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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 3600

Chapter 3600 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kalita, D.J.; Bisoi, P.C., 2001:
Tissue lactate dehydrogenase and phosphoglucoisomerase activities of Black Bengal Kid after injection of calcium-phosphorus and testosterone

Chechetka, S.A.; Kirnos, S.V.; Nikiforova, T.A.; Bruskova, R.K.; Satskaya, M.V.; Izmailov, S.F., 2000:
Tissue location of the enzymes involved in nitrate and ammonia nitrogen assimilation in lupin nodules

Boileau, T.W.; Clinton, S.K.; Erdman, J.W., 2000:
Tissue lycopene concentrations and isomer patterns are affected by androgen status and dietary lycopene concentration in male F344 rats

Oladele, O.A.; Antia, R.E., 2000:
Tissue minerals and trypanotolerance in Nigerian cattle

Chiesa, A.; Fraschina, A.; Delfino, O.F. de, 1997:
Tissue nitrogen composition and yield parameters in spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) crop

Sair, M.; Etherington, P.J.; Peter Winlove, C.; Evans, T.W., 2001:
Tissue oxygenation and perfusion in patients with systemic sepsis

Phoya, R.K.D.; Kamoto, T.H.A., 2000:
Tissue partitioning of the indigenous Malawi goat

Huber, A.M.; Davidson, K.W.; O'Brien-Morse, M.E.; Sadowski, J.A., 1999:
Tissue phylloquinone and menaquinones in rats are affected by age and gender

Fagerness, M.J.; Yelverton, F.H., 2000:
Tissue production and quality of 'Tifway' bermudagrass as affected by seasonal application patterns of trinexapac-ethyl

Qiu YinSheng; Cao JiYue; Wang DaJu; Yan HanChi; Ling Sa; Zhou ShiQi; X.Q.nYing, 2001:
Tissue residues of sarafloxacin hydrochloride in broiler chickens

Harrold, S.M.; Cook, S.J.; Cook, R.F.; Rushlow, K.E.; Issel, C.J.; Montelaro, R.C., 2000:
Tissue sites of persistent infection and active replication of equine infectious anemia virus during acute disease and asymptomatic infection in experimentally infected equids

Furusho, T.; Wada, M.; Yasuhara, T.; Kataoka, E.; Kato, S.; Masushige, S., 1998:
Tissue specific-distribution and metabolism of vitamin A are affected by dietary protein levels in rats

Kawamura, Y.; Arakawa, K.; Maeshima, M.; Yoshida, S., 2000:
Tissue specificity of E subunit isoforms of plant vacuolar H(+)-ATPase and existence of isotype enzymes

Morra, M.R.; Petty, I.T., 2000:
Tissue specificity of geminivirus infection is genetically determined

Delongchamp, R.R.; Young, J.F., 2001:
Tissue sphinganine as a biomarker of fumonisin-induced apoptosis

Hsu TsaiShen; Shiau ShiYen, 1999:
Tissue storage of vitamin E in grass shrimp Penaeus monodon fed dietary DL- alpha -tocopheryl acetate

Kratky, D.; Strauss, J.G.; Zechner, R., 2001:
Tissue-specific activity of lipoprotein lipase in skeletal muscle regulates the expression of uncoupling protein 3 in transgenic mouse models

Chávez-Bárcenas, A.T.; Valdez-Alarcón, J.J.; Martínez-Trujillo, M.; Chen, L.; Xoconostle-Cázares, B.; Lucas, W.J.; Herrera-Estrella, L., 2000:
Tissue-specific and developmental pattern of expression of the rice sps1 gene

McGrattan, P.D.; Wylie, A.R.G.; Nelson, J., 2000:
Tissue-specific differences in insulin binding affinity and insulin receptor concentrations in skeletal muscles, adipose tissue depots and liver of cattle and sheep

Rask, E.; Olsson, T.; Söderberg, S.; Andrew, R.; Livingstone, D.E.; Johnson, O.; Walker, B.R., 2001:
Tissue-specific dysregulation of cortisol metabolism in human obesity

Kos, M.; O'Brien, S.; Flouriot, G.; Gannon, F., 2000:
Tissue-specific expression of multiple mRNA variants of the mouse estrogen receptor alpha gene

Sugama, S.; Kim, Y.; Baker, H.; Tinti, C.; Kim, H.; Joh, T.H.; Conti, B., 2000:
Tissue-specific expression of rat IL-18 gene and response to adrenocorticotropic hormone treatment

Menuet, A.; Anglade, I.; Flouriot, G.; Pakdel, F.; Kah, O., 2001:
Tissue-specific expression of two structurally different estrogen receptor alpha isoforms along the female reproductive axis of an oviparous species, the rainbow trout

Walters, K.W.; Corbin, C.J.; Anderson, G.B.; Roser, J.F.; Conley, A.J., 2000:
Tissue-specific localization of cytochrome P450 aromatase in the equine embryo by in situ hybridization and immunocytochemistry

Hiwatashi, Y.; Fukuda, H., 2000:
Tissue-specific localization of mRNA for carrot homeobox genes, CHBs, in carrot somatic embryos

