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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3436

Chapter 3436 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Beyerbach, M.; Rehm, T.; Kreienbrock, L.; Gerlach, G.F., 2001:
Eradication of paratuberculosis in dairy herds: determination of the initial herd prevalence and modelling of prevalence development

Heinonen, M.; Bornstein, S.; Kolhinen, R.; Saloniemi, H.; Tuovinen, V., 2000:
Eradication of porcine sarcoptic mange within a health declared production model

Smets, K.; Neirynck, W.; Vercruysse, J., 1999:
Eradication of sarcoptic mange from a Belgian pig breeding farm with a combination of injectable and in-feed ivermectin

Holko, I.; Novackova, A.; Kantikova, M.; Kmet, V., 2001:
Eradication of scrapie by the method of genetic selection of susceptible animals in the World and in Slovakia

Komi, K., 2000:
Eradication of sweetpotato weevil, Cylas formicarius Fabricius from Muroto City, Kochi, Japan

Wagih, M.E., 1997:
Eradication of taro viruses from seedlings via seed rescue culture coupled with thermotherapy

Diaz M.J.; Lobos A.C.; Ocampo F.R., 1999:
Eradication of the Mediterranean fly, Ceratitis capitata in the Province of Arica (1963-1995)

Boyd, M.L., 2000:
Eradication of the boll weevil in Missouri

Smith, E.S.C.; Neal, M.J., 2001:
Eradication of the orchid weevil Orchidophilus aterrimus (Waterhouse) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) from the NT

Maszkiewicz, J.; Szudyga, K., 1999:
Eradication of virus disease from a large farm by introduction of Agaricus bisporus and Agaricus bitorquis mushroom strains

Yap, M.L.; Lam Chan, L.T.; Yik, C.P.; Kueh, J.; Lee, S.M.; Loh, H.M., 1999:
Eradication of viruses from commercial orchids

Liu Qing; Zhao NanXian, 2001:
Eragrostis tephrosanthos Schult. (Gramineae), a species new to China

Jones, F.E.; Welte, T.; Fu, X.Y.; Stern, D.F., 1999:
ErbB4 signaling in the mammary gland is required for lobuloalveolar development and Stat5 activation during lactation

Babu, M.R.; Sivaram, V., 1999:
Erection & commissioning of boilers

Engers, K.B.; Boeger, W.A.; Brandào, D.A., 2000:
Ergasilus thatcheri n. sp. (Copepoda, Poecilostomatoida, Ergasilidae) from the gills of Rhamdia quelen (Teleostei, Siluriformes, Pimelodidae) from southern Brazil

Stehle, P., 1999:
Ergogenic substrates in the nutrition of athletes - useful or not?

Rocha, M.O.C.; Ribeiro, A.L.P.; Machado, K.F.S.; Silva, M.G.; Torres, R.M.; Teixeira, M.M., 1998:
Ergometric evaluation of laboratory capacity of chagasic patients with complete right branch block and anterior left hemiblock

Rajvir Yadav; Tewari, V.K., 1999:
Ergonomic aspects of tractor operator seat design

Kumar, V.J.F.; Durairaj, C.D.; Salokhe, V.M., 2000:
Ergonomic evaluation of hand weeder operation using simulated actuary motion

Fagundes, S.B.R.; Dallmeyer, A.U., 1999:
Ergonomic evaluation of the activity of mechanized shelling of wood of Eucalyptus spp

Maegawa, H.; Kiriyama, H.; Kurozumi, T., 2000:
Ergonomical studies on redesign of working conditions in agriculture. Relationship between bed height, worker's stature and working posture in strawberry culture

Hartfiel, J., 2001:
Ergonomics and accident prevention: regarding the question of felling of hardwoods in leaf

Potecchi, S., 1998:
Ergonomics and agricultural machines

Méjanelle, L.; Lòpez, J.F.; Gunde-Cimerman, N.; Grimalt, J.O., 2001:
Ergosterol biosynthesis in novel melanized fungi from hypersaline environments

Hill, N.S.; Thompson, F.N.; Stuedemann, J.A.; Rottinghaus, G.W.; Ju, H.J.; Dawe, D.L.; Hiatt, E.E., 2001:
Ergot alkaloid transport across ruminant gastric tissues

Lane, G.A.; Tapper, B.A.; Davies, E., 1999:
Ergot alkaloids additional to ergovaline in endophyte-infected perennial ryegrass and tall fescue in New Zealand

Narro Sanchez, J.; Mora Nolasco, R.; Medina Ocegueda, S.; Soltero Diaz, L.; Velasquez Valle, R., 1998:
Ergot in several sorghum production zones in the centre of Mexico

