Section 4
Chapter 3,433

Embryogenic callus induction and Agrobacterium-mediated transformation in bentgrass (Agrostis spp.)

Chai MingLiang; Kalaiselvi Senthil; Mo SukYoen; Chung YoungSoo; Cho SungHyun; Shin JeongSheop; Park MiHyea; Kim DooHwan

Journal of the Korean Society for Horticultural Science 41(5): 450-454


Accession: 003432013

Embryogenic calli were induced from the seeds of creeping bentgrass (Agrostis palustris (A. stolonifera var. palustris)) Regent, Cato, Mariner and colonial bentgrass (Agrostis tenuis Tiger on MS medium supplemented with 2 mg 2,4-D/litre. The effects of proline, glutamine, aspartic acid and the analogue of proline-thioproline on callus induction and formation of embryogenic callus were estimated systematically.

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