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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3455

Chapter 3455 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Beverland, M., 2001:
Generation X and wine consumption

Liu FangBing; Schubert, J.; Rabenstein, F., 2000:
Generation and application of SCFV in detection of potyviral proteins

Allen, A.G.; Bolitho, S.; Lindsay, H.; Khan, S.; Bryant, C.; Norton, P.; Ward, P.; Leigh, J.; Morgan, J.; Riches, H.; Eastty, S.; Maskell, D., 2001:
Generation and characterization of a defined mutant of Streptococcus suis lacking suilysin

Smagin A.V.; Smagina M.V.; Vomperskii S.E.; Glukhova T.V., 2000:
Generation and emission of greenhouse gases in bogs

Aveldano S.R.; Tapia N.A.; Espinosa C.A., 1999:
Generation and transference of technology in INIFAP for the development of Mexican agriculture

Jogloy, S.; Pensuk, V.; Patanothai, A.; Wongkaew, S., 1999:
Generation mean analyses of late leafspot and rust resistance in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Celine, V.A.; Sirohi, P.S., 1998:
Generation mean analysis for earliness and yield in bitter gourd (Momordica charantia L.)

Balzor Singh; Govila, O.P.; Sheoran, R.K., 2000:
Generation mean analysis for yield components in pearl millet

Hooda, J.S.; Tomar, Y.S.; Vashistha, R.D.; Phogat, D.S., 2000:
Generation mean analysis in pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan Millsp.)

Viana, J.M.S., 2000:
Generation mean analysis in relation to polygenic systems with epistasis and fixed genes

Barooah, D.; Talukdar, P., 2001:
Generation mean analysis in tomato

Tyagi, M.K., 1999:
Generation mean analysis of adult plant resistance to powdery mildew and rust disease in field pea

Amand, P.C.S.; Wehner, T.C., 2001:
Generation means analysis of leaf and stem resistance to gummy stem blight in cucumber

Goldammer, T.; Brunner, R.M.; Kang' a, S.; Hanotte, O.; Schwerin, M., 1999:
Generation of a bovine BAC pool for chromosome region BTA7q14-22 correlated to the trait trypanotolerance

Scheetz, T.E.; Raymond, M.R.; Nishimura, D.Y.; McClain, A.; Roberts, C.; Birkett, C.; Gardiner, J.; Zhang, J.; Butters, N.; Sun, C.; Kwitek-Black, A.; Jacob, H.; Casavant, T.L.; Soares, M.B.; Sheffield, V.C., 2001:
Generation of a high-density rat EST map

Higo, K.; Ushijima, T.; Oyabu, A.; Ye, C.; Yagyu, S.; Takahashi, H.; Matsuyama, M., 2000:
Generation of a polymorphic marker linked to thymoma susceptibility gene of rat 1 by genetically-directed representational difference analysis

Kohen, F.; Gayer, B.; Amir Zaltsman, Y.; O'Keeffe, M., 2000:
Generation of an anti-idiotypic antibody as a surrogate ligand for sulfamethazine in immunoassay procedures

Yamada, M.; Morimoto, T.; Nakamura, M.; Nakazawa, H., 2000:
Generation of aniline from a subsidiary colour of food yellow no. 5 (sunset yellow FCF)

Hough, V.C.; Greenman, J.; Paget, T.A., 2000:
Generation of anti-Giardia antibodies by bacteriophage antibody display

Vikrant Gupta; Anil Kumar; Lakhchaura, B.D.; Garg, G.K., 2001:
Generation of anti-teliospores antibodies for immunolocalization and characterization of antigenic epitopes of teliospores of Karnal bunt (Tilletia indica) of wheat

Chavez A.N.; Acosta Rivera, J. de J., 1999:
Generation of draft prediction models for a disk plow

Keefer, C.L.; Baldassarre, H.; Keyston, R.; Wang, B.; Bhatia, B.; Bilodeau, A.S.; Zhou, J.F.; Leduc, M.; Downey, B.R.; Lazaris, A.; Karatzas, C.N., 2001:
Generation of dwarf goat (Capra hircus) clones following nuclear transfer with transfected and nontransfected fetal fibroblasts and in vitro-matured oocytes

