The structure and productivity of sheep husbandry in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. 4. Socioeconomic problems and suggested solutions

Kaymakci, M.; Ozkaya, T.; Kosum, N.; Taskin, T.; Soya, H.

Ege Universitesi Ziraat Fakultesi Dergisi 36(1/2/3): 149-156


Accession: 003595795

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The research carried out in August-September 1998, was based on data collected from 48 north Cyprus villages (n=218 sheep farmers). Sheep farmers in the region have stated that there are important problems in marketing, cooperation, getting credit, agricultural insurance, nutrition, breeding and animal health. To solve these problems, the government has applied base prices, banned imported milk and frozen meat, decreed credit rates and given priority to sheep farmers in assigning land.