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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 3566

Chapter 3566 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Mitchell, A.D.; Walter, M., 1999:
Species of Agaricus occurring in New Zealand

Baquero, E.; Jordana, R., 1999:
Species of Anagrus Haliday, 1833 (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea, Mymaridae) in Navarra (Spain)

Lu, B.S.eng; Hyde, K.D., 2000:
Species of Anthostomella from the Philippines, including A. variabilis sp. nov. and A. flagellariae comb. nov

Bradescu, V., 1999:
Species of Cheilosia Meigen, 1822 (Diptera: Syrphidae) mentioned for the first time in Romanian fauna and in the National Park of Retezat Mountains

L.C.engDe; Lou YanMing; Cao ChangWen; Y.C.unJiang; Yang XiaoGuang, 1997:
Species of Encarsia Foerster (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) from northeastern China

Marchiori, C.H.; Linhares, A.X., 1999:
Species of Eucoilidae (Hymenoptera: Cynipoidea) parasitoids of Diptera associated with bovine dung

Liao, J.L.; Feng, Z.X.; Li, S.M.; Hu, Y.M., 2000:
Species of Hirschmanniella on rice and their distribution in China

Anselmi, N.; Vannini, A.; Vettraino, A.M., 2000:
Species of Phytophthora on broad leaved trees in Italy

Skorupa, L.A., 2000:
Species of Pilocarpus Vahl (Rutaceae) from Brazilian Amazonia

O.C.llaghan, M.G.; Davies, M.; Andrews, R.H., 2000:
Species of Raillietina Fuhrmann, 1920 (Cestoda: Davaineidae) from the emu, Dromaius novaehollandiae

Mendoza Franco, E.; Vidal Martinez, V.; Aguirre Macedo, L.; Rodriguez Canul, R.; Scholz, T., 2000:
Species of Sciadicleithrum (Dactylogyridae: Ancyrocephalinae) of cichlid fishes from southeastern Mexico and Guatemala: new morphological data and host and geographical records

Kanyukova, E.V., 1999:
Species of Sigara s. str. in the fauna of Russia and adjacent countries (Heteroptera: Corixidae)

Bray, R.A.; Cribb, T.H., 2000:
Species of Trifoliovarium Yamaguti, 1940 (Digenea: Lecithasteridae) from Australian waters, with a description of T. draconis n. sp. and a cladistic study of the subfamily Trifoliovariinae Yamaguti, 1958

Zeng Tao, 2000:
Species of Unaspis MacGillivray in China (Homoptera: Coccoidea: Diaspidiae)

Czechowska, W.; Czechowski, W., 1997:
Species of ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) new to the Sandomierska Lowland

Marino de Remes Lenicov, A.M.; Zerbino, S.; Demaria, M., 2000:
Species of delphacids (Homoptera, Delphacidae) present on maize, in Uruguay

Visser, M.; Rehbein, S.; Wiedemann, C., 2001:
Species of flea (Siphonaptera) infesting pets and hedgehogs in Germany

Martinelli, N.M.; Carvalho, R.P.L.; Yamamoto, S.M.; Zucchi, R.A., 1997:
Species of fruit flies (Dip., Tephritidae) associated with mango

Stojanova, A., 2000:
Species of genus Eurytoma Illiger, 1807, newly established in Bulgaria (Hymenoptera: Eurytomidae)

Ollgaard, H.; Gowacki, Z.; Krechowski, J., 2000:
Species of genus Taraxacum (Asteraceae) in Poland. Part 1. Pomorze, Mazowsze and Podlasie regions

Sun FuZai; Zhao TingChang; Yang JianMin; Cao XiaoYu; Tang ChaoRong; Meng QingRui, 2000:
Species of ice nucleation active bacteria on the apricot and the relationship between their activity and flower frost

Ning YingZhi; Shen YunFen, 1999:
Species of protozoa first recorded in Chinese soils (Ciliophora)

Quinto, E.J.; Franco, C.M.; Fente, C.; Vazquez, B.; Cepeda, A., 2001:
Species of the fluorescence group of Pseudomonas present in Arzua cheese

Bechev, D.N., 1999:
Species of the genus Phronia Winnertz in Bulgaria (Diptera: Mycetophilidae)

Guzman, G.; Ramirez Guillen, F.; Tapia, F.; Navarro, P., 1999:
Species of the genus Psilocybe (Fungi, Basidiomycotina, Agaricales) known from Veracruz (Mexico)

Fedoronchuk, M.M., 1999:
Species of vascular plants described from the territory of Ukraine, their typification and critical analysis: the genus Dianthus L. (subgen. Dianthus)

Fedoronchuk, M.M., 1998:
Species of vascular plants described from the territory of Ukraine, their typification and critical analysis: the genus Vicia L. (Fabaceae Lindl.)

