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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3442

Chapter 3442 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Poveda, J.M.; Perez Coello, M.S.; Cabezas, L., 1999:
Evolution of the free fatty acid fraction in Manchego cheese during ripening

Burt, D.W., 1999:
Evolution of the genomes of mammals and birds

Geraldson, C.M., 2000:
Evolution of the gradient concept

Jurasek, P., 2000:
Evolution of the harvested areas of aggregated groups of crops on arable land during the last 30 years across the world

Majo, J.; Gali, N., 2000:
Evolution of the informatization of tourist services in Catalonia

Wang XiaoYing, 2000:
Evolution of the land system and changes of land contract right to substantial right

Ferreira, C.R.R.P.T.; Tsunechiro, A., 1998:
Evolution of the pesticide sales and the use of alternative and complementary methods of crop protection in Brazil

Searpe, D., 1998:
Evolution of the pests of lucerne grown for seed under the conditions of southern Oltenia

Kramer, E.M.; Irish, V.F., 2000:
Evolution of the petal and stamen developmental programs: evidence from comparative studies of the lower eudicots and basal angiosperms

Fleuriet, A., 2001:
Evolution of the proportions of two sigma viral types in experimental populations of Drosophila melanogaster

Hassanin, A.; Golub, R.; Lewis, S.M.; Wu, G.E., 2000:
Evolution of the recombination signal sequences in the Ig heavy-chain variable region locus of mammals

Loireau, M.; D.H.rbes, J.M.; Delabre, E., 2000:
Evolution of the role of the fallow in the utilization of space and the resources of a small region in the agropastoral Sahel zone of Niger. Case of spatial analysis of interactions between ecological systems and social systems

Runions, C.J.; Geber, M.A., 2000:
Evolution of the self-pollinating flower in Clarkia xantiana (Onagraceae). I. Size and development of floral organs

Delabays, N.; Mermillod, G.; Lambelet, C., 2001:
Evolution of the soil seedbank in two set-aside areas: one with natural revegetation and one sown with a wildflower seed mixture

Lopez Guerrero, Y.; Halffter, G., 2000:
Evolution of the spermatheca in the Scarabaeoidea (Coleoptera)

Viggiani, P.; Abrigo, M.; Fiandrino, S.; Musacci, S.; Parmeggiani, U.; Tonelli, A., 2000:
Evolution of the weeds infesting tree crops in some areas of Italy and effects of hoeing. Note 1 - northern Italy

Krebs, R.A.; Bettencourt, B.R., 1999:
Evolution of thermotolerance and variation in the heat shock protein, Hsp70

Stafford, J.; Sarrasin, B., 2000:
Evolution of tourism by foreigners in Vietnam: a forward-looking approach and prospects

Greenfield, MD.; Weber, T., 2000:
Evolution of ultrasonic signalling in wax moths: discrimination of ultrasonic mating calls from bat echolocation signals and the exploitation of an anti-predator receiver bias by sexual advertisement

Gibbs, A.G.; Matzkin, L.M., 2001:
Evolution of water balance in the genus Drosophila

Stefanescu, M., 1999:
Evolution of wheat yield during three decades of stationary application of fertilizers

Borreani, G.; Ciotti, A.; Peiretti, P.G.; Re, G.A.; Roggero, P.P.; Sargenti, P.; Sulas, L.; Valente, M.E., 1999:
Evolution of yield and quality of sweetvetch in relationship to the morphological stage of development in two hill environments

Sadigursky, M., 1999:
Evolution on the immunopathology of Chagas disease

Delaroziere, J.C.; Blancard, A.; Molines, C.; San Marco, J.L.; Dumon, H., 2000:
Evolution over 20 months of Candida albicans antifungal susceptibility

Schneider, W.L.; Roossinck, M.J., 2000:
Evolutionarily related Sindbis-like plant viruses maintain different levels of population diversity in a common host

Ronce; Perret; Olivieri, 2001:
Evolutionarily Stable Dispersal Rates Do Not Always Increase with Local Extinction Rates

Pammenter, N.W.; Berjak, P., 2000:
Evolutionary and ecological aspects of recalcitrant seed biology

Simopoulos, A.P., 2001 :
Evolutionary aspects of diet and essential fatty acids

Worobey, M.; Holmes, E.C., 1999:
Evolutionary aspects of recombination in RNA viruses

Semikhov, V.F.; Aref'eva, L.P.; Novozhilova, O.A.; Prusakov, A.N.; Timoshchenko, A.S., 2000:
Evolutionary changes in amino acid composition of dicotyledonous seeds

Bowman; Brüggemann; Lee; Mummenhoff, 1999:
Evolutionary Changes in Floral Structure within Lepidium L. (Brassicaceae)

Geodakyan, V.A., 2000:
Evolutionary chromosomes and evolutionary sex dimorphism

Jaeger, N.; Till Bottraud, I.; Despres, L., 2000:
Evolutionary conflict between Trollius europaeus and its seed-parasite pollinators Chiastocheta flies

Francis, F., 1999:
Evolutionary consequences of aphid-predator relations in the presence of allelochemicals from Brassicaceae

Hakimi, M.A.; Privat, I.; Valay, J.G.; Lerbs-Mache, S., 2000:
Evolutionary conservation of C-terminal domains of primary sigma(70)-type transcription factors between plants and bacteria

Huang, Q.; Deveraux, Q.L.; Maeda, S.; Salvesen, G.S.; Stennicke, H.R.; Hammock, B.D.; Reed, J.C., 2000:
Evolutionary conservation of apoptosis mechanisms: lepidopteran and baculoviral inhibitor of apoptosis proteins are inhibitors of mammalian caspase-9

Baskin, J.M.; Baskin, C.C., 2000:
Evolutionary considerations of claims for physical dormancy-break by microbial action and abrasion by soil particles

Blakely, G.; Hekman, J.; Chakraburtty, K.; Williamson, P.R., 2001:
Evolutionary divergence of an elongation factor 3 from Cryptococcus neoformans

Uyenoyama, M.K.; Newbigin, E., 2000:
Evolutionary dynamics of dual-specificity self-incompatibility alleles

Uyenoyama, M.K., 2000:
Evolutionary dynamics of self-incompatibility alleles in Brassica

Kellogg, E.A., 2001:
Evolutionary history of the grasses

Hilu, K.W.; Alice, L.A., 1999:
Evolutionary implications of matK indels in Poaceae

Tucker, 1999:
Evolutionary Lability of Symmetry in Early Floral Development

Tucker, S.C., 2000:
Evolutionary loss of sepals and/or petals in detarioid legume taxa Aphanocalyx, Brachystegia, and Monopetalanthus (Leguminosae: Caesalpinioideae)

Giske, J., 1999:
Evolutionary models for fisheries management

Southworth, D.; Cresti, M., 1998:
Evolutionary relationships among sperm cells of land plants

Sgro, C.M.; Partridge, L., 2000:
Evolutionary responses of the life history of wild-caught Drosophila melanogaster to two standard methods of laboratory culture

Perez Barberia, F Javier; Gordon, I.J.; Nores, C., 2001:
Evolutionary transitions among feeding styles and habitats in ungulates

Smith, P.T.; Srinivas Kambhampati, 2000:
Evolutionary transitions in Aphidiinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

Niklas, K.J.; Speck, T., 2001:
Evolutionary trends in safety factors against wind-induced stem failure

Hosoda, T.; Suzuki, H.; Harada, M.; Tsuchiya, K.; Han, S.H.on; Zhang,; Kryukov, A.P.; Lin,, 2000:
Evolutionary trends of the mitochondrial lineage differentiation in species of genera Martes and Mustela

Fabbro D.S.asnábar, D.; Arias, E.; Streiger, M.; Piacenza, M.; Ingaramo, M.; Del Barco, M.; Amicone, N., 2000:
Evolutive behavior towards cardiomyopathy of treated (nifurtimox or benznidazole) and untreated chronic chagasic patients

Lanza de Sa e Melo Marques, T.C.L.; Vasconcellos, C.A.; Pereira Filho, I.; Franca, G.E. de; Cruz, J.C., 2000:
Evolved carbon dioxide and nitrogen mineralization in a dark-red latosol with different managements

