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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3437

Chapter 3437 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

France, J.; Dijkstra, J.; Dhanoa, M.S.; Lopez, S.; Bannink, A., 2000:
Estimating the extent of degradation of ruminant feeds from a description of their gas production profiles observed in vitro: derivation of models and other mathematical considerations

Panda, R.K., 1999:
Estimating the extent of surface drainage congestion by Manning's roughness coefficient approach

Porte, A.; Bosc, A.; Champion, I.; Loustau, D., 2000:
Estimating the foliage area of maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Ait.) branches and crowns with application to modelling the foliage area distribution in the crown

Pounds, S., 2001:
Estimating the fraction of clonable genomic DNA

Corradini, M.G.; Normand, M.D.; Nussinovitch, A.; Horowitz, J.; Peleg, M., 2001:
Estimating the frequency of high microbial counts in commercial food products using various distribution functions

Zeng ZhaoBang; Kao ChenHung; Basten, C.J., 1999:
Estimating the genetic architecture of quantitative traits

Snábel, V.; Malakauskas, A.; Dubinský, P.; Kapel, C.M., 2001:
Estimating the genetic divergence and identification of three Trichinella species by isoenzyme analysis

Forneck, A.; Blaich, R.; Walker, M.A., 2000:
Estimating the genetic diversity among European collections of grape phylloxera (Daktulosphaira vitifoliae Fitch) with AFLP-PCR markers

Ferdinandez, Y.; Somers, D.; Coulman, B., 2001:
Estimating the genetic relationship of hybrid bromegrass to smooth bromegrass and meadow bromegrass using RAPD markers

Aragao, W.M.; Martins, P.S., 1999:
Estimating the genotypic determination coefficient for morphological and agronomic characters in jureminha native populations

Hijmans, R.J.; Forbes, G.A.; Walker, T.S., 2000:
Estimating the global severity of potato late blight with GIS-linked disease forecast models

Hernandez, A.; Sanchez, H.; Olivera, V.; Exposito, M.; Gonzalez, N.; Wong, I., 2000:
Estimating the growth of Corynebacterium paurometabolum in heterogeneous media

Finlay, B.J.; Black, H.I.; Brown, S.; Clarke, K.J.; Esteban, G.F.; Hindle, R.M.; Olmo, J.L.; Rollett, A.; Vickerman, K., 2000:
Estimating the growth potential of the soil protozoan community

Petri, W.A.J.; Haque, R.; Lyerly, D.; Vines, R.R., 2000:
Estimating the impact of amebiasis on health

Felsenstein, D.; Freeman, D., 2001:
Estimating the impacts of crossborder competition: the case of gambling in Israel and Egypt

Balcombe, K.; Prakash, A., 2000:
Estimating the long-run supply and demand for agricultural labour in the UK

Schwartz, M.W.; Hermann, S.M.; Mantgem, P.J. van, 2000:
Estimating the magnitude of decline of the Florida torreya (Torreya taxifolia Arn.)

Dunkerley, D., 2001:
Estimating the mean speed of laminar overland flow using dye injection-uncertainty on rough surfaces

Salvucci, G.D., 2001:
Estimating the moisture dependence of root zone water loss using conditionally averaged precipitation

Brooker, S.; Donnelly, C.A.; Guyatt, H.L., 2000:
Estimating the number of helminthic infections in the Republic of Cameroon from data on infection prevalence in schoolchildren

Tronchuk, I., 2001:
Estimating the nutritive value of compound feeds

Howard, W.; Swidinsky, M., 2000:
Estimating the off-farm labor supply in Canada

Webb, J., 2001:
Estimating the potential for ammonia emissions from livestock excreta and manures

Barroso, J.; Fernandez Quintanilla, C., 1999:
Estimating the potential reduction of herbicide use by using patch spraying systems

Bowden, F.J.; Paterson, B.A.; Mein, J.; Savage, J.; Fairley, C.K.; Garland, S.M.; Tabrizi, S.N., 1999:
Estimating the prevalence of Trichomonas vaginalis, Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, and human papillomavirus infection in indigenous women in northern Australia

Abel, U.; Schosser, R.; Suss, J., 1999:
Estimating the prevalence of infectious agents using pooled samples: biometrical considerations

Jehangir, W.A.; Nazim Ali; Zakir Hussain Rana; Gill, Z.A., 1998:
Estimating the production potential of major crops in Pakistan's irrigated agriculture during the 21st century

Shvidenko, A.Z.; Strakhov, V.V.; Nil' sson, S., 2000:
Estimating the productivity of Russia's forests

Yu, B.; Hashim, G.M.; Eusof, Z., 2001:
Estimating the r-factor with limited rainfall data: a case study from peninsular Malaysia

Silva, R.P. de, 1999:
Estimating the rate of recharge to the groundwater table using environmental chloride as a tracer

Chakraborty, K.; Keith, J.E., 2000:
Estimating the recreation demand and economic value of mountain biking in Moab, Utah: an application of count data models

Hsiao Chuhsing Kate; Juang Kai Wei; Lee Dar Yuan, 2000:
Estimating the second-stage sample size and the most probable number of hot spots from a first-stage sample of heavy-metal contaminated soil

Lucas, N.S.; Curran, P.J.; Plummer, S.E.; Danson, F.M., 2000:
Estimating the stem carbon production of a coniferous forest using an ecosystem simulation model driven by the remotely sensed red edge

Rosselli, D.; Otero, A.; Heller, D.; Calderón, C.; Moreno, S.; Pérez, A., 2001:
Estimating the supply of medical specialists in Colombia by using the capture-recapture method

Fox, N.I.; Saich, P.; Collier, C.G., 2000:
Estimating the surface water and radiation balance in an upland area from space

Furnia, A.; Renu Lal; Maloney, E.; Wiktor, S.; Pate, E.; Rudolph, D.; Waters, D.; Blattner, W.; Manns, A., 1999:
Estimating the time of HTLV-I infection following mother-to-child transmission in a breast-feeding population in Jamaica

Grochowski, L., 1999:
Estimating the usefulness of yellow-grained forms of rye in breeding hybrid varieties

Fox, G.T.rner, J.G.llespie, T., 1999:
Estimating the value of precipitation forecast information in alfalfa dry hay production in Ontario

Schmidt Juergen; von Werner Michael, 2000:
Estimating the yields of sediments and sediment-bound heavy metals using the EROSION 3D simulation model

Motta, R.S. da; Amaral, C.A.F. do, 2000:
Estimating timber depreciation in the Brazilian Amazon

Soniat, T.M.; Kortright, E.V., 1998:
Estimating time to critical levels of Perkinsus marinus in eastern oysters, Crassostrea virginica

Spano, D.; Duce, P.; Snyder, R.L.; Paw U.K.T.; Ferreira, M.I., 2000:
Estimating tree and vine evapotranspiration with emphasis on surface renewal