Fedoronchuk, M.M., 1999 :
Species of vascular plants described from the territory of Ukraine, their typification and critical taxonomic analysis: the genus Dianthus L. (subgenus Carthusianastrum F. Williams)

Arguello, H.; Caceres, O.; Monzon, A., 1999:
Species of white grubs (Phyllophaga spp.) present in the north-central part of Nicaragua

Broom, J.E.; Jones, W.A.; Hill, D.F.; Knight, G.A.; Nelson, W.A., 1999:
Species recognition in New Zealand Porphyra using 18S rDNA sequencing

Renganayaki, K.; Amirthadevaranthinam, A.; Sadasivam, S., 2000:
Species relationship and hybrid identification in sorghum using RAPD, protein and isozyme techniques

O'Dell, T.E.; Ammirati, J.F.; Schreiner, E.G., 1999:
Species richness and abundance of ectomycorrhizal basidiomycete sporocarps on a moisture gradient in the Tsuga heterophylla zone

Wiberg Larsen, P.; Brodersen, K.P.; Birkholm, S.; Gron, P.N.; Skriver, J., 2000:
Species richness and assemblage structure of Trichoptera in Danish streams

Beard, J.S.; Chapman, A.R.; Gioia, P., 2000:
Species richness and endemism in the Western Australian flora

Kessler, M.; Herzog, S.K.; Fjeldsa, J.; Bach, K., 2001:
Species richness and endemism of plant and bird communities along two gradients of elevation, humidity and land use in the Bolivian Andes

Guedes, R.; Zanuncio, T.; Zanuncio, J.; Medeiros, A., 2000:
Species richness and fluctuation of defoliator Lepidoptera populations in Brazilian plantations of Eucalyptus grandis as affected by plant age and weather factors

Kruess, A.; Tscharntke, T., 2000:
Species richness and parasitism in a fragmented landscape: experiments and field studies with insects on Vicia sepium

Laquerbe, M., 2000:
Species richness and phytomass in the understorey of cultivated poplar groves at the margin of the Garonne (South-West France)

Chytry, M.; Sedlakova, I.; Tichy, L., 2001:
Species richness and species turnover in a successional heathland

Luken, J.O.; Bezold, T.N., 2000:
Species richness and wetland status of different shoreline elements at Cave Run Lake, Kentucky

Guo QinFeng; Ricklefs, R.E., 2000:
Species richness in plant genera disjunct between temperate eastern Asia and North America

Martikainen, P.; Siitonen, J.; Punttila, P.; Kaila, L.; Rauh, J., 2000:
Species richness of Coleoptera in mature managed and old-growth boreal forests in southern Finland

Mordkovich, V.G.; Tshernyshev, S.E., 1999:
Species richness of blister beetles (Coleoptera, Meloidae) in the gradient of continentality in Eurasia

Blanche, K Rosalind; Ludwig, J.A., 2001:
Species richness of gall-inducing insects and host plants along an altitudinal gradient in Big Bend National Park, Texas

Watts, C.H.; Gibbs, G.W., 2000:
Species richness of indigenous beetles in restored plant communities on Matiu-Somes Island, Wellington Harbour, New Zealand

Steinhardt, M.; Thielscher, H.H.; Grunberg, W., 2000:
Species specific conditions in husbandry and physiological functions of animals. Development quality and adaptation in suckler calves from the mother cow herd and in feeder-fed dairy calves from the German Red Pied breed

Steinhardt, M.; Thielscher, H.H., 1999:
Species specific husbandry and physiological functions of animals. Development quality and adaptation of group reared dairy calves at specific age periods and seasonal effects by birth periods and rearing conditions

Shcherbatyuk, A.S.; Suvorova, G.G.; Yan' kova, L.S.; Rusakova, L.V.; Kopytova, L.D., 1999:
Species specificity in the photosynthetic response to environmental factors