Gisselquist, D., 2000:
Evolving commercial farm services for the new farm structure

Prasad, N.M., 1998:
Evolving management practices for sustainable development of both timber & non-timber forest products in Bihar, India

Handy, C.R.; Kaufman, P.R.; Park, K.; Green, G.M., 2000:
Evolving marketing channels reveal dynamic U.S. produce industry

Madhav Karki, 1998 :
Evolving mechanism for MAPs-based forest management

Shankar Mukhopadhyay, 1998:
Evolving mechanism for NTEP-oriented forest management with special reference to medicinal plants

Misra, A.P., 1998:
Evolving mechanism for NTFP-oriented forest management

Shane, M.D., 2000:
Evolving patterns of feed grain trade

Blanc, M.; Boussard, J.M., 2000:
Evolving profession

Connor, J.M., 1999:
Evolving research on price competition in the grocery retailing industry: an appraisal

Chowdhury, N.; Haggblade, S., 2000:
Evolving rice and wheat markets

Barry, G.; Horsch, R., 2000:
Evolving role of the public and private sector in agricultural biotechnology for developing countries

Raja, K.; Palanisamy, V., 1999:
Evolving suitable storage method and treatment for maintaining viability of tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa L.) bulbs

Smedema, J.P.; Katjitae, I.; Reuter, H.; Doubell, A.F., 2000:
Ewart's sign in tuberculous pericarditis

Kremer, R.; Barbato, G.; Roses, L.; Rista, L.; Perdigon, F.; Herrera, V.; Sosa, L.; Fernandez, G., 1997:
Ewe milk production system. Milk yield potential of the Corriedale breed, and effect of weaning and shearing systems

Kukovics, S.; Nagy, Z., 2000:
Ewe milk, not a byproduct

Lemoine, R., 2000:
Ewe milk: improvement of the coherence of rates

Watson, R.H.; Keogh, R.G.; McDonald, M.F., 1999:
Ewe reproductive performance and growth rate of suckling-lambs on endophyte-infected perennial ryegrass pasture

Tolman, B.; Notter, D.R., 1999:
Ewe reproductive performance and lamb preweaning growth and survival in Finnsheep crossbred ewes lambing in spring or fall

Ono, T., 2001:
Ex ovo culture of quail embryos and its application for embryo manipulation

McIlwrick, K.; Wetzel, S.; Beardmore, T.; Forbes, K., 2000:
Ex situ conservation of American chestnut (Castanea dentata (Marsh.) Borkh.) and butternut (Juglans cinerea L.), a review

Clement, S.L., 1999:
Ex situ genebank practices: protecting germplasm nurseries from insect pests

Ubalee, R.; Songthammawat, D.; N.B.ngchang, K.; Tan ariya, P.; Karbwang, J., 1999:
Ex vivo blood schizonticidal activities of artemisinin derivatives against Plasmodium falciparum

Gysin, J.; Pouvelle, B.; Fievet, N.; Scherf, A.; Lépolard, C., 1999:
Ex vivo desequestration of Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes from human placenta by chondroitin sulfate A

Pruneta, V.; Autran, D.; Ponsin, G.; Marcais, C.; Duvillard, L.; Verges, B.; Berthezene, F.; Moulin, P., 2001 :
Ex vivo measurement of lipoprotein lipase-dependent very low density lipoprotein (VLDL)-triglyceride hydrolysis in human VLDL: an alternative to the postheparin assay of lipoprotein lipase activity?

Kumari, R.V.; Rao, K.P.C., 1999:
Ex-ante economic evaluation of randomly planted trees in watershed development project areas

Mizoi, S.; Yoshino, T.; Momotani, E.; Kubosaki, A.; Nakamura, Y.; Onodera, T., 1999:
Exacerbated spongiform lesions in the cerebral cortex in Japanese sheep, in an outbreak of scrapie during 1984-1987

Hurt, M.; Apte, S.; Leher, H.; Howard, K.; Niederkorn, J.; Alizadeh, H., 2001:
Exacerbation of Acanthamoeba keratitis in animals treated with anti-macrophage inflammatory protein 2 or antineutrophil antibodies

Piepho, H.P., 2000:
Exact confidence limits for covariate-dependent risk in cultivar trials

Graves, A.; Pugajendy, J.; Murugaian, S., 2000:
Exacting extractions. Patterns of groundwater extraction by different user groups near Pondicherry in Coastal Tamil Nadu

Rasmussen, S., 2000:
Exalted mothers: gender, aging & postchildbearing experience in a Tuareg community

Hsu, B.M.; Huang, C.; Hsu, Y.F.; Hsu, C.L.L., 2000:
Examination of Giardia and Cryptosporidium in water samples and fecal specimens in Taiwan

Yildirim, H.; Ozel, M.E.; Alparslan, E.; Aydoner, C.; Elitas, S.; Divan, N.J.; Dagci, M.; Donertas, A.S.; Kafarov, R.; Gurbuz, Y.G.; Ozturk, Y.B.; Erkan, B., 1999:
Examination of agricultural land by remote sensing and geographical information system technologies and examples

Deutz, A.; Freitag, B.; Romanek, G.; Damoser, J.; Nowotny, N., 1999 :
Examination of bats for rabies in Styria

Brambilla, P.G.; Gelati, G., 2000:
Examination of bovine rumen fluid. Measurements to make in the field immediately after sampling

Hardi, J.; Slacanac, V., 2000:
Examination of coagulation kinetics and rheological properties of fermented milk products: influence of starter culture, milk fat content and addition of inulin

Bai FengYan; Liang HuiYan; Jia JianHua, 2000:
Examination of coenzyme Q systems of the Candida strains from China by using a simplified procedure

Deutz, A.; Klauber, A.; Kofer, J., 2000:
Examination of deer feed samples for the mycotoxins deoxynivalenol and zearalenone

Stolla, R.; Chen YenHui; Bollwein, H., 2001:
Examination of embryonic death in mares using colour Doppler and B-mode sonography

Grabka, J.; Ryngajo, L., 2000:
Examination of factors reducing the speed of saccharose crystallization in factory conditions

Fraser, M.A.; Caulton, E.; McNeil, P.E., 2001:
Examination of faecal samples as a method of identifying pollen exposure in dogs

Hovari, J.; Lugasi, A.; Dworschak, E., 1999:
Examination of flavonoid content in Hungarian vegetables

Pikus, S.; Gustaw, W.; Kobylas, E., 2000:
Examination of heat-induced milk proteins gel structures by the small angle X-rays scattering (SAXS) method

Anderson, C.T.; Yoder, R.E.; Raman, D.R.; Mullen, M.D., 2000:
Examination of hydrological, chemical, and biological gradients along the hyporheic zone of an upland agricultural stream in east Tennessee

Donahue, D.W. {a}; 1 ; Bayer, R.C.; Loughlin, M.; 1 Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering, U. of Maine, O., M. 04469, U.S.A., 1998:
Examination of lead levels in the American lobster, Homarus americanus, from three sites in Maine

Almeida, I.C.; Santos, E. de S.; Carvalho, E.P. de, 2000:
Examination of lipolytic and/or proteolytic activity in psychrotrophic strains of Pseudomonas and Bacillus spp

Chourkova, B.; Mihovsky, T., 2000:
Examination of local Lotus corniculatus populations with respect to their breeding potential

Gurbuz, U.; Nizamlioglu, M.; Nizamloglu, F.; Dinc, I.; Dogruer, Y., 1999:
Examination of meat, cheeses and spices for aflatoxins B1 and M1

Voros, O.; Csapo, J.; Baranyi, M.; Csapo Kiss, Z.; Stefler, J., 1999:
Examination of milk proteins from mare's milk by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and isoelectric focusing

Kadlicsko, S.; Kovacs, J.; Fischl, G.; Pinter, C., 1999:
Examination of pepper and bean cultivars resistance to Macrophomina phaseolina pathogen fungus

Yldrm, S.; Yel, M., 2000:
Examination of pharmaceutical syrup samples for numbers of aerobic bacteria, Salmonella sp. and Escherichia coli