Ilyas, M.B.; Khan, M.A., 2000:
Ergot of wheat - a new disease record in Pakistan

Claflin, L.E., 1999:
Ergot: a new disease of grain sorghum in the western hemisphere

Browning, R.; Gissendanner, S.J.; Wakefield, T., 2000:
Ergotamine alters plasma concentrations of glucagon, insulin, cortisol, and triiodothyronine in cows

Navia, D.; Flechtmann, C.H.W., 2000:
Eriophyid mites (Acari: Prostigmata) from mango, Mangifera indica L., in Brazil

Vidyasagar, P.S.P.V., 2000:
Eriophyid mites on coconut and their management

abanowski, G.S.; Soika, G., 2000:
Eriophyoid mites (Acari: Eriophyoidea) living on ornamental coniferous plants in Poland

Kovaliov, N.; Usienia, M., 2000:
Eritrocitus diagnosticum for determination of antiparvovirus enteritis in RNGA

Seybold, S.J., 2001:
Ernobius mollis (L.) (Coleoptera: Anobiidae): an exotic beetle colonizes Monterey pine, Pinus radiata D. Don, in northern California

Honorato P.R.; Cruz M.G., 2000:
Erodibility and soil erosion of Easter Island

Gorman, J.; Sencindiver, J.; Horvath, D.; Singh, R.; Keefer, R., 2000:
Erodibility of fly ash used as a topsoil substitute in mineland reclamation

Chaudhary, R.S.; Gadekar, H.; Patnaik, U.S., 1999:
Erodibility under different land uses in soils of Eastern Ghat high land zone

Kuznetsov M.S.; Gendugov V.M.; Kosonozhkin V.I., 1999:
Eroding effect of the water flow on thawing soil

Jacobsen, O.H.; Laubel, A.; Hansen, B.; Heckrath, G.; Kronvang, B., 2000:
Erosion and loss of phosphorus

Denga, F.O.; Ongwenyi, G.S.; Kitheka, J.U., 2000:
Erosion and sedimentation problems in the arid and semi-arid lands of Kenya

Ivonin, V.M.; Vodyanoi, S.M., 2000:
Erosion and slippage processes on felled areas on mountain slopes

Sims, C.; Cotching, B., 2000:
Erosion and water quality turbidity and sediment loads from selected catchments in north-west Tasmania

Mekonnen, A., 2000:
Erosion control in agricultural areas: an Ethiopian perspective

Sugahara, K.; Ohwaki, Y.; Banzai, K., 2001:
Erosion control in pineapple fields on the island of Ishigaki

Wurfel, T., 2000:
Erosion control is prevention of high water: the improvement of the infiltration capacity of agricultural fields has more advantages than just for a single farm

Zauskova, L., 1998:
Erosion disaster of the Hrinova Water Dam catchment in the territory of the Pol'ana Biosphere Reserve

Hazmoune, T., 2000:
Erosion of durum wheat varieties grown in Algeria. Perspectives

Yoda, A.; Watanabe, T., 2000:
Erosion of mountain hiking trail over a seven-year period in Daisetsuzan National Park, Central Hokkaido, Japan

Mateos, P.F.; Baker, D.L.; Petersen, M.; Velázquez, E.; Jiménez-Zurdo, J.I.; Martínez-Molina, E.; Squartini, A.; Orgambide, G.; Hubbell, D.H.; Dazzo, F.B., 2001:
Erosion of root epidermal cell walls by Rhizobium polysaccharide-degrading enzymes as related to primary host infection in the Rhizobium-legume symbiosis

Scholz, F., 2000:
Erosion of the social dimension: change of concept for micro-loans in Bangladesh

Inbar Moshe; Llerena Carlos A., 2000:
Erosion processes in high mountain agricultural terraces in Peru

Williams, R.S.; Knaebe, M.T.; Sotos, P.G.; Feist, W.C., 2001:
Erosion rates of wood during natural weathering. part I. effects of grain angle and surface texture

Williams, R.S.; Knaebe, M.T.; Feist, W.C., 2001:
Erosion rates of wood during natural weathering. part II. earlywood and latewood erosion rates

Williams, R.S.; Knaebe, M.T.; Evans, J.W.; Feist, W.C., 2001:
Erosion rates of wood during natural weathering. part III. effect of exposure angle on erosion rate

Zobisch, M.A.; Johansson, A., 2000:
Erosion scars caused by earthflows: a case study of Ol Joro Orok division, Nyandarua district

