryology, taxonomy and evolution in parasitic flowering plants

Vitt, U.A.; Nayudu, P.L.; Rose, U.M.; Kloosterboer, H.J., 2001:
Embryonic development after follicle culture is influenced by follicle-stimulating hormone isoelectric point range

Dugosz, M.; Demska Zakes, K., 1998:
Embryonic development of brook trout (Salmo trutta morpha fario L.)

Tazawa, H.; Ar, A.; Moriya, K.; Gefen, E.; Pearson, J.T., 2000:
Embryonic heart rate measurements during artificial incubation of emu eggs

Seo, K.W.; Kon, Y.; Watanabe, T., 2000:
Embryonic hematopoiesis defect in the tattered-Hokkaido (Tdho) mouse

Borgonie, G.; Jacobsen, K.; Coomans, A., 2000:
Embryonic lineage evolution in nematodes

Kino, K., 2000:
Embryonic manipulation for producing transgenic animals in poultry

Piekny, A.J.; Wissmann, A.; Mains, P.E., 2000:
Embryonic morphogenesis in Caenorhabditis elegans integrates the activity of LET-502 Rho-binding kinase, MEL-11 myosin phosphatase, DAF-2 insulin receptor and FEM-2 PP2c phosphatase

Pryszcz, W.; Zieba, G.; Tarkowski, J., 1999:
Embryonic mortality in families of chicken selected for skeletal deformities

Kizilova, H.A.; Golubitsa, A.N.; Zhelezova, A.I.; Baiborodin, S.I.; Serov, O.L., 1999:
Embryonic mortality in the American mink: a morphological analysis of preimplantation loss

Alvarez, R.H.; Carvalho, J.B.P. de; Carvalho, M.I. de A.B., 1999:
Embryos retained in the oviduct as a factor of variation on the final recovery rate after uterus flushing in superovulated cows

W.Y.ngKui; Dai XiangGuo; Tian HuiYing, 2001:
Embryotoxicity and teratogenicity of rafoxanide on rats

Celik, I.; Oğuz, H.; Demet, O.; Boydak, M.; Dönmez, H.H.; Sur, E.; Nizamlioğlu, F., 2000:
Embryotoxicity assay of aflatoxin produced by Aspergillus parasiticus NRRL 2999

Demczuk, E.; Kozicki, L.E.; Pontelli, E.S.; Salles, J.O., 1998:
Embryotransfer in Simmental cows in northwest Parana and south of Mato Grosso do Sul

Kageyama, A.; Benno, Y., 2000:
Emendation of genus Collinsella and proposal of Collinsella stercoris sp. nov. and Collinsella intestinalis sp. nov

Ivanov, V.A.; Campbell, R.A., 2000:
Emendation of the generic diagnosis of Tylocephalum (Cestoda: Lecanicephalidea: Tetragonocephalidae), and description of Tylocephalum brooksi n. sp

Hamamoto, M.; Tamura, M.; Nakase, T., 2000:
Emended descriptions of Tilletiopsis washingtonensis, Tilletiopsis cremea and Tilletiopsis lilacina

Anonymous, 1999:
Emerald trap-cropping program shows promise

E.S.ddig, K.; Ebert, G.; Ludders, P., 2000:
Emergence and early seedling growth of Tamarindus indica L. from geographically diverse populations in the Sudan

Johnston, M.; Olivares E.A.; Isabel Cabezon, E., 2000:
Emergence and establishment of Phalaris aquatica L. submitted to hydration-dehydration in a simulated dry-normal year

Oiyama, H.; Shibayama, H., 2000:
Emergence and growth of Commelina communis L. in onion field, and its seed germination

Allaire, G.; Blanc, M.; Assens, P.; Fenech, M.; Sahuc, P., 2000:
Emergence and organization of local markets for environmental services

Buhler, D.; Hartzler, R., 2001:
Emergence and persistence of seed of velvetleaf, common waterhemp, woolly cupgrass, and giant foxtail

Pill, W.G.; Gunter, J.A.J., 2001:
Emergence and shoot growth of cosmos and marigold from paclobutrazol-treated seed

L.S.anLin; N.H.nWen; Zhang Li, 1999:
Emergence characteristics of 3 weed species in turf in the Beijing area

Hartzler, R.; Buhler, D.; Stoltenberg, D., 1999:
Emergence characteristics of four annual weed species

