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Overwinter changes in urea nitrogen:creatinine and cortisol:creatinine ratios in urine from Banks Island Peary caribou

Larter, N.C.; Nagy, J.A.

Rangifer (Special Issue 12): 125-132


Accession: 003517556

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Over 200 snow urine samples were collected from Banks Island Peary caribou between March 1993 and May 1998. Most (n=146) samples were collected during 3 time periods in 5 successive years: early winter (3 November-3 December), mid-winter (9 February-1 March), and late-winter (23 April-2 May). We determined the ratios of urea nitrogen:creatinine (U:C) and cortisol:creatinine (C:C) for each sample. U:C ratios had significant year, time, and year x time interaction effects.

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