Whitley, J.C.; Giraud, A.S.; Mahoney, A.O.; Clarke, I.J.; Shulkes, A., 2000:
Tissue-specific regulation of gastrin-releasing peptide synthesis, storage and secretion by oestrogen and progesterone

Bishop, C.M.; McCabe, C.J.; Gittoes, N.J.; Butler, P.J.; Franklyn, J.A., 2000:
Tissue-specific regulation of thyroid hormone receptor mRNA isoforms and target gene proteins in domestic ducks

Ellis, H.A., 2001:
Tissues of origin of galls on alder catkins induced by the fungus Taphrina amentorum

Ittu, G.; Saulescu, N.N.; Ittu, M.; Mustatea, P., 1999:
Titan - the first Romanian short-strawed triticale

Sekhar, S.I., 2000:
Titanic loss from a tiny weevil in coconut

George, T.S.; Gregory, P.J.; Robinson, J.S.; Buresh, R.J.; Jama, B., 1999:
Tithonia diversifolia in western Kenya: relationship of tissue phosphorus concentration to soil phosphorus

Rios Kato, C.I., 1999:
Tithonia diversifolia, a plant with potential for sustainable production in the tropics

Francis, L.P., 2001:
Title IX: equality for women's sports?

Cooper, P.; Duret, C.; Wiedemann, C., 2000:
Titration of live canine parvovirus vaccines. Influence of cell type

Pineau, J.C.; Bergot, C.; Vol, S., 2000:
To a better estimation of the body fat percentage

Murray, D.A.; Hoffman, J.E., 2000:
To ascertain the ideal combinations of Atrazine and/or Diuron with Thiazopyr (Visor) in order that acceptable broad spectrum pre-emergent weed control in pineapples is achieved

Moller, O., 2000:
To be an organic milk producer in Denmark - experiences and goals

Nikul' nikov, V., 2000:
To conserve the Livny breed of pigs

Lee TzongRu, 1999:
To establish the optimal logistics system for farmers' association supermarkets in Taiwan

Horr, B.Z., 2007:
To feed or not to feed

Maurstad, A., 2000:
To fish or not to fish: small-scale fishing and changing regulations of the cod fishery in Northern Norway

Crompton, J., 2001:
To keep the tax bill down, should the community build homes or parks?

Cherkashin, V.I., 2000:
To raise the effectiveness of measures against locust populations

Siegmund Schultze, M.; Rischkowsky, B.; Kocty Thiombiano, D., 1999:
To rear or not to rear sheep in Bobo-Dioulasso?

Gamuev, V.V.; Gamuev, O.V.; Ashcheulov, A.V., 2000:
To remove competitors from a field

L.H.ngBin; Rozelle, S.; Brandt, L., 2000:
To save or limit rural industry: an analysis of privatization and efficiency in China

Gao HaiYan, 1999:
To speed up the progress of industrialization in produce storage and processing

Laga, M.; Schwärtlander, B.; Pisani, E.; Sow, P.S.; Caraël, M., 2001:
To stem HIV in Africa, prevent transmission to young women

Jamro, G.H.; Kumbhar, A.M.; Ullah, A.; Soomro, A.G., 2000:
To study the performance of different sugarcane varieties under climatic conditions of upper Sindh

Fedorenko, D.N., 2001:
To taxonomy and distribution of some Palaearctic ground beetles from the tribe Dyschirini (Coleoptera, Carabidae)

Dorofeyeva, E.A., 1999:
To the classification and relationships of Eurasian Salmonid fishes

Regel, K.V., 2001:
To the fauna of the cestode family Hymenolepididae from ducks of Chukotka: on a validity of the genus Echinatrium

Rumiantzev, E.A., 2001:
To the history of fish parasite fauna formation in internal waters of the European North

Koppitz, H.; Kuehl, H., 2000:
To the importance of genetic diversity of Phragmites australis in the development of reed stands

Lastuvka, Z.; Blasius, R.; Bartsch, D.; Bettag, E.; Blum, E.; Lastuvka, A.; Lingenhole, A.; Petersen, M.; Riefenstahl, H.; Spatenka, K., 2000:
To the knowledge of clearwing moths in Spain (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae)

Gornostaeva, R.M., 1999:
To the mosquito fauna (Diptera: Culicidae) in the area of the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydro-electric power station

Stepanov, V.; Mikhailov, N.; Baranchikov, A.; Klimenko, A., 2000:
To the problem of evaluating the genotype of pigs during assessment

Slim, H., 1999:
To the rescue: radicals or poodles?

Murdiati, T.B.; Adiwinata, G.; Hildasari, D., 2000:
To trace the active compound in mengkudu (Morinda citrifolia) with anthelmintic activity against Haemonchus contortus

Northen, J., 2000:
To what extent are consumer requirements met by private quality policy?

Becker, T., 2000:
To what extent are consumer requirements met by public quality policy?

Royal, M.D., 1999:
To what extent has dairy cattle fertility declined in the UK?

