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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 3438

Chapter 3438 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Eucalyptus boliviana (Myrtaceae), a distinctive new species of stringybark from New England, New South Wales
, Telopea 9(2): 409-413 (2001)

Eucalyptus citriodora and E. grandis height and diameter growth under different levels of water availability and association with Brachiaria brizantha
, Floresta 27(1/2): 3-16 (1997)

Eucalyptus cultivation, rural space and environment in the Bamileke country (Western Cameroon)
, Geo Eco Trop 23(1/4): 123-142 (1999)

Eucalyptus dunnii: a new forest resource for industry
, SAGPyA Forestal ( 4): 7-13 (1997)

Eucalyptus fertilization. 1. Effect on biomass accumulation
, Ciencia e Investigacion Agraria 26(1): 1-10 (2000)

Eucalyptus fertilization. 2. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium accumulation
, Ciencia e Investigacion Agraria 26(1): 11-19 (2000)

Eucalyptus foliage. Cut stems, pruning and postharvest; leaf wax structure
, Australian Plants 20(162): 271-276 (2000)

Eucalyptus globulus kraft pulp residual lignins. Part 1. Effects of extraction methods upon lignin structure
, Holzforschung 54(4): 365-372 (2000)

Eucalyptus in the Odemira region: importance for kraft pulp production
, Silva Lusitana 9(1): 109-122 (2001)

Eucalyptus plantations in the equatorial zone, on the coastal plains of the Congo
, Site management and productivity in tropical plantation forests Workshop proceedings, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, 16-20 February 1998: 13-21 (1999)

Eucosma scorzonerana (Benander, 1942), new for the Italian fauna, and interesting Olethreutinae from central-southern Italy (Lepidoptera Tortricidae)
, Frustula Entomologica 21: 19-25 (1998)

Eucryphia (Cunoniaceae) reproductive and leaf macrofossils from Australian Cainozoic sediments
, Australian Systematic Botany 13(3): 373-394 (2000)

Eucyclops dumonti sp.nov. from Central Mongolia
, Hydrobiologia 441: 63-71, 15 December (2000)

Eudactylina leptochariae n. sp. (Copepoda, Eudactylinidae) a branchial parasite of Leptocharias smithii (Muller & Henle, 1839) (Pisces, Leptochariidae) off the coast of Senegal
, Crustaceana 73(2): 175-185 (2000)

Eudesmane derivatives from Tessaria integrifolia
, Phytochemistry 53(4): 479-484 (2000)

Eudesmanolides, aromatic derivatives, and other constituents from Carpesium cernuum
, Die Pharmazie 56(10): 825-827 (2001)

Eudorylaimus unicus sp. n., E. japonicus sp. n. and E. fransus Heyns (Nematoda: Qudsianematidae) from Tsukuba, Japan
, International Journal of Nematology 10(2): 135-142 (2000)

Eugenol but not isoeugenol induces CYPIA1 mRNA in human keratinocytes
, International Archives of Allergy and Immunology 124(1/3): 309-311 (2001)

Euglossine bees (Apidae) from Atlantic Forest sites: abundance, richness and biological aspects
, Revista Brasileira de Zoologia 16(Suppl. 2): 101-118 (1999)

Eukaryotic fatty acylation drives plasma membrane targeting and enhances function of several type III effector proteins from Pseudomonas syringae
, Cell Cambridge 101(4): 353-363 (2000)

Eukaryotic features of the Xanthomonas type III effector AvrBs3: protein domains involved in transcriptional activation and the interaction with nuclear import receptors from pepper
, Plant Journal 26(5): 523-534 (2001)

Eukaryotic gene transfer with liposomes: effect of differences in lipid structure
, Biotechnology Annual Review 5: 197-220 (2000)

Euleptodema sainvali sp. n. from New Caledonia (Coleoptera: Buprestidae: Polycestinae) and larval morphology of the genus
, Folia Heyrovskyana 8(1): 35-46 (2000)

Eulerian solutions of O( sigma vN) for the stochastic transport problem for conservative tracers coupled with O ( sigma f4) solutions for the flow problem in an infinite domain
, Water Resources Research 35(12): 3685-3697 (1999)

Eulychnia castanea - 'not easily accessible either by land or by sea'
, Cactus and Succulent Journal 72(1): 36-40 (2000)

