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Influence of kLa on bioconversion of rice straw hemicellulose hydrolysate to xylitol

Roberto, I.C.; Mancilha, I.M. de; Sato, S.

Bioprocess Engineering 21(6): 505-508


DOI: 10.1007/pl00009089
Accession: 003476646

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The effect of overall oxygen mass transfer coefficient (kLa) on the conversion of xylose to xylitol by Candida guilliermondii FTI 20037 was investigated in batch experiments. Rice straw hemicellulose hydrolysate obtained by acid hydrolysis was employed as a xylose-rich medium. The results showed that this bioconversion strongly depended on the aeration rate. The maximum volumetric productivity (0.52 g/l h-1) and the highest xylitol yield (0.73 g/g) were achieved at an overall oxygen mass transfer coefficient of 15 h-1. Under these conditions 80% efficiency in relation to theoretical yield was attained.

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