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The effect of an elevated fat level and feed protein concentrate on nutrient utilization and carcass quality of broiler chickens

Korol, W.; Bielecka, G.; Jaskiewicz, T.; Matyka, S.

Journal of Animal and Feed Sciences 10(3): 485-495


ISSN/ISBN: 1230-1388
Accession: 003583578

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Ninety-six Hybro broiler chickens were fed diets with increasing protein and energy contents at a constant protein-to-energy ratio: with no added fat (I, control), with 5% added fat (II), 9% (starter) and 10% (grower) added fat (III), 6% (starter) and 8% (grower) added fat and instead of soyabean meal, fish meal and premix, 10% feed protein concentrate (FPC) made from a meat-and-bone meal (MBM) and supplemented with amino acids, vitamins, and minerals (IV).

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