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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 3481

Chapter 3481 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Booker, J.F.; Ward, F.A., 1999:
Instream flows and endangered species in an international river basin: the upper Rio Grande

Jeavons, D.L.; Harvey, E.F., 1999:
Instream flows: an economic perspective

Greco, P., 1999:
Instructions on cultivation and curing of Katerini tobacco in Italy

Erisman, J.W.; Otjes, R.; Hensen, A.; Jongejan, P.; Bulk, P. van den; Khlystov, A.; Mols, H.; Slanina, S., 2001:
Instrument development and application in studies and monitoring of ambient ammonia

Schnug, E.; Haneklaus, E.; Sator, C., 1999:
Instrumental analysis of glucosinolates in rapeseed

Khim, J.S.; Villeneuve, D.L.; Kannan, K.; Hu, W.Y.; Giesy, J.P.; Kang, S.G.; Song, K.J.; Koh, C.H., 2000:
Instrumental and bioanalytical measures of persistent organochlorines in blue mussel (Mytilus edulis) from Korean coastal waters

Stainer, R.; Stefanelli, D.; Lanzoni, S.; Pellegrino, S.; Sansavini, S., 2000:
Instrumental and sensory evaluation of apple fruits of varying provenance

Meullenet, J.F.; Champagne, E.T.; Bett, K.L.; McClung, A.M.; Kauffmann, D., 2000:
Instrumental assessment of cooked rice texture characteristics: a method for breeders

Andani, Z.; Barreiro, P.; Smedt, V. de; Ortiz, C.; Ruiz Altisent, M.; Nicolai, B., 1999:
Instrumental assessment of mealiness in apples

Kolchin, A.V.; Filippova, E.M.; Akhmedov, M.Z., 2001:
Instrumental checking of tractors and self propelled machinery after repair

Saiki, M.; Takata, M.K.; Kramarski, S.; Borelli, A., 1999:
Instrumental neutron activation analysis of rib bone samples and of bone reference materials

Saitanis, C.J.; Karandinos, M.G., 2001:
Instrumental recording and biomonitoring of ambient ozone in the Greek countryside

Mahajan, P.D., 2000:
Instrumentation and control to pressure reducing station for condensing cum extraction turbine of co-generation plant

Brusilovskii, L.P.; Kharitonov, V.D.; Androsova, L.M.; Shidlovskaya, V.P., 1999:
Instruments for testing heat stability of milk and other aspects of milk quality

Matuszak, E.; Kajdan Zysnarska, I., 1999:
Instruments of agricultural support in Poland

Tischner, H., 2000:
Instruments of the warning service for plant protection in Bayern (Germany)

Huylenbroeck, G. van, 2000:
Instruments to remunerate farmers for their contribution to the environment: a short review

Hutnik, F., 1999:
Insufficient and unstable formation of own resources for the purposes of reproduction in the agro-food sector

Doster, M.A.; Michailides, T.J.; Goldhamer, D.A.; Morgan, D.P., 2001:
Insufficient spring irrigation increases abnormal splitting of pistachio nuts

Horr, B., 2000:
Insulate that old bee box

Nagao, K.; Aman Yaman, M.; Murai, A.; Sasaki, T.; Saito, N.; Okumura, J.; Kita, K., 2001:
Insulin administration suppresses an increase in insulin-like growth factor binding protein-2 gene expression stimulated by fasting in the chicken

Dasgupta, S.; Basu, D.; Kumar, L Ravi; Bhattacharya, S., 2001:
Insulin alone can lead to a withdrawal of meiotic arrest in the carp oocyte

Bhatia, B.; Price, C.A., 2001:
Insulin alters the effects of follicle stimulating hormone on aromatase in bovine granulosa cells in vitro

Sano, H.A.ai, H.T.kahashi, A.T.kahashi, H.T.rashima, Y., 1999:
Insulin and glucagon responses to intravenous injections of glucose, arginine and propionate in lactating cows and growing calves

Baskin, D.G.; Lattemann, D.F.; Seeley, R.J.; Woods, S.C.; Porte, D.J.; Schwartz, M.W., 1999:
Insulin and leptin: dual adiposity signals to the brain for the regulation of food intake and body weight

Manetta, J.; Brun, J.F.; Callis, A.; Mercier, J.; Prefaut, C., 2001:
Insulin and non-insulin-dependent glucose disposal in middle-aged and young athletes versus sedentary men

Sipols, A.J.; Stuber, G.D.; Klein, S.N.; Higgins, M.S.; Figlewicz, D.P., 2000:
Insulin and raclopride combine to decrease short-term intake of sucrose solutions