Reveiller, F.L.; Marciano Cabral, F.; Pernin, P.; Cabanes, P.A.; Legastelois, S., 2000:
Species specificity of a monoclonal antibody produced to Naegleria fowleri and partial characterization of its antigenic determinant

Schroeder, B.; Boyle, M.D.; Sheerin, B.R.; Asbury, A.C.; Lottenberg, R., 1999:
Species specificity of plasminogen activation and acquisition of surface-associated proteolytic activity by group C streptococci grown in plasma

Lane, E.; Birkbeck, T.H., 2000:
Species specificity of some bacterial pathogens of bivalve molluscs is correlated with their interaction with bivalve haemocytes

Peppuy, A.; Robert, A.; Semon, E.; Bonnard, O.; Son, N.T.uong; Bordereau, C., 2001:
Species specificity of trail pheromones of fungus-growing termites from northern Vietnam

Ashokkumar, M.; Elayaraja, M.; Anna, T.; Sundar, N., 2001:
Species spectrum of Eimeria in goats of Namakkal area, Tamil Nadu

Statzner, B.; Hildrew, A.G.; Resh, V.H., 2001:
Species traits and environmental constraints: entomological research and the history of ecological theory

Doledec, S.; Statzner, B.; Bournard, M., 1999:
Species traits for future biomonitoring across ecoregions: patterns along a human-impacted river

Davis, A.L.V.; Scholtz, C.H.; Chown, S.L., 1999:
Species turnover, community boundaries and biogeographical composition of dung beetle assemblages across an altitudinal gradient in South Africa

Blanco, J.M.; Gee, G.; Wildt, D.E.; Donoghue, A.M., 2000:
Species variation in osmotic, cryoprotectant, and cooling rate tolerance in poultry, eagle, and peregrine falcon spermatozoa

Wickremasinghe, I.P., 2000:
Species variation in some humid zone multipurpose trees

Christi, K.S.; Vadodaria, V.P.; Mehta, V.M., 1997:
Species variations in duodenal fluid lactase activity in bovine and buffalo calves

Clamens, C.; Rincon, F.; Vera, A.; Sanabria, L.; Pinto, G.L. de, 2000:
Species widely disseminated in Venezuela which produce gum exudates

H.JiaBi, 1999:
Species, distribution and characteristics of rice viruses

Karki, T., 2000:
Species, furniture type, and market factors influencing furniture sales in southern Germany

Harris, M.L.; Chora, L.; Bishop, C.A.; Bogart, J.P., 2000:
Species- and age-related differences in susceptibility to pesticide exposure for two amphibians, Rana pipiens, and Bufo americanus

Guo XianGuo, 1999:
Species-abundance distribution and expected species estimation of the gamasid mite community in western Yunnan, China

Rakocinski, C.F.; Brown, S.S.; Gaston, G.R.; Heard, R.W.; Walker, W.W.; Summers, J.K., 2000:
Species-abundance-biomass responses by estuarine macrobenthos to sediment chemical contamination

May, R.M.; Stumpf, M.P.H., 2000:
Species-area relations in tropical forests

Carlsson, Ralf, 2001:
Species-area relationships, water chemistry and species turnover of freshwater snails on the Aland Islands, southwestern Finland

Hill, A.F.; Joiner, S.; Linehan, J.; Desbruslais, M.; Lantos, P.L.; Collinge, J., 2000:
Species-barrier-independent prion replication in apparently resistant species

Zhao, X.; Schmitt, M.; Hawes, M.C., 2008:
Species-dependent effects of border cell and root tip exudates on nematode behavior

Nigh, Gd, 2001:
Species-independent height-age models for British Columbia

Chabry, J.; Priola, S.A.; Wehrly, K.; Nishio, J.; Hope, J.; Chesebro, B., 1999:
Species-independent inhibition of abnormal prion protein (PrP) formation by a peptide containing a conserved PrP sequence

Davison, D.; Darlington, J.P.E.C.; Cook, C.E., 2001:
Species-level systematics of some Kenyan termites of the genus Odontotermes (Termitidae, Macrotermitinae) using mitochondrial DNA, morphology, and behaviour

