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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3445

Chapter 3445 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Faber, M.; Benade, A.J.S., 2000:
Factors associated with low serum retinol levels in children aged 6-24 months in a rural South African community

Nagaratna Biradar; Sundaraswamy, B., 1998:
Factors associated with nutritional knowledge retained by rural women through different teaching methods

Nasinyama, G.W.; McEwen ; Waltner Toews, D.; Gyles, C.L.; Wilson, J., 1998:
Factors associated with occurrence of Salmonella in broiler and layer flocks of chickens in Kampala district, Uganda

Mannion, M.A.; Cowan, C.; Gannon, M., 2000:
Factors associated with perceived quality influencing beef consumption behaviour in Ireland

Martin, G.S., 2000:
Factors associated with racing performance of Thoroughbreds undergoing lag screw repair of condylar fractures of the third metacarpal or metatarsal bone

Patel, H.R.; Patel, G.C.; Shekh, A.M., 1999:
Factors associated with reduced yield of delayed planting of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) in middle Gujarat agro-climatic region

Ratageri, V.H.; Kabra, S.K.; Dwivedi, S.N.; Seth, V., 2000:
Factors associated with severe asthma

Wheat, L.J.; Chetchotisakd, P.; Williams, B.; Connolly, P.; Shutt, K.; Hajjeh, R., 2000:
Factors associated with severe manifestations of histoplasmosis in AIDS

Nation, D.P.; Morton, J.; Cavalieri, J.; Macmillan, K.L., 2001:
Factors associated with the incidence of 'Phantom cows' in Australian dairy herds

Elbers, A.R.; Stegeman, J.A.; de Jong, M.C., 2001:
Factors associated with the introduction of classical swine fever virus into pig herds in the central area of the 1997/98 epidemic in The Netherlands

Garcia, R.A.; Taren, D.; Teufel, N.I., 1999:
Factors associated with the reproducibility of specific food items from the Southwest Food Frequency Questionnaire

Rutstein, S.O., 2000:
Factors associated with trends in infant and child mortality in developing countries during the 1990s

Liu JinLong; Y.J.ngZhong; Zheng BaoHua, 2000:
Factors blocking farmers' participation in forestry management

Anar, S.; Cetinkaya, F., 1998:
Factors causing the inhibition and inactivation of Campylobacter jejuni

Lee KwangHong; Akita, S., 2000:
Factors causing the variation in the temperature coefficient of dark respiration in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Engelen, M.P.; Wouters, E.F.; Deutz, N.E.; Menheere, P.P.; Schols, A.M., 2000:
Factors contributing to alterations in skeletal muscle and plasma amino acid profiles in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Linedale, A.I.; Haines, M.G.; Collins, J.L., 2001:
Factors contributing to low application efficiency of furrow irrigation in the Bundaberg district

Travis, D.; Hueston, W., 2001:
Factors contributing to uncertainty in aquatic animal risk analysis

Sierra, J.; Fontaine, S.; Desfontaines, L., 2001:
Factors controlling N mineralization, nitrification, and nitrogen losses in an Oxisol amended with sewage sludge

Kiffney, P.M.; Bull, J.P., 2000:
Factors controlling periphyton accrual during summer in headwater streams of southwestern British Columbia, Canada

Tillman, R.; Officer, S., 2000:
Factors controlling potassium fertility in hill country pastures

Percival, H.J.; Parfitt, R.L.; Scott, N.A., 2000:
Factors controlling soil carbon levels in New Zealand grasslands: is clay content important?

Desport, J.C.; Preux, P.M.; Magy, L.; Boirie, Y.; Vallat, J.M.; Beaufrère, B.; Couratier, P., 2001:
Factors correlated with hypermetabolism in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Toubon, J.F., 1999:
Factors delaying the implementation of integrated pest management in orchards in the Avignon region

Thirunavukkarasu, M.; Prabaharan, R., 2000:
Factors determining mastitis losses - the results from a regression analysis

Fernandez Escudero, I.; Tinaut, A., 1999:
Factors determining nest distribution in the high-mountain ant Proformica longiseta (Hymenoptera Formicidae)

McDonald, R.A.; Schroeder, T.C., 1999:
Factors determining profit for fed cattle under a value-based alliance