Eumerus strigatus (Fallen) (Diptera: Syrphidae) infesting Chilean Alliaceae
, Agricultura Tecnica Santiago 59(2): 133-135 (1999)

Eumycetoma of the foot caused by Acremonium kiliense: report of a case
, Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia 74(6): 591-595 (1999)

Euonymus huangii Liu & Yang (Celastraceae), sp. nov.
, Taiwania 45(2): 129-130 (2000)

Eupatilin, a pharmacologically active flavone derived from Artemisia plants, induces apoptosis in human promyelocytic leukemia cells
, Mutation Research, Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis 496(1/2): 191-198 (2001)

Euphalerus clitoriae sp. n., a new psyllid species from Clitoria fairchildiana (Fabaceae, Papilionoideae), and notes on other Euphalerus spp. (Hemiptera, Psylloidea)
, Revue Suisse de Zoologie. Juin; 1072: 325-334 (2000)

Euphane triterpenoid and lipid constituents from Butea monosperma
, Phytochemistry 54(8): 835-838 (2000)

Euphorbia esula: perceptions by ranchers and land managers
, Weed Science 47(6): 740-749 (1999)

Euphorbia guerichiana Pax
, Cactus and Succulent Journal 72(5): 279-284 (2000)

Euphorbia meenae, a new geophyte from India
, Cactus and Succulent Journal 72(4): 208-212 (2000)

Euphorbia specksii Rauh, a new species of subgenus Trichadenia, and its close ally, Euphorbia platycephala Pax
, Cactus and Succulent Journal 72(5): 247-254 (2000)

Euplectrus melanocephalus Girault (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae), an ectoparasitoid of larvae of fruit-piercing moths (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae: Catocalinae) from northern Queensland
, Australian Journal of Entomology 16 November; 384: 377-381 (1999)

Euploid and monosomic interspecific T. aestivum x T. durum hybrids - production and cytogenetic characteristics
, Options Mediterraneennes Serie A, Seminaires Mediterraneens ( 40): 177-179 (2000)

Eupyrene sperm migrates to spermatheca after apyrene sperm in the swallowtail butterfly, Papilio xuthus L. (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae)
, Journal of Ethology 18(2): 91-99 (2000)

EurAgEng field of interest on soil and water: research and development on groundwater resources
, Modelling of transport processes in soils at various scales in time and space International Workshop of EurAgEng' s Field of Interest on Soil and Water, Leuven, Belgium, 24-26 November 1999: 13-20 (1999)

, Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition 31(Suppl.1): S1-S86 (2000)

Eurodiet core report. Nutrition & diet for healthy lifestyles in Europe: science & policy implications
, Public Health Nutrition 4(2A(Special)): 265-273 (2001)

, Tourism Economics 6(4): 371-391 (2007)

Europe and Polish parasitologists
, Acta Parasitologica 46(1): 55-57 (2001)

Europe and the USA: the confrontation of two agricultural models
, Chambres d' Agriculture ( 886): 13-34 (2000)

Europe annual report
, Leisure Management 20(7): 48-51 (2000)

Europe in the face of world agricultural markets
, Economie and Finances Agricoles ( 305): 35-40 (2000)

Europe is still the most important market for seed
, Informatore Agrario Suppl.o 56(21): 7-9 (2000)

Europe will lose the control of future agriculture to USA
, Sveriges Utsadesforenings Tidskrift 110(4): 226-231 (2000)

European Association of Poisons Centres and Clinical Toxicologists, XXI International Congress, 16-19 May 2001, Barcelona, Spain
, Journal of Toxicology, Clinical Toxicology 39(3): 207-327 (2001)

European Commission approves new system for exchange of information between tractor and agricultural machinery manufacturers following changes
, Mondo Macchina 8(10): 68-70 (1999)

European Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology (ESVCP) 2nd Annual Scientific Meeting. Held in conjunction with the IXth Congress of the International Society of Animal Clinical Biochemistry
, Veterinary Clinical Pathology 29(4): 140-145 (2000)

European Society of Nematologists 25th International Symposium on Nematology, Herzliya, Israel, 2-7 April 2000
, Nematology 2(7): 733-803 (2000)

European Summit in Berlin: Agenda 2000, conclusions of the presidency
, Revista Espanola de Estudios Agrosociales y Pesqueros ( 184): 285-293 (1998)