Wanjogu, S.N.; Mbuvi, J.P., 2000 :
Erosion susceptibility of the soils of Mukogodo catchment

Yorkhov, N.S., 2000:
Erosion-safe sprinkle irrigation technology: formation, results, and problems

Cunha, J.E.; Castro, S.S.; Salomao, F.X.T., 1999:
Erosive behavior of a pedological system of Umuarama, Northwest Parana state

Singh Mohan; Bhandari A.R., 2000:
Erosive rainfall and erosion index for mid-hill region of Himachal Pradesh

Leo, C.M. di; Aragon, A.; Marlats, R.; Bruno, J.E., 1999:
Erosivity of precipitations in Tandil, province of Buenos Aires

de Mendonça-Lima, L.; Picardeau, M.; Raynaud, C.; Rauzier, J.; de la Salmonière, Y.O.; Barker, L.; Bigi, F.; Cataldi, A.; Gicquel, B.; Reyrat, J.M., 2001:
Erp, an extracellular protein family specific to mycobacteria

Malone, R.W.; Bonta, J.V.; Stewardson, D.J.; Nelsen, T., 2000:
Error analysis and quality improvement of the Coshocton weighing lysimeters

L.B.You; Feng YuanJing; Liu HongPing; Xue HuiLan; Guo AiRong, 2001:
Error analysis on pressure measurement of dispersed medium with strain gauge pressure transducer

Puchianu, G.; Iciora, R.M.; Samarineanu, M.; Sasu, V.; Cioflang, G.; Batranu, M., 2001:
Error in diagnosis of paratuberculosis caused by non-specific mycobacterial reactions

Solomon, R.; Jana, A.K.; Sridhar, S.; Kuruvilla, K.A., 2001:
Error in neonatal daily weight measurement caused by equipment weights

Hasegawa, T.; Sayama, S.; Ogata, T.; Honma, S.; Minagawa, H.; Haraguchi, K.; Miura, K.; Sakai, Y., 2000:
Error of conventional way of the soil water content measurement with thermal probe

Fabbri, A.; Molari, G., 1999:
Error propagation in measuring the height from the ground of the centre of gravity of a tractor

Diersch Hans Joerg G.; Perrochet Pierre, 2000:
Error propagation in the Newton-based solution control of unsaturated flow

Poltoratsky, V.; Goodman, M.F.; Scharff, M.D., 2000:
Error-prone candidates vie for somatic mutation

Chandrashekar, S.; Raj, N.G.; Rajan, Y.S., 2001:
Errors in cotton forecasts and their economic implications: can new technology help?

Madhura Swaminathan; Neeta Misra, 2001:
Errors of targeting: public distribution of food in a Maharashtra village, 1995-2000

Gomez Campo, C., 2000:
Erucastrum varium (Durieu) Durieu in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia

Delseny, M.; Bourgis, F.; Roscoe, T., 1999:
Erucic acid rape: problems and scientific prospects

Resende, M.D.V. de; Simeao, R.M.; Fernandes, J.S.C.; Sturion, J.A., 1998:
Erva-mate (Ilex paraguariensis) breeding and selection: contributions and results from a century of tea (Camellia sinensis) breeding

Paulin, J.P.; Chartier, R.; Cadic, A., 1999:
Erwinia amylovora: fire blight sensitivity of several representatives of the Sorbus genus

Carputo, D.; Basile, B.; Cardi, T.; Frusciante, L., 2000:
Erwinia resistance in backcross progenies of Solanum tuberosum x S. tarijense and S. tuberosum (+) S. commersonii hybrids

Bayram, S.; Kara, K., 1998:
Erycia fasciata Villeneuve 1924, new record for fauna of Turkish Tachinidae (Diptera)

Campos, R.E.; Lounibos, L.P., 1999:
Eryngium spp. (Umbelliferae) as phytotelmata and their Culex (Culex) inhabitants in temperate Argentina

Salmanpour, R.; Handjani, F.; Zerehsaz, F.; Ardehali, S.; Panjehshahin, M.R., 1999:
Erysipeloid leishmaniasis: an unusual clinical presentation

Romney, M.; Cheung, S.; Montessori, V., 2001:
Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae endocarditis and presumed osteomyelitis

Parvanta, M.F., 1999:
Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae infection in various species

Havrylenko, M., 2001:
Erysiphales from the Patagonian Andes, Argentina

Kucera, V., 2001:
Erysiphales in the valley of the river Vydrica (Male Karpaty Mts.)