Schulze, E.; Tillack, P.; Frohberg, K., 2001:
Factors determining profitability of large scale farms in the Volgograd region

Singh, J.; Yadava, H.S., 2000:
Factors determining seed yield in early generation of soybean

Vaczi, B., 2000:
Factors determining the competitiveness of Hungarian winegrowing

Kas' yanchik, S.A.; Kotovich, A.M.; Kruglov, L.V.; Lozovskaya, L.N., 1998:
Factors determining the content of radiocaesium in contaminated perennial grasses on flood plain meadows

Banerjee, N.; Sinha, A.; Kriplani, A.; Roy, K.K.; Takkar, D., 2001:
Factors determining the occurrence of unwanted pregnancies

Kazakbayev, R., 1999:
Factors determining the place of farming in society and mechanisms for cooperation between privately owned farms

Susnjar, M., 1999:
Factors determining timber prices on the European market

Golinski, P., 2000:
Factors determining yields of Festuca rubra seed crops

Lalitha, K.C.; Siddaramaiah, B.S.; Nagaraj, K.H.; Lalitha, B.S., 2000:
Factors discriminating between high and low achievement motivation levels of farm women

Hanumarangaiah ; Lakshminarayan, M.T.; Anand, T.N.; Manjunatha, B.N.; Kumar, G.T.P., 1999:
Factors discriminating between high and low productivity of sugarcane farmers

Tugrul, S.; Samanc, B., 1998:
Factors effecting tuber formation in potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.)

Nakamanee, G.; Phaikaew, C.; Hacker, J.B., 2000:
Factors encouraging intensification of forage production by smallholder dairy farmers

Jatinder Kaur; Raman Gill; Sindhu, A.S.; Parmar, U.; Gosal, S.S., 2000:
Factors enhancing Agrobacterium mediated genetic transformation of potato

Navraj Kaur; Gill, M.S.; Raman Gill; Bharaj, T.S.; Gosal, S.S., 1999:
Factors enhancing somatic embryogenesis and high frequency plant regeneration in rice

Kawahara, T.; Sogabe, M.; Saito, Y.; Suzuki, M., 2000:
Factors for estimating daily milk and component yields from morning or afternoon single milking tests

Ganeshan, K.; Narayanasami, P., 1997:
Factors for resistance in selected cauliflower lines against Diamond back moth

Pawar, N.D., 1998:
Factors governing marketable surplus of jowar in Marathwada region of Maharashtra

Kavoi, M.M.; Owuor, P.O.; Siele, D.K.; Kilungo, J.K., 2000:
Factors impeding tea production in smallholder sub-sector of the Kenya tea industry: I. Green leaf supply

Kavoi, M.M.; Owuor, P.O.; Siele, D.K.; Kilungo, J.K., 2000:
Factors impeding tea production in smallholder sub-sector of the Kenya tea industry: II. Allocative efficiency of farm inputs

Kavoi, M.M.; Owuor, P.O.; Siele, D.K.; Oyugi, L.A., 2000:
Factors impeding tea production in smallholder sub-sector of the Kenya tea industry: III. Economic assessment of the enterprise

Chamorro, L.; Sans, F.X., 1999:
Factors implied in the seed bank dynamics of Erucastrum nasturtiifolium in non-irrigated crops

Russell, R.M., 2001:
Factors in aging that effect the bioavailability of nutrients

Stunkard, A.J., 2000:
Factors in obesity: current views

Smorfitt, D.B.; Herbohn, J.L.; Harrison, S., 1999:
Factors in the acquisition and utilisation of portable sawmills in Queensland

Jackson, Ta, 1999:
Factors in the success and failure of microbial control agents for soil dwelling pests

Kral, P.; Hrazsky, J., 2000:
Factors influenced the quality of decorative veneers

Amoah, B.K.; Wu, H.; Sparks, C.; Jones, H.D., 2001:
Factors influencing Agrobacterium-mediated transient expression of uidA in wheat inflorescence tissue

Uze, M.; Potrykus, I.; Sautter, C., 2000:
Factors influencing T-DNA transfer from Agrobacterium to precultured immature wheat embryos (Triticum aestivum L.)