Horwitz, W.; Jackson, T.; Chirtel, S.J., 2001:
Examination of proficiency and control recovery data from analyses for pesticide residues in food: sources of variability

Chandler, R.; Diawara, M.M.; Caprioglio, H.; Chavez, K.J.; Williams, D.E., 1999:
Examination of psoralens-induced photodermatitis in Wistar rats under scanning electron microscopy

Boryczko, Z.; Bostedt, H.; Krolak, M., 2000:
Examination of rams for Brucella ovis in breeding flocks in Poland

Grabka, J.; Brzezinski, S.; Paka, A., 2000:
Examination of rheological characteristics of molasses

Schrader, T.J.; Cooke, G.M., 2000:
Examination of selected food additives and organochlorine food contaminants for androgenic activity in vitro

Gere, T.; Pettner, K.; Toth, S.; Amin, A., 2001:
Examination of somatic cell count (SCC) in raw milk

Ekbom, Barbara, 2001:
Examination of some sampling methods in entomology

Bochenek, M.; Smorag, Z.; Rozycki, M.; Dziadek, K., 2000:
Examination of sperm chromatin structure and fertility of boar semen

X.Z.Cai; Leininger, T.D.; Williams, J.G.; Tainter, F.H., 2000:
Examination of the Arborsonic Decay Detector for detecting bacterial wetwood in red oaks

Kraft, W.; Bodner, C.; Haube, U., 2000:
Examination of the age dependency of thyrotropic hormone (c-TSH), total thyroxine (T4), free thyroxine (FT4), triiodothyronine (T3), and free triiodothyronine (FT3) in the serum of the dog

Worstorff, H. von; Schatzl, D., 2000:
Examination of the buckling characteristics of silicon teatcup liners in milking machines

Gottwald, T.R.; Gibson, G.J.; Garnsey, S.M.; Irey, M., 2008:
Examination of the effect of aphid vector population composition on the spatial dynamics of citrus tristeza virus spread by stochastic modeling

Oppel, K.; Pallos, L.; Temesvary, K.; Lakner, H., 2000:
Examination of the effect of repeated blood sampling to determine levels of glycated proteins and blood glucose on carbohydrate metabolism in rabbits

Febel, H.; Huszar, S., 2000:
Examination of the effect of vitamin D3 on Ca and P metabolism in the rabbit with isotope method

Nagy, I.; Balint, P.; Komlosi, I.; Safar, L., 1999:
Examination of the genetic relation between Hungarian Merino stocks

Kutasi, J.; Farkas, R.; Borzsonyi, L.; Bata, A., 2000:
Examination of the inhibitory effects of a Bacillus species on the house fly

Ubukata, M.; Itahana, N.; Kohono, K., 1999:
Examination of the mating system of mizunara (Quercus mongolica var. grosseserrata) in a natural stand based on spatial genetic structure and inbreeding depression

Kawano, K.; Mori, S.; Hirashima, T.; Man, Z.W.; Natori, T., 1999:
Examination of the pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy in OLETF rats

Isler, B.J.; Irvin, K.M.; Neal, S.M.; Moeller, S.J.; Davis, M.E.; Meeker, D.L., 1999:
Examination of the relationship between the estrogen receptor gene and reproductive tract components in swine

Campbell, B.K.; Dobson, H.; Baird, D.T.; Scaramuzzi, R.J., 1999:
Examination of the relative role of FSH and LH in the mechanism of ovulatory follicle selection in sheep

Wattle, O., 2000:
Examination of the walls of horses' hooves by scanning electron microscopy, a study of the technique

Rovira, P.; Vallejo, V.R., 2000:
Examination of thermal and acid hydrolysis procedures in characterization of soil organic matter

Farkas, R.; Foldvari, G., 2001:
Examination of tick infestation in dogs and cats in Hungary

Domokos, J.; Palinkas, J.; Hethelyi, E.; Korany, K.; Peredi, J., 2000:
Examination on volatile and fatty oils of the seed of broad-leaved spignel (Peucedanum cervaria L.)

Funk Eisele, A.; Eisgruber, H.; Wawerla, M.; Stolle, A., 2001:
Examinations concerning the evaluation of meat quality of sheep carcasses - in order to establish guidelines

Zaremba, W.; Huhn, U., 2000:
Examinations on partial control of parturition in sows with first and second litters

Zhao FuGuang (et al ), 1999:
Examine of blood biochemical indicator of actinomycosis in Sika deer

Schneider, H., 2000:
Examining different functions of throughput-loss relationships of tangential combine harvesters

Beever, E.A.; Brussard, P.F., 2000:
Examining ecological consequences of feral horse grazing using exclosures

Erjavec, E.; Rednak, M.; Turk, J.; Volk, T., 1999:
Examining feasible income effects of Slovenian agriculture in the light of future accession to EU

Pierskalla, C.D.; Anderson, D.H.; Lime, D.W., 2000:
Examining leisure event opportunities of Isle Royale National Park: bridging the gap between social process and spatial form

Gyuricza, C.; Farkas, C.; Fogarassy, C.; Birkas, M.; Jolankai, M., 1999:
Examining penetration resistance on brown forest soil in Godollo

D.M.raes, C.M.; Lewis, W.J.; Tumlinson, J.H., 2000:
Examining plant-parasitoid interactions in tritrophic systems

Othman, J.; Mohammad Haji Alias, 2000:
Examining price responsiveness in U.S. and EU import demand for Malaysian palm oil

Smart, D.L.; Wolfe, R.A., 2000:
Examining sustainable competitive advantage in intercollegiate athletics: a Resource-Based View

Lautenschlager, R.A.; MacLeod, H.; Hollstedt, C.; Balsillie, D., 2000:
Examining the Specifics approach to identifying indicators of sustainable natural resource management in Ontario, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia

Suda, Y.; Marske, C.E.; Flaherty, J.H.; Zdrodowski, K.; Morley, J.E., 2001:
Examining the effect of intervention to nutritional problems of the elderly living in an inner city area: a pilot project

Fasenko, G.M.; Christensen, V.L.; Wineland, M.J.; Petitte, J.N., 2001:
Examining the effects of prestorage incubation of turkey breeder eggs on embryonic development and hatchability of eggs stored for four or fourteen days

Pinar, M.; Rogers, J.D., 1999:
Examining the impact of town- and resort-related factors on tourist satisfaction: a study in Bodrum, Turkey

Kon, I.Y.; Kopytko, M.V.; Aleshko Ozhevsky, Y.P.; Shevlyakova, L.V.; Makhova, N.N.; Shagova, M.V.; Baturin, A.K., 2001:
Examining the provision of Moscow preschool-age children with zinc, copper, and selenium

Dawson, K.A.; Brawley, L.R.; Maddux, J.E., 2000:
Examining the relationships among concepts of control and exercise attendance

Davenport, M.A.; Freimund, W.A.; Borrie, W.T.; Manning, R.E.; Valliere, W.A.; Wang, B., 2000:
Examining winter visitor use in Yellowstone National Park

Azzarini, M., 2000:
Example of an integrated production programme of sheep meat based on SUL's heavy weight type lambs in Uruguay

Stewart, B.A.; Robinson, C.A.; Parker, D.B., 2000:
Examples and case studies of beneficial reuse of beef cattle by-products

Basta, N.T., 2000:
Examples and case studies of beneficial reuse of municipal by-products

Stocker, G., 2000:
Examples for the diagnosis and classification of fallen dead wood in developmental stages of close-to-nature spruce forests

Fahlstrom, K., 2000:
Examples of agroforestry systems in arid and semi-arid lands in Kenya

Almekinders, C.; Louette, D., 2000:
Examples of innovations in local seed systems in Mesoamerica

Arneth, W., 2001:
Examples of rapid physicochemical methods for the analysis of fat and water

Galdi, M.; Delmastro, R., 1999:
Examples of safety devices for round balers

Anonymous, 2001:
Examples of systems used at composting facilities

egowski, D., 2000:
Examples of using spiders (Aranei) as bioindicators of changes occurring at forest sites