Saini, R.K.; Ram, P., 2000:
Emergence of Amsacta moorei moths as influenced by ambient weather parameters

French, D.M.; Brown, W.C.; Palmer, G.H., 1999:
Emergence of Anaplasma marginale antigenic variants during persistent rickettsemia

Macedo, D.M. de; Brito, L.G.; Borja, G.E.M., 2001:
Emergence of Haematobia irritans in cattle dung pats in Seropedica county, Rio de Janeiro

Sereno, F.T.P. de S.; Sereno, J.R.B., 1999:
Emergence of Haematobia irritans in faeces of Nelore and Pantaneira cattle breeds in the Mato Grosso Pantanal, Brazil

Safranyik, L.; Linton, D.A.; Shore, T.L., 1999:
Emergence of Ips pini and Hylurgops porosus (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) from duff at the base of lodgepole pines (Pinaceae) killed by mountain pine beetle (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

Weese, J.S.; Baird, J.D.; Poppe, C.; Archambault, M., 2001:
Emergence of Salmonella typhimurium definitive type 104 (DT104) as an important cause of salmonellosis in horses in Ontario

Rajendran, B., 1999:
Emergence of Trichogramma chilonis from the parasitised cards under laboratory conditions during 1996-1998

Smith, A.M.; Botha, R.F.; Koornhof, H.J.; Klugman, K.P., 2001:
Emergence of a pneumococcal clone with cephalosporin resistance and penicillin susceptibility

Arai, Y., 1999:
Emergence of barnyardgrass in direct sowing culture of paddy rice on well-drained paddy field

Cross, J.V.; Ridout, M.S., 2001:
Emergence of blackcurrant gall mite (Cecidophyopsis ribis) from galls in spring

Kretschmer, M., 2000:
Emergence of calibrated radish seeds

Laivins, M.; Jermacane, S., 2000:
Emergence of certain neophytic plant communities in the vicinity of cemeteries in Latvia

Phogat, V.K.; Agrawal, R.P., 2001:
Emergence of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) seedlings as influenced by seedbed tilth

Ripoll, H.; Benguigui, N., 1999:
Emergence of expertise in ball sports during child development

L.S.anLin; Han LieBao, 2001:
Emergence of goosegrass wiregrass and its correlation to temperature, moisture and soil depth

Witter, D.J.; Jahn, L.R., 1998:
Emergence of human dimensions in wildlife management

Cao, V.T.; Arlet, G.; Ericsson, B.M.; Tammelin, A.; Courvalin, P.; Lambert, T., 2000:
Emergence of imipenem resistance in Klebsiella pneumoniae owing to combination of plasmid-mediated CMY-4 and permeability alteration

Lee SunGye; Yang EuySeog; Lee JaeChoul; Chung ChongTae; Shin ChoulWoo; Woo InSik; Pyon JongYeong, 2000:
Emergence of paddy perennial weeds and their herbicidal response to sulfonylurea herbicides under different planting depths

Whiles, M.R.; Callaham, M.A.J.; Meyer, C.K.; Brock, B.L.; Charlton, R.E., 2001:
Emergence of periodical cicadas (Magicicada cassini) from a Kansas riparian forest: densities, biomass and nitrogen flux

Bogorad, L., 2001:
Emergence of plant molecular biology viewed through the portal of chloroplast research

Prochaska, S., 2001:
Emergence of polymer-coated soybeans using a very early planting date

Gealy, D.R.; Saldain, N.E.; Talbert, R.E., 2000:
Emergence of red rice (Oryza sativa) ecotypes under dry-seeded rice (Oryza sativa) culture

Aarestrup, F.M.; Jensen, N.E.; Jorsal, S.E.; Nielsen, T.K., 2000:
Emergence of resistance to fluoroquinolones among bacteria causing infections in food animals in Denmark

Khetawat, D.; Dutta, P.; Gupta, S.; Chakrabarti, S., 2001:
Emergence of rotavirus G4P8 strain among children suffering from watery diarrhea in Calcutta, India

Tsakris, A.; Papadimitriou, E.; Douboyas, J.; Antoniadis, A., 2000:
Emergence of teicoplanin-resistant Staphylococcus haemolyticus clinical isolates in Greece

Kutz, S.J.; Hoberg, E.P.; Polley, L., 2000:
Emergence of third-stage larvae of Umingmakstrongylus pallikuukensis from three gastropod intermediate host species