Brown, P.L.; Doley, D.; Keenan, R.J., 2000:
Estimating tree crown dimensions using digital analysis of vertical photographs

Schmidt, M.; Gadow, K.V., 1999:
Estimating tree height using Johnson's SBB-distribution

St-Pierre, N.R.; Glamocic, D., 2000:
Estimating unit costs of nutrients from market prices of feedstuffs

Simunek, J.; Wendroth, O.; Genuchten, M.T. van, 1999:
Estimating unsaturated soil hydraulic properties from laboratory tension disc infiltrometer experiments

Thomas, S.C.; Pemberton, J.M.; Hill, W.G., 2000:
Estimating variance components in natural populations using inferred relationships

Lark, R.M., 2000:
Estimating variograms of soil properties by the method-of-moments and maximum likelihood

Jenkins, M.C.; Trout, J.; Abrahamsen, M.S.; Lancto, C.A.; Higgins, J.; Fayer, R., 2000:
Estimating viability of Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts using reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) directed at mRNA encoding amyloglucosidase

Sutherst, R.W.; Maywald, G.F.; Russell, B.L., 2000:
Estimating vulnerability under global change: modular modelling of pests

Zhuang Jie; Jin Yan; Miyazaki, T., 2001:
Estimating water retention characteristic from soil particle-size distribution using a non-similar media concept

Zeiliguer, A.M.; Pachepsky, Y.A.; Rawls, W.J., 2000:
Estimating water retention of sandy soils using the additivity hypothesis

Santos, H.M. de los; Borders, B.E., 1999:
Estimating whole crown needle biomass with double phase sampling

Ruel, J.; Quine, C.; Meunier, S.S.arez, J., 2000:
Estimating windthrow risk in balsam fir stands with the ForestGales model.

Roderick, M.L.; Noble, I.R.; Cridland, S.W., 1999:
Estimating woody and herbaceous vegetation cover from time series satellite observations

Lalancette, N.; Polk, D.F., 2000:
Estimating yield and economic loss from constriction canker of peach

Ramirez, O.A.; Gomez, M., 1999:
Estimation and economic valuation of carbon storage

Deota, P.T.; Upadhyay, P.R.; Patel, K.B.; Mehta, K.J.; Kamath, B.V.; Mehta, M.H., 2000:
Estimation and isolation of azadirachtin-A from neem seed kernels using high performance liquid chromatography

Bowland, A.E.; Bishop, K.S.; Taylor, P.J.; Lamb, J.; Bank, F.H. van der; Wyk, E. van; York, D., 2001:
Estimation and management of genetic diversity in small populations of plains zebra (Equus quagga) in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Franco Lopez, H.; Ek, A.R.; Bauer, M.E., 2001:
Estimation and mapping of forest stand density, volume, and cover type using the k-nearest neighbors method

Duarte, J.B.; Vencovsky, R., 2001:
Estimation and prediction using linear mixed models: the ranking of means of genetic treatments

Silva, D.D.; Pinto, F.R.L.; Pruski, F.F.; Pinto, F.A., 1999:
Estimation and regionalization of the parameters of the intensity-duration-frequency precipitation equation for the states of Rio de Janeiro and Espirito Santo

Sanzo, J.M.; Dorronsoro, M.; Amiano, P.; Amurrio, A.; Aguinagalde, F.X.; Azpiri, M.A., 2001:
Estimation and validation of mercury intake associated with fish consumption in an EPIC cohort of Spain

Oe, E.; Kumagai, K.; Konta, T., 1999:
Estimation for crude protein concentration of milled rice on full heading time

Stankiewicz, C.; Starczewski, J.; Marczak, B.; Stec, E.; Mitrus, J., 2000:
Estimation interaction of effect retardants and nitrogen fertilization on the level and content of amino acids in winter triticale protein

Beyazgul, M.K.yam, Y.E.gelsman, F., 2000:
Estimation methods for crop water requirements in the Gediz Basin of western Turkey

Fontana, D.C.; Berlato, M.A.; Lauschner, M.H.; Mello, R.W. de, 2001:
Estimation model for soybean yield in the State of Rio Grande do Sul

Martens, R., 2001:
Estimation of ATP in soil: extraction methods and calculation of extraction efficiency

Ishiwata, H.; Fukushima, A.; Abe, Y.; Yamada, T.; Nishijima, M.; Fukasawa, Y., 2000:
Estimation of BHA, BHT, propylene glycol, and sodium saccharin concentrations in foods and their daily intake based on official inspection results in Japan in fiscal year 1996

Basta, N.; Gradwohl, R., 2000:
Estimation of Cd, Pb, and Zn bioavailability in smelter-contaminated soils by a sequential extraction procedure

Rai, V.; Agarwal, M.; Khatoon, S.; Rawat, A.K.S.; Mehrotra, S., 2001:
Estimation of Co and Mn in some medicinal plants

Bohuslavek, Z.; Augustini, C.; Branscheid, W., 2000:
Estimation of EUROP conformation and fatness of beef carcasses by bioelectrical impedance analysis

Bairaktari, E.; Hatzidimou, K.; Tzallas, C.; Vini, M.; Katsaraki, A.; Tselepis, A.; Elisaf, M.; Tsolas, O., 2000:
Estimation of LDL cholesterol based on the Friedewald formula and on apo B levels

Alves, B.J.R.; Rezende, C. de P.; Resende, A.S.; Macedo, R.; Tarre, R.M.; Urquiaga, S.; Boddey, R.M., 2000:
Estimation of N2 fixation in Desmodium ovalifolium from the relative ureide abundance of stem solutes: comparison with the 15N-dilution and an in situ soil core technique

Waligora, H.; Duhr, E., 1999:
Estimation of Tazastomp 500 EC effectiveness in cultivation of sugar maize

Arias, C.; Cox, T.L., 2001:
Estimation of a US dairy sector model by maximum simulated likelihood

Combris, P.; Lecocq, S.; Visser, M., 2000:
Estimation of a hedonic price equation for Burgundy wine

Hernandez, F.; Plonczak, M.; Sangronis, A., 1999:
Estimation of a method to determine the utilization value of the Imataca Forest Reserve

Howard, S.C.; Donnelly, C.A., 2000:
Estimation of a time-varying force of infection and basic reproduction number with application to an outbreak of classical swine fever

Kordova Biezuner, L.; Mahrer, I.; Schwartz, C., 2000:
Estimation of actual evapotranspiration from vineyard by utilizing eddy correlation method

Ishida, T.; Kuroki, T.; Harada, H.; Fukuhara, R., 2001:
Estimation of additive and dominance genetic variances in line breeding swine

Ishida, T.; Miyata, T.; Mukai, F., 2000:
Estimation of additive and dominance genetic variances in selected layer lines

