Genetic variability in the nutritional quality of Coix (Coix lacryma Jobi) germplasm

Sultan Singh; Katiyar, P.K.; Choubey, R.N.; Sachan, J.K.S.

Indian Journal of Animal Nutrition 17(1): 17-22


ISSN/ISBN: 0970-3209
Accession: 003456092

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Twenty-three genotypes of Coix (Coix lacryma-jobi) grass, collected at 50% flowering were evaluated for chemical composition, in sacco nutrient digestibility and availability index values. Genotypes differed significantly (P<0.05) with regard to crude protein (CP; 7.5-14.42%) and NDF (56.57-70.91%) components. The average OM, NDF and ADF contents were 87.05, 64.84 and 36.82 percent, respectively. Most of the genotypes had cellulose contents between 25 and 30%. Genotypes exhibited up to 10.20 and 4.80 units variation in the cellulose and ADF concentrations, respectively. In sacco digestibility of DM, OM and other nutrients varied significantly (P<0.05) amongst the genotypes. There was wide variation (P<0.05) in the CP degradability (62.90-84.31%) of the coix germplasm. Average in sacco NDF and ADF digestibility of germplasm were 47.02 and 44.08%, respectively. Within the germplasm, coix-48 and 56 showed higher (P<0.05) NDF, ADF and hemicellulose digestibility. Availability index values varied by 16.08 units amongst the genotypes. Coix-36, 48, 56 and 59 genotypes were rich in protein, low in fibre and better in nutrient digestibility.