Ohno, S., 2000:
Emergence of two nominal species, Ostrinia scapulalis and O. orientalis, from a single brood (Lepidoptera: Crambidae)

Zamar, J.L.; Alessandria, E.E.; Barchuk, A.H.; Luque, S.M., 2000:
Emergence of weed seedlings under different cover crops

Workman, P.D.; Walton, W.E., 2000:
Emergence patterns of Culex mosquitoes at an experimental constructed treatment wetland in southern California

Grutter, A.S.; Lester, R.J.G.; Greenwood, J., 2000:
Emergence rates from the benthos of the parasitic juveniles of gnathiid isopods

L.S.anLin; N.H.nWen; Zhang, L., 1999:
Emergence response of barnyard grass to temperature, soil moisture and depth

Geudens, G., 1999:
Emergence trap

Moore, R., 2001:
Emergence trap developed to capture adult large pine weevil Hylobius abietis (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) and its parasite Bracon hylobii (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

Rosa, L. dos S.; Pinheiro, K.A.O.; Velloso, L.P.L.; Ohashi, S.T., 1999:
Emergence, initial growth and survival of ucuuba (Virola surinamensis (Rol.) Warb.), under different shade levels and sowing depths

Miller, R.J.; Broce, A.B.; Dryden, M.W.; Throne, J.E., 1999:
Emergence, survival, and fecundity of adult cat fleas (Siphonaptera: Pulicidae) exposed as pupae to juvenile hormone mimics

Angeles Perez, G.; Sakimoto, M., 1999:
Emergence-disappearance processes and mortality factors of current-year seedlings of Abies firma in a natural Abies-Tsuga forest, Wakayama

Rasp, G., 2001:
Emergency cases in practice. Part 10: acute external otitis

Hardy, E.; Duarte, G.A.; Osis, M.J.; Arce, X.E.; Possan, M., 2001:
Emergency contraception in Brazil: facilitators and barriers

Ouellet, J.P.; Crete, M.; Maltais, J.; Pelletier, C.; Huot, J., 2001:
Emergency feeding of white-tailed deer: test of three feeds

Obi, S.N.; Ozumba, B.C.; Okaro, J.M., 2001:
Emergency obstetric referrals at a University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria

Gelli, D.; Romagnoli, S., 2001:
Emergency treatment of orphans of wild animals

Massara, F.; Scavone, M.; Ferraro, A., 2001:
Emergent infections and public health

Dekker, J., 2000:
Emergent weedy foxtail (Setaria spp.) seed germinability behaviour

Teixeira, A.R.; Monteiro, P.S.; Rebelo, J.M.; Argañaraz, E.R.; Vieira, D.; Lauria-Pires, L.; Nascimento, R.; Vexenat, C.A.; Silva, A.R.; Ault, S.K.; Costa, J.M., 2001:
Emerging Chagas disease: trophic network and cycle of transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi from palm trees in the Amazon

Brasil, P.; de Lima, D.B.; de Paiva, D.D.; Lobo, M.S.; Sodre, F.C.; da Silva, S.P.; Verissimo-Villela, E.; da Silva, E.J.; Peralta, J.M.; Morgado, M.; Moura, H., 1999:
Emerging and opportunistic intestinal parasites in HIV-infected patients with chronic diarrhea in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rawlins, S.C., 1999:
Emerging and re-emerging vector-borne diseases in the Caribbean region

Solomon, T.; Cardosa, M.J., 2000:
Emerging arboviral encephalitis. Newsworthy in the West but much more common in the East

Weatherspoon, D.D.; Alade, J.A.; Danley, C., 1999:
Emerging businesses: the South African wine industry case

Sangwan, S.S., 2000:
Emerging credit demand of tenants in Haryana

Hamilton, A., 2001:
Emerging crop technologies

Carter, C.A.; Wilson, W.W., 1999:
Emerging differences in state grain trading: Australia and Canada

Mussawar Shah; Muhammad Asrar Khattak; Muslim Shah, 1999:
Emerging female trends in agricultural education with special reference to NWFP Agricultural University, Peshawar

Stevens, S.C., 1999:
Emerging genetic engineering technologies and Minnesota agriculture

Chamberland, M.E.; Alter, H.J.; Busch, M.P.; Nemo, G.; Ricketts, M., 2001:
Emerging infectious disease issues in blood safety