Odihi, J.O., 1998:
Excavation water harvesting in Sudano-Sahelian Nigeria: problems and prospects

Spinelli, R., 2000:
Excavators in forestry: the US case

Anonymous, 1999:
Excellence in animal transportation - looking to the future: AATA - Animal Transportation Association 25th International Conference, Burnham Beeches, UK, 18-21 April 1999

Uchida, K.; Kaneko, T.; Miyazaki, H.; Hasegawa, S.; Hirano, T., 2000:
Excellent salinity tolerance of Mozambique tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus): elevated chloride cell activity in the branchial and opercular epithelia of the fish adapted to concentrated seawater

Bosch, J.; Kemp, W.P., 1999:
Exceptional cherry production in an orchard pollinated with blue orchard bees

Cattarossi, G.; Barbiani, G.; Signor, M.; Danielis, R.; Snidaro, M., 1999:
Exceptional production for maize in 1999

Scherer, C.S.; Baker, D.H., 2000:
Excess dietary methionine markedly increases the vitamin B-6 requirement of young chicks

Orvis, K.S.; Goldman, I.L.; Barak, P., 2001:
Excess sulfate supply and onion-induced human antiplatelet activity

Sunanda Panda; Anand Kar, 2000:
Excess use of Momordica charantia extract may not be safe with respect to thyroid function and lipid peroxidation

Schoenmakers, I.; Hazewinkel, H.A.; van den Brom, W.E., 1999:
Excessive Ca and P intake during early maturation in dogs alters Ca and P balance without long-term effects after dietary normalization

Russell, J.B., 1999:
Excessive grain feeding; acid-resistant bacteria and their impact on cattle

Meadow, R.; Vandenberg, J.D.; Shelton, A.M., 2000:
Exchange of inoculum of Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuill. (Hyphomycetes) between adult flies of the cabbage maggot Delia radicum L. (Diptera: Anthomyiidae)

Moss, J.E.; McErlean, S.A.; Wu, Z.; Doherty, A.; IJpelaar, J., 2001:
Exchange rates, export dependence and agricultural incomes

Johnson, H., 2000:
Exchange relations and food security: maize and markets in Honduras

Lehmann, J.; Kaiser, K.; Peter, I., 2001:
Exchange resin cores for the estimation of nutrient fluxes in highly permeable tropical soil

Cook, D.T., 2001:
Exchange value as pedagogy in children's leisure: moral panics in children's culture at century's end

Ramos, G.; Vivas, J.; Azocar, A.; Lacruz, C.; Marquez, N., 1998 :
Exchange, conservation and characteristic of Creole cocoa from Guasare, Zulia State

Deutschmann, G.; Ludwig, B., 2000:
Exchangeable cations in rock fractions and fine earth in soil profiles of different genesis

Robertson, G.P.; Sollins, P.; Ellis, B.G.; Lajtha, K., 1999:
Exchangeable ions, pH, and cation exchange capacity

Feillet-Coudray, C.; Coudray, C.; Brûlé, F.; Gueux, E.; Mazur, A.; Abrams, S.A.; Rayssiguier, Y., 2000:
Exchangeable magnesium pool masses reflect the magnesium status of rats

Takumi, S.; Ikawa, Y.; Solis, R.; Mori, N.; Nakamura, C., 2000:
Excision of maize Ac/Ds transposable elements and its frequency in transgenic wheat revealed by expression of marker genes

Marra, D.; Smith, J.G.; Scott, J.R., 1999:
Excision of the conjugative transposon Tn916 in Lactococcus lactis

Zitnan, D.; Adams, M.E., 2000:
Excitatory and inhibitory roles of central ganglia in initiation of the insect ecdysis behavioural sequence

Diotaiuti, L.; Penido, C.M.; Araújo, H.S.; Schofield, C.J.; Pinto, C.T., 2000:
Excito-repellency effect of deltamethrin on triatomines under laboratory conditions

Collins, K.P.; Shiozawa, D.K., 2001:
Exclusion experiments with backwater invertebrate communities of the Green River, Utah

Parthasarathy, K.R.; Sudnararaj, A., 1999:
Exclusion of cellular iron as a functional marker in aflatoxin hepatocarcinogenesis in rats

Orcutt, R.P.; Phelan, R.S.; Geistfeld, J.G., 2001:
Exclusion of mouse hepatitis virus from a filtered, plastic rodent shipping container during an in transit field challenge

Ryll, M.; Hinz, K.H., 2000:
Exclusion of strain 670/89 as type strain for serovar 20 of Riemerella anatipestifer

Shirima, R.; Greiner, T.; Kylberg, E.; Gebre-Medhin, M., 2001:
Exclusive breast-feeding is rarely practised in rural and urban Morogoro, Tanzania

Konishi, T.; Konoshima, T.; Fujiwara, Y.; Kiyosawa, S., 2000:
Excoecarins D, E, and K, from excoecaria agallocha

Phillips, A.J.L., 2000:
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Execute standardization of agriculture and develop tropical agriculture of Hainan

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Exogenous GH infusion to late-gestational fetal sheep does not alter fetal growth and metabolism

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Exogenous glycinebetaine reduces sodium accumulation in salt-stressed rice plants

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Exogenous retinoic acid during gastrulation induces cartilaginous and other craniofacial defects in Fundulus heteroclitus

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Exotoxin against the rust mite on solanaceous crops

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Expanded feed and broiler production

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Expanded germplasm collections set stage for increased zoysiagrass breeding for turf use

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Expanding a food residuals collection and composting program

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Expanding a profitable business

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Expanding composting programs at Indiana prisons

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Expanding nutrition opportunities from hospital into the community: the role of cooperative extension

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Expanding radiation quarantine treatments beyond fruit flies

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Expanding sustainable tourism's conceptualization: ecotourism, volunteerism and serious leisure

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Expanding universe: from the ethnic food store to blockbuster's

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Expansion and modernization of Renville sugar factory

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Expansion of European mountain forests

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Expansion of an existing IFP-programme in Austria with the goal to include soft fruits

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Expansion of crop diversification in paddy fields through new irrigation technology and the change of Bethma custom in Sri Lanka

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Expansion of forest stands into tundra in the Noatak National Preserve, northwest Alaska

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Expansion of the European Union - current happenings

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Expansion to the East of the EU: consequences for the labour and capital market

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Expansion to the East: the status quo and the entry process

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Expansion transformation of 15000 m3/a MDF production line

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Expectancy effects and strength training: do steroids make a difference?

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Expectation from R & D institutions regarding India's share in the world market of herbal products

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Expectation of a food analyst for the development of enzyme science

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Expectations and uncertainties for the future of barley

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Expectations of forest tree breeding towards forest seed testing

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Expectations regarding fire performance and building design

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Expected genetic advance of some characteristics in bread wheat

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Expected insect pests in apple trees for the season 2000

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Expected role and role performed by the farm women in agriculture and dairying activities

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Expedited registration review in the USA: the EPA's reduced risk program

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Expenditure and price elasticities of meat demand in different social groups of households in Slovakia

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Expenditure and regional aspects of public policy

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Expenditure on social sectors and incidence of poverty in India - an inter state analysis

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Expense strategy in mixed dairy systems of the 10th region of Chile

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Expenses of mineral fertilizers on the barley formation on dernopodzolic soils

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Expensive soya - what next? What are the alternatives for the feeding of dairy cattle?