Vecchini, A.; Binaglia, L.; Bibeau, M.; Minieri, M.; Carotenuto, F.; Di Nardo, P., 2001:
Insulin deficiency and reduced expression of lipogenic enzymes in cardiomyopathic hamster

Nousia Arvanitakis, S.; Galli Tsinopoulou, A.; Karamouzis, M., 2001:
Insulin improves clinical status of patients with cystic-fibrosis-related diabetes mellitus

Corpet, D.E.; Jacquinet, C.; Peiffer, G.; Taché, S., 1997:
Insulin injections promote the growth of aberrant crypt foci in the colon of rats

Bobes, R.J.; Castro, J.I.; Miranda, C.; Romano, M.C., 2001:
Insulin modifies the proliferation and function of chicken testis cells

Gletsu, N.; Dixon, W.; Clandinin, M.T., 1999:
Insulin receptor at the mouse hepatocyte nucleus after a glucose meal induces dephosphorylation of a 30-kDa transcription factor and a concomitant increase in malic enzyme gene expression

Ang, B.; Wade, A.; Halliday, D.; Powell Tuck, J., 2000:
Insulin reduces leucine oxidation and improves net leucine retention in parenterally fed humans

Bequette, B.J.; Kyle, C.E.; Crompton, L.A.; Buchan, V.; Hanigan, M.D., 2001:
Insulin regulates milk production and mammary gland and hind-leg amino acid fluxes and blood flow in lactating goats

Carlson, G.L., 2001:
Insulin resistance and glucose-induced thermogenesis in critical illness

Koohestani, N.; Tran, T.T.; Lee, W.; Wolever, T.M.; Bruce, W.R., 1997:
Insulin resistance and promotion of aberrant crypt foci in the colons of rats on a high-fat diet

Yoshikawa, T.; Noguchi, Y.; Doi, C.; Makino, T.; Nomura, K., 2001:
Insulin resistance in patients with cancer: relationships with tumor site, tumor stage, body-weight loss, acute-phase response, and energy expenditure

Kushibiki, S.H.date, K.S.ingu, H.U.da, Y.S.inoda, M.M.ri, Y.I.oh, T.Y.komizo, Y., 2001:
Insulin resistance induced in dairy steers by tumor necrosis factor alpha is partially reversed by 2,4-thiazolidinedione

Ryan, A.S., 2000:
Insulin resistance with aging: effects of diet and exercise

Reaven, G.M.; Abbasi, F.; Bernhart, S.; Coulston, A.; Darnell, B.; Dashti, N.; Kim, H.S.; Kulkarni, K.; Lamendola, C.; McLaughlin, T.; Osterlund, L.; Schaff, P.; Segrest, J., 2001:
Insulin resistance, dietary cholesterol, and cholesterol concentration in postmenopausal women

Chance, W.T.; Thomas, I.; Fischer, J.E., 1994:
Insulin reverses ammonia-induced anorexia and experimental cancer anorexia

Ezenwaka, C.E.; Davis, G.; Offiah, N.V., 2001:
Insulin secretion in glucose-tolerant offspring of type 2 diabetes patients in Trinidad, West Indies

Mayer Davis, E.J.; Levin, S.; Bergman, R.N.; D'Agostino, R.B.J.; Karter, A.J.; Saad, M.F., 2001:
Insulin secretion, obesity, and potential behavioral influences: results from the Insulin Resistance Atherosclerosis Study (IRAS)

Louheranta, A.M.; Schwab, U.S.; Sarkkinen, E.S.; Voutilainen, E.T.; Ebeling, T.M.; Erkkilä, A.T.; Turpeinen, A.K.; Uusitupa, M.I., 2000:
Insulin sensitivity after a reduced-fat diet and a monoene-enriched diet in subjects with elevated serum cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations

Brand Miller, J.C.; Colagiuri, S.; Gan, S.T., 2000:
Insulin sensitivity predicts glycemia after a protein load

Riehl, M.; Brown, M., 1999:
Insulin stimulates ecdysteroid production through a conserved signaling cascade in the mosquito Aedes aegypti

Wester, T.J.; Lobley, G.E.; Birnie, L.M.; Lomax, M.A., 2000:
Insulin stimulates phenylalanine uptake across the hind limb in fed lambs

Vidro, E.; Basu, T.K.; Tsin, A., 1999:
Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and vitamin A metabolism

Broadhurst, C.; Polansky, M.; Anderson, R., 2000:
Insulin-like biological activity of culinary and medicinal plant aqueous extracts in vitro