Daszak, P.; Berger, L.; Cunningham, A.A.; Hyatt, A.D.; Green, D.E.; Speare, R., 1999:
Emerging infectious diseases and amphibian population declines

Freedman, D.O.; Woodall, J., 1999:
Emerging infectious diseases and risk to the traveler

Hughes, J.M., 2001:
Emerging infectious diseases: a CDC perspective

Berns, D.S.; Rager, B., 2000:
Emerging infectious diseases: a cause for concern

Perez, E.; Jara, B.; Fernandez, P.; Walker, K., 2001:
Emerging issues in agricultural health and food safety towards a new approach

Karam, G.H.; Heffner, J.E., 2000:
Emerging issues in antibiotic resistance in blood-borne infections

Slee, B., 1999:
Emerging issues in employment and income in the United Kingdom

Heinen, J.T.; Mehta, J.N., 2000:
Emerging issues in legal and procedural aspects of buffer zone management with case studies from Nepal

Nemoto, A.; Ishii, Y., 1999:
Emerging issues on aboriginal property rights: institutional arrangement and authority formation in the Lil'wat Nation, Canada

Parveen Kumar; Chamola, S.D., 2000:
Emerging land lease market - a case study of Haryana

Dale, P.; Baldwin, R., 2000:
Emerging land markets in Central and Eastern Europe

Genthon, M., 2000:
Emerging markets and agricultural research

Bruggink, T.H.; Zamparelli, J.M., 1999:
Emerging markets in baseball: an econometric model for predicting the expansion teams' new cities

Bradshaw, H.D.J.; Ceulemans, R.; Davis, J.; Stettler, R., 2000:
Emerging model systems in plant biology: poplar (Populus) as a model forest tree

Ramos, A.J., 2000:
Emerging mycotoxin control. Current limits and regulations

Javier Cabanes, F., 2000:
Emerging mycotoxins. Introduction

Karunakaran, K., 2001:
Emerging need for a farmer oriented fertiliser marketing strategy to create customers for life

Diwakar, D.M., 2000:
Emerging non-farm sector in North Bihar

Dunne, C.P.; Kluter, R.A., 2001:
Emerging non-thermal processing technologies: criteria for success

Ponton, J.; Ruchel, R.; Clemons, K.V.; Coleman, D.C.; Grillot, R.; Guarro, J.; Aldebert, D.; Ambroise Thomas, P.; Cano, J.; Carrillo Munoz, A.J.; Gene, J.; Pinel, C.; Stevens, D.A.; Sullivan, D.J., 2000:
Emerging pathogens

Curry, A.; Smith, H.V., 1998:
Emerging pathogens: Isospora, Cyclospora and microsporidia

Hanley, N.; Oglethorpe, D., 1999:
Emerging policies on externalities from agriculture: an analysis for the European Union

Nirmal ; Deep Punia; Punia, R.K., 1999:
Emerging preferences of processed foods among the working and non-working women

Saini, P.K.; Ransom, G.; McNamara, A.M., 2000:
Emerging public health concerns regarding cryptosporidiosis

Nair, C.T.S.; Souvannavong, O., 2000:
Emerging research issues in the management of teak

Anonymous, 1999:
Emerging scenario in 2000 AD and beyond. Proceedings of a national symposium, New Delhi, India, 21-22 July 1999

Sareen, M.S., 1998:
Emerging scenario in food quality: specific emphasis on rice

Anonymous, 2000:
Emerging technologies for integrated pest management: concepts, research, and implementation. Proceedings of a Conference, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, 8-10 March, 1999

Anita Regmi; Trueblood, M.; Shahla Shapouri, 2000:
Emerging trade issues for developing countries

Kirkpatrick Gerald L., 1999:
Emerging trends in groundwater protection and legislated science

Jain, S.L., 1999:
Emerging vibrant Indian sugar sector in Asian and global sugar economy

Nichol, S.T.; Arikawa, J.; Kawaoka, Y., 2000:
Emerging viral diseases

Mackenzie, J.S.; Chua, K.B.; Daniels, P.W.; Eaton, B.T.; Field, H.E.; Hall, R.A.; Halpin, K.; Johansen, C.A.; Kirkland, P.D.; Lam, S.K.; McMinn, P.; Nisbet, D.J.; Paru, R.; Pyke, A.T.; Ritchie, S.A.; Siba, P.; Smith, D.W.; Smith, G.A.; van den Hurk, A.F.; Wang, L.F.; Williams, D.T., 2001:
Emerging viral diseases of Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific

Lvov, D.K., 2000:
Emerging-reemerging viral infections

Panzieri, M.; Marchettini, N., 2001:
Emergy analysis and indicators of sustainable development applied to tourism in central Italy

Odum, H.T.; Doherty, S.J.; Scatena, F.N.; Kharecha, P.A., 2000:
Emergy evaluation of reforestation alternatives in Puerto Rico

Edwards, J.; Fernandes, C., 1999:
Emigrants and Espigueiros - tourism activities in a peripheral area of Portugal

Poli, M.; Mazza, L.; Baravelli, M.; Belloni, C.; Castello, L.; Cornale, S.; Caruso, S.; Innocenti, A.; Tassi, D.; Zinoni, F., 2000:

Poli, M.; Innocenti, A.; Mazza, L.; Baravelli, M.; Belloni, C.; Caruso, S.; Converso, R.; Padovan, S.; Notario, T.; Zinoni, F., 2000:
Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy and Veneto

Meger, S.; Zechmeister Boltenstern, S., 1999:
Emission and degradation of greenhouse gases (N2O, CH4 and CO2) in beech forests

Hellebrand, H.J.; Kalk, W.D., 2000:
Emission during composting of farmyard manure

Pecka, I.; Wiglusz, R.; Madeja Grzyb, A.; Dziewanowska Pudliszak, A., 2001:
Emission of formaldehyde from wood-products and office furniture

Montenegro, J.; Abarca, S., 2000:
Emission of gases with greenhouse and carbon fixation effects in the coffee production system (Coffea arabica) in Costa Rica

Loreto, F.; Delfine, S., 2000:
Emission of isoprene from salt-stressed Eucalyptus globulus leaves

Haas, D.U.; Reinthaler, F.F.; Wust, G.; Skofitsch, G.; Groth, I.; Degenkolb, T.; Schumann, P.; Marth, E., 1999:
Emission of thermophilic actinomycetes in composting facilities, their immediate surroundings and in an urban area

Jorgensen, E.E., 2001:
Emission of volatile compounds by seeds under different environmental conditions

Ilnicki, P.; Iwaniszyniec, P.; Korol, R., 2000 :
Emission share of point and non-point sources in the nitrogen load of river Warta by different yearly discharge

Niebaum, A.; Weghe, H. van den; Ross, A.; Steffens, G., 2001:
Emissions from naturally ventilated animal houses

Milota, M.R., 2000:
Emissions from wood drying: the science and the issues

Kulling, D.; Menzi, H.K.ober, T.; Neftel, A.S.tter, F.L.scher, P.K.euzer, M., 2001:
Emissions of ammonia, nitrous oxide and methane from different types of dairy manure during storage as affected by dietary protein content

Rabe, R.; Becker, M., 2000:
Emissions of fungal spores from biofilters of composting facilities

Cara, S. de; Jayet, P.A., 2000:
Emissions of greenhouse gases from agriculture: the heterogeneity of abatement costs in France

Umetsu, K.; Kimura, Y.; Takahashi, J.; Young, B.A., 2000:
Emissions of greenhouse gases from stored raw and anaerobically digested dairy manure slurry

Hartung, E.; Monteny, G.J., 2000:
Emissions of methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) from animal husbandry - a study of literature

Chamba, J.F., 2000:
Emmental cheese: a complex microbial ecosystem. Consequences for selection and use of starters

Miller, T.; el-Masri, M.; Allodi, F.; Qouta, S., 1999:
Emotional and behavioural problems and trauma exposure of school-age Palestinian children in Gaza: some preliminary findings

Stewart, W.P.; Fujimoto, J.; Harada, M., 1999:
Emotional changes during leisure activity: a case of elderly Japanese in a community program

Gnoth, J.; Zins, A.H.; Lengmueller, R.; Boshoff, C., 2000:
Emotions, mood, flow and motivations to travel

Navarro, R.C.; Contreras, A.A.; Balbuena, A.B.; Pineda, M.C.; Cruz, L.P. de la, 1999:
Empacho in novo-hispanic texts (1552 to 1819)

Morita, H.; Saino, H., 2001:
Emphasis on biosolids reuse and composting

Armstrong, J.A.; Taylor, S.M.; Tryon, K.A.; Porter, C.D., 2000:
Emphysematous cholecystitis in a Siberian husky