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Experience and adventure

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Experience and an initial assessment of a Marcel Media Eko spectrophotometer and its use in sugarbeet laboratories

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Experience and prospects for field experiments in Lithuania

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Experience from the investigation on dietary fats and oils received from the trade - part 3

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Experience gained in the research-to-development continuum: livestock research for sustainable livelihoods in the East African mountains

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Experience in improving the technological processing of milk

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Experience in producing Russian berry-harvesting machinery

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Experience in site-specific crop protection in practice

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Experience in the control and prevention of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in Uzbekistan

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Experience in the control of larvae

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Experience in the field of studying and controlling Erwinia amylovora

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Experience in use of remote sensing for crop statistics in Assam

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Experience in use of remote sensing for crop statistics in Tamil Nadu

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Experience of EU accession for the agricultural sector: Austria, Finland and Sweden

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Experience of EU accession for the agricultural sector: Spain and Portugal

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Experience of biological pest control in integrated apple cultivation

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Experience of breeding value estimation carried out by the BLUP method

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Experience of controlling wild oats

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Experience of foliar and non-foliar application of Impact

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Experience of nurse breastfeeding training in the General Hospital of Mexico

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Experience of offshore fish farming in Cyprus

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Experience of part-time working in farmer's households in developed countries and its significance

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Experience of reversing exchangers for air separation unit at GNFC

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Experience on the investigation of nutrition fats and oils received from trade - part 2

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Experience with PRA training and hands-on implementation: results of an ex-post-study of PRA training courses

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Experience with investigations of antibodies after immunization with vaccine FSME-Immun

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Experience with iron nutrition in NFT culture of butterhead lettuce using polyphosphates and lignosulfonates

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Experience with obstetrical laparotomy in breeding mares under minimized range of indications

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Experience with ongrowing juvenile blackspot sea bream (Pagellus bogaraveo) born in captivity, in tanks at different temperatures

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Experience with the establishment of wholesale food markets in the Moscow region

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Experience-dependent modification of ultrasound auditory processing in a cricket escape response

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Experiences and perspectives on the application of small patch cutting treatment in silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) stands in the Casentino Frests National Park (Italy)

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Experiences and their use in the forest district Ilfeld in Thuringen: regeneration of spruce in close-to-nature silviculture

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Experiences from a minor field study in Vietnam

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Experiences from controlling the Norway rat, Rattus norvegicus (Berk.) 1999 in Magdeburg

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Experiences from machine milking of buffaloes

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Experiences from spruce cutting in the Jizerske Mts. and evaluation of rooted cuttings

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Experiences in a community forest on the 'Frankischen Platte': conversion of 'Mittelwald' with Douglas fir

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Experiences in controlling fire blight (Erwinia amylovora) in Croatia

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Experiences in dairy recording with smallholder producers in the Ethiopian highlands

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Experiences in handling measuring fans for ascertaining air volume flow

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Experiences in operating an integrated feedhouse

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Experiences in participatory planning of designated areas: the Bavona Valley in Switzerland

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Experiences in the compilation of a Chinese-English forest terminology

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Experiences in the culture of new species in the Estacion de Acuicultura of the Balearic Government (1980-1998)

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Experiences in the diagnosis and treatment of atopy in dogs

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Experiences in using IPI forecasting model for tomato and potato late blight prediction in Emilia-Romagna

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Experiences of a survey regarding: the poultry product channel

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Experiences of agrarian reform in South Africa: the limits of intervention

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Experiences of breastfeeding and vulnerability among a group of HIV-positive women in Durban, South Africa

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Experiences of rural development in the region of Gyongyos and Fuzesabony

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Experiences of ryegrass endophyte on farms on the East Coast of the North Island

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Experiences of using a participatory approach in Cambodia: exposing the needs of sex and good women

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Experiences of using hydrocyclones for purification of cane sugar juice

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Experiences on agricultural drainage development in the humid tropics region

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Experiences on the conservation of forest genetic resources in Austria

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Experiences on the control of Tomicus destruens (Wollaston) (Coleoptera, Scolytidae)

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Experiences with two roll crushing mills computer modelling and evaluation

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Experiences with Merlin 75 WG (isoxaflutole) in south Hungary

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Experiences with a combined chemoprophylaxis- and disinfection programme against Ascaris suum in a newly built sow breeding unit

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Experiences with access tubes to determine water content at different sites

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Experiences with acupuncture treatment of hind limb paralysis in dogs

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Experiences with castration of the standing horse

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Experiences with conservation tillage vegetables in Tennessee

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Experiences with crop residue cover and direct seeding in the Bolivian highlands

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Experiences with logged forest enrichment through rattan planting in Sabah (Malaysia)

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Experiences with mechanically loaded cane in clarification at Kakira Sugar Works (1985) Ltd., Uganda

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Experiences with neemazalTM-T/S in 1994-1998

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Experiences with new cultures

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Experiences with new strawberry cultivars in Weihenstephan, Germany

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Experiences with nut afforestation in hill areas in lower Bayern

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Experiences with performance recording of dairy cattle in Brazil

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Experiences with site-specific weed control on a farm

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Experiences with solid CO2 concentration of bergamot cold-pressed essential oil (Citrus bergamia Risso)

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Experiences with steam drying in the Netherlands

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Experiences with support to the community potato conservation system in Cusco, Peru

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Experiences with the eradication of Aujeszky's disease from small pig herds in Devavanya, Bekes County, Hungary, 1998-2000

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Experiences with the import of products of animal origin during the World Exhibition Expo 2000

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Experiences with the legal regulations in practice

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Experiences with the modified Baker-Amacher soil extraction procedure in Hungary

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Experiences with the scab simulation programme SCHORFEXPERT

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Experiences with the use of herd-specific vaccines against respiratory infections with Mycoplasma bovis in a large cattle herd

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Experiences with tonsil biopsy as an antemortem diagnostic test for detecting porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus infection in breeding swine

Shaheen, O.S., 1999:
Experiences with trenchless drainage installation in Egypt

Shang ShuQi; Lian ZhengGuo; Wang YanYao; Guo Hao; Jiang XueDong; Kao NianLi, 2000:
Experiment and research on a de-awner of vegetable seeds

Shang ShuQi; L.K.oNian; Lian ZhengGuo; Wang YanYao; Jiang XueDong, 2000:
Experiment and research on awner of vegetable seed

Zhou MingYao; Chen ChaoRu; Mao ChunSheng; Cao YuHua; Jia LiangRong, 2000:
Experiment and research on seepage effect of underground pipe drainage system of paddy field in saline soil coastal land

Zhou MingYao; Chen ChaoLu; Mao ChunSheng; Cao YuHua; Jia LiangRong, 2000:
Experiment and research on seepage rate of rice field in saline soil region by the sea

J.S.enChun; Zhang MeiYun; Y.H.iQin; Liu YanXia; Jiang Wei; M.X.ngLiang, 2000:
Experiment for the control of pear yellow mealy aphid

Deng RuiGuang; Zhang GaiPing; Guo ChengLiu; L.X.eWu; Wang AiPing; Zhang CunXing; H.J.anMin; M.G.iXiang, 1999:
Experiment of Kangbing Cuzhang Ji for control of infectious bursal disease in chickens

Chen XinNian; Huang YunXiang, 2000:
Experiment of a new compound flower fertilizer applied on Solanum pseudo-capsicum; Hua JianQing; Xing ZhongYi, 2000:
Experiment of applying Jinduanken bio-organic fertilizer for citrus trees

E.C.ngDing; L.H.iJu, 1999:
Experiment of applying borax for decreasing the aborted prickly burr

Cui Xiao, 2000:
Experiment of bagging apple fruit with plastic film bag

L.X.anMing; Qin ZhongQi; Liu XianQin, 2000:
Experiment of bagging culture for Jinshui2 pear variety

Liu ChunRong; Fang PeiLin; Yang HaiYing; W.X.eZhen; Huang GuoShan; Y.L.angFu, 2000:
Experiment of bagging culture for citrus

Zhu FuRong; Chen ZhenQin; Shen JinQuan, 2001:
Experiment of cleaning orchard for control of grape anthracnose

Tang Zheng; W.Z.enWong; Xong ZiLi, 2000:
Experiment of control of Arbutus brown spot disease

L.ShengJin, 2000:
Experiment of control of Citrus rust mite by enhanced abamectin

Xiao ZhiFu; Wang ShaoXing; L.S.uPing; Zhang HuiZhi, 2000:
Experiment of control of apple blemish diseases

Chen FengGang, 2000:
Experiment of control of apple rot rot disease by using Amobam

L.X.eBin; L.X.eQing, 2000:
Experiment of control of citrus aphid by using Acetamiprid

Bei XueFen; Lang GuoLiang, 2000:
Experiment of control of citrus mite by using Comite insecticide