Piatek, M., 2000:
Erysiphe echinopis, Microsphaera russellii and Sphaerotheca spiraeae (Fungi, Erysiphales) - interesting powdery mildews on new sites in Poland

Oteo Revuelta, J.A.; Blanco Ramos, J.R.; Martinez de Artola, V.; Grandival Garcia, R.; Ibarra Cucalon, V.; Dopereiro Gomez, R., 2000:
Erythema migrans (Lyme borreliosis). Clinicoepidemiological characteristics of 50 patients

Jhaveri, R.; Cherry, J.D.; Phillips, S.; Korb, J., 2001:
Erythema migrans after ceftriaxone treatment of aseptic meningitis caused by Borrelia burgdorferi

Graffin, B.; Genty, I.; Crétel, E.; Jean, R.; Drancourt, M.; Durand, J.M., 2000:
Erythema nodosum in cat scratch disease

Toral, O.; Wencomo, H., 1999:
Erythrina species for tropical livestock farming

Wenk, R.E.; Stephens, I., 2000:
Erythrocyte Fy antigen phenotyping helps differentiate so-called benign tertian malarias

Davidsson, L.; Ziegler, E.E.; Kastenmayer, P.; Hurrell, R.F., 2000:
Erythrocyte incorporation of iron by infants: iron bioavailability from a low-iron infant formula and an evaluation of the usefulness of correcting erythrocyte incorporation values, using a reference dose or plasma ferritin concentrations

Cabantchik, Z.I., 1999:
Erythrocyte membrane transport

Sant' Ana, V.A.C.; Birgel, E.H.; Mourao, G.B.; Mirandola, R.M.S., 2001:
Erythrocyte osmotic fragility of bovine of Holstein, Gir/Holstein crossbreed and Gir breeds, raised in the State of Sao Paulo - Brazil

Galip, N., 1999:
Erythrocyte potassium and sodium values in cattle and sheep

Langini, S.H.; Gomez del Rio, M.E.R. de; Martin de Portela, M.L.P., 1999:
Erythrocyte protoporphyrin during recovery from undernutrition in rats

Sarkar, M.; Das, B.C.; Mondal, D.B.; Mohanty, T.K.; Das, D.N.; Yadav, B.P.S., 1999:
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate in the yak (Poephagus grunniens L.): influence of temperature

Dincer, Y.; Akcay, T.; Konukoglu, D.; Hatemi, H., 1999:
Erythrocyte susceptibility to lipid peroxidation in patients with coronary atherosclerosis

Shamaei-Tousi, A.; Martin, P.; Bergh, A.; Burman, N.; Brännström, T.; Bergström, S., 1999:
Erythrocyte-aggregating relapsing fever spirochete Borrelia crocidurae induces formation of microemboli

Pushpendra Kumar; Metha, S.C.; Ahlawat, S.P.S.; Bhattacharya, T.K.; Nivsarkar, A.E., 1999:
Erythrocytic dimensions of Sonadi and Malpura sheep

Gupta, R.; Khera, V., 2001:
Erythroderma due to dermatophyte

Coppo, J.A.; Coppo, N.B.; Slanac, A.L.; Revidatti, M.A.; Capellari, A., 2000:
Erythrogram changes in early weaned cross-bred zebu calves

Carneiro, R.A.; Marques Junior, A. de P.; Costa Val, A.P. da, 2000:
Erythrogram values for German Shepherd bitches during proestrus, pregnancy and puerperium

Buitendijk, S.E., 2001:
Erythromycin for premature rupture of membranes is beneficial for infant

Martiarena, B.; Gonzalez, E.; Bozzini, C.; Molina, E., 2000:
Erythropoietin in dogs. Serological values in Argentina. Diagnostic and therapeutic usefulness

Feagan, B.G.; Wong, C.J.; Kirkley, A.; Johnston, D.W.C.; Smith, F.C.; Whitsitt, P.; Wheeler, S.L.; Lau, C.Y., 2000 :
Erythropoietin with iron supplementation to prevent allogeneic blood transfusion in total hip joint arthroplasty

Goodnough, L.T.; Skikne, B.; Brugnara, C., 2000:
Erythropoietin, iron, and erythropoiesis

Hennen, J.F.; Figueiredo, M.B.; Carvalho, A.A. de, Jr, 2000:
Esalque holwayi gen. et comb. nov., a rust of Brazilian ironwood (Caesalpinia species)

Chiarappa, L., 2000:
Esca (black measles) of grapevine. An overview

Larignon, P.; Dupont, J.; Dubos, B., 2000:
Esca disease. The biological background of two agents of the disease, Phaeoacremonium aleophilum and Phaeomoniella chlamydospora

Castaldi, R., 2000:
Esca disease: attempts to fight it

Reisenzein, H.; Berger, N.; Nieder, G., 2000:
Esca in Austria

Graniti, A.; Surico, G.; Mugnai, L., 2000:
Esca of grapevine: a disease complex or a complex of diseases?