Baumrucker, C.R.; Erondu, N.E., 2000:
Insulin-like growth factor (IGF) system in the bovine mammary gland and milk

Gomes, C.M. de C.; Goto, H.; Matta, V.L.R. da; Laurenti, M.D.; Gidlund, M.; Corbett, C.E.P., 2000:
Insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-I affects parasite growth and host cell migration in experimental cutaneous leishmaniasis

Mazerbourg, S.; Zapf, J.; Bar, R.S.; Brigstock, D.R.; Monget, P., 2000:
Insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-binding protein-4 proteolytic degradation in bovine, equine, and porcine preovulatory follicles: regulation by IGFs and heparin-binding domain-containing peptides

Caregaro, L.; Favaro, A.; Santonastaso, P.; Alberino, F.; Di Pascoli, L.; Nardi, M.; Favaro, S.; Gatta, A., 2001:
Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), a nutritional marker in patients with eating disorders

Cohick, W.S.; Wang, B.; Verma, P.; Boisclair, Y.R., 2000:
Insulin-Like growth factor I (IGF-I) and cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate regulate IGF-binding protein-3 gene expression by transcriptional and posttranscriptional mechanisms in mammary epithelial cells

Prelle, K.; Stojkovic, M.; Boxhammer, K.; Motlik, J.; Ewald, D.; Arnold, G.J.; Wolf, E., 2001:
Insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) and long R3IGF-I differently affect development and messenger ribonucleic acid abundance for IGF-binding proteins and type I IGF receptors in in vitro produced bovine embryos

Baker, D.M.; Davies, B.; Dickhoff, W.W.; Swanson, P., 2000:
Insulin-like growth factor I increases follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) content and gonadotropin-releasing hormone-stimulated FSH release from coho salmon pituitary cells in vitro

Liu, J.L.; LeRoith, D., 1999:
Insulin-like growth factor I is essential for postnatal growth in response to growth hormone

Ruan, W.; Kleinberg, D.L., 1999:
Insulin-like growth factor I is essential for terminal end bud formation and ductal morphogenesis during mammary development

Marques, B.G.; Hausman, D.B.; Latimer, A.M.; Kras, K.M.; Grossman, B.M.; Martin, R.J., 2000:
Insulin-like growth factor I mediates high-fat diet-induced adipogenesis in Osborne-Mendel rats

Ge, Z.; Nicholson, W.E.; Plotner, D.M.; Farin, C.E.; Gadsby, J.E., 2000:
Insulin-like growth factor I receptor mRNA and protein expression in pig corpora lutea

Allan, G.J.; Flint, D.J.; Patel, K., 2001:
Insulin-like growth factor axis during embryonic development

Blahovec, J.; Kostecká, Z.; Cavaille, F.; Lacroix, M.G.; Mester, J., 2001:
Insulin-like growth factor binding proteins and mitogenic activity of partially fractionated sheep amniotic fluid

Stahlbom, A.K.; Sara, V.R.; Hoeben, P., 1999:
Insulin-like growth factor mRNA in barramundi (Lates calcarifer): alternative splicing and nonresponsiveness to growth hormone

Perrot, V.; Moiseeva, E.B.; Gozes, Y.; Chan, S.J.; Funkenstein, B., 2000:
Insulin-like growth factor receptors and their ligands in gonads of a hermaphroditic species, the gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata): expression and cellular localization

Zhao, J.; Taverne, M.A.; Van Der Weijden, G.C.; Bevers, M.M.; Van Den Hurk, R., 2001:
Insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) stimulates the development of cultured rat pre-antral follicles

Tao, Z.; Herndon, D.; Hawkins, H.; Wood, T.; Perez Polo, R., 2000:
Insulin-like growth factor-I cDNA gene transfer in vitro and in vivo

Tsuruta, J.K.; Eddy, E.M.; O'Brien, D.A., 2000:
Insulin-like growth factor-II/cation-independent mannose 6-phosphate receptor mediates paracrine interactions during spermatogonial development

Gradela, A.; Roncoletta, M.; Morani, E. da S.C.; Esper, C.R.; Franceschini, P.H., 1998:
Insulin-like growth factor-binding proteins and follicular dominance in Bos taurus indicus pure and crossed cows

Beccavin, C.; Chevalier, B.; Cogburn, L.A.; Simon, J.; Duclos, M.J., 2001:
Insulin-like growth factors and body growth in chickens divergently selected for high or low growth rate

Yanovski, J.A.; Sovik, K.N.; Nguyen, T.T.; Sebring, N.G., 2000:
Insulin-like growth factors and bone mineral density in African American and White girls

