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Symptoms of nutrient deficiencies (N, P, K, Ca, Mg and S) in sugarcane grown in refined sand

Nautiyal, N.; Dube, B.K.; Chatterjee, C.

Sugar Cane International (March): 12-17


Accession: 003575592

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Sugarcane COS 767 was grown in refined sand with deficiency levels of N (0.12 mM), P (0.015 mM), K (0.04 mM), Ca (0.04 mM), Mg (0.02 mM) or S (0.02 mM). The visible symptoms of N deficiency appeared first and those of Mg last. In N-deficient plants the lowest 2 pairs of leaves turned pale yellow from the base of the lamina. The discoloration then gradually spread upward to cover the entire length of the leaf.

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