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Game ranching in the Northern Province of South Africa

Van Der Waal, C.; Dekker, B.

South African Journal of Wildlife Research 30(4): 151-156


Accession: 003453221

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A survey of the extent and impact of game ranching on the natural resources of the Northern Province was conducted during 1998. Approximations of the annual turnover, game numbers and socio-economic impact of game ranching were obtained. Questionnaires were distributed to game ranch owners and managers and exemption permits issued by the Provincial conservation authority were analyzed for trends. An estimated 2 300 game ranches existed in the Northern Province by August 1998. These ranches covered approximately 3.6 million hectares, which represents 26% of the total area of the Province. The main concentrations of game ranches in the Northern Province are in the Northern, Western and Bushveld sub-regions. Game ranching contributes significantly to the economy of the Northern Province, especially through hunting and live game trade. It attracts investors from other provinces and countries, and earns foreign currency through ecotourism and trophy hunting. Hunting makes the largest contribution to the annual turnover of the game-ranching industry, followed by live game trade and ecotourism.

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