Gulmans, V.; van der Laag, J.; Wattimena, D.; van Doorn, J.; Oostveen, D.; Berger, R.; de Meer, K., 2001:
Insulin-like growth factors and leucine kinetics during exercise training in children with cystic fibrosis

Gee, C.E.; Robertson, R.M., 2001 :
Insulin-like peptides are not involved in maturation or functional recovery of neural circuits in the locust flight system

Rosolova, H.; Mayer, O.J.; Reaven, G.M., 2000:
Insulin-mediated glucose disposal is decreased in normal subjects with relatively low plasma magnesium concentrations

Pickavance, L.C.; Buckingham, R.E.; Wilding, J.P.H., 2001:
Insulin-sensitizing action of rosiglitazone is enhanced by preventing hyperphagia

Mosley, P., 2001:
Insurance against poverty? The 'new-generation' agricultural microinsurance schemes

Morales, F.D., 1999:
Insurance in the banana sector in Colombia and the opportunities for insurance of the cattle sector and for industrial use of agriculture

Semenov, V.N.; Kazakov, M.P., 2000:
Insurance of agricultural producers

Palara, U., 2001:
Insurances against hail: another difficult year

Withler, R.E.; Le, K.D.; Nelson, R.J.; Miller, K.M.; Beacham, T.D., 2000:
Intact genetic structure and high levels of genetic diversity in bottlenecked sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) populations of the Fraser River, British Columbia, Canada

Gagliardi, J.V.; Angle, J.S.; Germida, J.J.; Wyndham, R.C.; Chanway, C.P.; Watson, R.J.; Greer, C.W.; McIntyre, T.; Yu, H.H.; Levin, M.A.; Russek Cohen, E.; Rosolen, S.; Nairn, J.; Seib, A.; Martin Heller, T.; Wisse, G., 2001:
Intact soil-core microcosms compared with multi-site field releases for pre-release testing of microbes in diverse soils and climates

Burger, P.J.; Pereira, J.C.; Silva, J.F.C. da; Valadares Filho, S. de C.; Queiroz, A.C. de; Cecon, P.R.; Monteiro, H.C. de F., 2000 :
Intake and apparent total and partial digestibilities in Holstein calves fed diets with different concentrate levels

Acosta, P.B.; Yannicelli, S.; Singh, R.; Eisas, L.J.; Kennedy, M.J.; Bernstein, L.; Rohr, F.; Trahms, C.; Koch, R.; Breck, J., 2001:
Intake and blood levels of fatty acids in treated patients with phenylketonuria

Luginbuhl, J.M.; Pond, K.R.; Burns, J.C.; Fisher, D.S., 2000:
Intake and chewing behavior of steers consuming switchgrass preserved as hay or silage

Kawai, M., 2001:
Intake and digestibility in Hokkaido native horses on woodland pasture

Bannink, A.; Valk, H.; Van Vuuren, A.M., 1999:
Intake and excretion of sodium, potassium, and nitrogen and the effects on urine production by lactating dairy cows

Bermudez, O.I.; Falcon, L.M.; Tucker, K.L., 2000:
Intake and food sources of macronutrients among older Hispanic adults: association with ethnicity, acculturation, and length of residence in the United States

Evans, P.R.; Cooper, A.; Davies, J.W.; Jones, E.J.; Scollan, N.D., 2000:
Intake and liveweight gains of Limousin steers feeding on either grass or lucerne silages

Sherlock, R.G.; Harris, P.M.; Lee, J.; Wickham, G.A.; Woods, J.L.; McCutcheon, S.N., 2001:
Intake and long-term cysteine supplementation change wool characteristics of Romney sheep

Fois, N., 2000:
Intake and performance of dairy ewes grazing Mediterranean forages either as pure or mixed swards

Abarca, S.; Ibrahim, M.; Mannetje, L. ' t; Franco, M., 1999:
Intake and ruminal fermentation parameters of animals grazing grass legume mixtures in the humid tropics of Costa Rica

Cosgrove, G.P.; Niezen, J.H., 2000:
Intake and selection for white clover by grazing lambs in response to gastrointestinal parasitism

Cardoso, R.C.; Valdares Filho, S.C.; Silva, J.F.C. da; Paulino, M.F.; Valadares, R.F.D.; Cecon, P.R.; Costa, M.A.L.; Oliveira, R.V. de, 2000:
Intake and total and partial apparent digestibilities of diets with different concentrate levels, in F1 Limousin x Nellore bulls