Wang, Y.; Duby, G.; Purnelle, B.; Boutry, M., 2000:
Tobacco VDL gene encodes a plastid DEAD box RNA helicase and is involved in chloroplast differentiation and plant morphogenesis

Sinha, D.N.; Gupta, P.C., 2001:
Tobacco and areca nut use in male medical students of Patna

Thomas, P., 2000:
Tobacco and development: critical issues for the 21st century

Samira Matri; Sami Karoui; Azza Filali, 2000:
Tobacco and inflammatory bowel diseases

Stull, D.D., 2000:
Tobacco barns and chicken houses: agricultural transformation in western Kentucky

Jyoti, J.L.; Young, S.Y.; Johnson, D.T.; McNew, R.W., 1999:
Tobacco budworm, Heliothis virescens (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae): larval location and mortality on Bacillus thuringiensis-treated cotton

Wolfenbarger, D.A.; Bartlett, A.C., 2000:
Tobacco budworm: fate of a black-body dominant-lethal mutant crossed with wild following selection with methyl parathion

Radan, Z.; Zimmer, R.; Jumic, R.; Banaj, ; Kismartin, Z., 2000:
Tobacco drying in Powell driers

Xie Can; Zhang JinSong; Chen ShouYi, 1999:
Tobacco floral homeotic gene Nfbp6 is specifically expressed during pollen and ovule development

Pizziol, P.; Nicoletti, R., 1999:
Tobacco in the EU legislation on plant quarantine

Pennazio, S.; Roggero, P., 2000:
Tobacco mosaic virus. 1. Birth of plant virology

Pennazio, S.; Roggero, P., 2001:
Tobacco mosaic virus. 3. A prelude to a new paradigm

Snegireva, P.B.; Shiyan, A.N., 2000:
Tobacco mosaic virus: transport throughout plant

Hänsch, R.; Fessel, D.G.; Witt, C.; Hesberg, C.; Hoffmann, G.; Walch-Liu, P.; Engels, C.; Kruse, J.; Rennenberg, H.; Kaiser, W.M.; Mendel, R.R., 2001:
Tobacco plants that lack expression of functional nitrate reductase in roots show changes in growth rates and metabolite accumulation

Sinisterra, X.H.; Polston, J.E.; Abouzid, A.M.; Hiebert, E., 2008:
Tobacco plants transformed with a modified coat protein of tomato mottle begomovirus show resistance to virus infection

Ratcliff, F.; Martin Hernandez, A.M.ntserrat; Baulcombe, D.C., 2001:
Tobacco rattle virus as a vector for analysis of gene function by silencing

Anonymous, 2001:
Tobacco smoke, a real world epidemic: developing countries are targets for expanding the tobacco market

Horta, B.L.; Calheiros, P.; Pinheiro, R.T.; Tomasi, E.; Amaral, K.C. do, 2001:
Tobacco smoking among teenagers in an urban area in Southern Brazil

Jarosz, M.; Dzieniszewski, J.; Dabrowska Ufniarz, E.; Wartanowicz, M.; Ziemlanski, S., 2000:
Tobacco smoking and vitamin C concentration in gastric juice in healthy subjects and patients with Helicobacter pylori infection

Peltzer, K., 2001:
Tobacco smoking in black and white South Africans

Cook, G.; Miranda, J.R. de; Roossinck, M.J.; Pietersen, G., 1999:
Tobacco streak ilarvirus detected on groundnut in South Africa

Samek, D.; Szwagrzyk, M., 2001:
Tobacco thrips and brown tomato leaf spot on tobacco

Niggeweg, R.; Thurow, C.; Kegler, C.; Gatz, C., 2000:
Tobacco transcription factor TGA2.2 is the main component of as-1-binding factor ASF-1 and is involved in salicylic acid- and auxin-inducible expression of as-1-containing target promoters

Sandri, G., 2000:
Tobacco: damage by PYV or phytotoxicity caused by the herbicide?

Trent, A.; Player, A., 1999:
Tobacco: world markets and trade

Licen, R.; Seljak, G., 1999:
Tobaco whitefly , a serious pest in glasshouses

Tamai, A.; Meshi, T., 2001:
Tobamoviral movement protein transiently expressed in a single epidermal cell functions beyond multiple plasmodesmata and spreads multicellularly in an infection-coupled manner

Wilmoth, G.C.; Foster, J.G.; Hess, J.L., 2000:
Tocopherol (vitamin E) content in three invasive, woody species on underutilized Appalachian farmland

Noga, G.; Schmitz, M., 2000:
Tocopherol and its potential for improving fruit quality in apple

Sylvester, P.W., 2001:
Tocopherol and tocotrienol effects on normal mammary epithelial cell growth and apoptosis

Gebert, S.; Karin, A.; Ruth, M.; Wenk, C., 1999:
Tocopherol content, oxidative stability and fatty acid composition of egg yolk influenced by dietary alpha -tocopherol

Velasco, L.; Goffman, F.D., 2000:
Tocopherol, plastochromanol and fatty acid patterns in the genus Linum

Billing, H.; Nyren, O.; Wolk, A.; Appelqvist, L.A., 1999:
Tocopherols, carotenoids and cholesterol oxides in plasma from women with varying smoking and eating habits

Cherian, G.; Kang, K.R.; Sim, J.S., 1999:
Tocopherols, retinol and carotenes in eggs and hatched chick tissues as influenced by dietary palm oil

Nesaretnam, K.; Dorasamy, S.; Darbre, P.D., 2000:
Tocotrienols inhibit growth of ZR-75-1 breast cancer cells

Koster, A., 1999:
Today's genetic syzygy: commotion or cooperative science?