Schmidt, O.; Moreth, U., 2000:
Species-specific PCR primers in the rDNA-ITS region as a diagnostic tool for Serpula lacrymans

Okamoto, H.; Nishizawa, T.; Tawara, A.; Peng, Y.; Takahashi, M.; Kishimoto, J.; Tanaka, T.; Miyakawa, Y.; Mayumi, M., 2000:
Species-specific TT viruses in humans and nonhuman primates and their phylogenetic relatedness

Volf, P.; Rohousová, I., 2001:
Species-specific antigens in salivary glands of phlebotomine sandflies

Murakami, M.; Nakano, S., 2000:
Species-specific bird functions in a forest-canopy food web

Boehm, E.W.; Ma, Z.; Michailides, T.J., 2008:
Species-Specific Detection of Monilinia fructicola from California Stone Fruits and Flowers

Motoba, K.; Nishizawa, H.; Suzuki, T.; Hamaguchi, H.; Uchida, M.; Funayama, S., 2000:
Species-specific detoxification metabolism of fenpyroximate, a potent acaricide

Nakayama, M.; Manabe, N.; Nishihara, S.; Miyamoto, H., 2000:
Species-specific differences in apoptotic cell localization in granulosa and theca interna cells during follicular atresia in porcine and bovine ovaries

Kirik, A.; Salomon, S.; Puchta, H., 2000:
Species-specific double-strand break repair and genome evolution in plants

Steinhardt, M.; Thielscher, H.H., 2000:
Species-specific husbandry and physiological functions of animals. Postnatal development of calves and early postnatal adaptation of animals in group housing with an automatic milk feeder

Shastry, M.; Nielsen, J.; Ku, T.; Hsu, M.J.; Liberator, P.; Anderson, J.; Schmatz, D.; Justice, M.C., 2001:
Species-specific inhibition of fungal protein synthesis by sordarin: identification of a sordarin-specificity region in eukaryotic elongation factor 2

Liang, Z.; Raoult, D., 2000:
Species-specific monoclonal antibodies for rapid identification of Bartonella quintana

Blomster, J.; Hoey, E.M.; Maggs, C.A.; Stanhope, M.J., 2000:
Species-specific oligonucleotide probes for macroalgae: molecular discrimination of two marine fouling species of Enteromorpha (Ulvophyceae)

Cuadrado, M.; Sacristán, M.; Antequera, F., 2001:
Species-specific organization of CpG island promoters at mammalian homologous genes

Aoki, T.; Park, C.I.; Yamashita, H.; Hirono, I., 2000:
Species-specific polymerase chain reaction primers for Lactococcus garvieae

Goswami, R.; Dadhwal, V.; Tejaswi, S.; Datta, K.; Paul, A.; Haricharan, R.N.; Banerjee, U.; Kochupillai, N.P., 2000:
Species-specific prevalence of vaginal candidiasis among patients with diabetes mellitus and its relation to their glycaemic status

Fischer, G.; Müller, T.; Schwalbe, R.; Ostrowski, R.; Dott, W., 2000:
Species-specific profiles of mycotoxins produced in cultures and associated with conidia of airborne fungi derived from biowaste

Altukhov, Y.P.; Abramova, A.B., 2000:
Species-specific random amplified monomorphic DNA

Gange, A.C., 2001:
Species-specific responses of a root- and shoot-feeding insect to arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization of its host plant

Joel, G.; Chapin, F.S.I.I.I.; Chiariello, N.R.; Thayer, S.S.; Field, C.B., 2001:
Species-specific responses of plant communities to altered carbon and nutrient availability

Kouba, A.J.; Atkinson, M.W.; Gandolf, A.R.; Roth, T.L., 2001:
Species-specific sperm-egg interaction affects the utility of a heterologous bovine in vitro fertilization system for evaluating antelope sperm

Martinovich, B.S.; Vlasov, V.K.; Sapozhnikov, U.A.; Sapozhnikova, L.D.; Golushko, R.M.; Sak, M.M., 2000:
Species-specificity of 137Cs and 90Sr accumulation by different woody plants

Taylor Robinson, A.W., 2000:
Species-transcending regulation of malaria parasitaemia

Siddhuraju, P.; Becker, K., 2001:
Species/variety differences in biochemical composition and nutritional value of Indian tribal legumes of the genus Canavalia