Korikanthimath, V.S.; Hiremath, G.M.; Hosmani, M.M., 1999:
Generation of employment potential in coffee-cardamom based cropping systems

Barzda, V.; Vengris, M.; Valkunas, L.; van Grondelle, R.; van Amerongen, H., 2000:
Generation of fluorescence quenchers from the triplet states of chlorophylls in the major light-harvesting complex II from green plants

Paciolla, M.D.; Kolla, S.; Sein, L.T.J.; Varnum, J.M.; Malfara, D.L.; Davies, G.; Ghabbour, E.A.; Jansen, S.A., 1998:
Generation of free radicals by humic acid: implications for biological activity

Zhang ShiZhen; Liang MiFang; Dong GaunMu; Zheng HaiFa; Hou YunDe, 2001:
Generation of human monoclonal antibody Fab fragment to rabies virus by phage display technology

Nakatsukasa, E.; Inomata, T.; Ikeda, T.; Shino, M.; Kashiwazaki, N., 2001:
Generation of live rat offspring by intrauterine insemination with epididymal spermatozoa cryopreserved at -196 degrees C

Báscones, E.; Imperial, J.; Ruiz-Argüeso, T.; Palacios, J.M., 2000:
Generation of new hydrogen-recycling Rhizobiaceae strains by introduction of a novel hup minitransposon

Borys, M.W.; Leszczynska Borys, H.; Galvan, J.L., 1998:
Generation of roots and shoots from bulbs of Tigridia pavonia Ker. Gawl. subjected to drying

L.H.iJuan; Zhou XueRong; Gong ZhuXun; Upadhyaya, N.M., 2001:
Generation of selectable marker-free transgenic rice using double right-border (DRB) binary vectors

Phogat, S.K.; Karthikeyan, A.S.; Veluthambi, K., 1999:
Generation of transformed calli of Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek by Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation

Ovadis, M.; Zuker, A.; Tzfira, T.; Ahroni, A.; Shklarman, E.; Scovel, G.; Itzhaki, H.; Ben Meir, H.; Vainstein, A., 1999:
Generation of transgenic carnation plants with novel characteristics by combining microprojectile bombardment with Agrobacterium tumefaciens transformation

Cervera, M.; Ortega, C.; Navarro, A.; Navarro, L.; Pena, L., 2000:
Generation of transgenic citrus plants with the tolerance-to-salinity gene HAL2 from yeast

T.C.ingFu; Hwang LiHwa; Cheng TengKuei, 1999:
Generation of transgenic mice by subzonal infection methods after microinjection of the retroviral particles into perivitelline space of mouse early embryos

Guillier Gencik, Z.; Bernheim, A.; Coullin, P., 1999:
Generation of whole-chromosome painting probes specific to each chicken macrochromosome

Colle, G.; Armand, G.; Ronc, D., 2000:
Generational turnover in agriculture

B.X.nWen; Chen ZhiRong; Zheng JingHong; X.X.ePing; Zahng XingYa, 1999:
Generations of the sheep bot fly, Oestrus ovis, in the southern border area Junggar Basin

Tylkowski, T., 1999:
Generative propagation of European hazel (Corylus avellana L.)

Vilatersana, R.; Susanna, A.; Garcia Jacas, N.; Garnatje, T., 2000:
Generic delimitation and phylogeny of the Carduncellus-Carthamus complex (Asteraceae) based on ITS sequences

Minegishi, S.; Thiel, D., 2000:
Generic model of the behavior of the poultry industry supply chain

Conran John G.; Wood Glenys M.; Martin Peter G.; Dowd Julie M.; Quinn Christopher J.; Gadek Paul A.; Price Robert A., 2000:
Generic relationships within and between the gymnosperm families Podocarpaceae and Phyllocladaceae based on an analysis of the chloroplast gene rbcL

Ocampo, F.; Morrone, J.J., 1999:
Generic synopsis of the subantarctic and central Chilean Molytinae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Takemoto, Y.; Hibi, T., 2001:
Genes Ia, II, III, IV and V of Soybean chlorotic mottle virus are essential but the gene Ib product is non-essential for systemic infection

