Section 4
Chapter 3,482

Interrelationship between race evolution of Magnaporthe grisea and rice cultivars in Jiangsu Province

L.F.n; Wang FaMing; Zheng XiaoBo; Shi Abao; Chen YuLing; Chen ZhiYi

Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University 22(4): 31-34


Accession: 003481991

One thousand and thirty two monoconidial isolates of M. grisea collected from Jiangsu Province, China, during 1980-1996 were classified into 8 groups and 22 races by assessment on 7 Chinese differential rice varieties. The predominant race during this time was ZG1, except in 1990 and 1991, when it was replaced by group ZA + group ZD, and ZE respectively. The frequency of race ZG1 was as high as 66.20%, and was stable among most of the years monitored.

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