Singh, J.P., 2001:
Todays sugar industry's need - high sugar content and high yielding varieties of sugarcane

Noma, Y.; Tsukagoshi, S.; Sunohara, Y., 2000:
Tokyo metropolitan central wholesale market Fuji apple's standard and problems

Francois, N.R. le; Dutil, J.D.; Blier, P.; Lord, K.; Chabot, D., 2000:
Tolerance and growth of juvenile common wolffish (Anarhichas lupus) under low salinity and hypoxic conditions: preliminary results

Kyle, U.G.; Jolliet, P.; Genton, L.; Pichard, C., 2000:
Tolerance and utilization of enteral nitrogen

Ojiambo, P.S.; Ayiecho, P.O.; Narla, R.D.; Mibey, R.K., 2000:
Tolerance level of Alternaria sesami and the effect of seed infection on yield of sesame in Kenya

Jadoun, B.S.; Kalyan Singh; Jha, M.N., 2000:
Tolerance of Acacia nilotica to fluorine enriched saline irrigation water at early growth stages

Mashhoor, W.A.; Nasr, S.A.; Amara, M.A.; Mikhail, K.K., 2000:
Tolerance of Azotobacter strains to adverse environmental conditions

X.S.anLiang; Wang DanLi; Huang DaKe, 1999:
Tolerance of Daphnia pulex to salinity of seawater

Ravindran, C.R.M.; Suguna, S.; Shanmugasundaram, S., 2000:
Tolerance of Oscillatoria isolates to agrochemicals and pyrethroid components

Wiewiora, M., 1999:
Tolerance of Polish varieties and lines of spring wheat to aluminium toxicity

Lopez, R.; Gonzalez, L.M.; Garcia, D., 1999:
Tolerance of Rhizobium strains isolated from pasture legumes to different NaCl levels

Murdock, E.C.; Sherrick, S.L., 2000:
Tolerance of Roundup Ready (glyphosate-tolerant) cotton to postemergence and postemergence-directed applications of Roundup Ultra (glyphosate)

Lin XianGui; Wang ShuGuang; Shi YaQin, 2001:
Tolerance of VA mycorrhizal fungi to soil acidity

Matsubara, Y.; Kayukawa, Y.; Yano, M.; Fukui, H., 2000:
Tolerance of asparagus seedlings infected with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus to violet root rot caused by Helicobasidium mompa

Beardmore, T.L.; Whittle, C., 1999:
Tolerance of butternut embryonic axes to low and ultra-low temperatures

Wall, D.A.; Smith, M.A.H., 2000:
Tolerance of common buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) to low rates of 2,4-D and MCPA

Pereira Filho, I.A.; Oliveira, M.F.; Pires, N.M., 2000:
Tolerance of corn hybrids to nicosulfuron

Torun, A.; Ylmaz, A.; Kalayc, M.; Gultekin, I.; Torun, B.; Eker, S.; Cakmak, I., 2000:
Tolerance of different wheat cultivars grown in Konya to boron toxicity under greenhouse and field conditions

Cavero, J.; Aibar, J.; Gutierrez, M.; Fernandez Cavada, S.; Sopena, J.M.; Pardo, A.; Suso, M.L.; Zaragoza, C., 2001:
Tolerance of direct-seeded paprika pepper (Capsicum annuum) to clomazone applied preemergence

Krakovska, Z.; Pieckova, E.; Jesenska, Z., 2001:
Tolerance of environmental microfungi to fluconazole

Silva, W. da; Ferreira, L.R.; Melo, H.B. de, 2000:
Tolerance of five Pinus species to herbicides

Dernoeden, P.H., 2000:
Tolerance of four Festuca species to ethofumesate and prodiamine

Reddy, K.B.; Rao, G.V.; Reddy, C.M.; Reddy, B.R., 1999:
Tolerance of groundnut cultivars to manganese toxicity

Tabar, A.I.; Lizaso, M.T.; Garcia, B.E.; Echechipia, S.; Olaguibel, J.M.; Rodriguez, A., 2000:
Tolerance of immunotherapy with a standardized extract of Alternaria tenuis in patients with rhinitis and bronchial asthma

Barennes, H.; Sani, A.M.; Tani, F.K.; Meda, H.; Khenine, A., 1999:
Tolerance of intrarectal quinine in children in French-speaking Africa

Nagarajan, B.; Srinivasan, S.R.; Dhanapalan, P.; Gnanaprakasam, V., 2000:
Tolerance of liver biopsy induced trauma in experimental calves

