Syrphid flies (Syrphidae, Diptera) from North Korea collected by Polish expeditions. Part I (Milesiinae, Microdontinae)

Bankowska, R.

Fragmenta Faunistica 41(10/16): 167-182


Accession: 003576075

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Syrphidae material was collected in North Korea by 6 expeditions of researchers from Poland during 1959-90. The subfamilies Milesiinae and Microdontinae were analysed. A total of 37 species of Syrphidae flies were identified, and only 9 had been previously recorded in the Korea Republic. Among the species were several very rare forms, often known only from original descriptions: Volucella inanoides, Sphegina melancholica, Asiosphegina nitidifrons, Lathyrophthalmus viridis, Spilomyia panfilovi and Xylota frontalis.