Brooks, D.R.; McLennan, D.A., 1999:
Species: turning a conundrum into a research program

Zaharieva, T.R.mheld, V., 2000:
Specific Fe2+ uptake system in strategy I plants inducible under Fe deficiency

Lauge, R.; Goodwin, P.H.; Wit, P.J.G.M. de; Joosten, M.H.A.J., 2000:
Specific HR-associated recognition of secreted proteins from Cladosporium fulvum occurs in both host and non-host plants

Toyoguchi, A.; Omata, Y.; Koyama, T.; Kamiyoshi, T.; Furuoka, H.; Kobayashi, Y.; Kakuda, F.; Maeda, R.; Saito, A.; Mikami, T., 2001:
Specific IgA antibody response to coproantigens of Cryptosporidium parvum in serum and saliva of calves after experimental infection

Sakaguchi, M.; Miyazawa, H.; Inouye, S., 2001:
Specific IgE and IgG to gelatin in children with systemic cutaneous reactions to Japanese encephalitis vaccines

Ibanez Sandin, D.; San Ireneo, M.M.; Maranon Lizana, F.; Fernandez Caldas, E.; Alonso Lebrero, E.; Laso Borrego, T., 1999:
Specific IgE determinations to crude and boiled lentil (Lens culinaris) extracts in lentil-sensitive children and controls

Yman, L., 2000:
Specific IgE in the diagnosis of parasite-induced allergy

Garcia Ara, C.; Boyano Martinez, T.; Diaz Pena, J.M.; Martin Munoz, F.; Reche Frutos, M.; Martin Esteban, M., 2001:
Specific IgE levels in the diagnosis of immediate hypersensitivity to cows' milk protein in the infant

Martínez San Ireneo, M.; Ibáñez Sandín, M.D.; Fernández-Caldas, E.; Marañón Lizana, F.; Rosales Fletes, M.J.; Laso Borrego, M.T., 2000:
Specific IgE levels to Cicer arietinum (Chick pea) in tolerant and nontolerant children: evaluation of boiled and raw extracts

Bueno, E.C.; Vaz, A.J.; Machado, L.D.; Livramento, J.A.; Mielle, S.R., 2000:
Specific Taenia crassiceps and Taenia solium antigenic peptides for neurocysticercosis immunodiagnosis using serum samples

Nishikubo, N.; Araki, T.; Kajita, S.; Kuroda, K.; Kitano, H.; Katayama, Y., 2000:
Specific accumulation of polysaccharide-linked hydroxycinnamoyl esters in the cell walls of irregularly shaped and collapsed internode parenchyma cells of the dwarf rice mutant Fukei 71

Cowger, C.; Hoffer, M.E.; Mundt, C.C., 2000:
Specific adaptation by Mycosphaerella graminicola to a resistant wheat cultivar

Veis, A.; Tompkins, K.; Alvares, K.; Wei, K.; Wang, L.; Wang, X.S.; Brownell, A.G.; Jengh, S.M.; Healy, K.E., 2000:
Specific amelogenin gene splice products have signaling effects on cells in culture and in implants in vivo

Davoine, C.L.-Deunff, E.L.dger, N.A.ice, J.; Billard, J.; Dumas, B.H.ault, C., 2001:
Specific and constitutive expression of oxalate oxidase during the ageing of leaf sheaths of ryegrass stubble

Uma Devi, K.R.; Ramalingam, B.; Brennan, P.J.; Narayanan, P.R.; Raja, A., 2001:
Specific and early detection of IgG, IgA and IgM antibodies to Mycobacterium tuberculosis 38kDa antigen in pulmonary tuberculosis

Kerley, S.J.; Shield, I.F.; Huyghe, C., 2001:
Specific and genotypic variation in the nutrient content of lupin species in soils of neutral and alkaline pH

Chuang, C.F.; Meyerowitz, E.M., 2000:
Specific and heritable genetic interference by double-stranded RNA in Arabidopsis thaliana

Edreva, A.; Georgieva, I.D.; Gesheva, E.; Delon, R., 1999:
Specific and non-specific markers of stress in tobacco

Perteguer, M.J.; Chivato, T.; Montoro, A.; Cuéllar, C.; Mateos, J.M.; Laguna, R., 2000:
Specific and total IgE in patients with recurrent, acute urticaria caused by Anisakis simplex