Lei HuiDe; Lin BangMao; Ran Chun; L.H.ngJun; Zhang QuanBing, 2000:
Experiment of control of citrus red mite by 20% Fumanlang emulsion

Wang JiPo, 2000:
Experiment of control of grape oriental scale

Guo DaWei, 1999:
Experiment of control of plum mulberry scales

H.G.angHai; Chen DeJian, 2000:
Experiment of density growing of Ponggan mandarin variety

Xie BingYin; Liang YongLi; Wang HaiTao, 2001:
Experiment of early high production culture of new plum varieties

Liu JianYu, 2000:
Experiment of exchanger for thermal energy recovery in the ventilation system of livestock house in winter

L.J.Hong; Shao HanShuang; Huang GuiXiu; F.S.aoPing, 1999:
Experiment of fast propagation of carambola in vitro

Cao XiaoAn; Wang HongBo, 2000:
Experiment of packing mango fruit with PE film for prolonging storage life

Liu YanJie, 2000:
Experiment of pollination for new pear varieties Jinxiangshui and Hongjinqiu

Zhao MiZhen; Liu XiQiang; Guo Hong;, 2001:
Experiment of pollination for two plum varieties; Yan FangJiao; Chen HaiJiang; Huangpu ZhongSi; H.S.Ping, 2000:
Experiment of promoting fruit set by artificial methods for Starking apple variety

L.X.eWu; Zhang GaiPing; Yan YuHe; Deng RuiGuang; Yang YanYan; Wang AiPing; L.Q.ngMei, 2001:
Experiment of protection against piglet colibacillosis with polyvalent resident factors of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli

W.Z.eDong; Chen Wei; Tong WenRen; Yan FaRen; Deng YuYing; Zhu GuoLiang; Zhu ChaoHua, 2000:
Experiment of punching holes to stuff pesticide for control of the female adult pest of Kermes nawae Kuwana on Castanea mollissima

Chen YinFang; Song ChangQi; X.H.Zhong; W.L.nTu, 2000:
Experiment of screening the fungicide for control of citrus canker

Bei XueFen; Jiang LiYing; Chi XueLiang; H.Q.ngWei, 1999:
Experiment of spraying Imidan for control of citrus leaf miner

L.C.nMing; L.Y.ngZhen, 2000:
Experiment of spraying active bacterial fertilizer for Shatianyou pomelo variety

Fang QingZhong; Yang ZhongGuo; Chen Hong; Liu ZhongJun, 2000:
Experiment of spraying plant growth regulator for promoting fruit set of loquat

Ren RuHong; H.Y.Min; L.H.ngYe; Cao RouBin, 2000:
Experiment of the control of Arbutus root rot disease

Nie Lei; Wen TaoLin; Feng HuiJian, 2000:
Experiment of using CPPU for increasing production and fruit quality for longan

Xue JinJun; Wang XiuRu; Tai SheZhen; Tian ZiWu; Y.D.Cai; L.S.aoHua; Zhang FuGui, 2000:
Experiment of using Fe-carrying fertilizers for correction of the iron deficiency of apple trees

Wang JiangZhu; Zhu JieHua; Hou BaoLin; L.T.anXiang; Dong JinQuan, 2000:
Experiment of using Mancozeb-45 for control of two main diseases of apple trees

Huang Hai; J.M.Xiang; L.G.oPing; Zhao YaFu; Chen HongQiang, 2000:
Experiment of using Opul liquid fertilizer for strawberry film greenhouse culture

Deng Lie; H.S.aoLan; Tan ShaoKui, 1999:
Experiment of using Rexolin Q for correcting the yellowing of peach trees

L.Y.ngAn; Wang ShiBi, 2000:
Experiment of using azocyclotin wettable powder for control of citrus mite in the field

M.ShuangShan, 2000:
Experiment on 5JDF-0.5 dielectric seed separating unit

Tang YinNan; Jin PeiYing; Bai RuiDong; Zhang JianZhong; Shi JinLiang, 2001:
Experiment on chemical weed control in the forest of Phyllostachys heterocycle cv. pubescens

Zhu LiXuan; Liu Jin; M.G.iCheng, 2000:
Experiment on control of citrus flat-headed borer

W.Z.enWang; Tang Zheng; Xong ZiLi, 2000:
Experiment on controlling shoot growth and promoting production

Huang JingXiong, 2001:
Experiment on different sowing dates of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) under mulching conditions

L.W.nJun; Dai JinXing; Sun ZhongXing; Zong YouSheng; Chen ZhenYi, 1999:
Experiment on improving reproductivity and lactation in sterile cows with a lactation-stimulating injection

Wiyono, B., 2000:
Experiment on separating essential oil from dammar with a vacuum dry distillation technique

Chen TianBao; Lou MingLin; Lou ZhenHu; Huang WeiGen, 2000:
Experiment on techniques for changing variety of Myrica rubra by grafting and its popularization and application

Liu QiaoYun, 1999:
Experiment on the control of Eutomostethus nigritus

S.WenWei, 2000:
Experiment on the control of citrus leaf miner

Chen ZhiHua, 1999:
Experiment on the control of citrus yellow mite

L.YiChun, 2000:
Experiment on the control of grape downy mildew and powdery mildew diseases

Koudande, O.D.; Ehouinsou, M., 1998:
Experiment on the effect of the density on the biomass production on giant African giant snails (Archachatina marginata) in Benin

Wang KuiWu; Cui FangXian; Liu HaiPo; L.X.Ke, 2000:
Experiment on the renewal of old and weak trees of Jinsixiaozao jujube variety

H.GuoXiang et al., 1999:
Experiment on the yield effect of balanced fertilizer application in late rice

Deng CaoRen et al., 2000:
Experiment on using He-Ku-Ling against Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn in spring maize fields

Edsen, J., 2001:
Experiment planning

Wang HongYing; Zhang XiaoMing, 2001:
Experiment research on reasoned supplemental feed scheme of corn stalk silage as element ration in beef cattle's fattening

Clausen, J.T., 2000:
Experiment with a poplar clone

Hao TongQi; Xie XiaoYan; Hong TianSheng, 2000:
Experiment study on the shear strength of soil-root composite

Gidlewski, T.; Cheville, N.F.; Rhyan, J.C.; Miller, L.D.; Gilsdorf, M.J., 2000:
Experimental Brucella abortus induced abortion in a llama: pathologic effects

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Experimental Brucella melitensis infection in guineapigs: some immunological observations following levamisole administration

Runeman, B.; Faergemann, J.; Larko, O., 2000:
Experimental Candida albicans lesions in healthy humans: dependence on skin pH

Stuen, S.; Handeland, K.; Frammarsvik, T.; Bergström, K., 2001:
Experimental Ehrlichia phagocytophila infection in red deer (Cervus elaphus)

Brown, C.R.; Reiner, S.L., 1999:
Experimental lyme arthritis in the absence of interleukin-4 or gamma interferon

A.K.afaji, N.J.; A.F.rwachi, M.I., 2000:
Experimental Melia azedarach (Sibahbah) intoxication in rabbits

Eberhard, M.L.; Kovacs-Nace, E.; Blotkamp, J.; Verwij, J.J.; Asigri, V.A.; Polderman, A.M., 2001:
Experimental Oesophagostomum bifurcum in monkeys

Pinheiro, L.A.; D.O.iveira, G.H.; Berchieri, A., 2001:
Experimental Salmonella enterica serovar Pullorum infection in two commercial varieties of laying hens

Nguyen, H.T.inh; Kanai, K.; Yoshikoshi, K., 2001:
Experimental Streptococcus iniae infection in Japanese flounder Paralichthys olivaceus

Evans, J.J.; Shoemaker, C.A.; Klesius, P.H., 2000:
Experimental Streptococcus iniae infection of hybrid striped bass (Morone chrysops x Morone saxatilis) and tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) by nares inoculation

Traverso, S.D.; Driemeier, D., 2000:
Experimental Trema micrantha (Ulmaceae) poisoning in rabbits

Murakami, S.; Azuma, R.; Oomi, H.; Watanabe, T.; Suzuki, S.; Koeda, T.; Fujiwara, H., 1999:
Experimental actinomycosis caused by Actinomyces-like bacteria in mice and a sow