Yang HuanWen; Cui MingWu; Bush, L.P.; Burton, H.R., 2000:
Factors influencing accumulation of tobacco-specific nitrosamines

E.A.izi, M.; Khardori, N., 1999:
Factors influencing adherence of Candida spp. to host tissues and plastic surfaces

Sharma, V.P.; Arvind Kumar, 2000:
Factors influencing adoption of agro-forestry programme: a case study from North-West India

Purushottam Thakur, 1999:
Factors influencing adoption of farm practices of sunflower technology

Abebaw, D.; Belay, K., 2001:
Factors influencing adoption of high yielding maize varieties in Southwestern Ethiopia: an application of logit

Jain, R.D.; Qureshi, M.I.; Khan, F.H.; Tripathi, G.S., 2001:
Factors influencing age at first fertile service in Rambouillet sheep

Ichinose, T., 1999:
Factors influencing bird distribution among woodlots in a rural area near large cities

Zakowska Biemans, S., 2000:
Factors influencing choice of eco-agricultural products and the adoption of environmentally-friendly farming methods in the light of questionnaire-based studies

Thirunavukkarasu, M.; Prabaharan, R., 1998:
Factors influencing clinical mastitis in bovines - a study in Tamil Nadu

Kruse, A.; Rott, C.; Schmitt, E., 1999:
Factors influencing competence and possibilities of supporting competence at old age

Mathison, G.; Soofi-Siawash, R.O.ine, E.; Helm, J.J.skiw, P., 1999:
Factors influencing composition and ruminal degradability of barley straw

Vonada, M.L.; Bidner, B.S.; Belk, K.E.; McKeith, F.K.; Lloyd, W.R.; O'Connor, M.E.; Smith, G.C., 2001:
Factors influencing consumer demand for U.S. pork exported to the Republic of Korea (South Korea)

Turner, L.W.; Witt, S.F., 2001:
Factors influencing demand for international tourism: tourism demand analysis using structural equation modelling, revisited

Ismail, S.; Schuster, R P.; Sikora, R., 2000:
Factors influencing dormancy of the Mediterranean cereal cyst nematode Heterodera latipons on barley

Arthur, P.F.; Archer, J.A.; Melville, G.J., 2000:
Factors influencing dystocia and prediction of dystocia in Angus heifers selected for yearling growth rate

Jayalekshmi, G.; Shilaja, S.; Shobhana, G., 1999:
Factors influencing entrepreneurial behaviour of rural women

Haldankar, P.M.; Nagwekar, D.D.; Desai, A.G.; Rajput, J.C., 1999:
Factors influencing epicotyl grafting in nutmeg

Ogbonna, C.; Okolo, S.N.; Ezeogu, A., 2000:
Factors influencing exclusive breast-feeding in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria

Zhou YuZhen; Zhang YuQing, 2001:
Factors influencing explant browning in preliminary culture in vitro of Physocarpus opulifolius Lutein

Ensermu, R.; Mohammed Hasana, 2001:
Factors influencing farmers' awareness and adoption of new wheat varieties in Chilalo area of South-Eastern Ethiopia

Oresnik, A., 1999:
Factors influencing fertility in dairy cows

Diao XianMin; Chen ZhenLing; Duan ShengJun; Liu YuLe; Zhao LianYuan; Sun JingSan, 1999:
Factors influencing foxtail millet embryogenic calli transformation by gene gun

Khare, D.; Bhale, M.S.; Raut, N.D.; Tiwari, A.S., 1996:
Factors influencing germination and field emergence of soybean

Morris, J.R., 1998:
Factors influencing grape juice quality

Husni ; Kainoh, Y.; Honda, H., 2000:
Factors influencing host discrimination in a pupal parasitoid, Brachymeria lasus (Walker) (Hymenoptera: Chalcididae)

Genthner, F.J.; Volety, A.K.; Oliver, L.M.; Fisher, W.S., 1999:
Factors influencing in vitro killing of bacteria by hemocytes of the eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica)

Kotresh, M.R.; Krishnaswamy, A.; Dubey, B.M.; Jayadevappa, S.M., 2000:
Factors influencing incidence of lameness in dairy cattle