Kury, J., 1999:
Genes affecting carcass quality mapped in the pig genome - the current status of research

Kim, J.; Poole, D.S.; Waggoner, L.E.; Kempf, A.; Ramirez, D.S.; Treschow, P.A.; Schafer, W.R., 2001:
Genes affecting the activity of nicotinic receptors involved in Caenorhabditis elegans egg-laying behavior

Jones, J.; Blok, V.; Boutsika, K.; Paterson, A.; Phillips, M.; Roberston, L.; Popeijus, H.; Smant, G., 2000:
Genes and parasitism in plant pathogenic nematodes

Long, S.R., 2001:
Genes and signals in the rhizobium-legume symbiosis

Douaire, M.; Lagarrigue, S., 2000:
Genes associated with lipogenesis in the fowl

Montgomery, G.W.; Galloway, S.M.; Davis, G.H.; McNatty, K.P., 2001:
Genes controlling ovulation rate in sheep

Nakayama, H.; Namai, H.; Okuno, K., 1999:
Genes controlling prolamin biosynthesis, Pro1 and Pro2, in foxtail millet, Setaria italica (L.) Beauv

Yamaguchi, T.; Fukada-Tanaka, S.; Inagaki, Y.; Saito, N.; Yonekura-Sakakibara, K.; Tanaka, Y.; Kusumi, T.; Iida, S., 2001:
Genes encoding the vacuolar Na+/H+ exchanger and flower coloration

Parker, K.L.; Schimmer, B.P.; Schedl, A., 2000:
Genes essential for early events in gonadal development

Ichinose, Y.; Tiemann, K.; Schwenger-Erger, C.; Toyoda, K.; Hein, F.; Hanselle, T.; Cornels, H.; Barz, W., 2000:
Genes expressed in Ascochyta rabiei-inoculated chickpea plants and elicited cell cultures as detected by differential cDNA-hybridization

Walden, A.R.; Walter, C.; Gardner, R.C., 1999:
Genes expressed in Pinus radiata male cones include homologs to anther-specific and pathogenesis response genes

Lee, S.W.; Cooksey, D.A., 2000:
Genes expressed in Pseudomonas putida during colonization of a plant-pathogenic fungus

Schauzu, M., 1999:
Genes for antibiotic resistance in transgenic plants - a hazard for consumer health?

Korwin Kossakowska, A., 2000:
Genes for reproductive traits in pigs - a review

Chen Yu; Chekowski, J., 1999:
Genes for resistance to wheat powdery mildew

Brooks, W.S.; Griffey, C.A.; Steffenson, B.J.; Vivar, H.E., 2008:
Genes Governing Resistance to Puccinia hordei in Thirteen Spring Barley Accessions

Oduol, F.; Xu, J.; Niare, O.; Natarajan, R.; Vernick, K.D., 2000:
Genes identified by an expression screen of the vector mosquito Anopheles gambiae display differential molecular immune response to malaria parasites and bacteria

Yabe, K., 1999:
Genes involved in aflatoxin biosynthesis and the expression

Saraf Levy, T.; Kahana, A.; Kessler, N.; Silberstein, L.; Wang YongZeng; Gal On, A.; Perl Treves, R., 2000:
Genes involved in ethylene synthesis and perception in cucumber

Buell, C.R., 1999:
Genes involved in plant-pathogen interactions

Du, H.; Chalfie, M., 2001:
Genes regulating touch cell development in Caenorhabditis elegans

Gong, Z.; Koiwa, H.; Cushman, M.A.; Ray, A.; Bufford, D.; Kore-eda, S.; Matsumoto, T.K.; Zhu, J.; Cushman, J.C.; Bressan, R.A.; Hasegawa, P.M., 2001:
Genes that are uniquely stress regulated in salt overly sensitive (sos) mutants

Khush, R.S.; Lemaitre, B., 2000:
Genes that fight infection: what the Drosophila genome says about animal immunity

Rosenquist, T.H.; Finnell, R.H., 2001:
Genes, folate and homocysteine in embryonic development

Krasil' nikov, P.V.; Shoba, S.A., 2000:
Genesis and geography of soils diagnostics and classification of taiga acid sulfate soils

