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Improvement of lodging resistance in submerged direct seeding rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivation using a newly developed 'shooting hill-seeder' - Effects of seedling density on the lodging resistance of hill-seeded rice as compared with that of broadcast-seeded rice

Yoshinaga, S.; Wakimoto, K.; Tasaka, K.; Matsushima, K.; Togashi, T.; Shimotsubo, K.

Japanese Journal of Crop Science 70(2): 186-193


Accession: 003471291

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The characteristics of lodging resistance in hill-seeded rice were compared with those in broadcast-seeded rice at three different plant densities (40, 80 and 160 plants m-2) to study submerged direct seeding rice cultivation using a newly developed 'Shooting hill-seeder'. In the hill-seeded rice, the culm was longer than in broadcast-seeded rice, applying a strong force to the basal part of the hill.

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