Section 4
Chapter 3,460

Growth analysis and bioaccumulation of nutrient elements in the ecosystem of Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms-Laub

E.D.rier, S.; Sadek, L.

Desert Institute Bulletin, Egypt 46(1): 71-89


Accession: 003459415

E. crassipes was studied at the El-Wafaeia lake in El-Behira province, Egypt, in 1994. Plants were harvested at seasonal intervals from 5 locations along the lake. Total E. crassipes biomass attained its maximum (about 1734.3 g/msuperscript 2) and minimum (about 465 g/msuperscript 2) values during summer and winter, respectively. LAI (leaf area index) exhibited the same trend, with values of 9.25 and 0.87 in summer and winter, respectively.

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