Chen ZuengSang; Tsou TsungCheng; Asio, V.B.; Tsai ChenChi, 2001:
Genesis of Inceptisols on a volcanic landscape in Taiwan

Romanova T.A., 1999:
Genesis of soils in Belarus

Bindon, B.M., 2001:
Genesis of the Cooperative Research Centre for the Cattle and Beef Industry: integration of resources for beef quality research (1993-2000)

Winik, B.C.; Catalan, N.M.Y.; Schlick, O.C., 2001:
Genesis of the apyrene parasperm in the apple snail Pomacea canaliculata (Gastropoda: Ampullariidae): an ultrastructural study

Szponar, L.; Radiukiewicz, S., 2000:
Genesis of the long-term government programme To improve the health of the Polish population by enhancing the health quality of food and rationalization of dietary pattern

Bennett, G.L.; Gregory, K.E., 2001:
Genetic (co)variances for calving difficulty score in composite and parental populations of beef cattle: II. Reproductive, skeletal, and carcass traits

Girko, V.S.; Voloshchuk, S.I., 1999:
Genetic activity of chemical and physical mutagenic factors in immature embryo cultures of wheat

Tas, B., 2000:
Genetic adaptation of plants to soil and climatic conditions

Real, D.; Gordon, I.L.; Hodgson, J., 2000:
Genetic advance estimates for red clover (Trifolium pratense) grown under spaced plant and sward conditions

Dewald, C.; Kindiger, B., 2000:
Genetic advances in eastern gamagrass seed production

Amar, F.B., 1999:
Genetic advances in grain yield of durum wheat under low-rainfall conditions

Sen, Z.; Oztopal, A., 2001:
Genetic algorithms for the classification and prediction of precipitation occurrence

Hammond, E.G., 2000:
Genetic alteration of food fats and oils

Singh, A.K.; Singh, S.M., 1999:
Genetic analyses in hull-less barley. I. Lodging index and its related characters

Singh, S.M.; Singh, A.K., 1999:
Genetic analyses in hull-less barley. II. Grain yield and its related characters

Yu, H.S.; Choi, K.H.; Kim, H.K.; Kong, H.H.; Chung, D.I., 2001:
Genetic analyses of Acanthamoeba isolates from contact lens storage cases of students in Seoul, Korea

Kim, U.; Gunther, C.S.; Roeder, R.G., 2000:
Genetic analyses of NFKB1 and OCA-B function: defects in B cells, serum IgM level, and antibody responses in Nfkb1-/-Oca-b-/- mice

Madamba, R., 2000:
Genetic analyses of adaptation of barley to low and high input environments

Matos, C.A.P.; Thomas, D.L.; Young, L.D.; Gianola, D., 2000:
Genetic analyses of lamb survival in Rambouillet and Finnsheep flocks by linear and threshold models

Reverter, A.; Johnston, D.J.; Graser, H.U.; Wolcott, M.L.; Upton, W.H., 2000:
Genetic analyses of live-animal ultrasound and abattoir carcass traits in Australian Angus and Hereford cattle

Minvielle, F.; Ito, S.; Inoue Murayama, M.; Mizutani, M.; Wakasugi, N., 2000:
Genetic analyses of plumage color mutations on the Z chromosome of Japanese quail

Xing ShiYan; N.G.oXiang; Zhang YunJi; L.T.ngTao, 2000:
Genetic analyses of quantitative characters of Ginkgo biloba L. leaves

Villanueva-Mosqueda, E.H.vey, M., 2001:
Genetic analyses of seed yield in onion

Palmer, R.G.; Burzlaff, J.D.; Shoemaker, R.C., 2000:
Genetic analyses of two independent chlorophyll-deficient mutants identified among the progeny of a single chimeric foliage soybean plant

Troyer, R.M.; LaPatra, S.E.; Kurath, G., 2000:
Genetic analyses reveal unusually high diversity of infectious haematopoietic necrosis virus in rainbow trout aquaculture

W.J.You; Long YingZhong; Y.G.Fei; Tong FangPing; Jiang JingMin, 2000:
Genetic analysis and combined selection of main economic characters of half-sib families for slash pine