Bruckmaier, R.M.; Macuhova, J.; Meyer, H.H.D., 2001:
Specific aspects of milk ejection in robotic milking: a review

Lee, R.T.; Shaw, G.; Wadey, P.; Wang, X., 2001:
Specific association of 36Cl with low molecular weight humic substances in soils

Zentgraf, U.; Hinderhofer, K.; Kolb, D., 2000:
Specific association of a small protein with the telomeric DNA-protein complex during the onset of leaf senescence in Arabidopsis thaliana

Emi, T.; Kinoshita, T.; Shimazaki, K., 2001:
Specific binding of vf14-3-3a isoform to the plasma membrane H+-ATPase in response to blue light and fusicoccin in guard cells of broad bean

Thevissen, K.; Osborn, R.W.; Acland, D.P.; Broekaert, W.F., 2000:
Specific binding sites for an antifungal plant defensin from Dahlia (Dahlia merckii) on fungal cells are required for antifungal activity

Lait, C.G.; Bates, S.L.; Kermode, A.R.; Morrissette, K.K.; Borden, J.H., 2001:
Specific biochemical marker-based techniques for the identification of damage to Douglas-fir seed resulting from feeding by the western conifer seed bug, Leptoglossus occidentalis Heidemann (Hemiptera: Coreidae)

Somamoto, T.; Nakanishi, T.; Okamoto, N., 2000:
Specific cell-mediated cytotoxicity against a virus-infected syngeneic cell line in isogeneic ginbuna crucian carp

Ockerman, H.W.; Leon Crespo, F.; Galan Solvedilla, H.; Peralta Fernandez, A.; Ciudad Gonzalez, N.; Balderas Zubeldia, B.; Cespedes Sanchez, F.; Martin Serrano, A.; Torres Munoz, M.C., 1999:
Specific characteristics of meat from the Iberico breed

Ciceri, P.; Castelli, S.; Lauria, M.; Lazzari, B.; Genga, A.; Bernard, L.; Sturaro, M.; Viotti, A., 2000:
Specific combinations of zein genes and genetic backgrounds influence the transcription of the heavy-chain zein genes in maize opaque-2 endosperms

Piumi, F.; Vaiman, D.; Cribiu, E.P.; Guerin, B.; Humblot, P., 2001:
Specific cytogenetic labeling of bovine spermatozoa bearing X or Y chromosomes using fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH)

Trebesius, K.; Adler, K.; Vieth, M.; Stolte, M.; Haas, R., 2001:
Specific detection and prevalence of Helicobacter heilmannii-like organisms in the human gastric mucosa by fluorescent in situ hybridization and partial 16S ribosomal DNA sequencing

Martinez, G.; Harel, J.; Gottschalk, M., 2001:
Specific detection by PCR of Streptococcus agalactiae in milk

Kotowski, R.; Myjak, P.; Kur, J., 2000:
Specific detection of Amanita phalloides mycelium and spores by PCR amplification of the gpd (glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase) gene fragment

Skladny, H.; Buchheidt, D.; Baust, C.; Krieg-Schneider, F.; Seifarth, W.; Leib-Mösch, C.; Hehlmann, R., 1999:
Specific detection of Aspergillus species in blood and bronchoalveolar lavage samples of immunocompromised patients by two-step PCR

Zindrou, S.; Orozco, E.; Linder, E.; Tellez, A.; Bjorkman, A., 2001:
Specific detection of Entamoeba histolytica DNA by hemolysin gene targeted PCR

Hill, D.E.; Liddell, S.; Jenkins, M.C.; Dubey, J.P., 2001:
Specific detection of Neospora caninum oocysts in fecal samples from experimentally-infected dogs using the polymerase chain reaction

Mbuthia, P.G.; Christensen, H.; Boye, M.; Petersen, K.M.; Bisgaard, M.; Nyaga, P.N.; Olsen, J.E., 2001:
Specific detection of Pasteurella multocida in chickens with fowl cholera and in pig lung tissues using fluorescent rRNA in situ hybridization

Gonzalez Rey, C.; Svenson, S.B.; Bravo, L.; Rosinsky, J.; Ciznar, I.; Krovacek, K., 2000:
Specific detection of Plesiomonas shigelloides isolated from aquatic environments, animals and human diarrhoeal cases by PCR based on 23S rRNA gene