European Union - Central Europe: agricultural and food integration
, Acta Oeconomica et Informatica 3(1): 20-24 (2000)

European Union Regulation 867/90: final figures for its application in Italy
, Sherwood Foreste ed Alberi Oggi 6(7): 31-35 (2000)

European Union agriculture programmes AIR and FAIR, 1992-98. Research, technological development and demonstration (RTD & D) projects in horticulture
, Acta Horticulturae ( 495): 599-616 (1999)

European Union and tourism
, Espaces Paris ( 177): 13-31 (2000)

European Union legislation and enteral nutrition
, Clinical Nutrition 20(Suppl. 1): 47-59 (2001 )

European agricultural machinery for Argentina
, Mondo Macchina 9(2): 36-44 (2000)

European amelanchier (Amelanchier ovalis)
, Sherwood Foreste ed Alberi Oggi 6(2): 33-38 (2000)

European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organisation. Phytosanitary procedure - Synchytrium endobioticum
, Ochrona Roslin 43(12): 12-15 (1999)

European bison arthropod parasites from closed Polish breeding facilities
, Acta Parasitologica il; 46(2): 135-137 (2001)

European collaboration on eliminating Phytophthora fragariae from strawberry multiplication
, Bulletin OEPP 30(3/4): 513-517 (2000)

European cultural attractions: trends and prospects
, Cultural attractions and European tourism: 241-253 (2001)

European day of farm forestry at Hannover
, AFZ/Der Wald, Allgemeine Forst Zeitschrift fur Waldwirtschaft und Umweltvorsorge 55(22): 1168-1175 (2000)

European dietary guidelines. The Eurodiet Project. Carbohydrates guidelines based on food consumption. Losing ground to fats?
, Food based dietary guidance: the role of sugar in developing and developed countries Sugar Outlook Day Proceedings, Hotel Casa Santo Domingo, Antigua, Guatemala, 8th May 2001: 31-44 (2001)

European environmental policy and the experience of GAL
, ReteLeader ( 4): 1-31 (1999)

European farming and world markets
, Agricultural transformation, food and environment: perspectives on European rural policy and planning Volume 1: 9-28 (2001)

European football and the European union: governance, participation and social cohesion - towards a policy research agenda
, Soccer and Society 1(2): 129-150 (2000)

European goldenrod as an anti-inflammatory drug: investigations into the cyto- and molecular pharmacology for a better understanding of the anti-inflammatory activity of preparations from Solidago virgaurea
, Zeitschrift fur Phytotherapie 21(2): 67-70 (2000)

European integration and the political economy of Central and Eastern European agricultural price and trade policy
, Central and Eastern European agriculture in an expanding European Union: 157-183 (2000)

European interest habitats in Sax (Alicante, SE Spain)
, Boletin de la Real Sociedad Espanola de Historia Natural, Seccion Biologica 96(1/2): 193-203 (2000)

European law and football: Who's in charge?
, The future of football: challenges for the twenty first century: 39-51 (2000)

European legislation concerning nature reserves and protected areas
, Revista Padurilor 113(3/4): 106-110 (1998)

European legislation governing the use of veterinary medicinal products with particular reference to varroa control
, Bee World 81(4): 164-171 (2000)

European malaria vaccine initiative
, Parasitology Today 15(2): 47-48 (1999)

European model of agriculture
, Tutkimuksia Maatalouden Taloudellinen Tutkimuslaitos ( 241): 59-75 (2000)

European network for characterisation and evaluation of the genus Rosa germplasm
, Acta Horticulturae ( 508): 341-344 (2000)

European oilseed markets in an international context
, OCL Oleagineux, Corps Gras, Lipides 8(3): 183-190 (2001)

European orchards are ageing, but remain productive. Trends between 1992 and 1997
, Infos Ctifl ( 170): 17-21 (2001)

European parks 2000-2004
, Leisure Management 21(1): 45-48 (AMI) (2001)

European policies for field margins and buffer zones
, Aspects of Applied Biology ( 54): 13-18 (1999)

European policy on helping improve quality standards
, OCL Oleagineux, Corps Gras, Lipides 8(3): 251-252 (2001)

European policy regarding quality in the food sector
, Georgofili 45(10): 21-27 (1998)

European processes of environmentalization in agriculture: a view from Spain
, Agricultural transformation, food and environment: perspectives on European rural policy and planning Volume 1: 131-164 (2001)