L.T.ngWu; Gao XiWu; Zheng BingZong, 1999:
Genetic analysis and cross-resistance of Plutella xylostella to avermectins

Deng XiaoJian; Zhou KaiDa; L.R.nDuan;; Huang GuoShou; Wang WenMing; Zhu LiHuang, 2000:
Genetic analysis and gene mapping of completely dominant earliness in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Juskiene, V., 2001:
Genetic analysis and milk production of Lithuanian aboriginal cattle

Rebordinos, L.; Vallejo, I.; Santos, M.; Collado, I.G.; Carbu, M.; Cantoral, J.M., 2000:
Genetic analysis and relationship to pathogenicity in Botrytis cinerea

Kato, K.; Wada, T., 1999:
Genetic analysis and selection experiment for narrow-sense earliness in wheat by using segregating hybrid progenies

Basu, A.K.; Pal, D.; Sasmala, S.C.; Samanta, S.K., 1999:
Genetic analysis for embryo weight, cotyledon weight and seed protein in lablab bean

Zhang ChangWei; Zheng JiaKui; Jiang KaiFeng; Zhu YongChuan; Wan XianQi, 2000:
Genetic analysis for heterosis of resistance to leaf blast in hybrid rice

Pritam Kalia; Akhilesh Sharma, 2000:
Genetic analysis for quality traits and powdery mildew incidence in biparental progenies of garden pea

Singh, D.P.; Singh, S.B., 2000 :
Genetic analysis for quantitative traits in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Mondal, S.K.; Khajuria, M.R., 2000:
Genetic analysis for yield attributes in mustard

Kumaravadivel, N.; Amirthadevarathinam, A., 2000:
Genetic analysis in F2 and F3 generations of sorghum

Fodor, A., 1996:
Genetic analysis in Photorhabdus and Xenorhabdus

Ledo, F.J. da S.; Casali, V.W.D.; Cruz, C.D.; Ledo, C.A. da S., 2001:
Genetic analysis in a lettuce diallel

Ram, D.; Kalloo, G.; Major Singh, 2000:
Genetic analysis in bitter gourd (Momordica charantia) using modified triple test cross

Pereira, J.; Sabbia, V.; Fajardo, A.; Speranza, P.R., 2000:
Genetic analysis in native grasses of genus Paspalum using isozyme and RAPD data

Swain, D.; Mandal, A.K.; Sharma, R., 1999:
Genetic analysis in teak (Tectona grandis)

Swart, K.; Debets, A.J.; Bos, C.J.; Slakhorst, M.; Holub, E.F.; Hoekstra, R.F., 2001:
Genetic analysis in the asexual fungus Aspergillus niger

Giaccone, P.; Stasio, L. di; Fiandra, P.; Todaro, M., 1999:
Genetic analysis of alpha -lactalbumin locus in sheep

Marconi, R.T.; Hohenberger, S.; Jauris-Heipke, S.; Schulte-Spechtel, U.; LaVoie, C.P.; Rössler, D.; Wilske, B., 1999:
Genetic analysis of Borrelia garinii OspA serotype 4 strains associated with neuroborreliosis: evidence for extensive genetic homogeneity

Huang ShengChung; Tsai ChiChu; Sheu ChianShinn, 2000:
Genetic analysis of Chrysanthemum hybrids based on RAPD molecular markers

E.G.ndy, E.A.; Dean, R.G.; Washburn, K.W., 2000:
Genetic analysis of DNA fingerprints for two lines of chickens divergently selected for resistance and susceptibility to a heat stress environment

Kedra, A.H.; Swiderski, Z.; Tkach, V.V.; Dubinsky, P.; Pawowski, Z.; Stefaniak, J.; Pawlowski, J., 1999:
Genetic analysis of Echinococcus granulosus from humans and pigs in Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine. A multicenter study

Descenzo, R.A.; Engel, S.R.; Gomez, G.; Jackson, E.L.; Munkvold, G.P.; Weller, J.; Irelan, N.A., 2008:
Genetic analysis of eutypa strains from california supports the presence of two pathogenic species

Loginova, N.V.; Karpova, E.F., 2001:
Genetic analysis of Japanese encephalitis virus strains and variants from Russian collection

Fukui, E.; Koganezawa, M.; Yoshizawa, M., 2001:
Genetic analysis of Japanese sika deer in Nikko National Park by random amplified polymorphic DNA method

Bañuls, A.L.; Jonquieres, R.; Guerrini, F.; L.P.nt, F.; Barrera, C.; Espinel, I.; Guderian, R.; Echeverria, R.; Tibayrenc, M., 1999:
Genetic analysis of leishmania parasites in Ecuador: are Leishmania (Viannia) panamensis and Leishmania (V.) Guyanensis distinct taxa?