Voisset, C.; Tonjes, R.R.; Breyton, P.; Mandrand, B.; Paranhos Baccala, G., 2001:
Specific detection of RT activity in culture supernantants of retrovirus-producing cells, using synthetic DNA as competitor in polymerase enhanced reverse transcriptase assay

Jun MooHyung; Kim TaeJoong; Chang KyungSoo; Kang KyongIm; Kim KuiHyun; Kim KiSeok; Yoo SangSik; Kim HyunSoo; Shin KwangSoon; Kim ChulJoong, 1999:
Specific detection of Salmonella serogroup D1 by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for sefA gene

Shin, H.J.; Rajashekara, G.; Jirjis, F.F.; Shaw, D.P.; Goyal, S.M.; Halvorson, D.A.; Nagaraja, K.V., 2000:
Specific detection of avian pneumovirus (APV) US isolates by RT-PCR

Takanami, Y.; Uchiba, T.; Shigemi, T.; Kikuhara, K.; Takeshita, M., 1999:
Specific detection of subgroups I and II of cucumber mosaic virus RNA with digoxigenin-labelled synthetic oligo-deoxyribonucleotide probes

Castagnone-Sereno, P.; Leroy, F.; Bongiovanni, M.; Zijlstra, C.; Abad, P., 2008:
Specific Diagnosis of Two Root-Knot Nematodes, Meloidogyne chitwoodi and M. fallax, with Satellite DNA Probes

Petkov, Z., 1998:
Specific differences in phenological phase development in mulberry (Morus spp.)

Andrenacci, D.; Cernilogar, F.M.; Taddel, C.; Rotoli, D.; Cavaliere, V.; Graziani, F.; Gargiulo, G., 2001:
Specific domains drive VM32E protein distribution and integration in Drosophila eggshell layers

Daikoku, T.; Shinohara, Y.; Shima, A.; Yamazaki, N.; Terada, H., 2000:
Specific elevation of transcript levels of particular protein subtypes induced in brown adipose tissue by cold exposure

Nemoto, Y.; Sasakuma, T., 2000:
Specific expression of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PDH) gene by salt stress in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Urmantseva, V.V.; Gaevskaya, O.A.; Smirnov, A.V.; Gukasova, E.A.; Bairamashvili, D.I., 2000:
Specific features of a Thalictrum minus cell culture as a source of alkaloids

Ivanova, E.A.; Vafina, G.K., 2000:
Specific features of analysis of the nuclear trypsin-like and inhibitor-trypsin coleoptile complexes at the postembryonic phase of wheat development

Deryugin, V.A.; Donets, O.V., 1999:
Specific features of hybrids in Kuban'

Striganova, B.R.; Rakhleeva, A.A., 1999:
Specific features of intrahabitat distribution of soil testaceans (Protozoa, Testacea)

Atkina, L.I.; Atkin, A.S., 2000:
Specific features of litter accumulation in forest cenoses

Ushakova, G.I., 1999:
Specific features of litter development and transformation in forest biogeocenoses of the Khibini mountains

Skorobogatov, M.A.; Pavlov, D.S.; Lupandin, A.I.; Skorobogatov, A.M., 2000:
Specific features of roach (Rutilus rutilus L.) behavior in the turbulence intensity gradient over the flow depth

Merzlenko, M.D.; Bryntsev, V.A., 2000:
Specific features of seedage in Norway spruce (Picea abies karst.) in the northern Moscow region

Mishina, G.N.; Serezhkina, G.V.; Avetisyan, T.V.; Ryabchenko, A.S.; Andreev, L.N., 2001:
Specific features of the formation of a halo during pathogenesis as a response of cereal epidermal cells to penetration of powdery mildew causative agents

Gryuntal, S.Y., 2000:
Specific features of wintering of ground beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in forest ecosystems of the East European plain

Begum, A.A.; Leibovitch, S.; Migner, P.; Zhang, F., 2001:
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Specific identities and relationships in the Iochroma gesnerioides/fuchsioides complex

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Specific immune response of mares and their newborn foals to Actinobacillus spp. present in the oral cavity

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Specific in situ hybridization of Haemobartonella felis with a DNA probe and tyramide signal amplification

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Specific induced responses to different predator species in anuran larvae