Livesey, G., 2001:
Tolerance of low-digestible carbohydrates: a general view

Tao Bo; S.S.aoQuan; Jin Yi, 1999:
Tolerance of maize (Zea mays L.) to chlorsulfuron

Wilson, C.E.J.; Slaton, N.A.; Frizzell, D.L.; Boothe, D.L.; Ntamatungiro, S.; Norman, R.J., 2001:
Tolerance of new rice cultivars to straighthead

Zubrinich, T.M.; Loveys, B.; Gallasch, S.; Seekamp, J.V.; Tyerman, S.D., 2000:
Tolerance of salinized floodplain conditions in a naturally occurring Eucalyptus hybrid related to lowered plant water potential

Miller, W.; Mcdonald, R.; Chaparro, J., 2000:
Tolerance of selected orange and mandarin hybrid fruit to low-dose irradiation for quarantine purposes

Soma, Y.; Misumi, T.; Naito, H.; Kawakami, F., 2000:
Tolerance of several species of fresh fruits to methyl bromide and phosphine fumigation and mortality of peach fruit moth by phosphine fumigation

E.K.liey, M.M.; E.H.mid, M.A., 2000:
Tolerance of some barley varieties to drought conditions

E.H.wary, M.A.; Mokadem, S.A., 1999:
Tolerance of some sugar beet varieties to irrigations with saline water in sandy soils

Menosso, O.G.; Costa, J.A.; Anghinoni, I.; Bohnen, H., 2000:
Tolerance of soyabean genotypes to aluminium in solution

Brathen, K.A.; Odasz Albrigtsen, A.M., 2000:
Tolerance of the arctic graminoid Luzula arcuata ssp. confusa to simulated grazing in two nitrogen environments

Ngouajio, M.; McGiffen, M.E.J.; Hembree, K.J., 2001:
Tolerance of tomato cultivars to velvetleaf interference

Goldwasser, Y.L.nini, W.; Wrobel, R., 2001:
Tolerance of tomato varieties to lespedeza dodder

Gertz, J.M.J.; Vencill, W.K.; Hill, N.S., 1999:
Tolerance of transgenic soybean (Glycine max) to heat stress

Assis, A.M.O.; Santos, L.M.P.; Prado, M. da S.; Martins, M.C.; Barreto, M.L., 2000:
Tolerance of vitamin A application associated with mass immunization of children in Northeast Brazil

Tissot, S.; Quenon, G.; Miserque, O., 1999:
Tolerance of wheat crop towards the spreading heterogeneity of nitrogen manure

Johnson, B.J.; Carrow, R.N., 1999:
Tolerance of zoysiagrass (Zoysia spp.) cultivars to preemergence herbicides

Wilson, B.; White, P., 2001:
Tolerance rules: identity, resistance, and negotiation in an inner city recreation/drop-in center: an ethnographic study

Bertz, H., 2001:
Tolerance testing of a pneumococcal vaccine. No excuse for low uptake of vaccination

Dantas, A.C. de M.; Fortes, G.R. de L.; Silva, J.B. da; Nezi, A.N.; Rodrigues, A.C., 2001:
Tolerance to aluminium in apple rootstock somaclones cultured in nutrient solution

Gunes, A.; Alpaslan, M.; Ozcan, H.; Ckl, Y., 2000:
Tolerance to boron toxicity of maize (Zea mays L.) cultivars widely cultivated in Turkey

Marteau, P.; Flourié, B., 2001:
Tolerance to low-digestible carbohydrates: symptomatology and methods

Bouaouina, S.; Zid, E.; Hajji, M., 2000:
Tolerance to salinity, ion transport and chlorophyll fluorescence in durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L.)

Sonntag, K.C.; Emery, D.W.; Yasumoto, A.; Haller, G.; Germana, S.; Sablinski, T.; Shimizu, A.; Yamada, K.; Shimada, H.; Arn, S.; Sachs, D.H.; LeGuern, C., 2001:
Tolerance to solid organ transplants through transfer of MHC class II genes

Rao, N.K.S.; Bhatt, R.M.; Sadashiva, A.T., 2000:
Tolerance to water stress in tomato cultivars

Kim SoonKwon, 2000:
Tolerance: an ideal co-survival crop breeding system of pest and host in nature with reference to maize

Imler, J.L.; Hoffmann, J.A., 2000:
Toll and toll-like proteins: an ancient family of receptors signaling infection

Akira, S., 2000:
Toll-like receptors: lessons from knockout mice

Tauszig, S.; Jouanguy, E.; Hoffmann, J.A.; Imler, J.L., 2000:
Toll-related receptors and the control of antimicrobial peptide expression in Drosophila

Garrido, C.; Rosenkranz, P.; Stuermer, M.; Ruebsam, R.; Buening, J., 2000:
Toluidine blue staining as a rapid measure for initiation of oocyte growth and fertility in Varroa jacobsoni Oud