Bai, C.; Tolias, P.P., 2000:
Genetic analysis of a La homolog in Drosophila melanogaster

Stankiewicz, M.; Pitera, E.; Gawronski, S.W., 2001:
Genetic analysis of a Polish apple selection U 211 as a new source of high resistance to apple powdery mildew

Spini, V.B.M.G.; Kerr, W.E., 2000:
Genetic analysis of a cross of gaillon (Brassica oleracea var. alboglabra) with cauliflower (B. oleracea var. botrytis)

Mignon-Grasteau, S.; Beaumont, C.; Ricard, F.H., 2001:
Genetic analysis of a selection experiment on the growth curve of chickens

Pereira, E.; Eler, J.P.; Costa, F.A.A.; Ferraz, J.B.S., 2001:
Genetic analysis of age at first calving and scrotal circumference in Nellore cattle breed

Chen JianMin; Tang ShuZhu; L.J.Fei; G.S.iLiang; G.M.nHong, 1999:
Genetic analysis of allelic relationship between recessive elongated uppermost internode gene and semidwarf genes in rice (Oryza sativa)

Khan, A.A.; McNeilly, T., 2000:
Genetic analysis of aluminium and manganese tolerance in maize (Zea mays L.)

Wang, X.; Larkins, B.A., 2001:
Genetic analysis of amino acid accumulation in opaque-2 maize endosperm

Dong, Y.; Tsuzuki, E.; Terao, H., 2001:
Genetic analysis of aroma in three rice cultivars (Oryza sativa L.)

Kontoyiannis, D.P., 1999:
Genetic analysis of azole resistance by transposon mutagenesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Kakeya, H.; Miyazaki, Y.; Miyazaki, H.; Nyswaner, K.; Grimberg, B.; Bennett, J.E., 2000:
Genetic analysis of azole resistance in the Darlington strain of Candida albicans

Pritam Kalia; Akhilesh Sharma, 1998:
Genetic analysis of biparental progenies in garden pea

Acik, L.; Samanci, B.; Yapar, M.; Kubar, A., 1997:
Genetic analysis of certain Allium species with RAPD-PCR

Lee EunJun; Mannen, H.; Mizutani, M.; Tsuji, S., 2000:
Genetic analysis of chicken lines by amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP)

Durmaz, E.; Klaenhammer, T.R., 2000:
Genetic analysis of chromosomal regions of Lactococcus lactis acquired by recombinant lytic phages

Drogemuller, C.; Neander, S.; Klippert, H.; Kuiper, H.; Kutschke, L.; Guionaud, S.; Ueberschar, S.; Scholz, H.; Distl, O., 2000:
Genetic analysis of congenital hypotrichosis with anodontia in cattle

Vaillancourt, L.; D.M.iZhu; Wang, J.; Rollins, J.; Hanau, R., 2000:
Genetic analysis of cross fertility between two self-sterile strains of Glomerella graminicola

Schroeder, K.; Stimart, D., 2001:
Genetic analysis of cut-flower longevity in Antirrhinum majus

Kumar, S.; Rheenen, H.A. van; Singh, O., 1999:
Genetic analysis of different components of crop duration in chickpea

Lee, I.Y.; Park, J.E.; Park, T.S.; Kwon, S.T.; Kim, K.U., 1999:
Genetic analysis of different plant types of Echinochloa species by randomly amplified polymorphic DNA(RAPD)

Lukow, O.M., 2000:
Genetic analysis of dough strength using doubled haploid lines

