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Survey of white salted noodle quality characteristics in wheat landraces

Black, C.; Panozzo, J.; Wright, C.; Lim, P.

Cereal Chemistry 77(4): 468-472


ISSN/ISBN: 0009-0352
DOI: 10.1094/cchem.2000.77.4.468
Accession: 003574502

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The introduction of novel quality characteristics from wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) landraces can enhance the genetic diversity of current wheat breeding programs. The composition of starch and protein in wheat is important when determining the end-product quality, particularly for white salted noodles (WSN). Quality characteristics that contribute to the production of improved WSN include high starch pasting peak viscosity, low amylose content, high proportion of A-type granules, low protein content, soft grain texture, and high protein quality as measured by SDS sedimentation volume. A survey of 133 wheat landraces from Afghanistan, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Iran, Syria, and Turkey was conducted to examine the genetic variability of starch and protein quality characteristics. Two wheat cultivars, Rosella and Meering, were used as the quality controls. The variation in starch pasting peak viscosities observed among the wheat landraces had a range of 175-295 Rapid Visco Analyser units (RVU), where 52 of the landraces were not significantly different from Rosella, a commercial soft grain wheat with high pasting properties. The amylose content of the landrace population was 23.4-30.2%, where 17 landraces had significantly lower values than Rosella. The proportion of A-type granules was 60.5-73.9%, where 112 landraces had significantly higher values than Rosella. The grain texture hardness score was 28.0-99.3, the total protein content was 8.0-15.1%, and the adjusted SDS sedimentation volume (SDS/protein) was 1.6-7.0 mL/%P. The landrace AUS4635 had high starch pasting peak viscosity, high breakdown, low amylose content, low protein content, soft grain texture, and high protein quality flour. This wheat is an ideal parent to use in a breeding program that increases the genetic variation available to develop cultivars with high-quality WSN characteristics.

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