European quality labels: development and emerging expectations
, Georgofili 45(10): 29-41 (1998)

European salt marshes diversity and functioning: the case study of the Mont Saint-Michel bay, France
, Wetlands Ecology and Management 82-3: 147-161 (2000)

European sea bass growth and N and P loss under different feeding practices
, Aquaculture 184(1-2): 77-88 (2000)

European silver fir (Abies alba) in Britain: time for a reassessment?
, Quarterly Journal of Forestry 93(4): 294-298 (1999)

European small-scale wood harvesting technology will be mapped out
, Teho ( 1): 9-10 (2000)

European soil sampling guidelines for soil pollution studies
, Science of the Total Environment 264(1/2): 51-62 (2001)

European stone fruit yellows phytoplasmas associated with a decline disease of apricot in southern England
, Plant Pathology 49(5): 635-639 (2000)

European sugar industry: needs, outlook, and relation to global events
, International Sugar Journal 103(1226): 61-62 (2001)

European supermarkets and distributors in the grocery trade: implications for the primary sector and the degree of respite for national horticulture
, Rivista di Politica Agraria, Rassegna della Agricoltura Italiana 17(5): 27-43 (1999)

European supremacy put to the test
, Chambres d' Agriculture ( 897): 39-40 (2001)

European test of 10 mineral fertilizer spreaders with two discs
, Landbouwmechanisatie 51(2): 12-16 (2000)

European trade in Turkish salep with special reference to Germany
, Economic Botany 53(4): 396-406 (1999)

European virulence survey for leaf rust in wheat
, Agronomie (Paris) 20(7): 793-804 (2000)

Europium complexes investigations in natural waters by time-resolved laser-induced fluorescence
, Analytica Chimica Acta 396(2/3): 253-261 (1999)

Eurygaster integriceps and entomophilic nematodes
, Zashchita i Karantin Rastenii ( 3): 46 (2000)

Eurystyles rutkowskiana (Orchidaceae, Spiranthinae), a new species from Brazil
, Polish Botanical Journal 46(1): 63-65 (2001)

Eurytoma sp. - promising agent for biological control of strawberry guava in Hawaii
, Floresta 27(1/2): 115-124 (1997)

Euryxenie et stenoxenie du genre Geckobia megnin (actinedida: pterygosomatidae): recolte de Geckobia enigmatica N. sp. sur une tortue terrestre malgache (Geochelone yniphora)
, Acarologia 40(2): 147-153 (1999)

Eustenopus villosus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) feeding of herbicide-resistant yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis L.)
, Biological Control 20(3): 279-286 (2001)

Eustrongylidiasis in eastern great blue herons (Ardea herodias)
, Avian Diseases 44(2): 443-448 (2000)

Euteleost fish genomes are characterized by expansion of gene families
, Genome Research 11(5): 781-788 (2001)

Eutrophication and contaminants in aquatic ecosystems
, Ambio 29(4-5): 184-194 (2000)

Eutrophication and recovery in the High Arctic: Meretta lake (Cornwallis island, Nunavut, Canada) revisited
, Hydrobiologia 431(pt 2): 193-204 (2000)

Eutrophication as an impact category: state of the art and research needs
, International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 4(6): 311-314 (1999)

Eutrophication dynamics of Tolo Harbour, Hong Kong
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 39(1/12): 187-192 (1999)

Eutrophication impacts of wetland vegetation in floodplain on butterfly (Lepidoptera) biodiversity
, Vie et Milieu 49(2/3): 107-116 (1999)

Eutypa dieback of grapevine: expression of an NADPH-dependant aldehyde reductase which detoxifies eutypine, a toxin from Eutypa lata
, Acta Horticulturae ( 528): 329-336 (2000)

Euzetia occultum n. g., n. sp. (Euzetiinae n. subf.), a monocotylid monogenean from the gills of Rhinoptera neglecta (Rhinopteridae) from Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia
, Systematic Parasitology 48(3): 179-183 (2001)

Evaluate cross-contaminations with the right method
, Kraftfutter ( 10): 394-399 (2000)

Evaluating 4 methods to capture white-tailed deer
, Wildlife Society Bulletin 29(1): 255-264 (2001)

Evaluating Bacillus-Calmette-Guerin vaccination by tuberculin skin test response
, Indian Pediatrics 37(10): 1106-1110 (2000)