Chalyk, S.T.; Bylich, V.G.; Chernomorets, A.A., 1999:
Genetic analysis of ear length in maize based on haploid plants

Ramalingam, J.; Nadarajan, N.; Vanniarajan, C.; Rangasamy, P., 2000:
Genetic analysis of economic characters in rice (Oryza sativa)

Khatkar, M.S.; Sandhu, J.S.; Brah, G.S.; Chaudhary, M.L., 2000:
Genetic analysis of egg-shell abnormalities in layer chickens

Saleh, F.M.; E.H.lw, M.R.; Hussein, M.Y.; Youssef, N.G., 1999:
Genetic analysis of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) resistance to Fusarium solani

Fan ShuGuo; Liang ChengYe; Liu HongXian, 1999:
Genetic analysis of fertility-restoring mutation of rice cultured in vitro

Muglia, L.J., 2000:
Genetic analysis of fetal development and parturition control in the mouse

Kraljevic Balalic, M., 2000:
Genetic analysis of flag leaf angle in winter wheat

Banumathy, S.; Shanti Patil, 2000:
Genetic analysis of fuzzlessness and other attributes in Gossypium hirsutum L

Zhou XiRong; L.S.uLin; G.L.ngDi; Zhuang Jing, 2000:
Genetic analysis of geno-cytoplasmic male sterile line 3213A in rapeseed (Brassica napus L.)

L.R.ngGai; Meng LingQi; Feng RuiGuang; Ning WenShu, 2000:
Genetic analysis of grain plumpness in intersubspecific hybrid rice

Kobiljski, B.; Dencic, S., 2001:
Genetic analysis of grain yield in crosses of wheat genotypes with different Rht genes

Mignon-Grasteau, S.; Piles, M.; Varona, L.; de Rochambeau, H.; Poivey, J.P.; Blasco, A.; Beaumont, C., 2000:
Genetic analysis of growth curve parameters for male and female chickens resulting from selection on shape of growth curve

Fernandez, A.; Silio, L.; Rodriguez, M.C., 2000:
Genetic analysis of growth in the late fattening period of Iberian pigs

Han LongZhi; Koh HeeJong, 2000:
Genetic analysis of growth response to cold water irrigation in rice

Elena Vinasco, L.; Baena G.L.; Garcia, M.A., 1998:
Genetic analysis of habit compact growth in cucurbita (Cucurbita maxima Duch ex Lam)

Srinivasan, G.; Brewbaker, J.L., 1999:
Genetic analysis of hybrids between maize and perennial teosinte. I. Morphological traits

Srinivasan, G.; Brewbaker, J.L., 1999:
Genetic analysis of hybrids between maize and perennial teosinte. II. Ear traits

Edfors Lilja, I., 1999:
Genetic analysis of immune capacity in the pig

Serrano-Cartagena, J.; Candela, H.; Robles, P.; Ponce, M.R.; Pérez-Pérez, J.M.; Piqueras, P.; Micol, J.L., 2000:
Genetic analysis of incurvata mutants reveals three independent genetic operations at work in Arabidopsis leaf morphogenesis

Zolman, B.K.; Yoder, A.; Bartel, B., 2000 :
Genetic analysis of indole-3-butyric acid responses in Arabidopsis thaliana reveals four mutant classes

Singh, A.K.; Singh, K.P.; Singh, V.P., 1998:
Genetic analysis of induced mutants of okra

Ton, J.; Pieterse, C.M.J.; Loon, L.C. van, 1998:
Genetic analysis of induced systemic resistance in Arabidopsis thaliana: association between induced and basal resistance

Cunningham, C.O.; Snow, M., 2000:
Genetic analysis of infectious salmon anaemia virus (ISAV) from Scotland

Yourman, L.F.; Jeffers, S.N.; Dean, R.A., 2008:
Genetic Analysis of Isolates of Botrytis cinerea Sensitive and Resistant to Benzimidazole and Dicarboximide Fungicides

Iovine, M.K.; Johnson, S.L., 2000:
Genetic analysis of isometric growth control mechanisms in the zebrafish caudal Fin

Marchelli, P.; Gallo, L.A., 2000:
Genetic analysis of isozyme variants in open pollinated families of Southern beech Nothofagus nervosa (Phil.) Dim. et Mil