Rahman, M.A.; Saad, M.S., 2000:
Estimation of additive, dominance and digenic epistatic interaction effects for certain yield characters in Vigna sesquipedalis Fruw

Du, F.X.; Hoeschele, I., 2000:
Estimation of additive, dominance and epistatic variance components using finite locus models implemented with a single-site Gibbs and a descent graph sampler

Park, B.H.; Park, Y.I., 2000:
Estimation of adjustment factors for birth and weaning weights in Hanwoo

Vasdekis, V.G.S.; Stylianou, S.; Naska, A., 2001:
Estimation of age- and gender-specific food availability from household budget survey data

Becker, R. de, 2001:
Estimation of agricultural returns in 2000

Evers, E.G.; Nauta, M.J., 2001:
Estimation of animal-level prevalence from pooled samples in animal production

Ishiwata, H.; Sugita, T.; Kawasaki, Y.; Takeda, Y.; Yamada, T.; Nishijima, M.; Fukasawa, Y., 1999:
Estimation of antifungal agent concentrations allowed as food additives in food and their daily intake based on official inspection results in Japan in fiscal year 1996

Kusz, E.; Wardas, M.; Stec, M.; Radwanska Wala, B.; Manowski, A., 2001:
Estimation of antioxidative enzymes of the rats' livers remaining on a diet enriched with nitrates (V) and vitamin E

Oevelen, P.J. van, 2000:
Estimation of areal soil water content through microwave remote sensing

Khan, M.Z.; Sengupta, A.K.; Sahu, P.K.; Sen, S.K.; Saratchandra, B., 2000:
Estimation of associationship between silk content and component characters of Bombyx mori L. (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae)

Aust, L.; Dongowski, G.; Frenz, U.; Taufel, A.; Noack, R., 2001:
Estimation of available energy of dietary fibres by indirect calorimetry in rats

A.S.leh, M.F.; A.S.rafat, K., 2001:
Estimation of average milk yield using ranked set sampling

Yang YunQing; Chen WeiDuo; L.J.n, 2000:
Estimation of average relationship coefficient in animal population

Shyam Lal; Rajnish Kumar; Ali, S., 1999:
Estimation of avoidable losses in yield due to insect-pests in sunflower

Jitender Kumar; Sharma, S.D.; Jamwal, R.S., 1999:
Estimation of avoidable yield loss due to fruit borer, Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) in tomato planted at different dates in lower Kullu valley, Himachal Pradesh

Jitender Kumar; Kashyap, N.P., 1999:
Estimation of avoidable yield loss due to insect-pests in cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata L.) in Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh

Singh, U.S.; Patel, D.J., 1999:
Estimation of avoidable yield losses in maize (Zea mays L.) varieties due to stunt nematode infection in field

Santek, B.; Horvat, P.; Novak, S.; Sunko, D.; Moser, A.; Maric, V., 2000:
Estimation of axial dispersion in horizontal rotating tubular bioreactor by means of a structured model

Edgcomb; McDonald; Devereux; Smith, 1999:
Estimation of bacterial cell numbers in humic acid-rich salt marsh sediments with probes directed to 16S ribosomal DNA

Hiraoka, K.; Umemiya, Y., 2000:
Estimation of balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in relation to chemical fertilizer application in Japanese orchard fields

Steinmaus, S.J.; Prather, T.S.; Holt, J.S., 2000:
Estimation of base temperatures for nine weed species

Karitonas, R.; Viskelis, P., 1999:
Estimation of biochemical composition in broccoli varieties and hybrids

L.X.aoXia; Tao Shu; H.H.nYin; Dawson, R.W., 2000:
Estimation of bioconcentration factors of nonionic organic compounds in fish by molecular connectivity indices and polarity correction factors

Rasinskiene, A.; Uselis, N., 2000:
Estimation of biological and economic properties of 16 strawberry varieties

Kora, H.; Tsuchimoto, M.; Miyata, K.; Osato, S.; Wang Qin; Apablaza, P.A.G.; Mishima, T.; Tachibana, K., 2000:
Estimation of body fat content from standard body length and body weight on cultured red sea bream

Nicholson, J.C.; McDuffie, J.R.; Bonat, S.H.; Russell, D.L.; Boyce, K.A.; McCann, S.; Michael, M.; Sebring, N.G.; Reynolds, J.C.; Yanovski, J.A., 2001:
Estimation of body fatness by air displacement plethysmography in African American and white children

Lehnert, M.E.; Clarke, D.D.; Gibbons, J.G.; Ward, L.C.; Golding, S.M.; Shepherd, R.W.; Cornish, B.H.; Crawford, D.H.G., 2001:
Estimation of body water compartments in cirrhosis by multiple-frequency bioelectrical-impedance analysis

Barari, S.K.; Basu, A.; Nandankar, U.A.; Mohanty, T.K., 1999:
Estimation of body weight of yak

Misar, D.; Jiskrova, I.; Pribyl, J., 2000:
Estimation of breeding value of English thoroughbred sires in the Czech Republic

Bek Kaczkowska, I.; Chudoba, K., 2000:
Estimation of breeding values of Polish racehorses which have been tested for racing performance

Abara, A.E.; Udosen, E.O.; Eka, O.U., 2000:
Estimation of calcium, zinc, hydrocyanate, oxalate and phytate in Dioscorea bulbifera tuber

Lymburner, L.; Beggs, P.J.; Jacobson, C.R., 2000:
Estimation of canopy-average surface-specific leaf area using Landsat TM data

Ahmad Makmom, A.; Muhamad, A.; Furukawa, A., 2000:
Estimation of carbon gain utilizing the light availability and photosynthetic light response of tropical forest species

Alvarez, R., 2001:
Estimation of carbon losses by cultivation from soils of the Argentine Pampa using the Century model

Nade, T.; Karnuah, A.B.; Masuda, Y.; Hirabara, S.; Fujita, K., 2001:
Estimation of carcass composition from the cross-section at ribloin of Japanese Black steers by computer image analysis

Hollo, G., 1999:
Estimation of carcass composition of slaughter cattle by x-ray

Garrett, D.A.; Failla, M.L.; Sarama, R.J., 2000:
Estimation of carotenoid bioavailability from fresh stir-fried vegetables using an in vitro digestion/Caco-2 cell culture model

Kang, M.W.; Lee, S.S.; Ha, J.K., 2000:
Estimation of cellulose-degrading enzyme activity by anaerobic rumen fungi

Biesiada, A.; Koota, E., 2000:
Estimation of chemical methods of pink root rot control on leek

Prakash, B.G.; Shambulingappa, K.G., 1999:
Estimation of chlorophyll and viable mutation under M2 generation in rice bean (Vigna umbellate L. Thumb)

Tanzeela Talat; Bhatti, B.M.; Rehman, A., 2000:
Estimation of cholesterol contents in breast and thigh muscles of different strains of chicken (Gallus domesticus)

García, E.; Cabrera, C.; Lorenzo, M.L.; López, M.C.; Sánchez, J., 2001:
Estimation of chromium bioavailability from the diet by an in vitro method

Monalisa Manna; Sasmal, B.G., 2000:
Estimation of coheritability in semi-deep rice

Wegrzyn, S.; Pochaba, L.; Kania, S., 1999:
Estimation of combining ability of parental forms based on evaluation of breeding lines of winter wheat

Choukan, R., 1999:
Estimation of combining ability, additive and dominance variances of characters using line x tester crosses of maize inbred lines

Becker, P.G.ibben, R., 2001:
Estimation of conduit taper for the hydraulic resistance model of West et al.