Showers, P.A.T., 1999:
Escalation in shrimp production in the Sierra Leone industrial fishery

Redfearn, D.D.; Jenkins, K., 2000:
Escape and rumen degradable protein fractions in warm-season grasses

Craufurd, P.Q.; Wheeler, T.R.; Ellis, R.H.; Summerfield, R.J.; Prasad, P.V.V., 2000:
Escape and tolerance to high temperature at flowering in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Lardy, G.; Adams, D.; Klopfenstein, T.; Clark, R.; Emerson, J., 2001:
Escape protein and weaning effects on calves grazing meadow regrowth

Beck, P.; Gunter, S.; Phillips, M.; Cassida, K., 2000:
Escape protein for growing cattle grazing stockpiled tall fescue

Khan, F.; Ditton, J.; Elliott, L.; Short, E.; Morrison, A.; Farall, S.; Gruer, L., 2000:
EscapeEs: what sort of ecstasy do package tour ravers seek?

Disteche, C.M., 1999:
Escapees on the X chromosome

Bastian, S.N.; Sivela, S.K.; Cerf, O.; Heggum, C.; Url, B.; Chandler, R.; Richardson, P.A.; Caestecker, R.; Tulloch, D.; Vignal, J.; Jung, W.; Kutzemeier, T.; Runge, G.; Sivela, S.; Burel, D.; Burgess, K.J.; Chawla, N.K.; Kumar, R.; Varshney, N.N.; Neviani, E.; Piazza, I.; Bouwman, M.J.A.; Maeijer, R.W.; Pearce, L.; Rola, J.G.; Alnas, H. (et al ), 2000:
Escherichia coli 0157:H7: aspects of concern to the dairy industry

Hoffman, J.A.; Badger, J.L.; Zhang, Y.; Kim, K.S., 2001:
Escherichia coli K1 purA and sorC are preferentially expressed upon association with human brain microvascular endothelial cells

Dean-Nystrom, E.A.; Pohlenz, J.F.; Moon, H.W.; O'Brien, A.D., 2000:
Escherichia coli O157:H7 causes more-severe systemic disease in suckling piglets than in colostrum-deprived neonatal piglets

Gansheroff, L.J.; O'Brien, A.D., 2000:
Escherichia coli O157:H7 in beef cattle presented for slaughter in the U.S.: higher prevalence rates than previously estimated

Ormenese, R.C.S.C. de; Silveira, N.F.A.; Silva, N. da, 1998:
Escherichia coli O157:H7 in food

Donohue-Rolfe, A.; Kondova, I.; Oswald, S.; Hutto, D.; Tzipori, S., 2000:
Escherichia coli O157:H7 strains that express Shiga toxin (Stx) 2 alone are more neurotropic for gnotobiotic piglets than are isotypes producing only Stx1 or both Stx1 and Stx2

Vanselow, B.A., 2001:
Escherichia coli O157:H7. How one organism has changed attitudes to food safety and focussed attention on the ruminant host

Hart, C.A., 2001:
Escherichia coli and diarrhoeal disease

Uozumi, N., 2001:
Escherichia coli as an expression system for K(+) transport systems from plants

Sinha, S.K.; Yadava, R.; Gupta, M.K., 2000:
Escherichia coli from broiler chicken meat and their antibiogram

Zamora, J.; Reinhardt, G.; Polette, M.; Macias, P.; Gonzalez, I., 2000:
Escherichia coli isolated from diarrhoeic piglets. Presumption of cytotoxic necrotizing factor (CNF) producing-strains

Zamora, J.; Reinhardt, G.; Polette, M.; Orellana, C.M., 2000:
Escherichia coli isolated from faeces of diarrhoeic piglets. Patterns of adherence to HEp-2 cells

Borissov, I.; Andonova, M., 2000:
Escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide-induced experimental infection in piglets: clinical and laboratory findings

Muhammad Salih Ahmad; Malka Saba; Rubina Arshad, 1999:
Escherichia coli producing penicillin G acylase from dung of horse, donkey and mule

Osek, J., 2000:
Escherichia coli strains causing infections in poultry

Emiliani, F.; Lajmanovich, R.; Gonzalez, S.M., 2001:
Escherichia coli: biochemical phenotype diversity in freshwaters (Santa Fe Province, Argentina)