Froehlich, J.E.; Itoh, A.; Howe, G.A., 2001:
Tomato allene oxide synthase and fatty acid hydroperoxide lyase, two cytochrome P450s involved in oxylipin metabolism, are targeted to different membranes of chloroplast envelope

Abdalla, M.Y.; A.M.hanna, A.A.; A.R.kibah, A.A.; Ibrahim, G.H., 1999:
Tomato bacterial wilt in Saudi Arabia and the use of antagonistic bacteria for its control

Skorina, V.; Sarviro, E., 1999:
Tomato breeding for productivity and fruit quality

Nassar, H.H.; Hassan, A.A.; Barakat, M.A.; Tolba, M.S., 1999:
Tomato breeding for salinity tolerance. I. Screening methods

Hassan, A.A.; Nassar, H.H.; Barakat, M.A.; Tolba, M.S., 1999:
Tomato breeding for salinity tolerance. III. Genetics of tolerance

Wisler, G.C.; Li, R.H.; Liu, H.Y.; Lowry, D.S.; Duffus, J.E., 2008:
Tomato chlorosis virus: a new whitefly-transmitted, Phloem-limited, bipartite closterovirus of tomato

Thonnissen, C.; Midmore, D.J.; Ladha, J.K.; Holmer, R.J.; Schmidhalter, U., 2000:
Tomato crop response to short-duration legume green manures in tropical vegetable systems

Cooper, P.E., 2000:
Tomato cultivar trial results, 1999

Cooper, P.E., 2001:
Tomato cultivar trial results, 2000

Bakulina, V.A.; Kamynina, T.N.; Breger, E.L., 2000:
Tomato cultivars and hybrids included for the first time in 1999 in the State Register of breeding achievements licensed for use

Kondrat' eva, I.Yu, 2000:
Tomato cultivars with high fruit shelf life

Hong JiHeun; Mills, D.J.; Coffman, C.B.; Anderson, J.D.; Camp, M.J.; Gross, K.C., 2000:
Tomato cultivation systems affect subsequent quality of fresh-cut fruit slices

Pietersen, G.; Idris, A.M.; Kruger, K.; Brown, J.K., 2000:
Tomato curly stunt virus, a new begomovirus of tomato within the tomato yellow leaf curl virus-IS cluster in South Africa

Mennella, G.; Onofaro Sanaja, V.; D.A.essandro, A.; Coppola, R.; Poma, I., 2001:
Tomato ecotype characterization by anionic exchange-high performance liquid chromatography analysis of endosperm seed proteins

Rhoads, F.M.; Gardner, C.S.; Mbuya, O.S.; Queeley, G.L.; Edwards, H.M., 1999:
Tomato fertilization, ground cover, and soil nitrate nitrogen movement

Ravinder Singh; Kohli, U.K.; Kanwar, H.S., 1999:
Tomato fruit quality as influenced by different nutrient regimes

Guichard, S.; Bertin, N.; Leonardi, C.; Gary, C., 2001:
Tomato fruit quality in relation to water and carbon fluxes

Akemo, M.; Bennett, M.; Regnier, E., 2000:
Tomato growth in spring-sown cover crops

Fawzi, W.; Herrera, M.G.; Nestel, P., 2000:
Tomato intake in relation to mortality and morbidity among Sudanese children

Ravinder Kumar; Srivastava, B.K., 2000:
Tomato leaf and chlorophyll content as affected by low plastic tunnels

Sandoval-Villa, M.G.ertal, E.; Wood, C., 2000:
Tomato leaf chlorophyll meter readings as affected by variety, nitrogen form, and nighttime nutrient solution strength

Samretwanich, K.; Chiemsombat, P.; Kittipakorn, K.; Ikegami, M., 2000:
Tomato leaf curl geminivirus associated with cucumber yellow leaf disease in Thailand

Yeung, D.L.; Samek, A.H.; Gurfinkel, D.M., 2001:
Tomato lycopene and chronic disease

Scott, J.W., 1999:
Tomato plants heterozygous for fusarium wilt race 3 resistance develop larger fruit than homozygous resistant plants

Araujo, A.; Augusto, L., 1999:
Tomato production in Brazil. Poor working conditions and high residues threaten safety

Carrijo, O.A.; Hochmuth, G., 2000:
Tomato responses to preplant-incorporated or fertigated phosphorus on soils varying in Mehlich-1 extractable phosphorus

Lehmann, K.; Hause, B.; Altmann, D.; Köck, M., 2001:
Tomato ribonuclease LX with the functional endoplasmic reticulum retention motif HDEF is expressed during programmed cell death processes, including xylem differentiation, germination, and senescence

Sainju, U.M.; Singh, B.P.; Syed Rahman; Reddy, V.R., 2000:
Tomato root growth is influenced by tillage, cover cropping, and nitrogen fertilization

Anonymous, 1999 :
Tomato spotted wilt tospovirus

Qiu, W.; Moyer, J.W., 2008:
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Tourism and sustainable development

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Tourism and the environment: impacts and solutions

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Tourism and the environment: some observations on the concept of carrying capacity

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Tourism and the establishment of national parks in New Zealand

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Tourism and world peace: a conundrum for the twenty-first century