Mahecha, L.; Duran, C.V.; Rosales, M.; Molina, C.H.; Molina, E., 2000:
Intake of African stargrass (Cynodon plectostachyus) and leucaena (Leucaena leucocephala) in a silvopastoral system

Yochum, L.A.; Folsom, A.R.; Kushi, L.H., 2000:
Intake of antioxidant vitamins and risk of death from stroke in postmenopausal women

Dougherty, C.T.; Cornelius, P.L., 1999:
Intake of cattle offered normal and lodged tall fescue swards

Schecter, A.; Cramer, P.; Boggess, K.; Stanley, J.; Päpke, O.; Olson, J.; Silver, A.; Schmitz, M., 2001:
Intake of dioxins and related compounds from food in the U.S. population

Raczynska, B.; Szczepanska, B.; Malczewska, J.; Czeczelewski, J.; Raczynski, G., 1999:
Intake of energy and selected nutrients by endurance athletes

Iso, H.; Rexrode, K.M.; Stampfer, M.J.; Manson, J.E.; Colditz, G.A.; Speizer, F.E.; Hennekens, C.H.; Willett, W.C., 2001:
Intake of fish and omega-3 fatty acids and risk of stroke in women

L.M.rchand, L.; Murphy, S.P.; Hankin, J.H.; Wilkens, L.R.; Kolonel, L.N., 2000:
Intake of flavonoids and lung cancer

Commenges, D.; Scotet, V.; Renaud, S.; Jacqmin Gadda, H.; Barberger Gateau, P.; Dartigues, J.F., 2000:
Intake of flavonoids and risk of dementia

Hirvonen, T.; Virtamo, J.; Korhonen, P.; Albanes, D.; Pietinen, P., 2000:
Intake of flavonoids, carotenoids, vitamins C and E, and risk of stroke in male smokers

Potischman, N.; Swanson, C.A.; Coates, R.J.; Gammon, M.D.; Brogan, D.R.; Curtin, J.; Brinton, L.A., 1999:
Intake of food groups and associated micronutrients in relation to risk of early-stage breast cancer

Romney, D.L.; Gill, M., 2000:
Intake of forages

Falandysz, J.; Szymczyk, K.; Gucia, M., 2001:
Intake of hexachlorobenzene with food in Poland

Renwick, A.G., 1999:
Intake of intense sweeteners

Alstad, T.; Osterberg, T.; Steen, B.; Birkhed, D., 2001:
Intake of lactose, starch and different fibres in the elderly - a cross-sectional and longitudinal study

Acosta, P.B.; Matalon, K.; Castiglioni, L.; Rohr, F.J.; Wenz, E.; Austin, V.; Azen, C., 2001:
Intake of major nutrients by women in the Maternal Phenylketonuria (MPKU) Study and effects on plasma phenylalanine concentrations

Alstad, T.; Osterberg, T.; Rothenberg, E.; Steen, B.; Birkhed, D., 1999:
Intake of monosaccharides, sucrose and fibre in the elderly - a cross-sectional and longitudinal study

Braga, C.; La Vecchia, C.; Negri, E.; Franceschi, S.; Parpinel, M., 1997:
Intake of selected foods and nutrients and breast cancer risk: an age- and menopause-specific analysis

Ho, S.C.; Woo, J.L.; Leung, S.S.; Sham, A.L.; Lam, T.H.; Janus, E.D., 2000:
Intake of soy products is associated with better plasma lipid profiles in the Hong Kong Chinese population

Garcia Closas, R.; Gonzalez, C.A.; Agudo, A.; Riboli, E., 1999:
Intake of specific carotenoids and flavonoids and the risk of gastric cancer in Spain

Garcia-Closas, R.; Agudo, A.; Gonzalez, C.A.; Riboli, E., 1999:
Intake of specific carotenoids and flavonoids and the risk of lung cancer in women in Barcelona, Spain

Michaud, D.S.; Feskanich, D.; Rimm, E.B.; Colditz, G.A.; Speizer, F.E.; Willett, W.C.; Giovannucci, E., 2000:
Intake of specific carotenoids and risk of lung cancer in 2 prospective US cohorts

Henin, N., 2001:
Intake of sweeteners, physiological and nutritional aspects

Perez-Granados, A.; Vaquero, M.; Navarro, M., 2000:
Intake of unused palm olein and palm olein used in frying does not affect calcium and phosphorus bioavailability in rats

Curhan, G.C.; Willett, W.C.; Speizer, F.E.; Stampfer, M.J., 1999:
Intake of vitamins B6 and C and the risk of kidney stones in women

Fischer, B.; Gulder, S.; Doring, A., 1999:
Intake of vitamins and minerals from supplements: results from the MONICA survey Augsburg 1994/95 and follow-up 1998