Asanza, C.G.; Menchén, P.L.; Senent, C.; Jiménez, P.; Pérez, I.; Cos, E., 2000:
Esophageal aspergillosis: an unusual endoscopic finding

Uc, A.; North, P.; Burks, W., 2000:
Esophageal candidiasis in an infant with reflux esophagitis

Dantas, R.O.; Deghaide, N.H.; Donadi, E.A., 1999:
Esophageal manometric and radiologic findings in asymptomatic subjects with Chagas' disease

Feige, K.; Schwarzwald, C.; Fürst, A.; Kaser-Hotz, B., 2000:
Esophageal obstruction in horses: a retrospective study of 34 cases

Graham, J.P.; Lipman, A.H.; Newell, S.M.; Roberts, G.D., 2000:
Esophageal transit of capsules in clinically normal cats

Balappa Shivaraya; Hugar, L.B.; Hiremath, G.K., 1998:
Esource use efficiency in redgram production under integrated pest management technology in Gulbarga district

Chen, B.; Li, A.; Wang, D.; Wang, M.; Zheng, L.; Bartles, J.R., 1999:
Espin contains an additional actin-binding site in its N terminus and is a major actin-bundling protein of the Sertoli cell-spermatid ectoplasmic specialization junctional plaque

Markison, S.; Gietzen, D.W.; Spector, A.C., 1999:
Essential amino acid deficiency enhances long-term intake but not short-term licking of the required nutrient

Wang, C.X.; Erecius, L.F.; Beverly, J.L.; Gietzen, D.W., 1999:
Essential amino acids affect interstitial dopamine metabolites in the anterior piriform cortex of rats

E.Moniem, G.M.A., 1997:
Essential amino acids and antinutritional factors of soybean cotyledon as affected by optimum soaking and blanching time

Li, P.L.; Hwang, I.; Miyagi, H.; True, H.; Farrand, S.K., 1999:
Essential components of the Ti plasmid trb system, a type IV macromolecular transporter

Kaneez, F.A.; Khaula Shirin; Qadiruddin, M.; Kalhoro, M.A.; Yasmeen Badar, 2000:
Essential elements in different parts of Kasni (Cichorium intybus)

Uauy, R.; Hoffman, D.R., 2000:
Essential fat requirements of preterm infants

Rump, P.; Mensink, R.P.; Kester, A.D.; Hornstra, G., 2001:
Essential fatty acid composition of plasma phospholipids and birth weight: a study in term neonates

Horrobin, D.F., 2000:
Essential fatty acid metabolism and its modification in atopic eczema

Vobecky, J.S.; Iglesias, J.R., 2001:
Essential fatty acid requirements: implication for neural development

Berghaus, T.M.; Demmelmair, H.; Koletzko, B., 2000:
Essential fatty acids and their long-chain polyunsaturated metabolites in maternal and cord plasma triglycerides during late gestation

Hornstra, G., 2000:
Essential fatty acids in mothers and their neonates

Uauy, R.; Calderon, F.; Mena, P., 2001:
Essential fatty acids in somatic growth and brain development

Hals, J.; Bjerve, K.S.; Nilsen, H.; Svalastog, A.G.; Ek, J., 2000:
Essential fatty acids in the nutrition of severely neurologically disabled children

Morris, P., 2000:
Essential feed additives and why they are needed

Brisken, C.; Heineman, A.; Chavarria, T.; Elenbaas, B.; Tan, J.; Dey, S.K.; McMahon, J.A.; McMahon, A.P.; Weinberg, R.A., 2000:
Essential function of Wnt-4 in mammary gland development downstream of progesterone signaling

Lee, K.T.; Sohn, I.C.; Park, H.J.; Kim, D.W.; Jung, G.O.; Park, K.Y., 2000:
Essential moiety for antimutagenic and cytotoxic activity of hederagenin monodesmosides and bisdesmosides isolated from the stem bark of Kalopanax pictus

Gil Hernandez, A.; Gil Campos, M., 2001:
Essential nutrients

Jirovetz, L.; Buchbauer, G.; Puschmann, C.; Shafi, M.P.; Nambiar, M.K.G., 2000:
Essential oil analysis of Curcuma aeruginosa Roxb. leaves from South India

Moreira, D.L.; Souza, P.O. de; Kaplan, M.A.C.; Guimaraes, E.F., 1999:
Essential oil analysis of four Peperomia species (Piperaceae)