Hicks,, S.; Lookhart, G.; Pedersen, J.; Kofoid, K.; Tuinstra, M., 2001:
Genetic analysis of kafirins and their phenotypic correlations with feed quality traits, in vitro digestibility, and seed weight in grain sorghum

Wei Hong; Chen BingBo; W.F.ngChun, 2000:
Genetic analysis of laboratory mice by DNA markers

Rao, S.; Notter, D.R., 2000:
Genetic analysis of litter size in Targhee, Suffolk, and Polypay sheep

Liu BaoShen; Sun LanZhen; Gao QingRong; Zhang YanChuan; Liu Sheng, 2000:
Genetic analysis of male-sterility restoration in wheat with Ae. kotschyi cytoplasm

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Genetic divergence among progenies of chir pine (Pinus roxburghii Sargent)

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Genetic divergence among pumpkin germplasm accessions from the vegetable gene bank of the Federal University of Vicosa

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Genetic divergence analysis in eggplant (Solanum melongena L.)

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Genetic divergence and heterosis in sesame

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Genetic divergence at the SODA locus of six different formae speciales of Pneumocystis carinii

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Genetic divergence for economic characters in gladiolus under different environments

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Genetic divergence for growth, egg production and egg quality traits in White Leghorn pullets

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Genetic divergence for quantitative characters in greengram

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Genetic divergence in Acacia catechu Willd

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Genetic divergence in foxtail millet

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Genetic divergence in hyacinth bean (Dolichos lablab)

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Genetic divergence in lines of black bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) predicted through quantitative variables

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Genetic divergence in linseed

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Genetic divergence in long shape brinjal using a non-hierarchical clustering approach

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Genetic divergence in rabbit

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Genetic divergence in rainfed rice

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Genetic diversity and bark physiology of the European beech (Fagus sylvatica): a coevolutionary relationship with the beech scale (Cryptococcus fagisuga)

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Genetic diversity and biological control activity of novel species of closely related pseudomonads isolated from wheat field soils in South Australia

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Genetic diversity and clonal structure of Hedysarum laeve in Mo Us sandland

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Genetic diversity and enhancement for antimalarial compound in Artemisia annua

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Genetic diversity and epidemiology of infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus in Alaska

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Genetic diversity and geographic variation in natural populations of the endemic Castanea species in China

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Genetic diversity and its relationship to hybrid performance and heterosis in maize as revealed by AFLPs and RAPDs

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Genetic diversity for grain yield and its components in soybean (Glycine max (L.)

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Genetic diversity for random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers in two Swedish populations of Pyrenophora teres

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Genetic diversity in Beta vulgaris subsp. maritima under subtropical climate of north India

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Genetic diversity in Brassica carinata, B. juncea and B. nigra based on molecular AFLP markers

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Genetic diversity in Chilean Fragaria chiloensis (L.) Duch. accessions determined by RAPDs (random amplified polymorphic DNA)

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Genetic diversity in Hordeum agriocrithon E. Aberg, six-rowed barley with brittle rachis, from Tibet

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Genetic diversity in Indonesian shallot (Allium cepa var. ascalonicum) and Allium x wakegi revealed by RAPD markers and origin of A. x wakegi identified by RFLP analyses of amplified chloroplast genes

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Genetic diversity in Mexican Stylosanthes humilis as revealed by AFLP, compared to the variability of S. humilis accessions of South American origin

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Genetic diversity in Ribes

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Genetic diversity in a Brazilian bovine herd based on four microsatellite loci

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Genetic diversity in a germplasm collection of mungbean (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek)

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Genetic diversity in a group of recent elite faba bean lines

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Genetic diversity in clusterbean

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Genetic diversity in conifers: an approach using needles

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Genetic diversity in cotton assessed by variation in ribosomal RNA genes and AFLP markers

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Genetic diversity in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) using isozyme electrophoresis

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Genetic diversity in eggplant for resistance to shoot and fruit borer

Koutsos, T.; Koutsika-Sotiriou, M., 2001:
Genetic diversity in four cabbage populations based on UPOV and IPGRI description forms and allozyme variation

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