Oestrus synchronisation with fluorogestone acetate + PMSG during the seasonal oestrus period in Akkaraman yearling lambs and ewes

Bozkurt, T.; Gundogan, M.; Esen, F.

Saglk Bilimleri Dergisi, Firat Universitesi 13(2): 173-176


Accession: 003514076

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The aim of this study was to determine the effect of FGA + PMSG on oestrus synchronisation of Akkaraman [White Karaman] yearling lambs and ewes. Vaginal sponges containing 40 mg FGA were applied on 25 yearling lambs and 21 ewes for 14 days. On the withdrawal day, each of yearling lambs and ewes were injected 600 IU PMSG intramuscularly. The yearling lambs and ewes in oestrus were detected by means of a teaser ram at 0-24, 25-36, 37-48, 49-56, and 57-72 h of PMSG injection. No significant difference was found between yearling lambs and ewes in terms of the uses of FGA + PMSG for oestrus synchronisation of White Karaman sheep.