Section 4
Chapter 3,511

Non leachability of arsenic, copper and chromium from 15 years old CCA-C treated southern pine poles used in brackish water as jetty piles in Bangladesh

Lahiry, A.K.

Document International Research Group on Wood Preservation ( IRG/WP/ 98-50103): 6 pp.


Accession: 003510182

Studies revealed that chromated copper arsenate type C (CCA-C) treated southern pine poles used in Central Warehouse Jetty of REB, Khulna are stable and resistant to chemical and biological attack without loss of any component from outer 0-12.5 mm zone after 15 yr of use. Slightly reduced retention (4.44% less) was noted in above water location of piles (bottom end of tree) which would be due to continuous weathering, torrential rain and genobiotic activities in jetty for a long time.

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