Petrikova, K.; Opravilova, J.; Schubertova, V., 2000:
Essential oil and beta asaron contents in the sweet flag (Acorus calamus L.) collected at various localities in the Czech Republic

Baser, K.H.C.; Kurkcuoglu, M.; Demirci, B.; Gusakova, S.D.; Sagdullaev, S.S.; Maltzev, I.I.; Aripov, K.N., 1999:
Essential oil and lipids from the cone berries of Juniperus seravschanica

Pagula, F.P.; Baser, K.H.C.; Kurkcuoglu, M., 2000:
Essential oil composition of Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehn. from Mozambique

Baronikova, S.; Grancai, D.; Nagy, M.; Duris, M., 2001:
Essential oil composition of Ligustrum delavayanum Hariot. flowers

Matovc, M.M.; Lavadinovic, V., 1999:
Essential oil composition of Mentha longifolia (L.) Huds. from the Mountain Zlatar in Yugoslavia

Rohloff, J.; Skagen, E.B.; Steen, A.H.; Beisvag, T.; Iversen, T.H., 2000:
Essential oil composition of Norwegian peppermint (Mentha x piperita L.) and sachalinmint

Barazandeh, M.M., 2001:
Essential oil composition of Origanum majorana L. from Iran

Chitra Pande; Mathela, C.S., 2000:
Essential oil composition of Origanum vulgare L. ssp. vulgare from the Kumaon Himalayas

Rustaiyan, A.; Komeilizadeh, H.; Mojab, F.; Khazaie, A.; Masoudi, S.; Yari, M., 2001:
Essential oil composition of Peucedanum petiolare (DC) Boiss. from Iran

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Essential oil composition of Salvia moorcraftiana

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Establishing new broiler enterprises

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Establishing sustainable management system for diseases of pasture crops in China

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Establishing the value of a child's life. God bless the child/Southern Africa

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Establishment and analysis of a grey dynamic model for predicting the quantity of wood transportation by water

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Establishment and construction of greenhouses for vegetable cultivation

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Establishment and in vitro propagation of a putative variant of periwinkle

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Establishment and maintenance of small scale tsetse colonies

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Establishment and transformation of callus and cell suspension cultures of the prickly-pear (Opuntia ficus-indica)

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Establishment in tomato plants and mechanism of action of fluorescent pseudomonads antagonistic to the Fusarium wilt pathogen

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Establishment of ELISA test with 18 ku purified antigen from Echinococcus granulosus protoscoleces and its diagnostic value for the differentiation of the two types of echinococcosis

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Establishment of Mogulones larvatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in South Australia, a biocontrol agent for Paterson's curse

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Establishment of North American pawpaw shoots in vitro from mature or juvenile explants

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Establishment of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in pig model and efficacy of dapsone-synergic sulphonamides compound

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Establishment of Tanzania grass pasture using millet as a companion crop

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Establishment of a PCR-RFLP library for basidiomycetes, ascomycetes and their ectomycorrhizae on Picea abies (L.) Karst

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Establishment of a RT-PCR method for diagnosing porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome

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Establishment of a canine blood bank at the Veterinary Hospital, University of Berlin, Germany

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Establishment of a cell line persistently infected with bovine herpesvirus-4 by use of a recombinant virus

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Establishment of a commonly used PCR technique for detection of carnivore parvoviruses

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Establishment of a dairy wastewater treatment system: integrating a lagoon, wetlands and vegetative filter strips

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Establishment of a deer mouse (Peromyscus maniculatus rufinus) breeding colony from wild-caught founders: comparison of reproductive performance of wild-caught and laboratory-reared pairs

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Establishment of a duck embryo permanent cell culture

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Establishment of a methodology for production of prebasic seed of creole potatoes (Solanum phureja Juz. et. Buk.) cv. Yema de huevo from minitubers

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Establishment of a molecular linkage map in hexaploid wheat

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Establishment of a multi-associated silvopastoral system

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Establishment of a multiplex PCR system to detect Plasmodium

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Establishment of a plantation with pioneer species to restore a pit in a floodplain area

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Establishment of a pollard beech forest, Agariko, in Mt. Chokai, northern Japan

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Establishment of a porcine cell line from in vitro-produced blastocysts and transfer of the cells into enucleated oocytes

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Establishment of a rabbit model of Acanthamoeba keratitis

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Establishment of a radioreceptor assay (RRA) capable of measuring serum bioactive LH/CG in a wide variety of species

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Establishment of a tissue culture system of Populus euphratica Oliv

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Establishment of an effective weed control in corrugated furrow direct seeded rice

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Establishment of an efficient method for evaluating heat tolerance in tomato (Lycopersicon spp.)

