Limiting amino acids after methionine and lysine with growing turkeys fed low-protein diets

Waibel, P.E.; Carlson, C.W.; Brannon, J.A.; Noll, S.L.

Poultry Science 79(9): 1290-1298


ISSN/ISBN: 0032-5791
PMID: 11020074
DOI: 10.1093/ps/79.9.1290
Accession: 003490165

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The effectiveness of Thr and other amino acids (AA) replacing CP in Met- and Lys-adequate diets of Large White male turkeys was studied from 6 wk to market age. Experiment (EXP) 1 examined efficacy of Thr and an AA grouping in corn-soybean (CS) diets containing 82.8 and 77.0% of NRC CP and in corn-soybean-canola-meat (CSCM) diets containing 85.2 and 79.4% of NRC (1984) CP. Experiment 2 compared AA responses in CSCM diets containing 100, 92.5, 85, and 77.5% of NRC (1994) CP. Compared with control CP, 1) 92.5% of NRC CP supported maximum BW, and supplemental Thr or Trp was without effect; 2) 82.8 to 85.2% of NRC CP resulted in reduced BW and breast meat yield (BMY), and supplemental Thr or Trp was ineffective in reversing this reduction, and 3) 77 to 79% of NRC CP resulted in depressed BW and BMY. Supplemental Thr provided a substantial positive BW but no BMY response, whereas a combination of Thr, Ile, Val, Arg, and Trp completely returned BW and partially returned BMY to that of the normal CP control. Turkeys on CS and CSCM assay diet series supported BW responses to CP and AA similarly. We concluded that in low-CP diets containing Met and Lys to requirement, supplemental Thr resulted in improved BW, whereas Thr, Ile, Val, Trp, and Arg returned BW, but not BMY, to normal CP control.