Caldeira, M.V.W.; Schumacher, M.V.; Santos, E.M. dos; Tedesco, N.; Pereira, J.C., 1999:
Estimation of content of nutrients in a young stand of Acacia mearnsii De Wild. established in southern Brazil

Tanno, H.; Kinoshita, M.; Kiuchi, H.; Hirayama, Y.; Kikuchi, H., 2001:
Estimation of cool-weather tolerance at the flowering stage and its relation with that at the booting stage in rice varieties in the area south of Tohoku district, Japan - mainly on its regional differences

Tanno, H.; Kinoshita, M.; Kiuchi, H.; Hirayama, Y.; Kikuchi, H., 2000:
Estimation of cool-weather tolerance at the flowering stage and its relationship with that of the booting stage in Hokkaido rice varieties

Pena, C.D.O.; Queiroz, S.A. de; Fries, L.A., 2000:
Estimation of correction factors of scrotal circumference for age and body weight in young Nellore breed bulls

Melo Filho, G.A. de; Lemes, M.M.R., 2000:
Estimation of cotton production cost for the 2000-2001 harvest, in Mato Grosso do Sul

Gonzalez Andujar, J.L.; Saavedra, M., 1999:
Estimation of critical patch size and speed of expansion in weeds

Ray, S.S.; Dadhwal, V.K., 2001:
Estimation of crop evapotranspiration of irrigation command area using remote sensing and GIS

Logar, B.; Kovac, M., 2001:
Estimation of crossbreeding parameters for litter size in pigs

Matsuda, R.; Sasaki, K.; Sakai, H.; Aoyagi, Y.; Saeki, M.; Hasegawa, Y.; Hidaka, T.; Ishii, K.; Mochizuki, E.; Yamamoto, T.; Miyabe, M.; Tamura, Y.; Hori, S.; Ikebe, K.; Tsuji, M.; Kojima, M.; Saeki, K.; Matsuoka, S.; Nishioka, C.; Fujita, H.; Shiroma, H.; Oshiro, Z.; Toyoda, M., 2001:
Estimation of daily dietary intake of aluminum

Justesen, U.; Knuthsen, P.; Andersen, N.L.; Leth, T., 2000:
Estimation of daily intake distribution of flavonols and flavanones in Denmark

Samarajeewa, S.; Gunatilake, H.M., 1999:
Estimation of demand function for coconut oil: a cointegration analysis

Kujawa Roeleveld, K., 2000:
Estimation of denitrification potential with respiration based techniques

Zou Z.Y.; Young M.H.; L.Z.; Wierenga P.J., 2001:
Estimation of depth averaged unsaturated soil hydraulic properties from infiltration experiments

Rainey, C.; Nyquist, L.; Casterline, J.; Herman, D., 1999:
Estimation of dietary boron intake in six countries: Egypt, Germany, Great Britain, Kenya, Mexico, and the United States

Camoni, I.; Fabbrini, R.; Attias, L.; D.M.ccio, A.; Cecere, E.; Consolino, A.; Roberti, F., 2001:
Estimation of dietary intake of pesticide residues by the Italian population during 1997

Singaravelu, G.; Mahalingam, S.; Sumathy, S., 1999:
Estimation of different degrees of provocation by DEC (diethyl carbamazine citrate) medication in bancroftian filariasis in Vellore, Tamilnadu

Calabro, S.; Nizza, A.; Pinna, W.; Cutrignelli, M.I.; Piccolo, V., 1999:
Estimation of digestibility of compound diets for rabbits using the in vitro gas production technique

Vikelsoe, J.; Johansen, E., 2000:
Estimation of dioxin emission from fires in chemicals

Malik, G.N.; Masoodi, M.A.; Kamili, A.S.; Aijaz, M., 1999:
Estimation of direct selection parameters in a diallel set of bivoltine silkworm (Bombyx mori L.)

Potocnik, K.; Kovac, M.; Pogacar, J., 2000:
Estimation of dispersion parameters with an animal test day model for Slovenian Black and White breed

Radusiene, J.; Vaiciuniene, J.; Peseckiene, A., 1997:
Estimation of distribution and phytocenologic dependence of useful indigenous plants in Lithuania

Kinefuchi, S.; Hamamura, K., 2000:
Estimation of diurnal change in leaf water potential of melon through leaf greenness

Saeki, Y.; Sakasegawa, H.; Inoue, Y.; Akagi, I.; Nagatomo, Y., 1999:
Estimation of diversity of indigenous Bradyrhizobium japonicum strains in different types of soil by intrinsic antibiotic resistance

Farid, A.; Afifi, E.A.; Khalil, M.H.; Gad, H.A., 2000:
Estimation of doe breeding values for litter traits of three standard breeds of rabbits raised under commercial intensive system of production in Egypt

Jones, R.H.; Sonko, B.J.; Miller, L.V.; Thureen, P.J.; Fennessey, P.V., 2000:
Estimation of doubly labeled water energy expenditure with confidence intervals

Zalewski, P., 2000:
Estimation of driers' performance on the basis of selected parameters of technical characteristics

Fan HouBao; Hong Wei, 2001:
Estimation of dry deposition and canopy exchange in Chinese fir plantations

Szterk, P., 2000:
Estimation of dry matter, crude fibre, ADF and NDF in whole maize plants using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) technique

Danicke, S., 2001:
Estimation of endogenous N-losses from the digestive tract of broilers by N-balance technique and linear regression analysis: effect of xylanase addition to a rye-based diet

Babnik, D.; Verbic, J., 2000:
Estimation of energy value of grassland forage

Ahn, B.S.; Jeong, H.Y.; Choi, Y.L.; Jeon, B.S.; Kim, H.S.; Suh, K.H.; Kim, J.S., 2001:
Estimation of environment and sire effects for somatic cell score in different lactation period of Holstein cattle

Kim, N.H.; Jung, J.H.; Kim, S.D.; Choi, Y.L.; Lee, I.J.; Han, K.J.; Park, Y.I., 2001:
Estimation of environmental effects and genetic parameters for somatic cell score and production traits of dairy cattle

Sheridan G.J.; S.H.B.; Loch R.J.; Walker C.M., 2000:
Estimation of erosion model erodibility parameters from media properties