Kibe, S.; Tsunoda, M.; Matano, R.K., 2000:
Intake sedimentation: a case study of JKUAT intake

Oliveira, A.S.; Valadares, R.F.D.; Valadares Filho, S. de C.; Cecon, P.R.; Oliveira, G.A. de; Silva, R.M.N. da; Costa, M.A.L., 2001:
Intake, apparent digestibility, milk composition and production of lactating cows fed four non protein nitrogen compounds levels

Ataide Junior, J.R.; Pereira, O.G.; Valadares Filho, S. de C.; Garcia, R.; Cecon, P.R.; Alves, M.J.; Moreira, A.L., 2001:
Intake, digestibility and performance of steers fed diets containing tifton-85 bermudagrass hays at different regrowth ages

Nadeau, E.M.; Russell, J.R.; Buxton, D.R., 2000:
Intake, digestibility, and composition of orchardgrass and alfalfa silages treated with cellulase, inoculant, and formic acid fed to lambs

Campbell, J.L.; Eisemann, J.H.; Glander, K.E.; Crissey, S.D., 1999:
Intake, digestibility, and passage of a commercially designed diet by two Propithecus species

Izumi, K.; Sakurai, A.; Murakami, K.; No, E., 2001:
Intake, eating behavior and ruminating activity of heifers fed silage of various moisture content inoculated with lactic acid bacteria (L. casei)

Tolosa, M.X.; Caicedo Caldas, A.; Holmes, C.W.; Lopez Villalobos, N., 2001:
Intake, live weight and feed-conversion efficiency of lactating Holstein-Friesian dairy cows which differ genetically in live weight

Poppi, D.P.; France, J.; McLennan, S.R., 1999:
Intake, passage and digestibility

Ladeira, M.M.; Rodriguez, N.M.; Goncalves, L.C.; Borges, I.; Benedetti, E.; Teixeira, E.A.; Lara, L.B., 2001:
Intake, total and partial apparent digestibilities of Stylosanthes guianensis hay

Moore Colyer, M.J.S.; Longland, A.C., 2000:
Intakes and in vivo apparent digestibilities of four types of conserved grass forage by ponies

Lim, S.Y.; Suzuki, H., 2000:
Intakes of dietary docosahexaenoic acid ethyl ester and egg phosphatidylcholine improve maze-learning ability in young and old mice

Zhang, S.M.; Hunter, D.J.; Rosner, B.A.; Giovannucci, E.L.; Colditz, G.A.; Speizer, F.E.; Willett, W.C., 2000:
Intakes of fruits, vegetables, and related nutrients and the risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma among women

Benezra, L.M.; Nieman, D.C.; Nieman, C.M.; Melby, C.; Cureton, K.; Schmidt, D.; Howley, E.T.; Costello, C.; Hill, J.O.; Mault, J.R.; Alexander, H.; Stewart, D.J.; Osterberg, K., 2001:
Intakes of most nutrients remain at acceptable levels during a weight management program using the food exchange system

Gargano, A.O.; Aduriz, M.A., 2000:
Integral farming models for Bahia Blanca and Coronel Rosales, Argentina

Cordoves, C.O.; Pinto, M.R.; Negrao, S.L.; Busanello, A., 2000:
Integral programme for the control of internal, external and vector parasites on pig farms in Brazil

van Griensven, A.; Bauwens, W., 2001:
Integral water quality modelling of catchments

Umesh Kapil; Ritu Pradhan, 2000:
Integrated Child Development Services Scheme (ICDS) in India : its activities, present status and future strategy to reduce malnutrition

Dollacker, A., 2000:
Integrated Crop Management (ICM) training campaign in Brazil

Pycroft, C., 2000:
Integrated Development Planning and rural local government in South Africa

Walker, J.T.S.; Wearing, C.H.; Bradley, S.J.; Shaw, P.W.; Burnip, G.M.; Tomkins, A.R.; Richardson, C.A.; Hodson, A.J., 1998:
Integrated Fruit Production (IFP) for New Zealand pipfruit: evaluation of pest management recommendations

Shaw, P.W.; Walker, J.T.S.; Wearing, C.H.; Bradley, S.J., 2000:
Integrated Fruit Production for New Zealand pipfruit: pest management

Tucek, J.; Pacola, E.; Babiakova, G.; Bartko, A.; Navratil, R., 2000:
Integrated GIS and the Bystrianka hydrological model for simulation of the quantity and quality of seasonal snow cover and calculation of the water flow hydrogram