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Establishment of an environmental master team to control dengue haemorrhagic fever by local wisdom in Thailand

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Establishment of an in vitro system for studies on the induced resistance of cotton to Xanthomonas campestris pv. malvacearum

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Establishment of Bacterial Antagonists of Erwinia amylovora on Pear and Apple Blossoms as Influenced by Inoculum Preparation

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Establishment of bamboo cell suspension culture and observation of the transplants of tissue culture-derived seedlings

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Establishment of baseline values of copper, zinc and manganese in ostriches in Zimbabwe: a preliminary study

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Establishment of cellulolytic bacteria and development of fermentative activities in the rumen of gnotobiotically-reared lambs receiving the microbial additive Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-1077

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Establishment of cultivation methods for the new rice cultivar Fusaotome

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Establishment of culture medium for protoplasts and plant regeneration in Japanese bunching onion (Allium fistulosum L.)

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Establishment of database of filariasis surveillance by EXCEL software

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Establishment of digital soil map of Slovenia in the scale 1:25,000

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Establishment of early diagnosis and surgical operative method in puppies with congenital patellar luxation

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Establishment of efficient Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of rice

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Establishment of embryo banks to maintain endangered sheep breeds

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Establishment of embryo suspension cultures of grapevines (Vitis L.)

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Establishment of embryonic cell lines from tobacco caterpillar, Spodoptera litura

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Establishment of environmental specimen bank in Shanghai

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Establishment of germinal cell line of Echinococcus granulosus

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Establishment of glass bead compartment cultivation system for production of AM fungal material

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Establishment of herbicide application timing and rates for white head cabbage

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Establishment of human network in local communities through green tourism. Case study of Yuda town in Iwate prefecture

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Establishment of hybrid arctic bramble under field conditions

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Establishment of ideal quality indicator for further wheat processing

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Establishment of in vitro asexual propagation lines of wild rice (Oryza rufipogon and O. meyeriana)

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Establishment of irrigated timothy for forage production in Saskatchewan

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Establishment of parameters for water stress tolerance evaluation on bean genotypes

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Establishment of paulownia plantations using float tray seedlings

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Establishment of prediction table of parturition day by ultrasonography in Korean Jindo bitches

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Establishment of price formation in cattle breeding

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Establishment of rice seedlings directly sown on paddy soil as affected by the date of flooding

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Establishment of seed stands and areas in the State of Chihuahua, Mexico

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Establishment of seedlings of Dalbergia miscolobium Benth., a tree species of the Brazilian cerrado

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Establishment of specific pathogen-free guinea-pig colonies using limited-flora guinea-pigs associated with conventional guinea-pig flora, and monitoring of their cecal flora

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Establishment of squash mosaic virus (SqMV) in seeds of sugarbeet and cucurbit crops by ELISA method

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Establishment of standardized growth conditions of Myriophyllum aquaticum (Vell.) verdcourt for testing sediment toxicity

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Establishment of swards depending on the composition of grass mixtures and on the number of cuts

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Establishment of temperate pasture species into alfalfa by frost-seeding

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Establishment of the PCR system specific to Salmonella spp. and its application for the inspection of food and fecal samples

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Establishment of the dot-ELISA method for detection of protein components from Bombyx mori nuclear polyhedrosis virus

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Establishment of the multiple partial replacement transfusion monkey models of Plasmodium falciparum and the test of vaccine protection

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Establishment of the potency test of a bacterial toxoide against C. septicum

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Establishment of the prediction table of parturition day with ultrasonography in small pet dogs

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Establishment of transgenic dairy goat by microinjection

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Establishment of tree seedlings and water-soluble nutrients in coarse woody debris in an old-growth Picea-Abies forest in Hokkaido, northern Japan

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Establishment of two nucleic acid detection techniques for pigeon adenovirus

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Establishment of two vaccine-associated feline sarcoma cell lines and determination of in vitro chemosensitivity to doxorubicin and mitoxantrone

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Establishment of white pine blister rust in new Mexico

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Establishment success and relative costs of four annual species for roadside planting

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Esterification of vitamin A by the human placenta involves villous mesenchymal fibroblasts

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Estimate and test of diameter distribution frequency for Eucalyptus camaldulensis by using the Sb function, using different fitting methods

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Estimate functions for average stand diameters

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Estimate of erosion risk on soils in the Vinodol valley

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Estimate of ratooning ability in sugar cane under conditions of low available soil moisture in a savanna ecology of Nigeria

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Estimate of the effect of soil management and moisture content on additional compaction of three Latosols

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