The presence and importance of Scolytus multistriatus (Marsham) , a defoliator of elm in Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, Mexico

Mendez Montiel, J.T.; Equihua Martinez, A.

Acta Zoologica Mexicana 76: 1-15


ISSN/ISBN: 0065-1737
Accession: 003592775

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The conditions in which Scolytus multistriatus was detected for the first time are explained and the current status of the pest was studied in Aguascalientes city, Mexico, where it infests Ulmus parvifolia. Distribution and levels of damage in parks and avenues were analysed. The species showed a major incidence of attacks in the south of the city, where the potential of dispersal is high. At the same time insect populations were maintained under laboratory conditions to study their life cycle and periods of emergence. The life cycle was completed in 45 to 51 days and the pest had a continuous emergence period of more than 133 days. Only an egg predator in the Uropodidae was detected. Ophiostoma ulmi was not detected.