Minja, E.; Wohlleber, B.; Ekandjo, S.; Chisi, M.; Musonda, E.; Mwandila, D., 1999:
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) components for control of armored bush cricket on pearl millet and sorghum in farmers' fields in Namibia and Zambia

Madan, Y.P., 2001:
Integrated Pest Management in sugarcane

Gobin, A.; Campling, P.; Deckers, J.; Feyen, J., 2000:
Integrated Toposequence Analyses to combine local and scientific knowledge systems

Picart, J.L.; Michaut, J.E.; Jacquin, D.; Lenfant, C., 2000:
Integrated control in greenhouses in the city of Paris (2nd part)

Wright, K.J.; Balaji, R.; Hill, C.M.; Dritz, S.S.; Knoppel, E.L.; Minton, J.E., 2000:
Integrated adrenal, somatotropic, and immune responses of growing pigs to treatment with lipopolysaccharide

Schou, J.S.; Skop, E.; Jensen, J.D., 2000:
Integrated agri-environmental modelling: a cost-effectiveness analysis of two nitrogen tax instruments in the Vejle Fjord watershed, Denmark

Funes Monzote, F.; Monzote, M., 2001:
Integrated agroecological systems as a way forward for Cuban agriculture

Tyler, G., 2000:
Integrated analysis of conditions accounting for intersite distribution of grassland plants

Mishra, P.K.; Mukhopadhyay, A.N.; Fox, R.T.V., 2000:
Integrated and biological control of gladiolus corm rot and wilt caused by Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. gladioli

Stirnimann, W., 2000:
Integrated and biological control of root rot in raspberries

Steven, D., 1999:
Integrated and organic production of kiwifruit

Hippe, C.; Gysi, C.; Imhof, T.; Kesper, C., 2000:
Integrated and organic production of vegetables - improvements in plant nutrition and weed, pest and disease control at Swiss VEGINECO pilot farms

Kumar, R.; Singh, J., 2000:
Integrated approach for the management of waterlogging and salinity problems in Haryana

Kozel, V.; Parker, B., 2000:
Integrated approaches to poverty assessment in India

Caruso, B.S., 2000:
Integrated assessment of phosphorus in the Lake Hayes catchment, South Island, New Zealand

Seufert, H.; Schaal, A.; Schwarz, H.P., 2000:
Integrated assessment of pig husbandry systems - applying methodological basics

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Integrated utilization and reproduction of wood raw materials

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Integrating data and information for effective forest management

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Integrating demographic and Landsat (TM) data at a watershed scale

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Integrating emissions at a farm scale

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Integrating environment, education, and employment for a sustainable society: an HRD agenda for developing countries

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Integrating forest labor participation into community-based ecosystem management processes

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Integrating forest resources into the system of national accounts in Maharashtra, India

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Integrating forestry and conservation in boreal forests: ecological, legal and socio-economic aspects

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Integrating liana abundance and forest stature into an estimate of total aboveground biomass for an eastern Amazonian forest

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Integrating mental management skills into the physical education curriculum

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Integrating molecular genetic technology with traditional approaches for genetic improvement in aquaculture species

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Integrating molecular techniques to maximise the genetic potential of forage legumes

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Integrating needs of local community to conserve forest biodiversity in the State of Kelantan

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Integrating new insecticide technologies in IPM

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Integrating nutrition as a theme throughout the medical school curriculum

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Integrating of Mehlich 3 extractant into the Czech soil testing scheme

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Integrating organic amendments as nutrient sources in arable crop rotations on sandy soils

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Integrating population and family life education in agricultural extension in Egypt

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Integrating production of timber and energy - a comprehensive view

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Integrating science and policy development: case of the national research council and US national policy focused on non-federal forests

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Integrating science into the Oregon forest practices policy-making process: a case study

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Integrating science into watershed management decisions at Lake Tahoe

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Integrating social sustainability considerations into natural resource management

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Integrating soil solarization with grafting on resistant rootstocks for management of soil-borne pathogens of eggplant

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Integrating spectral, spatial, and terrain variables for forest ecosystem classification

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Integrating the environment and regional development in the European Union

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Integrating the ex post and ex ante approaches to flood damage estimation

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Integrating water-quality management and land-use planning in a watershed context

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Integration between genetic and archaeobotanical data in a study on the evolutionary history of Pinus halepensis Mill. populations in southern Italy

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Integration method of regional agricultural decision support system based on Web-GIS

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Integration of T-DNA into plant genomes: prototype and realities

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Integration of Zambian maize markets

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Integration of a B chromosome into the A genome of a wasp