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Tourism as a factor in foreign trade: an element(al) appraisal

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Tourism as a motor for changes in land use in mountain areas

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Tourism as an escape: long-term travelers in New Zealand

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Tourism as an integral part of a Czech consumer lifestyle

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Tourism at the beginning of the new Millennium

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Tourism development experience in Ghana

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Tourism development regimes in the inner city fringe: the case of Discover Islington, London

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Tourism development through the quality area plans

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Tourism ecolabels market research in Germany

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Tourism education in China: past and present

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Tourism in Albania: competing in the Mediterranean region

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Tourism in Amish communities

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Tourism in China and professionalism: an insider's perspective

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Tourism in Dalmatia under the conditions of globalisation

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Tourism in Fiji after the coups

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Tourism in London - an agenda for the Mayor

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Tourism in an era of information technology

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Tourism in bioregional context: approaching ecosystemic practice in Sumava, Czech Republic

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Tourism in the European Union

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Tourism in the least developed countries. Third United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries, Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain, 26-29 March 2001

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Tourism in the most fragile environments

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Tourism in turmoil

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Tourism industry served climate warning

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Tourism marketing research

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Tourism on a global scale: economical and social relevance, and its sustainable development - the Brazilian reality

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Tourism on the world wide web: a comparison of Web sites of United States- and French-based businesses

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Tourism perspectives of the Asian financial crisis: lessons for the future

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Tourism planning in the Arctic Banks Island

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Tourism policy challenges in a devolved state: the case of Scotland

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Tourism price competitiveness & journey purpose

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Tourism research in Australia

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Tourism resource management on the example of tourism development in the Punat Cove on the island of Krk

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Tourism students' perceptions of work values: a case of Taiwanese universities

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Tourism's role in new rural policy for peripheral areas: the case of Arjeplog

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Tourism, 'national parks' and private lands

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Tourism, gazing, and cultural authority

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Tourism, heritage buildings, and tax relief

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Tourism, marketing and telecommunication: a road towards regional development

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Tourism, national parks and Aboriginal peoples

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Tourism, national parks and local communities

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Tourism, national parks and partnerships

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Tourism, national parks and resource conflicts

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Tourism, national parks and sustainability

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Tourism, national parks and visitor management

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Tourism, national parks and wildlife

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Tourism, sustainability and the social milieux in Lake Superior's north shore and islands

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Tourism, transport geography and industrial economics: a synthesis in the context of Mediterranean islands

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Tourism: the latest chapter in the historical idealization of nature and the rural environment

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Tourist attractions and attracted tourists: how to satisfy today's 'fickle' tourist clientele?

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Tourist attractions: evolution, analysis and prospects

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Tourist behaviour research - the role of 'I' and neural networks

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Tourist development and environmental protection in Greece

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Tourist evaluation of Olu Deniz beach (Turkey) using Contingent Valuation and Travel Cost approaches

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Tourist experiences, phenomenographic analysis, post-positivism and neural network software

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Tourist perceptions of the ultimate European periphery

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Tourist policy. The Tourism Congress of Catalonia

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Tourist resources and evaluation of Maor Mountain Forest Park

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Tourist shopping in transit: the case of BAA plc

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Tourist victimization and the fear of crime on holiday

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Touristic signposting, the compass for drivers: the tourist signposting system in Quebec

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Touristic zoning of Quebec: elements of the analysis and research proposals

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Touristical non profit organizations and touristical management

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Tourists & cities: friend or foe?

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Tourists and taxis: an examination of the tourism transport interface

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Tourists' perceptions of security: the risk-fear paradox

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Tourists' valuation of other tourists' contributions to travel web sites

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Tourists' willingness to pay for wildlife viewing and wildlife conservation in Namibia

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Tourists: the future is the quest for exotic things

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Tow new species and some new records of biting midges from Hong Kong, China (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

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Toward Anopheles transformation: Minos element activity in anopheline cells and embryos

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Toward GATT-proofing environmental programmes for agriculture

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Toward a brighter future: Northern Ireland and tourism

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Toward a contemporary understanding of the United States-Mexico border: a preface

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Toward a food-secure world

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Toward a framework and indicators for monitoring Roll Back Malaria

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Toward a functional catalog of the plant genome. A survey of genes for lipid biosynthesis

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Toward a new rural development program: the Rural Settlement Development Project

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Toward a parameterization of mesoscale fluxes and moist convection induced by landscape heterogeneity

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Toward a predictive model of supplementary feeding response from grazing dairy cows

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Toward a synthesis of guidelines for legitimizing transhumance

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Toward an integrated genetic epidemiology of parasitic protozoa and other pathogens

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Toward an understanding of the biochemical and pharmacological complexity of the saliva of a hematophagous sand fly Lutzomyia longipalpis

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Toward development of an effective trap to monitor plum curculio: 1998 results

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Toward engineering the metabolic pathways of cancer-preventing lignans in cereal grains and other crops

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Toward improving agricultural extension through farmer participatory research: CARE's DTC project in south-western Uganda

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Toward integrated research, land management, and ecosystem protection in the Malpai Borderlands: conference summary. Douglas, Arizona, 6-8 January 1999

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Toward integration of comparative genetic, physical, diversity, and cytomolecular maps for grasses and grains, using the sorghum genome as a foundation

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Toward methodological inclusivism: the case for case studies

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Toward molecular farming of therapeutics in plants

Jimenez, L.F., 2000:
Toward new social security systems in the 21st century: universal coverage is impossible without cohesion in financing

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Toward reliable flowering of lychee (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) in south Florida

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Toward site-specific design standards for animal-waste lagoons: protecting ground water quality

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Toward the development of molecular markers linked to race 2 Fusarium wilt resistance in melon (Cucumis melo L.)

