Examination of agricultural land by remote sensing and geographical information system technologies and examples

Yildirim, H.; Ozel, M.E.; Alparslan, E.; Aydoner, C.; Elitas, S.; Divan, N.J.; Dagci, M.; Donertas, A.S.; Kafarov, R.; Gurbuz, Y.G.; Ozturk, Y.B.; Erkan, B.

Karadeniz bolgesinde tarimsal uretim ve pazarlama sempozyumu, 15-16 ekim ' 99, Buyuk Otel Samsun, Turkey: 193-203


Accession: 003441190

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Daily satellite data were used to compile information on vegetation. Examples are given of the meteorological, soil and numerical height data to inform a geographical information system. Amasya and Corum provinces and Carsamba plain (Turkey) were the main areas targeted in the project. Tubitak Uzay Teknolojileri Grubu (Turkish Scientific Council, Space Technologies group) carried out the work.