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Serial ultrasonographic appearance of postpartum uterine involution in Korean Jin-do dogs

Son ChangHo; Kang ByongKyu; Choi HanSun; Kim KiWon; Kang HyunGu; Shin ChangRok; Park InChul

Korean Journal of Veterinary Research 39(3): 653-664


ISSN/ISBN: 2466-1384
Accession: 003557937

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Postpartum changes in uterine shape, morphology, echogenicity and diameter were monitored in 11 Korean Jin-do dogs. Ultrasonography was performed daily during the first week, in 3-day interval from day 8 to day 30, and weekly from day 31 to day 100 postpartum. Ten bitches (90.9%) had normal involution and 1 bitch (9.1%) had sub-involution of the placental sites (SIPS). Vaginal discharge ceased completely 20.2+or-4.6 days postpartum in 10 normal bitches, and 50 days postpartum in the bitch with SIPS. Short-axis uterine shape gradually changed to circular within 16.5+or-3.7 of parturition. 30 days after parturition, the uterus had tubular shape. Ultrasonographic image of postparturient uterus consisted of 4 echogenic layers. Uterine serosa was hyperechoic, myometrium was hypoechoic, endometrium hyperechoic and uterine fluid was anechoic for 7 days after parturition. Individual uterine layers were most prominent during the first week postpartum, and they became progressively less distinct throughout the course of uterine involution. Anechoic structures were detected until 25.0+or-6.4 days postpartum. The uterine diameter decreased not only in the placental sites from 24.1+or-2.5 mm at 1 day to 15.4+or-1.4 mm at 7 days postpartum, but also in the inter-placental sites from 14.9+or-1.5 mm at 1 day to 10.6+or-0.8 mm at 7 days postpartum. There was a general trend of decreasing uterine diameter, which occurred more rapidly at the placental sites. Complete involution of the uterus occurred 87 days postpartum, when the uterine diameter decreased to 5.6+or-0.6 mm and uterine horns were uniformly hypoechoic tubular structures without enlargements. It is concluded that ultrasonography is a reliable method for diagnosing SIPS and uterine dysfunction, such as pyometra in bitches.

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