Smith, L.C.; Alsdorf, D.E.; Magilligan, F.J.; Gomez, B.; Mertes, L.A.K.; Smith, N.D.; Garvin, J.B., 2000:
Estimation of erosion, deposition, and net volumetric change caused by the 1996 Skeiararsandur jokulhlaup, Iceland, from synthetic aperture radar interferometry

Casa, R.; Russell, G.; Cascio, B. lo, 2000:
Estimation of evapotranspiration from a field of linseed in central Italy

Odhiambo, L.O.; Yoder, R.E.; Yoder, D.C., 2000:
Estimation of evapotranspiration using fuzzy state models

Couto, E.G.; Klamt, E.; Stein, A., 2000:
Estimation of exchangeable potassium and clay content in soils with scattered sampling in southern Mato Grosso State

Dvorakova, A., 2000:
Estimation of factor C of vegetative cover at the climatological station Telc

Mickiewicz, A.; Mickiewicz, P., 2000:
Estimation of family farm circumstances in the western Pomeranian region

W.J.anPing; Kohler, P., 2000:
Estimation of fatty acid profiles in musculus longissimus dorsi of sheep. Comparative study of two fat extraction methods

Tabeau, A.A., 2001:
Estimation of feed utilisation matrices and demand for feed using farm data

Azari Takami, G.; Shahidi, R.; Adeli, A., 2000:
Estimation of female Silver carp broodstocks Hypophthalmichthys molitrix for selection breeding

Stefanon, B.; Volpelli, L.A.; Bovolenta, S.; Pinosa, M., 1999:
Estimation of fescue hay intake in horses using the n-alkanes method

Madan, V.K.; Sharma, M.P.; Shahi, H.N.; Ashok ; Rajesh Kumar; Namita Arya, 2000:
Estimation of fibre and sucrose - an innovative approach

Noorbakhsh, F.; Afyuni, M., 2000:
Estimation of field capacity and permanent wilting point from some soil physical and chemical properties

Ackerman, C.J.; Purvis, H.T.I.I.; Horn, G.W.; Payton, M.E.; Vermeire, L.T.; Paisley, S.I.; Bodine, T.N., 1999:
Estimation of forage mass of Old World bluestem using a visual obstruction measurement technique

Arnao, M.B.; Cano, A.; Alcolea, J.F.; Acosta, M., 2001:
Estimation of free radical-quenching activity of leaf pigment extracts

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Estimation of genetic parameters in the square lattice analysis

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Estimation of genetic variance in corn from F1 performance with and without pedigree relationships among inbred lines

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Estimation of genetic variance of quantitative traits based on polymorphic gene locus

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Estimation of genetic variances in maize with full-sib independent families

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Estimation of genetic variances with maternal half-sibs and different inbreeding coefficients and replicates

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Estimation of genetic variation in populations of Lilium bulbiferum L. in the Sumava Mts using RAPD markers

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Estimation of growth rate: a critical analysis with reference to West Bengal agriculture

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Estimation of heat and momentum fluxes over complex terrain using a large aperture scintillometer

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Estimation of heritabilities of growth traits, and phenotypic and genetic correlations in juvenile masu salmon Oncorhynchus masou

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Estimation of heritability of reproduction traits in crossbred cows

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Estimation of heterozygosity in two botanic rose species using AFLP markers

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Estimation of horizontal cover

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Estimation of induced secondary metabolites in chickpea tissues in response to elicitor preparation of seaweeds

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Estimation of intestinal digestibility of undegraded sunflower meal protein from nylon bag measurements. A mathematical model

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Estimation of lacrimal level and testing methods on normal beagles

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Estimation of lactation curves for the production and composition of ewe milk: mathematical models

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Estimation of land evaporation in the Weigan irrigated area, Xinjiang

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Estimation of leachability of copper and chromium compounds from wood impregnated with the CCB and CB preservatives

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Estimation of leaf area by non-destructive methods in three Iranian pistachio species (Pistacia mutica subsp. cabulica, P. khinjuk subsp. oblonga and P. khinjuk subsp. populifolia)

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Estimation of leaf area in tropical maize

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Estimation of leaf area index in open-canopy ponderosa pine forests at different successional stages and management regimes in Oregon

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Estimation of leaf area of stem lettuce (Lactuca sativa var angustana) from linear measurements

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Estimation of litter environmental and maternal effects for performance test traits of Large White swine

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Estimation of long-term potential evaporation within the framework of the remediation of surface mine-sites

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Estimation of loss due to neck blast in rice genotypes

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Estimation of loss in pea (Pisum sativum L.) due to Rotylenchulus reniformis

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Estimation of losses due to rodent damage in mono- and double cropping systems in wheat

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Estimation of macrodispersion by different approximation methods for flow and transport in randomly heterogeneous media

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Estimation of maize production costs in direct and conventional planting systems, 1999-2000 harvest

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Estimation of mating system parameters in Hedysarum coronarium L. (Leguminoseae, Fabaceae)

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Estimation of mating-compatibility of the wild service tree (Sorbus torminalis (L.) Crantz) by observing pollen tube germination

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Estimation of mean monthly solar global radiation as a function of temperature

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Estimation of mean wind climate and probability of strong winds for wind risk assessment

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Estimation of measurement uncertainty in pesticide residue analysis

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Estimation of mercury emission from coal combustion in China

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Estimation of metabolizable energy and utilization of fly larvae (Musca domestica L.) in the feeding of broilers

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Estimation of metal and organochlorine pesticide exposures and potential health threat by consumption of oysters in Taiwan

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Estimation of microbial protein supply in ruminant animals based on renal and mammary purine metabolite excretion. A review

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Estimation of milk yield losses from subclinical mastitis in dairy cows

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Estimation of minor components in caraway, fennel and carrots by NIRS-comparison of results from dispersive and fourier-transform instruments

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Estimation of modulus of elasticity and modulus of rupture of some Indian timbers by vibration test method

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Estimation of mutagenic effectiveness and efficiency of physical and chemical mutagens in Nigella sativa L

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Estimation of mycelial biomass of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi associated with the annual legume Kummerowia striata by ergosterol analysis

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Estimation of nervous irritability indexes conditioned by inbreeding level of purebred Arabian horses. I. The influence of inbreeding on the features of nervous irritability and race performance

Kamieniak, J., 1999:
Estimation of nervous irritability indexes conditioned by inbreeding level of purebred Arabian horses. II. Race performance conditioned by degree of nervous balance

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Estimation of net nutrient oxidation and lipogenesis in growing pigs

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Estimation of nitrate contamination of an agro-ecosystem outwash aquifer using a nitrogen mass-balance budget

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Estimation of nitrate leaching in an entisol under optimum citrus production

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Estimation of nitrate metabolism in intestinal tract by measuring breath nitrous oxide concentration in Chinese and Japanese