Marykutty, T.; Nandakumar, P., 2000:
Factors influencing litter traits and body weight upto 12 weeks among temperate rabbit breeds in humid tropics

Montiel Urdaneta, N.S.; Rojas, N.; Angulo, F.; Perozo, F.; Hernandez, A.Z.J.; Cahuao, N.; Torres, I., 1997:
Factors influencing milk production in cross breed buffaloes in a very dry tropical area of Venezuela

Fedorov, A.S.; Laurinavichene, T.B.; Tsygankov, A.A., 1999:
Factors influencing nitrogenase switch-off by ammonium in the purple bacterium Rhodobacter capsulatus

Ganai, T.A.S.; Pandey, R.S., 2000 :
Factors influencing pre- and post-weaning survivability of exotic sheep

Gupta, B.R.; Rao, V.P.; Reddy, C.E.; Satyanarayana, A.; Reddy, P.P., 1999:
Factors influencing pre-weaning body weights in broiler rabbits

Uma Shankar; Agarwal, S.K.; Yadav, M.C., 2000:
Factors influencing pregnancy rate through embryo transfer in cattle

Lindsay, B.E.; Zhou HaoJiang; Halstead, J.M., 2000:
Factors influencing resident attitudes regarding the land application of biosolids

Domarle, O.; Migot Nabias, F.; Mvoukani, J.L.; L.C.angYong; Nabias, R.; Mayombo, J.; Tiga, H.; Deloron, P., 1999:
Factors influencing resistance to reinfection with Plasmodium falciparum

Narayanan, K.; Purbey, L.N.; Rajinder Singh; Sanwal, P.C., 2000:
Factors influencing retention of fetal membranes in crossbred cows

Anil, S.K.; Florkowski, W.J.; Epperson, J.E.; Landry, G., 2001:
Factors influencing revenues of the landscape and lawn care companies

Srinivas, C.V.S.; Nagaraj, G., 2000:
Factors influencing ricin, the toxic protein in castor cake and its detoxification

Capuana, M.; Giovannelli, A.; Giannini, R., 2000:
Factors influencing rooting in cutting propagation of cypress (Cupressus sempervirens L.)

McPeake, S.; Cochran, C., 2000:
Factors influencing sale price among bulls enrolled in an on-farm bull testing program

Rao, P.V.K., 2000:
Factors influencing sap displacement and boucherie process of treating freshly felled green poles

Bonyanpour, A.R.; Khosh Khui, M., 2001:
Factors influencing seed germination and seedling growth in black zira

Baltay, Z.; Bedo, S., 2000:
Factors influencing somatic cell count of milk. 2. Physiological and environmental factors

Amrit Sandhu; Singh, R.D., 1999:
Factors influencing susceptibility of cowpea to Macrophomina phaseolina

Daryoosh Hayati; Ezzatollah Karami, 1999:
Factors influencing sustainable agricultural knowledge and sustainability of farming systems: a case study in Fars Province

Ashby, D.T.; Rye, K.A.; Clay, M.A.; Vadas, M.A.; Gamble, J.R.; Barter, P.J., 1998:
Factors influencing the ability of HDL to inhibit expression of vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 in endothelial cells

Rosati, S.; Saba, A., 2000:
Factors influencing the acceptance of food biotechnology

Grevstad, Fritzi S., 1999:
Factors influencing the chance of population establishment: implications for release strategies in biocontrol

Boquete, M.; Carballada, F.; Armisen, M.; Nieto, A.; Martín, S.; Polo, F.; Carreira, J., 2000:
Factors influencing the clinical picture and the differential sensitization to house dust mites and storage mites

Batt, P.J.; Dean, A., 2000:
Factors influencing the consumer's decision

Dodd, M.B.; Barker, D.J.; Dymock, N.; Orr, S.J., 2000:
Factors influencing the contribution of narrow-leaved plantain to North Island hill country pastures

Prakash, J., 2000:
Factors influencing the development of the micropropagation industry: the experience in India

Akamatsu, R.; Nakai, K.; Shimai, S., 2001:
Factors influencing the eating attitudes of students majoring in nutrition: comparison with the study grade and occupational consciousness of an ideal dietary attitude