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Integration of a c-myc transgene results in disruption of the mouse Gtf2ird1 gene, the homologue of the human GTF2IRD1 gene hemizygously deleted in Williams-Beuren syndrome

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Integration of a crop growth model with a model of soil dynamics

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Integration of a numerical model and remotely sensed data to study urban/rural land surface climate processes

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Integration of antagonistic rhizobacteria and soil solarization for the management of bacterial wilt of tomato caused by Ralstonia solanacearum

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Integration of bio-technical, economic and social sciences

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Integration of biological dimension into an agro-pedological diagnostic and spatial variability of this dimension

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Integration of carbofuran with Paecilomyces lilacinus for the control of root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita on brinjal

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Integration of central and east European countries into the EU: a public choice approach

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Integration of chemical, cultural and biological controls in North Queensland sugarcane for greyback canegrub, Dermolepida albohirtum (Waterhouse) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)

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Integration of clinical parameters and histology for the diagnosis of malignant mammary tumours in dogs and cats

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Integration of component models from the tree, stand and regional levels to assess the risk of wind damage at forest margins

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Integration of cropping practices and herbicides improves weed management in dry bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)

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Integration of diazotrophs inoculation with organic and inorganic fertilization to improve wheat and maize productivity in sandy soils

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Integration of drainage, flood control and water management (upland and alluvial plains)

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Integration of drainage, flood control and water management in deltaic and tidal zones

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Integration of drainage, flood control and water management with reference to drainage problems in Asian monsoon region

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Integration of earth observation data with a crop model for yield forecasting

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Integration of environmental objectives into agricultural policy making

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Integration of explanatory and empirical crop models for greenhouse management support

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Integration of food security and nutrition in forestry planning: the role of participatory approaches

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Integration of hardwood stumpage markets in the Southcentral United States

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Integration of herbicide treatments with the plume moth for horehound control

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Integration of high-resolution topographic data with floodplain flow models

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Integration of hydroxyapatite concentration of bacteria and seminested PCR to enhance detection of Salmonella typhimurium from ground beef and bovine carcass sponge samples

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Integration of livestock into organic farming systems: health and welfare problems

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Integration of mediculture with agriculture for sustainable higher productivity, profits and employment

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Integration of metabolism and intake regulation: a review focusing on periparturient animals

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Integration of microfabricated needle-type glucose sensor devices with a novel thin-film Ag/AgCl electrode and plasma-polymerized thin film: mass production techniques

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Integration of participatory methods of agricultural research into a public institution: partial success in Morocco

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Integration of physiological, chemical, and biological seed treatments to improve stand establishment and yield of vegetables

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Integration of porcine chromosome 13 maps

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Integration of pre and non-selective post-emergence herbicides and cultural method for weed control in cotton and its effect on succeeding crops

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Integration of protein metabolism within the whole body and between organs

Kabanyoro, R.; Wilkins, R.M., 1999:
Integration of reduced dose rates of fluazifop-butyl or sethoxydim with hand-hoe weeding for the control of Digitaria abyssinica and other weed species

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Integration of regulatory networks for different physiological functions in Bradyrhizobium japonicum

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Integration of remote sensing data into hydrological models for reservoir management

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Integration of remotely sensed radar imagery in modeling and mapping of forest biomass and net primary production

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Integration of science with common knowledge, a fertile base: the challenge of communicative interaction for agricultural extension

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Integration of socio-economically appropriate management strategies for Striga hermonthica in the Gambia

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Integration of soil solarization and biological control with a fluorescent Pseudomonas sp. for controlling bacterial wilt Ralstonia solanacearum (E. F. Smith) Yabuuchi et al. of ginger

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Integration of soil, crop and weed management in low-external-input farming systems

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Integration of strategies for controlling root-rot in avocado in Israel

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Integration of temperature and olfactory information in cockroach antennal lobe glomeruli

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Integration of the Aedes aegypti mosquito genetic linkage and physical maps

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Integration of the FISH pachytene and genetic maps of Medicago truncatula

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Integration of the diet in the pre-partum period

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Integration of the feline radiation hybrid and linkage maps

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Integration of the genetic and physical maps of the chicken macrochromosomes

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Integration of the metabolic pathways of steroids, carotenoids, and retinoids

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Integration of tracer information into the development of a rainfall-runoff model

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Integration of tsetse control with farming activity among cultivators in south-eastern Uganda: a preliminary report

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Integration of tuberculosis screening at an HIV voluntary counselling and testing centre in Haiti

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Integration of vitamin A supplementation with the expanded program on immunization does not affect seroconversion to oral poliovirus vaccine in infants

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