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Estimation of nitrogen content using machine vision in a paddy field

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Estimation of nitrogen deposition on 27 RENECOFOR plots (France) from 1993 to 1996

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Estimation of nitrogen fertilization and its effect in combination with various organic materials on biological yields in two consecutive rotations wheat-maize in greenhouse

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Estimation of nitrogen fertilizer use efficiency in dryland agroecosystem

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Estimation of nitrogen input by N2 fixation to field-grown pineapples in Thailand

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Estimation of nitrogen leaching rates in a vegetable field with a subsurface drainage system in a coastal sand dune area

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Estimation of nitrogen mineralization in the field from an incubation test and from soil analysis

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Estimation of nitrogen mineralization of crop residues in soils under field conditions by a kinetic method

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Estimation of nitrogen release from coated urea using the Richards function and investigation of the release parameters using simulation models

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Estimation of nonheme-iron bioavailability from meal composition

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Estimation of nutrient contents in an Acacia mearnsii plantation in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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Estimation of nutrient requirements in aquatic animals

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Estimation of nutritive value of pea seeds in feeding of fatteners

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Estimation of on-site cost of soil erosion: a comparison of replacement and productivity change methods

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Estimation of onion (Allium cepa, L.) biomass and light interception from reflectance measurements at field level

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Estimation of optimum plot dimensions and replication number for wheat experimentation in Ethiopia

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Estimation of organic acid anion concentrations and evaluation of charge balance in atmospherically acidified colored waters

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Estimation of organic carbon normalized sorption coefficient (Koc) for soils by topological indices and polarity factors

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Estimation of outcrossing and contamination rates in a germplasm-regeneration field of bean (Vicia faba L.)

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Estimation of papaya leaf area using the central vein length

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Estimation of parameters describing lipid metabolism in lactation: challenge of existing knowledge described in a model of metabolism

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Estimation of parameters of a conceptual water balance model for ungauged catchments

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Estimation of parameters of deleterious mutations in partial selfing or partial outcrossing populations and in nonequilibrium populations

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Estimation of parasitism by Catolaccus grandis (Burks) (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) following release against cotton weevil

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Estimation of phenotypic and genetic variability of the litter size and breeding value of boars

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Estimation of plant area index of grasslands from measurements of canopy radiation profiles

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Estimation of plant species richness from systematically placed plots in a managed forest ecosystem

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Estimation of ploidy level in young androgenetic winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.) plants with the aid of flow cytometry

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Estimation of pollen viability in grain sorghum

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Estimation of population parameters and recombination rates from single nucleotide polymorphisms

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Estimation of population parameters for the tolerance of the honeybee (Apis mellifera carnica) to Varroa jacobsoni Oudemans

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Estimation of possibilities of the grain maize cultivation in the region of Bydgoszcz

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Estimation of potential acidity by pH SMP in soils from northeastern Brazil

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Estimation of poultry breastmeat yield: magnetic resonance imaging as a tool to improve the positioning of ultrasonic scanners

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Estimation of precision and efficiency mass transfer steps for the determination of pesticides in vegetables aiming at the expression of results with reliable uncertainty

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Estimation of profit functions when profit is not maximum

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Estimation of protein and prussic acid from some potential aquatic forage plants of Darbhanga

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Estimation of rainfall runoff volume forming in closed low sites on reclaimed lands

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Estimation of rates of recombination and migration in populations of plant pathogens

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Estimation of realized heritability of resistance to deltamethrin insecticide in selected strains of Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae)

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Estimation of red deer (Cervus elaphus) condition from central-eastern Poland on the basis of the thickness of external fat layer and kidney fat index

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Estimation of reference evapotranspiration for southern region of Saudi Arabia

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Estimation of regeneration loss due to forest fire in South Gujarat Forests

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Estimation of regional evapotranspiration through remote sensing

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Estimation of regional methane emission from rice fields using simple atmospheric diffusion models

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Estimation of regional parameters in a macro scale hydrological model

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Estimation of regional trends in sulfur dioxide over the eastern United States

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Estimation of relative parasitic fitness by detecting the proporting of races in population

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Estimation of repeatability and phenotypic correlations in Eragrostis curvula

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Estimation of repeatability of milk yield and reproductive traits of Alpine goats under an intensive system of production in Egypt

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Estimation of reproduction indexes of Wielkopolski horses considering share of other breeds in their pedigrees

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Estimation of reproductive management effects and their influence on selection for litter size in pigs

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Estimation of reproductive performance during the breeding season based on previous evaluation of ovarian activity by rectal palpation

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Estimation of residues of carbofuran and its metabolites in sugarcane and soil by derivatization with 1-fluoro-2,4-dinitrobenzene and gas chromatography with nitrogen-phosphorus detection

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Estimation of rice production costs for the 2000-2001 harvest, in Mato Grosso

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Estimation of risk of forest stand investment

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Estimation of rodent loss at different growth stages of wheat crop

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Estimation of runoff coefficients for the Caspian-sea catchments

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Estimation of salt intake and recommendation for iodine content in iodized salt in Mongolia

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Estimation of seasonal rice evapotranspiration

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Estimation of sediment yield and soil loss using suspended sediment load and 137Cs measurements on agricultural land, Brie Plateau, France

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Estimation of seed weight, oil content and fatty acid composition in intact single seeds of rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) by near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy

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Estimation of selection indices in Brassica juncea L. and Brassica napus L

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Estimation of sensible heat flux from radiometric temperature over crop canopy

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Estimation of sensitivity, specificity and predictive values of two serologic tests for the detection of antibodies against Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotype 2 in the absence of a reference test (gold standard)

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Estimation of sequential degradation rates of perchloroethylene by history matching

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Estimation of sexual asymmetry based on effective population number by flowering assessment and its application to observed data from a Pinus densiflora clonal seed orchard

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Estimation of short-wave radiative environment in intercropping system using solar radiation transmission model

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Estimation of simple sugars and polyphenols in neem seeds during storage

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Estimation of simultaneous nitrification and denitrification in grassland soil associated with urea-N using 15N and nitrification inhibitor

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Estimation of smoltification of hatchery-reared sea trout (Salmo trutta morpha trutta L.) based on body morphology

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Estimation of soil adsorption coefficients of organic compounds by HPLC screening using the second generation of the European reference soil set

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Estimation of soil erosion and sediment yield using GIS

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Estimation of soil evaporation using the differential temperature method

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Estimation of soil hydraulic properties of a sandy soil using capacitance probes and Guelph permeameter

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Estimation of soil moisture characteristics from particle size distribution and organic carbon content

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Estimation of soil nitrate in the spring as a basis for adjustment of nitrogen fertiliser rates

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Estimation of soil phosphorus levels in shrimp ponds

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Estimation of soil solution electrical conductivity from bulk soil electrical conductivity in sandy soils

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Estimation of soil weathering stage and acid neutralizing capacity in a toposequence Luvisol-Cambisol on loess under deciduous forest in Belgium

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Estimation of solid transit kinetics parameters in cattle under grazing by different sample series

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Estimation of some ions as a tool for differentiation between ante- and postmortem skin wounds

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Estimation of some types of grain combine harvesters in terms of research

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Estimation of sorptivity from disc-permeameter measurements

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Estimation of soyabean production cost for the 2000-2001 harvest, in Mato Grosso do Sul

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Estimation of soyabean production costs in direct sowing and conventional systems, 1999/2000 season

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Estimation of spatially distributed latent heat flux over complex terrain from a Raman lidar

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Estimation of spatially variable residual nonaqueous phase liquid saturations in nonuniform flow fields using partitioning tracer data

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Estimation of spontaneous genome-wide mutation rate parameters: whither beneficial mutations?