Papp, L.; Foldvari, M., 2000:
Empidoidea (Diptera): genera and species new to Hungary

Barton, G.A., 2000:
Empire forestry and American environmentalism

Kitada, S.; Hayashi, T.; Kishino, H., 2000:
Empirical Bayes procedure for estimating genetic distance between populations and effective population size

Y.B.Fu; Neil, D.T., 2000:
Empirical catchment-wide rainfall erosivity models for two rivers in the humid tropics of Australia

Bulinski, J., 2000:
Empirical dependences between the wheel specific pressure on soil, its compaction parameters and ploughing resistance

Bruchwald, A.; Rymer Dudzinska, T.; Dudek, A.; Michalak, K.; Wroblewski, L.; Zasada, M., 2000:
Empirical formulae for defining height and dbh taper curve shape of thick wood

Rymer Dudzinska, T.; Dudek, A.; Michalak, K.; Wroblewski, L., 2000:
Empirical formulae for over-bark dbh determination as based on in-bark diameter of stumps in pine stands of Poland

Azbel', M.Y., 1999:
Empirical laws of survival and evolution: their universality and implications

King, J.R.; Shuter, B.J.; Zimmerman, A.P., 1999:
Empirical links between thermal habitat, fish growth, and climate change

Alhamdan, A.M., 2001:
Empirical mathematical modeling of rheological properties of milk drink flavored with date dibbs

Huang JuSheng; Wang ChunHung; Jih CharngGwo, 2000:
Empirical model and kinetic behavior of thermophilic composting of vegetable waste

Adhikari, R.N.; Raizada, A.; Rao, M.S.R., 1998:
Empirical model for assessment of soil erosion and mechanical measures in steep slope mine spoil areas

Shang SongHao; Lei ZhiDong; Yang ShiXiu, 2000:
Empirical model for soil moisture forecast in winter wheat field

Giger Reverdin, S.; Sauvant, D.; Vermorel, M.; Jouany, J.P., 2000:
Empirical modelling of methane losses from ruminants

Mourao, I. de M.; Brito, L.M., 2000:
Empirical models for harvest date prediction in broccoli (Brassica oleracea L. var. italica Plenck)

Tu, K.; Nicolai, B.; Baerdemaeker, J. de; Morimoto, T.; Hashimoto, Y., 2000:
Empirical models to predict apple quality under simulated shelf-life conditions by nondestructive acoustic impulse measurements

Shmulsky, R.; Ingram, L.L.J., 2000:
Empirical prediction of VOC emissions from drying southern yellow pine lumber

Vanapalli, S.K.; Fredlund, D.G., 1999:
Empirical procedures to predict the shear strength of unsaturated soils

Cavendish, W., 1999:
Empirical regularities in the poverty-environment relationship of African rural households

Swamee, P.K.; Pathak, S.K.; Mohammad Sohrab, 2000:
Empirical relations for longitudinal dispersion in streams

Verhaar, K., 2000:
Employees as a strategic asset for agricultural production

Bonn, M.A.; Furr, H.L.; Hausman, A., 2000:
Employing Internet technology to investigate and purchase travel services: a comparison of X'ers, Boomers, and mature market segments

Kader, A.A., 2000:
Employing controlled atmospheres (CA) to maintain postharvest fresh fruit quality

Davis, E.E.; Weber, B.A., 1999:
Employment and earnings of the working poor in rural and urban labor markets

Suresh Prasad; Singh, R.K.P.; Choudhary, A.K., 2000 :
Employment and income pattern of agricultural labour households of Bihar - a village level study

Olivette, M.P. de A.; Alves e Nogueira, E.; Mello, N.T.C. de, 2000:
Employment and income: the participatory process as a tool of regional development

Paasz, L.; Mroz, M., 1999:
Employment and unemployment in agriculture and rural areas in the transition period of economy

Gundesen, M., 1998:
Employment contracts

Nanda, Y.C., 1999:
Employment creation and poverty alleviation

Terluin, I.J.; Post, J.H., 2000:
Employment dynamics in leading and lagging rural regions

Efstratoglou, S.; Efstratoglou, A., 2000:
Employment dynamics in rural Greece: the case study regions of Korinthia and Fthiotis

Frahan, B.H. de; Dupraz, P.; Haeperen, B. van, 2000:
Employment dynamics in two neighbouring rural regions of Belgium and France

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