Zou, J.; Holland, J.; Pleguezuelos, O.; Cunningham, C.; Secombes, C.J., 2000:
Factors influencing the expression of interleukin-1 beta in cultured rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) leucocytes

Hobbs, R.P.; Twigg, L.E.; Elliot, A.D.; Wheeler, A.G., 1999:
Factors influencing the fecal egg and oocyst counts of parasites of wild European rabbits Oryctolagus cuniculus (L.) in Southern Western Australia

Meyer, E.; Horugel, K., 2001:
Factors influencing the feed intake of sows under ad libitum feeding conditions in group-housing

Bailey, B.; Collins, R.A.derson, J., 2000:
Factors influencing the herbicidal activity of Nep1, a fungal protein that induces the hypersensitive response in Centaurea maculosa

Kanzaki, M.; Takeuchi, M.; Shirakawa, N., 2001:
Factors influencing the herbicidal activity of cafenstrole against Echinochloa oryzicola Vasing in paddy fields

Krishnakumar, V.; Athimuthu, P.; Karthikeyan, C., 1999:
Factors influencing the knowledge level of farmers on low cost technologies in paddy

Myszczyszyn, J., 2000:
Factors influencing the level and differentiation of consumption of food products

Hubbard, M.W.; Danielson, B.J.; Schmitz, R.A., 2000:
Factors influencing the location of deer-vehicle accidents in Iowa

Heaney, R.P., 2001:
Factors influencing the measurement of bioavailability, taking calcium as a model

Brothers, A.M.; Wyatt, R.D., 2000:
Factors influencing the mold spore plate count of poultry feed

Katsande, T.C.; More, S.J.; Bock, R.E., 2001:
Factors influencing the prevalence of bovine babesiosis in northern and eastern Zimbabwe

Biradar, S.C.; Das, N., 1999:
Factors influencing the pricing of spent buffalo

Willmott, E.; Scarisbrick, D.H.; O.D.ll, A., 1999:
Factors influencing the production and commercial development of Northern Soya in the UK

Hanumarangaiah ; Lakshminarayan, M.T.; Manjunatha, B.N.; Anand, T.N., 1999:
Factors influencing the productivity of paddy

Batte, M.T., 2000:
Factors influencing the profitability of precision farming systems

Miller, P.C.H., 1999:
Factors influencing the risk of drift into field boundaries

Baltay, Z.; Bedo, S.; Farago, S., 2000:
Factors influencing the somatic cell count of milk. 1. Genetic factors

Peng RenKang; Christian, K.; Gibb, K., 2001:
Factors influencing the spatial distribution of the tea mosquito bug, Helopeltis pernicialis, in cashew plantations

Pett, B.; Kembu, A.B., 1999:
Factors influencing vanilla mass propagation in vitro

Dixon, J.; Hewett, E.W., 2001:
Factors influencing volatile compound and aroma concentration: a review

Turner Richard; Hurst Tony, 2001:
Factors influencing volcanic ash dispersal from the 1995 and 1996 eruptions of Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand

Ulutas, Z.; Dewi, I.A.; Saatci, M., 2000:
Factors influencing weaning weight in the nucleus herd of a welsh black cattle group breeding scheme

Kirner, L.; Schneeberger, W., 1999:
Factors inhibiting the expansion of organic farming in Austria. Analysis of a survey of those farms agreeing to a renunciation of means of production which increase yield

Alves, E., 2000:
Factors interfering with the transfer and acceptance of new technology in the dairy sector

Bredmose; Hansen; Nielsen, 1999:
Factors Intrinsic to the Axillary Bud Determine Topophysic Effects on Bud and Shoot Growth and Flower Development in Rosa hybrida

Lelusz, H., 1999:
Factors limiting the development of family farms in the Olsztyn Province

Silva, M.T.B. da, 1999:
Factors limiting the efficiency of insecticides to control Spodoptera frugiperda Smith in maize

Holzman, C.; Leventhal, J.M.; Qiu, H.; Jones, N.M.; Wang, J., 2001:
Factors linked to bacterial vaginosis in nonpregnant women

Kukovics, S.; Molnar, A.; Abraham, M.; Ga, T., 1999:
Factors modifying SCC in sheep milk