Evaluating Castlefield Urban Heritage Park from the consumer perspective: destination attribute importance, visitor perception, and satisfaction
, Tourism Analysis 5(2/4): 183-189 (2000)

Evaluating FIA forest inventory data for monitoring Mexican spotted owl habitat: Gila National Forest example
, Western Journal of Applied Forestry 15(4): 195-199 (2000)

Evaluating Great Smoky Mountains National Park as a population source for the Wood Thrush
, Conservation Biology 14(4): 1133-1144 (2000)

Evaluating Nicaragua's school-based management reform
, Integrating quantitative and qualitative research in development projects: 85-97 (2000)

Evaluating Slovenian market for milk and dairy products
, Sodobno Kmetijstvo 34(7/8): 340-343 (2001)

Evaluating UV-B effects and EDU protection in cucumber leaves using fluorescence images and fluorescence emission spectra
, Journal of plant physiology 158(1): 41-53 (2001)

Evaluating WEPP-predicted infiltration, runoff, and soil erosion for furrow irrigation
, Transactions of the ASAE 42(6): 1733-1741 (1999)

Evaluating Watershed Councils
, Science into policy: water in the ic realm Proceedings, Speciality Conference, Bozeman, Montana, USA, June 30 July 2, 1999: 227-232 (1999)

Evaluating a corporate geographic information system (GIS): a case study in a coastal rural catchment
, Australian Journal of Environmental Management 4(2): 112-129 (1997)

Evaluating a crop nitrogen simulation model, N_ABLE, using a field experiment with lettuce
, Nutrient cycling in agroecosystems 55(3): 221-230 (1999)

Evaluating accuracy of two types of early land survey records in the northeastern United States
, Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 127(1): 94-98 (2000)

Evaluating achievement of sustainable tourism principles: the WWF arctic tourism guidelines initiative
, Tourism, recreation and sustainability: linking culture and the environment: 257-270 (2001)

Evaluating adequacy of the representative stream reach used in invertebrate monitoring programs
, Journal of the North American Benthological Society 18(2): 284-291 (1999)

Evaluating alternative countermeasures against food contamination resulting from nuclear accidents
, Journal of Agricultural Economics 52(2): 92-109 (2001)

Evaluating an automated irrigation control system for site-specific herbigation
, Weed Technology 14(1): 182-187 (2000)

Evaluating and modelling the size classification of apples
, Journal of agricultural engineering research 74(4): 411-419 (1999)

Evaluating apple and pear maturity using the ART-System
, Erwerbsobstbau 42(1): 8-11 (2000)

Evaluating breeding seasons for cows grazing winter range and bahiagrass
, Journal of range management 53(4): 390-394 (2000)

Evaluating brief measures of fruit and vegetable consumption frequency and variety: cognition, interpretation, and other measurement issues
, Journal of the American Dietetic Association 101(3): 311-318 (2001)

Evaluating cattle carcasses
, Vyzkum v Chovu Skotu 43(1): 1-13 (2001)

Evaluating certain types of grain combine harvesters on the basis of scientific investigations
, Traktory i Sel' skokhozyaistvennye Mashiny ( 1): 43-45 (2001)

Evaluating change in rangeland condition using multitemporal AVHRR data and geographic information system analysis
, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 59(2): 211-223 (1999)

Evaluating chemical and physical indices of nitrogen mineralization capacity with an unequivocal reference
, Soil Science Society of America journal 65(2): 368-376 (2001)

Evaluating competitive sorption mechanisms of volatile organic compounds in soils and sediments using polymers and zeolites
, Environmental Science and Technology 35(3): 568-574 (2001)

Evaluating consequences of agricultural policy measures in an integrated economic and environmental model system
, Ecosystems and sustainable development II: 113-122 (1999)

Evaluating consumer knowledge of alternative agricultural commodities: the case of IPM produce
, American Journal of Alternative Agriculture 14(4): 180-187 (1999)

Evaluating contingent and actual contributions to a local public good: tsetse control in the Yale agro-pastoral zone, Burkina Faso
, Ecological Economics 39(1): 115-130 (2001)

Evaluating control strategies for outbreaks in BHV1-free areas using stochastic and spatial simulation
, Preventive Veterinary Medicine 44(1/2): 21-42 (2000)

