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Chapter 3,544

Register of Australian herbage plant cultivars. A. Grasses. 2. Perennial ryegrass. Lolium perenne L. (perennial ryegrass) cv. Avalon

Croft, V.M.; Cunningham, P.J.; Anderson, M.W.; Smith, K.F.; Reed, K.F.M.

Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 40(8): 1199-1200


Accession: 003543751

Avalon perennial ryegrass is a synthetic variety derived from 6 parental genotypes selected from Victorian. It was developed as a more productive and disease resistant alternative to Victorian perennial ryegrass for use as pasture in the high rainfall zone (>650 mm) of southern Australia. Avalon is late-maturing with medium leaf width and length, and a large number of relatively short tillers. In trials, Avalon has proved to be high yielding.

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