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Estimation of streamflow by simulation model and an application

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Estimation of sunshine hours by harmonic analysis

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Estimation of surface evaporation map over southern Great Plains using remote sensing data

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Estimation of surface heat flux and an index of soil moisture using adjoint-state surface energy balance

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Estimation of surface roughness in a semiarid region from C-band ERS-1 synthetic aperture radar data

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Estimation of surface runoff and water-covered area during filling of surface microrelief depressions

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Estimation of surface sensible heat flux using dual angle observations of radiative surface temperature

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Estimation of surviving clone number based on probability of characteristic expression and planting efficiency

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Estimation of sustainability indicators in mixed cropping systems of the inland Pampa

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Estimation of temporally averaged sediment delivery ratio using aggradational terraces in headwater catchments of the Waipaoa River, North Island, New Zealand

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Estimation of the 'tannin effect' by in vitro digestion with and without PEG

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Estimation of the Belgian farmers' willingness to accept for countryside stewardship measures

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Estimation of the HEC1 loss parameters for routing the probable maximum flood

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Estimation of the Lithuanian solar energy resources

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Estimation of the N fertiliser requirement of cotton grown after legume crops

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Estimation of the biomass of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in a linseed field

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Estimation of the breeding value of stallions from Arabian breed regarding the basic body measurements

Sabeva, I., 2000:
Estimation of the breeding value of stallions from Arabian breed regarding the race abilities

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Estimation of the canopy-gap size using two photographs taken at different heights

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Estimation of the carcass composition of yearling bulls of Asturiana de los Valles breed from the dissection of a rib joint

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Estimation of the chilling requirement and development of a low-chill model for local peach trees in Taiwan

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Estimation of the daily intake of pesticide residues through the diet in Italy (based on data from private organizations)

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Estimation of the dietary intake of pesticide residues, lead, cadmium, arsenic and radionuclides in France

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Estimation of the dietary vitamin A requirement of juvenile grass shrimp, Penaeus monodon

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Estimation of the digestible energy of ruminant feedstuffs by the combined bag technique

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Estimation of the dry matter intake of lactating cows in intensive grazing Coastcross grass (Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers cv. Coastcross)

awinski, H.; Grzebisz, W., 2000:
Estimation of the effect of cultivation method and nitrogen rate on yield and quality of sugarbeet

Buczkowska, H., 2000:
Estimation of the effect of maize shelter-belts on the early flowering and yield of sweet pepper

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Estimation of the effect of steroid glycosides on germination of cereal seeds differing in viability

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Estimation of the effective precipitation recharge coefficient in an unconfined aquifer using stochastic analysis

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Estimation of the effects of OPUL measures on the physical yield of cereals

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Estimation of the effects of buffalo fly (Haematobia irritans exigua) on the milk production of dairy cattle based on a meta-analysis of literature data

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Estimation of the efficiency of nodulation ability of selected strains of nodule-forming bacteria Sinorhizobium meliloti in lucerne in relation to nitrogen nutrition

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Estimation of the efficiency of pest detection surveys

Barya, R., 1999:
Estimation of the efficiency of selected herbicides and their mixtures in the undergrowth reclamation using direct sowing

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Estimation of the efficiency of transgenic rabbit production following GFP gene microinjection into rabbit zygotes

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Estimation of the energy content of buffalo milk

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Estimation of the energy costs of locomotion in the Iberian pig (Sus mediterraneus)

Souissi, R.; Panis, A., 1999:
Estimation of the fecundity of two scales of fruit trees, Aspidiotus nerii Bouche and Pseudaulacaspis pentagona (Targioni-Tozzetti) (Hemiptera: Diaspididae) using a micro-cage technique

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Estimation of the feeding of Polish Konik horses, Arab Konik horses and Felin ponies in a system of ad libitum maintenance and standardized work

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Estimation of the flood mitigation function of agricultural land in a flat low-lying area with creek networks

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Estimation of the flow of microbial nitrogen to the duodenum using milk uric acid or allantoin

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Estimation of the genetic correlation between performances at different levels of show jumping competitions in Ireland

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Estimation of the genetic parameters of meat characteristics and of their genetic correlations with growth and body composition in an experimental broiler line

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Estimation of the hazard concentration of industrial wastewaters using algal bioassay

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Estimation of the height of forest populations by radar scatterometry

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Estimation of the impact of fertilisation rate on nitrate leaching in Finland using a mathematical simulation model

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Estimation of the importance of spatially variable nitrogen application and soil moisture holding capacity to wheat production

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Estimation of the introgression level in Populus nigra L. populations by means of isozyme gene markers

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Estimation of the levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and faecal coliforms originating from a pen for poultry production

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Estimation of the links between reproductive indexes and inbreeding of Wielkopolski mares in the horse stud at Rzeczna

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Estimation of the linoleic acid level in pork adipose tissue

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Estimation of the local synthesis of immunoglobulin G (IgG) in the central nervous system of patients with spinal cord schistosomiasis by the IgG index

Baecheler, J.V.; Riquelme, L.A., 2001:
Estimation of the longitudinal dispersion coefficient for wide rivers of slight depth and slope. Application to Bio Bio river, Chile

Basanta, M. del V.; Dourado Neto, D.; Garcia, A.G., 2000:
Estimation of the maximum water volume for chemical product application on corn leaves

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Estimation of the minimum uncertainty of DNA concentration in a genetically modified maize sample candidate certified reference material

Valentine, H.T., 1999:
Estimation of the net primary productivity of even-aged stands with a carbon-allocation model

Mioduszewski, W.; Dannowski, R.; Kajewski, I., 1999:
Estimation of the nitrogen load entering groundwater from the agricultural area in the Odra catchment

Song, C.; Uchida, U.; Ono, S.; Shimasaki, C.; Inoue, M., 2001:
Estimation of the number of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)-degraders in soil and isolation of degraders based on the method of most probable number (MPN) using PHA-film