Evaluating copper lysine and copper sulfate sources for heifers
, Journal of Dairy Science 82(12): 2642-2650 (1999)

Evaluating correlation of selected vegetation indices containing near, middle and thermal infrared wavebands with some forest biophysical variables
, Acta Botanica Hungarica 41(1-4): 259-272 (1998)

Evaluating costs of conservation
, Conservation Biology 13(6): 1262-1272 (1999)

Evaluating decision rules for nitrogen fertilization
, Biometrics 56(2): 420-426 (2000)

Evaluating degradation rates of chlorinated organics in groundwater using analytical models
, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 20(9): 1909-1915 (2001)

Evaluating different bases for market segmentation: a comparison of geographic origin versus activity participation for generating tourist market segments
, Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing 10(1): 29-49 (2001)

Evaluating different soil and plant hydraulic constraints on tree function using a model and sap flow data from ponderosa pine
, Plant cell and environment 24(7): 679-690 (2001)

Evaluating dispersal estimates using mtDNA data: comparing analytical and simulation approaches
, Conservation Biology 14(5): 1287-1297 (2000)

Evaluating disturbances in the work of a self-propelled potato-harvester
, Traktory i Sel' skokhozyaistvennye Mashiny ( 8): 21-24 (1999)

Evaluating drainage design parameters for the fourth drainage project, Pakistan by using SWAP model: part I - calibration
, Irrigation and Drainage Systems 14(4): 257-280 (2000)

Evaluating drainage design parameters for the fourth drainage project, Pakistan by using SWAP model: part II - modeling results
, Irrigation and Drainage Systems 14(4): 281-299 (2000)

Evaluating economic and institutional alternatives for meeting interstate ESA instream flow requirements in the Platte river basin
, American Journal of Agricultural Economics 81(5): 1257-1261 (1999)

Evaluating ecotourism: the case of North Sulawesi, Indonesia
, Tourism Management 20(6): 673-682 (1999)

Evaluating effects of fish stocking on amphibian populations in wilderness lakes
, Proceedings Rocky Mountain Research Station, USDA Forest Service ( RMRS-P-15(Vol. 5)): 328-335 (2000)

Evaluating effects of irrigation system rehabilitation modernisation by establishing the water demand minimum level of profitable operation
, Challenges facing irrigation and drainage in the new millennium Proceedings US Committee on Irrigation and Drainage, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, June 2000: 337-348 (2000)

Evaluating electronic channels of distribution in the hotel sector: a Delphi study
, Information Technology and Tourism 3(3/4): 177-193 (2000)

Evaluating elicitation methods for cumulative distribution functions of wheat and maize prices
, Agrekon 38(4): 633-644 (1999)

Evaluating environmental impact of stabilized soil containing heavy metal
, Soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering Proceedings of the Eleventh Asian Regional Conference, Seoul, Korea, 16-20 August 1999 1: 469-472 (1999)

Evaluating environmental liability through risk premiums charged on loans to agribusiness borrowers
, Agribusiness: an international journalng 17(2): 273-297 (2001)

Evaluating environmental sensitivity at the basin scale through the use of geographic information systems and remotely sensed data: an example covering the Agri basin (Southern Italy)
, Catena 40(1): 19-35 (2000)

Evaluating explicit and implicit routing for watershed hydro-ecological models of forest hydrology at the small catchment scale
, Hydrological Processes 15(8): 1415-1439 (2001)

Evaluating faba beans for resistance to ascochyta blight using detached organs
, Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 40(5): 707-713 (2000 )

Evaluating faba beans for rust resistance using detached leaves
, Euphytica 117(1): 47-57 (2001)

Evaluating farmer defined management zone maps for variable rate fertilizer application
, Precision Agriculture . 2(2): 201-215 (2000)

Evaluating field measured soil hydraulic properties in water transport simulations using the RZWQM
, Journal of Hydrology 236(1-2): 78-90 (2000)

Evaluating field-scale sampling methods for the estimation of mean plant densities of weeds
, Weed Research Oxford 40(5): 411-430 (2000)

Evaluating forestland classification schemes as tools for maintaining biodiversity
, Journal of Forestry 99(2): 33-40 (2001)

Evaluating genetic diversity associated with propagation-assisted restoration of American shad
, Conservation Biology 14(1): 294-303 (2000)