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Experimental adenovirus hemorrhagic disease in white-tailed deer fawns

Jobert, J.L.; Savoye, C.; Cariolet, R.; Kobisch, M.; Madec, F., 2000:
Experimental aerosol transmission of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae to pigs

Pilkington, M., 2000:
Experimental aftermath grazing of urban neutral grassland

Souza, E.A. de; Geraldi, I.O.; Ramalho, M.A.P., 2000:
Experimental alternatives in the evaluation of families in the genetic improvement of bean plants

Sadaka, H.A.; El-Nassery, S.M.; Allam, S.R.; Eissa, M.M.; Baddour, N.M., 2001:
Experimental amoebic liver abcess produced by oral administration of Entamoeba histolytica cysts

Kingsolver, J.G.; Srygley, R.B., 2000:
Experimental analyses of body size, flight and survival in pierid butterflies

Kingsolver, J.G., 1999:
Experimental analyses of wing size, flight, and survival in the western white butterfly

Cavalli, R.; Piazza, M.; Redigolo, N.; Urso, T., 2001:
Experimental analysis of epoxy resins used for glulam structures

Sakai, K.; Sasao, A.; Shibusawa, S.; Bukta, A., 2000:
Experimental analysis of nonlinear dynamics and chaos in bouncing tractor

Griffin, S.R.; Mavraganis, K.; Eckert, C.G., 2000:
Experimental analysis of protogyny in Aquilegia canadensis (Ranunculaceae)

Edgar, G.J., 1999:
Experimental analysis of structural versus trophic importance of seagrass beds. I. Effects on macrofaunal and meiofaunal invertebrates

Monsen, S.E.; Bronson, L.R.; Tucker, J.R.; Smith, C.R., 1999:
Experimental and field evaluations of two acaracides for control of I. pacificus (Acari: Ixodidae) in northern California

E.N.enaeey, E.Y.; Lotfy, O.O., 2000:
Experimental and field trials to evaluate the antibacterial action of ceftiofur sodium (Excenel) in chickens

Kolaczinski, J.H.; Fanello, C.; Hervé, J.P.; Conway, D.J.; Carnevale, P.; Curtis, C.F., 2000 :
Experimental and molecular genetic analysis of the impact of pyrethroid and non-pyrethroid insecticide impregnated bednets for mosquito control in an area of pyrethroid resistance

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Experimental application of fungicide at time of logging and cross-cutting

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Experimental atherosclerosis. Biochemical and vascular changes

Gokce, P.; Sartas, Z.; Tong, S., 2001:
Experimental autogenous and allogenous lamellar corneal graft applications in dogs

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Experimental autologous substitute vascular graft for transplantation surgery

Nechitailo, Y.N.; Pishak, V.P.; Porokhnyak Hanovska, L.A.; Shapovalov, V.P.; Timoschuk, V.V., 1999:
Experimental background to nutritional supplementation of children from radiopolluted territories

Costa Neto, J.M. da; Daleck, C.R.; Alessi, A.C.; Braccialli, C.S., 1999:
Experimental calcaneal tenoplasty in dogs with bovine peritoneum conserved in glycerol

Wernery, U.; Kinne, J.; Zachariah, R., 2000:
Experimental camelpox infection in vaccinated and unvaccinated guanacos

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Experimental candidosis of the rat tongue

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Experimental chemotherapy against canine mammary cancer xenograft in SCID mice and its prediction of clinical effect

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Experimental chemotherapy of larval alveolar echinococciasis. Search for the optimal albendazole use regimen

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Experimental cholecysto-enteric anastomosis in dogs

Oliveira, S.; Batista, L.; Torremorell, M.; Pijoan, C., 2001:
Experimental colonization of piglets and gilts with systemic strains of Haemophilus parasuis and Streptococcus suis to prevent disease

Smolinski, S., 1999:
Experimental concepts on wood drying with the use of direct conversion of solar energy

Haaf, T.; Schmid, M., 2000:
Experimental condensation inhibition in constitutive and facultative heterochromatin of mammalian chromosomes

Jiang ZhaoCun; S.D.Hui; X.J.nFei; Huang DuoXian; Q.Y.ngQian, 1999:
Experimental confirmation of serial preparations of traditional Chinese medicine to control reproductive disorder syndrome of dairy cows

Nieminen, M.; Singer, M.C.; Fortelius, W.; Schöps, K.; Hanski, I., 2008:
Experimental confirmation that inbreeding depression increases extinction risk in butterfly populations

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Experimental control of citrus leaf miner

Silva, M.B.O.; Lima, J.D.; Vieira, L.S.; Vitor, R.W.A., 1999:
Experimental cryptosporidiosis by Cryptosporidium parvum in dairy goat kids

Lopez Jaime, J.A.; Escalante Blanque, P.; Rodriguez Garcia, R.; Zurita Escobar, F., 2000:
Experimental culture of Aphia minuta. Study on the maintenance in captivity, nutritional requirements, ecological needs and possibility of controlled reproduction

Wang SongYung; Chuang ShihTzu, 2000:
Experimental data correction of the dynamic elastic moduli, velocity and density of solid wood as a function of moisture content above the fiber saturation point

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Experimental deer-to-deer transmission of Mycobacterium bovis

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Experimental design and sampling techniques for effective evaluation of spray drift

Spelman, R.J.; Sellars, M.D.; Sanders, K., 2000:
Experimental design for detection of quantitative trait loci for susceptibility to Facial Eczema in dairy cattle

Ruohonen, K.; Kettunen, J.; King, J., 2001:
Experimental design in feeding experiments

Dascalescu, S.C.D., 1998:
Experimental determination of some technical-economic indices of the SM-445 crawler tractor when running on fields with different mean pressures on the soil

Pagano, A.M.; Crozza, D.E., 2000:
Experimental determination of time in-bin cooling for corn aeration: cool-front evolution

Rawa, T.; Lipinski, A.; azarczyk, A., 2000:
Experimental determination of wheat grains' orientation in the seat of pin sowing assembly

Yunes, V.M.; Benedet, H.D., 2000:
Experimental development of a fresh cheese from buffalo's milk

Strelyaeva, A.V.; Chebyshev, N.V.; Sadykov, V.M.; Pogosov, A.G., 1999:
Experimental echinococcosis in piglets implanted with human echinoccoci and trials of preparation CK-1

Chebyshev, N.V.; Strelyaeva, A.V.; Sadykov, V.M., 1999:
Experimental echinococcosis in piglets infected by implanted embryonic cystic elements from patients

Maiti, S.K.; Naveen Kumar; Singh, G.R., 2000:
Experimental evaluation of a new absorbable haemostatic gauze, sanguistat

Calvitti, M.; Gilioli, G.; Cola, G. di, 1999:
Experimental evaluation of a simulation model for the trophic interaction between Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Westwood) (Homoptera Aleyrodidae) and Encarsia formosa Gahan (Hymenoptera Aphelinidae)

Glasa, M.; Benedikova, D.; Glasova, Z.; Hricovsky, I.; Kudela, O., 2000:
Experimental evaluation of apricot genotypes for resistance to plum pox virus

Timofievskaia, L.A.; Petrova, L.P., 2000:
Experimental evaluation of pyrethroids

Dantas, S. de V.; Cunha, M. do C.L.; Silva, A.L.A. da, 1995:
Experimental evaluation of the efficiency of various methods of dormancy breaking of seeds of garapa (Apuleia leiocarpa (Vog.) Macbr.)

