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Response of fruit trees and ornamental plants to brown root rot disease by artificial inoculation with Phellinus noxius

Ann, P.J.; Tsai, J.N.; Wang, I.T.; Hsien, M.L.

Plant Pathology Bulletin 8(2): 61-66


Accession: 003548601

Brown root rot caused by Phellinus noxius is one of the most important root diseases of woody trees in Taiwan. Five isolates of P. noxius, with strong virulence, isolated from different host plants, were grown on a wheat-oat medium at 24 degrees C for 1 month. The fungus-colonized medium were then mixed and used as inocula for artificial inoculation of the seedlings (or cuttings) of 101 varieties (92 species) of horticultural woody plants.

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