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Specific issues relating to bagasse usage

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Specific leaf area along a nitrogen fertilization gradient

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Specific modifications of galactomannans

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Specific nutrient requirements: trace elements

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Specific packaging of nodaviral RNA2 requires the N-terminus of the capsid protein

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Specific passive immunity reduces the excretion of glycoprotein E-negative bovine herpesvirus type 1 vaccine strain in calves

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Specific physicochemical changes of the profile of cinnamonic forest and alluvial-meadow soils resulting from uranium mining

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Specific Polymerase Chain Reaction Primers for the Detection of Plasmodiophora brassicae in Soil and Water

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Specific rate of production in populations of aquatic insects with different life cycles

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Specific requirements for n-3 and n-6 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids for preterm and term infants?

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Specific secondary structures in the capsid-coding region of giardiavirus transcript are required for its translation in Giardia lamblia

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Specific technology adopted and constraints faced by the farmers in hills

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Specific tyre loads on the soil in function of tractive force

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Specific yield for a two-dimensional flow

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Specificity of papaya lipase in esterification with respect to the chemical structure of substrates

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Specificity of periurban issues for animal production

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Specificity of pheromonal and kairomonal response of the Israeli pine bast scale Matsucoccus josephi and its predator Elatophilus hebraicus

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Specificity of sap flow index for mist irrigation control

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Specificity of the accumulation of mRNAs and proteins of the plasma membrane and tonoplast aquaporins in radish organs

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Specificity of the protective antibody response to apical membrane antigen 1

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Specifics of formation of agricultural production cooperatives

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Specifity of genetic determination of content of photosynthetic pigments in Triticale

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Specifying compost use in highway erosion control

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Specimen orientation for the calibration of direct scanning X-ray wood densitometers

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Specimens of fungal taxa from Ukraine belonging to the family Peronosporaceae kept in the herbarium of the V. L. Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (LE). I. Genera Bremia Regel, Plasmopara J. Schroet., Pseudoperonospora Rostovzev, Sclerospora J. Schroet

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Spectral analysis of international tourism flows

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Spectral analysis of overseas tourists' expenditures in the United Kingdom

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Spectral representation of neutral landscapes

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Spectrin-like proteins in plant nuclei

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Spectrofluorimetric method for determination of aluminium with chromotropic acid and its application to water samples

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Spectrofluorometers are not adequate for aging Aedes and Culex (Diptera: Culicidae) using pteridine fluorescence

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Spectrophotometer-aided evaluation of cyanogenic potential in white clover (Trifolium repens L.)

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Spectrophotometric determination of Zn II in multimineral and multivitamin pharmaceutical preparations containing microelements by the use of azo-dye of 1,2,4-triazole order (METRIAREZ- gamma )

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Spectrophotometric determination of cadmium (II) in soil of allotment gardens in odz

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Spectrophotometric determination of carbaryl by on-line elution after its preconcentration onto polyurethane foam

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Spectrophotometric determination of ferbam in commercial sample and wheat grains after extraction of its bathophenanthroline tetraphenylborate complex into molten naphthalene

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Spectrophotometric determination of iron in sugars using benzyltriethyl ammonium chloride

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Spectrophotometric determination of lead in the soil of allotment gardens in odz

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Spectrophotometric determination of molybdenum in vegetable material, food and a pharmaceutical compound

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Spectrophotometric determination of the tannin contents of various Turkish black tea, beer and wine samples

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Spectrophotometric determination of trace molybdenum in plants and seeds with 3,5-dibromo-4-hydroxyphenylflurone

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Spectrophotometric estimation of multicomponent formulation containing tinidazole, diloxanide furoate and furazolidone

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Spectrophotometric method for measuring corolla colour, using the example of Iris setosa (Iridaceae)

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Spectrophotometric method for the quantitative determination of the content of polyphenols in the dry extract of the above-ground parts of Melilotus officinalis (L.) Pall. and in its medicinal form (tablets)

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Spectrophotometric method of determination of flavonoid sum content in medicinal plant material of Caragana spinosa (L.) Vahl ex Hornem

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Spectrophotometric study of soil profiles in the forest-steppe and steppe zones of Ukraine

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Spectroradiometrical evaluation of photosynthetic efficiency in durum wheat subjected to drought

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