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Influence of calving period and peripartum feeding on time of uterine involution, in milking Gir cows

Sanchez, J.P.G.; Bianchini Sobrinho, E.; Gonzalez, A.A.M.

Ars Veterinaria 15(2): 89-94


Accession: 003475759

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104 milking Gir cows that grazed together and were submitted to similar conditions of management, at Getulio Vargas Experimental Farm in Uberaba-MG, received during the last month of pregnancy 0, 1 or 3 kg/head/day of concentrate supplements (18%-22% CP; 65%-75% TDN) and after calving, variable amounts of concentrate supplements, adjusted to individual milk production, according to four treatments that did not exceed quantitative differences of more than 20% between them.

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