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The effect of formic acid and biological additives on the quality of grass silages, protein and fibre degradation during fermentation, and on the dry matter and nitrogen degradation in the rumen

Gasior, R.; Brzoska, F.

Roczniki Naukowe Zootechniki 26(4): 339-351


Accession: 003584187

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Grasses containing 29.2% dry matter were ensiled in four groups: control without additives, with formic acid (3.5 ml kg-1), with Microsil (20 mg kg-1) and with Bactozym (10 mg kg-1 of the bacterial component and 0.2 ml kg-1 of the enzymatic component). The silages were of good quality and their pH was 3.53. The addition of formic acid inhibited the level of acid fermentation, decreased ammonia content and increased alcohol fermentation in the silages. The lactic acid content of the silages with formic acid and the control silage was 21.5 and 73.0 g kg-1 DM, the acetic acid content was 12.2 and 20.3 g kg-1 DM, and that of alcohol 22.0 and 8.4 g kg-1 DM, respectively.

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