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Food intake, dietary habits and nutritional status of the population of Reus (Catalonia, Spain) (X) : evolution of the diet and macronutrients contribution to energy intake (1983-1999) , by age and sex

Capdevila, F.; Llop, D.; Guillen, N.; Luque, V.; Perez, S.; Selles, V.; Fernandez Ballart, J.; Marti Henneberg, C.

Medicina Clinica Barcelona 115(1): 7-14


Accession: 003449579

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To study the evolution of the diet and the nutritional intake between 1983 and 1999, by age and sex. We performed a series of analysis of the food intake on a representative sample of the population (aged 10-69 years) of Reus, Spain. Dietary intake was estimated using the 24-h recall method. In 1999 the sample size was 839, 41% of them having taken part in the studies since 1983. Results are shown as the mean (standard deviation). In 1999, the energy intake was 2524 (582) kcal in men aged 35-44 years (n=57), and 1827 (490) kcal in women (n=95) (p<0.001 between sexes). The energy intake decreased with age (significant trend between 15-69 years) and was higher in men than in women in all the age groups studied.

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