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The effects of oestrus synchronisation and flushing on birth weight of lambs, growth and survival rates in Awassi ewes

Ozbey, O.; Esen, F.

Veteriner Fakultesi Dergisi, Uludag Universitesi 19(3): 119-127


Accession: 003586058

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The study was conducted to investigate the effects of oestrus synchronization and flushing on birth weight, weaning weight and survival rates of newborn lambs in 60 Awassi ewes. Ewes were separated into 4 groups according to age. Group I was synchronized and fed normally, Group II was normal fed and mated, Group III was synchronized and flushed and Group IV was normally mated and flushed. Birth weight, weaning weight and survival rates of lambs were 3.21, 21.03 kg and 84.21%, respectively for Group I; 3.54, 19.12 kg and 81.25%, respectively for Group II; 3.03, 20.96 kg and 85.71%, respectively for Group III and 3.54, 19.12 kg and 93.33%, respectively for Group IV.

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