Jabonski, K., 2000:
Estimation of the optimum rate of foliar and soil urea application for potatoes fertilized with manure

Korkmaz, A.; Kzlkaya, R.; Horuz, A.; Surucu, A., 2000:
Estimation of the plant-available amounts of N in poultry manure dried with fan separator by 15N trace technique

Patorczyk Pytlik, B., 1999:
Estimation of the possibility of utilization of bentonite as a sorbent of heavy metals introduced to soil with sewage sludge

Lopez Q.M.; Lopez R.D.; Espinoza Areas, P.; Valle M.S.; Rivera, P.; Garcia, I., 1997:
Estimation of the predatory capacity of Nicaraguan bugs under laboratory conditions

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Estimation of the probability for exceeding a threshold concentration of furosemide at various intervals after intravenous administration in horses

Chu, K.K.; Cohen, N.D.; Stanley, S.D.; Wang, N., 2001:
Estimation of the probability for exceeding thresholds of urine specific gravity and plasma concentration of furosemide at various intervals after intravenous administration of furosemide in horses

Yamamura, K.; Katsumata, H., 1999:
Estimation of the probability of insect pest introduction through imported commodities

Fournier Djimbi, M.; Fouquet, D., 1998:
Estimation of the quality of standing trees

Senger, S.U., 2000:
Estimation of the reduction of the concentration of air pollutants until the year 2010 in relation to the UN ECEE Goteborg Protocol dated 1. December 1999 (environmental policy and legislation)

Budzynski, M.; Kamieniak, J.; Budzynska, M.; Sapua, M.; Somka, Z.; Sotys, L., 2000:
Estimation of the relations between reproduction indexes and the inbreeding of full English blood mares at the horse stud at Rzeczna

Kizek, T., 2000:
Estimation of the secondary production of grasshoppers (Saltatoria: Acridoidea) resulting from different inorganic fertilization on seminatural grasslands

Martin, A.M.; Owende, P.M.O.; O.M.hony, M.J.; Ward, S.M., 1999:
Estimation of the serviceability of forest access roads

Yoshihara, H.; Ohta, M., 2000:
Estimation of the shear strength of wood by uniaxial-tension tests of off-axis specimens

Marinova, S.; Chuldjyan, H., 1999:
Estimation of the sludge utilization from the waste waters treatment plants near Plovdiv relating on the limitance from the heavy metal surplus

Sales, L.E. de O.; Ferreira, M.M.; Oliveira, M.S. de; Curi, N., 1999:
Estimation of the soil basic infiltration velocity

Asserup, P.; Eklof, M., 2000:
Estimation of the soil moisture distribution in the Tamne River Basin, Upper East Region, Ghana

Zimakowska Gnoinska, D.; Bech, J., 2000:
Estimation of the soil respiration using the constant pressure volumetric respirometer and the flow-through respirometer UNI-RES10

Pagel Wieder, S.; Fischer, W.R., 2001:
Estimation of the specific surface area of soil particles by adsorption of polyvinylalcohol in aqueous suspension

Harada, M.; Ishikawa, H.; Matsuoka, H.; Ishii, A.; Suguri, S., 2000:
Estimation of the sporozoite rate of malaria vectors using the polymerase chain reaction and a mathematical model

van Tonder Gerrit; Kunstmann Harald; X.Y.ngxin; Fourie Francois, 2000:
Estimation of the sustainable yield of a borehole including boundary information, drawdown derivatives and uncertainty propagation

Jones, R.C.; Babcock, C.J.; Knowlton, W.B., 2000:
Estimation of the total amorphous content of Hawai'i soils by the Rietveld method

Belaud, G.; Paquier, A., 2000:
Estimation of the total sediment discharge in natural stream flows using a depth-integrated sampler

Matthews, J.O.; Southern, L.L.; Bidner, T.D., 2001:
Estimation of the total sulfur amino acid requirement and the effect of betaine in diets deficient in total sulfur amino acids for the weanling pig

Helbert, J.; Boissard, P.; Buis, J.P., 2001:
Estimation of the vertical profile of the wheat crop water content with an electrostatic multipole. An experimental study

Makela, H.; Pekkarinen, A., 2001:
Estimation of timber volume at the sample plot level by means of image segmentation and Landsat TM imagery

Elmansoury, Y.H.A.; Musa, H.M.; Majid, A.A.; Barri, M.E.S.; Abdalla, A.E.D.; E.W.sela, B., 1998:
Estimation of total body water and water turnover by equilibrium and extrapolation method and mixing time in desert Sudanese sheep and goats by the tritiated water technique

Asha Masohan; Guru Parsad; Khanna, M.K.; Chopra, S.K.; Rawat, B.S.; Garg, M.O., 2000:
Estimation of trace amounts of benzene in solvent-extracted vegetable oils and oil seed cakes

Kaku, K., 2000:
Estimation of trading volumes on the Japanese broiler and egg futures markets based on analysis of price volatilities and evaluation of wholesale prices on agricultural products

Narayan Pratap; Reddy, V.N.V.; Sharma, P.A.; Honnappa, T.G.; Devaraj, M.; Krishnaswamy, A.; Arora, V.K., 1999:
Estimation of transaminases (AST and ALT) in cryopreserved Murrah buffalo semen

Singh, K.P.; Bae, S.; Bartolucci, A.A.; Chowdhury, R.I.; Islam, M.A.; Warsono, 1999:
Estimation of transition rates in a multi-state proportional hazards model

Virscek Marn, M., 2000:
Estimation of tree growth and productivity of 20 apple cultivars

Gayen, P.; De, D.K.; Pal, A.K., 2000:
Estimation of trifoliate leaf area in mungbean (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek) by linear measurements

Singh, B.; Dubey, M.M., 2001:
Estimation of triterpenoids from Heliotropium marifolium Koen. ex Retz. in vivo and in vitro. I. Antimicrobial screening

Small, C., 2001:
Estimation of urban vegetation abundance by spectral mixture analysis

Singh, S.B.; Singh, J.P., 1999:
Estimation of variability parameters for some quantitative characters in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea)

Sirisena, J.A.; Senanayake, S.G.J.N., 2000:
Estimation of variability parameters within 'Mysore' banana clones and their implication for crop improvement

Yoshimura, Y.; Kubota, F., 2000:
Estimation of vein length in a leaf of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas Lam.) by the lattice crossing method

Davison, H.; Otter, A.T.ees, A., 1999:
Estimation of vertical and horizontal transmission parameters of Neospora caninum infections in dairy cattle

Devaull, G.E., 2001:
Estimation of volatile emissions during the excavation of soil or waste

Djouvinov, D.S., 1999:
Estimation of volatile fatty acid production in the rumen of sheep I. Effect of infusing propionic and butyric acid in the rumen on its characteristics

Inclan, M.G.; Schween, J.; Dlugi, R., 1999:
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