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Experimental evidence for a demographic cline in Panstrongylus megistus populations

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Experimental evidence that plants under caterpillar attack may benefit from attracting parasitoids

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Experimental evolution of aging, growth, and reproduction in fruitflies

Torremorell, M.; Pijoan, C.; Dee, S., 1999:
Experimental exposure of young pigs using a pathogenic strain of Streptococcus suis serotype 2 and evaluation of this method for disease prevention

Zhu QiZeng, 2001:
Experimental flower thinning in jujube variety Xuecheng Dongzao

Arzul, I.; Renault, T.; Lipart, C., 2001:
Experimental herpes-like viral infections in marine bivalves: demonstration of interspecies transmission

Gast, R.K.; Holt, P.S., 1999:
Experimental horizontal transmission of Salmonella enteritidis strains (phage types 4, 8, and 13a) in chicks

Rakauskas, R., 2000:
Experimental hybridisation between Aphis grossulariae and Aphis triglochinis (Sternorrhyncha: Aphididae)

Perez, C.; Canal, J.R.; Romero, A.; Torres, M.D., 1999:
Experimental hypertriglyceridaemia and hypercholesterolaemia in rats

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Experimental hypocalcaemia - a model study in calves

Yamagishi, N.; Oishi, A.; Sato, J.; Sato, R.; Naito, Y., 1999:
Experimental hypocalcemia induced by hemodialysis in goats

Stefanou, J., 2000:
Experimental iconology: a tool for analysis for the qualitative improvement and tourist development of places

Rath, S.S., 1999:
Experimental immunization of rabbits with salivary gland and whole ground antigens of Rhipicephalus sanguineus

Brunner, T.; Paldi, E.; Juhasz, L.; Toth, F.; Ivancsics, J., 2001:
Experimental improvement and evaluation of vertical intensive crown forms

Benisek, Z.; Suli, J.; Svrcek, S.; Mojzisova, J.; Takacova, D.; Zavadova, J.; Ondrejka, R.; Ondrejkova, A., 2000:
Experimental inactivated purified concentrated adjuvant rabies vaccine. Evaluation of its efficacy in cattle

Chang, Y.F.; Novosel, V.; Chang, C.F.; Summers, B.A.; Ma, D.P.; Chiang, Y.W.; Acree, W.M.; Chu, H.J.; Shin, S.; Lein, D.H., 2001:
Experimental induction of chronic borreliosis in adult dogs exposed to Borrelia burgdorferi-infected ticks and treated with dexamethasone

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Experimental induction of fluconazole resistance in Candida tropicalis ATCC 750

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Experimental induction of ruminal acidosis in dairy cattle; its effect on the acid base equilibrium, and the presence of a bacteraemia

Wee, S.H.; Shin, S.S., 2001:
Experimental induction of the two-host life cycle of Sarcocystis cruzi between dogs and Korean native calves

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Experimental infection and development and histopathologic changes of Brugia malayi in mice

Gakiya, E.; Braz, L.M.; Amato Neto, V.; Bezerra, R.C., 2001 :
Experimental infection in mice by Plasmodium berghei: an evidence of antiparasitic action of azithromycin

Botten, J.; Mirowsky, K.; Kusewitt, D.; Bharadwaj, M.; Yee, J.; Ricci, R.; Feddersen, R.M.; Hjelle, B., 2000:
Experimental infection model for Sin Nombre hantavirus in the deer mouse (Peromyscus maniculatus)

Lee, H.W.; Cho, S.H.; Shin, E.H.; Lee, J.S.; Lee, J.S.; Chai, J.Y.; Lee, S.H.; Kim, T.S., 2001:
Experimental infection of Anopheles sinensis with Korean isolates of Plasmodium vivax

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Experimental infection of Echinococcus granulosus and Echinococcus multilocularis in Cricetulus migratorius and Lagurus lagurus

Müller, T.F.; Teuffert, J.; Zellmer, R.; Conraths, F.J., 2001:
Experimental infection of European wild boars and domestic pigs with pseudorabies viruses with differing virulence

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Experimental infection of Mouflon-domestic sheep hybrids with caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus

Fulhorst, C.F.; Milazzo, M.L.; Bradley, R.D.; Peppers, L.L., 2001:
Experimental infection of Neotoma albigula (Muridae) with Whitewater Arroyo virus (Arenaviridae)

Giles, M.; Webster, K.A.; Marshall, J.A.; Catchpole, J.; Goddard, T.M., 2001:
Experimental infection of a lamb with Cryptosporidium parvum genotype 1

Pejana, J.U.; Eduardo, S.L., 2000:
Experimental infection of a piglet with ova of a tapeworm (Taenia saginata-like) from a human in Leyte, Philippines

Gusso, R.L.F.; Minozzo, J.C.; Thomaz Soccol, V.; Camargo, N.J.; Lopes, C.M., 2000:
Experimental infection of cattle with eggs of Taenia solium

Langevin, S.A.; Bunning, M.; Davis, B.; Komar, N., 2001:
Experimental infection of chickens as candidate sentinels for West Nile virus

Gao Song; Peng DaXin; Jiao XinAn; Gan JunJi; W.Y.nTao; Teng Feng; Shi HuoYing; Liu WenBo; Zhang RuKuan; Liu XiuFan, 2001:
Experimental infection of chickens with different viruses and pathogenic Escherichia coli of chicken origin

E.H.ssein, A.M.; E.G.ali, A.; Mohamed, S.A., 1998:
Experimental infection of goats with pathogenic ovine Theileria hirci in Edamer Province, Sudan

Iacob, O., 2001:
Experimental infection of lambs with normal and refrigerated gastrointestinal nematodes; clinical reproduction of disease

Esposito, L., 2000:
Experimental infection of layer chicks with an Enterococcus faecalis strain isolated from a case of Amyloid Arthropathy

Bae JiSeon; Kim JaeHoon; Hur Kwon; Kim KiSuk; Hwang WooSuk; Choi YangKyu; Hyun ByungHwa; Kim DaeYong, 2000:
Experimental infection of mice with Korean Neospora caninum isolates

Januszewski, M.C.; Olsen, S.C.; McLean, R.G.; Clark, L.; Rhyan, J.C., 2001:
Experimental infection of nontarget species of rodents and birds with Brucella abortus strain RB51 vaccine

Pedersen, S.; Saeed, I., 2000:
Experimental infection of pigs with three dose levels of Trichuris suis

Chang, Y.F.; Novosol, V.; McDonough, S.P.; Chang, C.F.; Jacobson, R.H.; Divers, T.; Quimby, F.W.; Shin, S.; Lein, D.H., 2000:
Experimental infection of ponies with Borrelia burgdorferi by exposure to Ixodid ticks

Khalil, A.M.; McFarlane, R.G.; Shand, N.A.; Leslie, S.E.; Christensen, N.H., 2001:
Experimental infection of pregnant sheep with attenuated Salmonella typhimurium

Bicka, L.; Rola, M.; Kuzmak, J., 2000:
Experimental infection of sheep with bovine immunodeficiency virus

Wales, A.D.; Clifton-Hadley, F.A.; Cookson, A.L.; Dibb-Fuller, M.P.; L.R.gione, R.M.; Sprigings, K.A.; Pearson, G.R.; Woodward, M.J., 2001:
Experimental infection of six-month-old sheep with Escherichia coli O157:H7

Berthelot-Hérault, F.; Cariolet, R.; Labbé, A.; Gottschalk, M.; Cardinal, J.Y.; Kobisch, M., 2001:
Experimental infection of specific pathogen free piglets with French strains of Streptococcus suis capsular type 2

Meireles, M.V.; Paulillo, A.C.; Silva, G.S.; Luvizotto, M.C.R.; Costa, A.J.; Andreatti Filho, R.L., 1999:
Experimental infection with Cryptosporidium baileyi in broilers raised on floor-pens

Svecova, D., 2000:
Experimental infection with Trichophyton rubrum in animals

Sun XueQiang; Guo AiZhen; L.C.engPing, 2000:
Experimental infections causing tremble disease in Chinese mitten-handed crabs

Herrera, L.; Urdaneta Morales, S., 2001:
Experimental infections of anal glands of Didelphis marsupialis by Trypanosoma cruzi and the effects of immunosuppressive treatment

Zintl, A.; Voorheis, H.P.; Holland, C.V., 2000:
Experimental infections of farmed eels with different Trypanosoma granulosum life-cycle stages and investigation of pleomorphism

Innes, E.A., 1999:
Experimental infections of ruminants with Neospora caninum and the host immune response

Beati, L.; Kelly, P.J.; Mason, P.R.; Raoult, D., 1999:
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