Evaluating hairy vetch residue as nitrogen fertilizer for tomato in soilless medium
, HortScience: a ication of the American Society for Horticultural Science 36(1): 90-93 (2001)

Evaluating heritage visitor attractions from the consumer perspective: a focus on Castlefield Urban Heritage Park in Manchester, UK
, Consumer psychology of tourism, hospitality and leisure Volume 2: 285-301 (2001)

Evaluating hydraulic characteristics of emitters
, Iranian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 30(2): 263-276 (1999)

Evaluating impact of spatial scales on land use pattern analysis in Central America
, Agriculture ecosystems and environment 85(1-3): 205-221 (2001 )

Evaluating indirect ecological effects of biological control
, Bulletin OILB/SROP 22(2): vii + 79 pp. (1999)

Evaluating land surface parameters in the Biosphere-Atmosphere Transfer Scheme using remotely sensed data sets
, Journal of Geophysical Research 105(D6): 7275-7293 (2000)

Evaluating leonardite as a crop growth enhancer for turnip and mustard greens
, HortTechnology 8(4): 564-567 (1998)

Evaluating malnutrition. What should the physician look for?
, Nutrition and immunology: principles and practice: 15-20 (2000)

Evaluating meatiness of pigs at slaughterhouses in Slovenia
, Sodobno Kmetijstvo 34(6): 285-286 (2001)

Evaluating mechanisation costs
, Mondo Macchina 9(10): 6-14 (2000)

Evaluating metal-methionine complexes
, Feed International 21(6): 10-14 (2000)

Evaluating methods for simulating soybean cultivar responses using cross validation
, Agronomy Journal 92(6): 1140-1149 (2000)

Evaluating minirhizotron estimates of fine root longevity and production in the forest floor of a temperate broadleaf forest
, Plant and Soil 229(2): 167-176 (2001)

Evaluating monitoring mechanisms as a solution to opportunism by professional hockey agents
, Journal of Sport Management 15(2): 107-134 (2001)

Evaluating multivoltines
, Indian Textile Journal 109(12): 32-33 (1999)

Evaluating mustard extracts for earthworm sampling
, Pedobiologia ; 45(3): 272-278 (2001)

Evaluating mutant mice: anatomic pathology
, Veterinary Pathology 38(1): 1-19 (2001)

Evaluating natural attenuation for groundwater cleanup
, Environmental Science and Technology 34(15): 346A-353A (2000)

Evaluating new institutional settings - a pilot study of new common property forests in Tanzania
, Scandinavian Journal of Development Alternatives and Area Studies 18(1): 43-54 (1999)

Evaluating of some quality parameters of different apricot cultivars using HPLC method
, Acta Alimentaria 28(4): 297-309 (1999)

Evaluating pea and barley cultivars for complementarity in intercropping at different levels of soil N availability
, Field Crops Research 72(3): 185-196 (2001)

Evaluating perturbations and developing restoration strategies for inland wetlands in the Great Lakes Basin
, Wetlands 19(4): 789-820 (1999)

Evaluating pesticide leaching models: the Brimstone Farm dataset
, Agricultural Water Management 44(1/3): 75-83 (2000)

Evaluating pesticide resistance risk - the UK experience
, The BCPC Conference: Pests and diseases, Volume 2 Proceedings of an international conference held at the Brighton Hilton Metropole Hotel, Brighton, UK, 13-16 November 2000: 777-784 (2000)

Evaluating physical habitat integrity in relation to the biological potential of streams
, Hydrobiologia 422/423: 245-256 (2000)

Evaluating plastic limit in Vertisols with a drop-cone penetrometer
, Communications in soil Science and plant analysis 2(9-10): 1457-1464 (2001)

Evaluating poultry house ventilation systems
, 2000 ASAE Annual International Meeting, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, 9-12 July 2000: 1-7 (2000)

Evaluating presence/absence of target microbes in microbiological tests
, Journal of Aoac International 83(6): 1429-1433 (2000)

Evaluating protection against Loma salmonae generated from primary exposure of rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum), outside of the xenoma-expression temperature boundaries
, Journal of Fish Diseases 22(6): 445-450 (1999)

Evaluating pterygium severity: a survey of corneal specialists
, Cornea 19(3): 292-296 (2000)

Evaluating recipient and embryo factors that affect pregnancy rates of embryo transfer in beef cattle
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