Buresova, M., 1999:
Factors of competitiveness in the Czech economy

Ureshino, K.; Kawai, M.; Miyajima, I., 2000:
Factors of intersectional unilateral cross incompatibility between several evergreen azalea species and Rhododendron japonicum f. flavum

Rajendran, K.; Prabaharan, R., 2000:
Factors of milk production - an economic analysis

Scarponi, L.; Esposito, A.; Tomassini, C., 2001:
Factors of tolerance to rimsulfuron in four pepper (Capsicum annum L.) lines

Kim YeongBong; A.C.ulGeun; Hwang YeonHyeon; Song GeunWoo; Shin WonKyo, 1999:
Factors on irregular setting of second cluster of tomato plants grown in plug

Rodriguez Agullo, J.L., 2001:
Factors predicative of efficacy of interferon treatment in chronic hepatitis C infection

Osterås, O.; Edge, V.L., 2000:
Factors prior to dry period associated with high and low levels of cow milk somatic cell counts in next lactation

Rath, N.C.; Huff, G.R.; Huff, W.E.; Balog, J.M., 2000:
Factors regulating bone maturity and strength in poultry

E.M.rdi, M.O.; Bakheit, C.S.; A.K.arousi, L.; A.M.ntheri, O.S., 2000:
Factors regulating in vitro germination of date palm pollen grains after storage

Kang DongJin; Futakuchi, K.; Dumnoenngam, S.; Mechai, T.; Chakranon, B.; Ishii, R., 2001:
Factors related to differences in rice yield among districts in Narathiwat Province, Southern Thailand

Unger, P.W.; Baumhardt, R.L., 1999:
Factors related to dryland grain sorghum yield increases: 1939 through 1997

Srivastava, N.; Bandopadhyay, S.N.; Basu, S.; Goswami, A.; Duttagupta, R., 2001:
Factors related to knowledge level of AI of the livestock owners in cross-bred cattle zone of West Bengal

Rubio, I.; Corro, M.; Castillo, E.; Galindo, L.; Aluja, A.; Galina, C.S.; Murcia, C., 1999:
Factors related to the onset of postpartum ovarian activity in dual purpose cattle in the tropics

Goswami, A.; Roy, N.; Mazumdar, A.K.; Gupta, R.D., 2001:
Factors related with adoption behavior of livestock owners about vaccination against contagious diseases

Goswami, A.; Roy, N.; Mazumdar, A.K.; Gupta, R.D., 2000:
Factors related with adoption behavior of the livestock owners about deworming

Sharma, G.R.K., 2001:
Factors related with adoption level of farmers about improved sheep rearing practices

Silva, A.E.D.F.; Unanian, M.M.; Roza e Silva, A., 1999:
Factors relating to precocious sexual maturity in Nelore bulls

Ueno, K.; Fujita, R.; Yamazaki, K., 1999:
Factors relating to seedling emergence in spring wheat

Santos Garcia, F.; Betancourt Mena, J.; Martin Mesa, M., 1999:
Factors relating to the avoidance of unstable functioning in centrifugal pumping systems

Soboleva Dokuchaeva, I.I.; Chernyshev, V.B.; Afonina, V.M.; Ovchinnikova, M.F.; Timokhov, A.V., 2000:
Factors responsible for distribution of ground beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) on agricultural land and in surrounding areas

Prakash, N.; Pal, P.P.; Rajesh Kumar; Sundarambal, P.; Bihari, B., 1999:
Factors responsible for non-adoption of improved rice varieties among the tribal farmers of Meghalaya

Krishna, K.V.S.M.; Debabrata Lahiri, 2000:
Factors responsible for the existence of bonded labour

Gutierrez, W.; Shew, H., 2000:
Factors that affect development of collar rot on tobacco seedlings grown in greenhouses

Campos, M.T.F. de S.; Monteiro, J.B.R.; Ornelas, A.P.R. de C., 2000:
Factors that affect the food intake and nutrition of the elderly

Miller, J.D., 2001:
Factors that affect the occurrence of fumonisin

Fellman, J.K.; Miller, T.W.; Mattinson, D.S.; Mattheis, J.P., 2000:
Factors that influence biosynthesis of volatile flavor compounds in apple fruits

Harding, J.A.; Borrie, W.T.; Cole, D.N., 2000:
Factors that limit compliance with low-impact recommendations

Kedge, C.J., 2000:
Factors to be considered for the introduction of treadle pumps into South Africa

Martin Rillo, S.; Alba Romero, C. de; Garcia Artiga, C.; Ruvalcaba, J.G., 2000:
Factors to consider during A. I. of the pig

Plant, R.E.; Mermer, A.; Pettygrove, G.S.; Vayssieres, M.P.; Young, J.A.; Miller, R.O.; Jackson, L.F.; Denison, R.F.; Phelps, K., 1999:
Factors underlying grain yield spatial variability in three irrigated wheat fields

Martinez, M.V.; Garcia, M.C.; Troncoso, A.M., 2000:
Factors which affect levels of resveratrol in wine

Seemann, M., 2000:
Factors which influence pigmentation

Perez Zamora, F.; Scandaliaris, J.; Fadda, G.; Argiro, E., 2000:
Factors which modify the effectiveness of nitrogen fertilizers on sugarcane

Nombo, C.; Mattee, A.Z., 1998:
Factors which motivate farmers to join and participate in groups: the case of Mgeta and Mkuyuni divisions, Morogro rural district, Tanzania

Turner, J., 2000:
Factory farming and the environment

Villar, J.; Canete, R.; Manganelly, E., 2000:
Factory scale bagasse hydrolysis

Jyoti Mane; Jambhale, D.B.; Yewale, A.V.; Phadnis, S.P., 1999:
Factory scale trials for reduction in colour of plantation white sugar using hydrogen peroxide

Tetsuka, K., 1999:
Factrial analysis on characteristics of dry matter production of paddy rice

Martin Prevel, P., 1999:
Factual background for improving quality through nutritional management (short version)

Bernabei, M., 1998:
Facultative heartwood in beech trees (Fagus sylvatica L.)

Kalmes, R.; Ndoutoume, A.; Rojas Rousse, D., 1999:
Facultative hyperparasitism in the hymenopteran Eupelmus orientalis (Hymenoptera: Eupelmidae) in a population cage

Wright, P.E.; Perschke, S.P.; Derrigan, J., 2000:
Facultative lagoon and wetland treatment of dairy manure

Moczek, Armin Philipp., 1999:
Facultative paternal investment in the polyphenic beetle Onthophagus taurus: the role of male morphology and social context

Nakai, Y.; Yabiku, A.; Ando, T.; Kohda, C., 1999:
Facultatively anaerobic bacteria degrading indole or skatole isolated from a compost

Baucom, C.; Lantz, C.D., 2001:
Faculty attitudes toward male Division II student-athletes

Coates, D.B., 2000:
Faecal NIRS - what does it offer today's grazier?

Monro, J.A.; Parris, D.; Campanella, O., 1998:
Faecal bulking efficacy of wheat bran in fibre-enriched extrusion-cooked snack foods

Forbes, D.; Ee, L.; Camer-Pesci, P.; Ward, P.B., 2001:
Faecal candida and diarrhoea

Kalaichelvan, T.; Verma, K.K., 2000:
Faecal cover for eggs of Indian cassidines

Piskin, F.C.; Bykoglu, G.; Babur, C.; Kanat, M.A.; Ozcengiz, E., 1999:
Faecal examination for helminth infections in horses used for serum production

Cebulj Kadunc, N.; Snoj, T.; Cestnik, V., 2000:
Faecal gestagen, serum and milk progesterone concentrations in ewes of the Jezersko-Solchava breed

Cestnik, V.; Cebulj Kadunc, N.; Snoj, T., 2001:
Faecal progestagene determination in female domestic animals

Omed, H.M.; Lovett, D.K.; Axford, R.F.E., 2000:
Faeces as a source of microbial enzymes for estimating digestibility

Hagels, H., 1999:
Fagopyrum esculentum Moench. Medicinal review

Egan, T., 2001:
Failing in style

Agustin, J.; Lacson, S.; Raffalli, J.; Aguero-Rosenfeld, M.E.; Wormser, G.P., 1999:
Failure of a lipid amphotericin B preparation to eradicate candiduria: preliminary findings based on three cases

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Failure of azithromycin in treatment of Brill-Zinsser disease

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