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Toward the discrimination of manganese, zinc, copper, and iron deficiency in 'Bragg' soybean using spectral detection methods

Kranjcevic, J., 2000:
Toward the discussion on village renewal in Croatia

Moncayo, A.C.; Edman, J.D., 1999:
Toward the incrimination of epidemic vectors of eastern equine encephalomyelitis virus in Massachusetts: abundance of mosquito populations at epidemic foci

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Toward the mammalian transcript map

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Toward the metabolic engineering of benzylisoquinoline alkaloid biosynthesis in opium poppy and related species

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Toward the new stage of environmental forest science research in the 21st century. IUFRO status and perspective

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Toward the theory of globalisation process

Gill, C., 2000:
Towards 'minimum' levels of specific SAA

Bejarano, M.R.; Milligan, W., 2000:
Towards 'taking a new look' in development cooperation: first ideas and consequences from an Bolivian programme

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Towards a Swedish sustainable agriculture

Rogers, P.P., 2000:
Towards a better future in fisheries management: rights-based fisheries management in Western Australia

Little, V., 2000:
Towards a competitive banana industry in the Caribbean

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Towards a framework for the implementation of the clean development mechanism in the agricultural sector of developing countries

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Towards a genetic map of beet (Beta vulgaris L.)

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Towards a global policy agenda: the World Food Summit in the context of international development summit in the 1990s

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Towards a holistic and balanced forest landscape strategy in Ireland

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Towards a hunger free century

Swaminathan, M.S., 1999:
Towards a hunger-free India

Diouf, J., 1999:
Towards a hunger-free century

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Towards a linkage map in kiwifruit (Actinidia chinensis Planch.) based on microsatellites and saturated with AFLP markers

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Towards a market-friendly environment for microfinance - legal and regulatory reform in Zambia

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Towards a measuring instrument to predict farmers' success

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Towards a microevolutionary approach in evolutionary developmental biology: biogeography of the nematode genus Pristionchus (Diplogastridae)

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Towards a molecular understanding of adaptive thermogenesis

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Towards a more sustainable agriculture system: the effect of glucosinolates on the control of soil-borne diseases

Levin, R., 2000:
Towards a national implementation strategy for land redistribution

Olsen, C.S.; Helles, F., 2000:
Towards a new forest policy in Swaziland

Tait, P.J.; Stanmore, B.R., 2000:
Towards a new generation of bagasse-fired boilers

Gobel, P.; Moreau, P., 1999:
Towards a new signboard system for travelling on planned routes in natural areas

Guerrero Reynoso, L.A.E.V., 2000:
Towards a new water management practice: experiences and proposals from Guanajuato state for a participatory and decentralized water management structure in Mexico

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Towards a protein interaction map of potyviruses: protein interaction matrixes of two potyviruses based on the yeast two-hybrid system

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Towards a radiation hybrid map for maize chromosomes

Barrow, N.J., 2000:
Towards a single-point method for measuring phosphate sorption by soils

Dogbey, G.Y., 2001:
Towards a strategic vision for a continent in distress

Jusserand, D.; Carpentier, M.C.; Merle, V.; Arnaud, P.; Petit, J.; Lerebours, E.; Dechelotte, P., 2001:
Towards a strategy for detecting malnutrition at CHU in Rouen

Warren, M.F.; Errington, A.J., 1999:
Towards a strategy for the agrifood sector in the south west of England

Ammerlaan, J.C.J., 2000:
Towards a sustainable glasshouse industry

Burobkin, I.N., 2000:
Towards a theory of economic interests in the system of agricultural production relations

Swaminathan, M.S., 2000:
Towards an Evergreen Revolution in agriculture

Cohen, E., 2000:
Towards an agenda for tourism research in Southeast Asia

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Towards an econometric model of the Irish agricultural sector. Paper presented at the Irish Economics Association Annual Meeting in Westport, Irish Republic, 23-25 April, 1999

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Towards an expanded and integrated linkage map of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)

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Towards an holistic methodology for the management of the territory. The case of agroecosystems

Staub, J.E.; Serquen, F.C., 2000:
Towards an integrated linkage map of cucumber: map merging

Horton, D.; Dupleich, L., 2001:
Towards an integrated planning, monitoring, and evaluation system

Pankhurst, A., 2000:
Towards an understanding of associative society: characteristics, potentials, constraints

Millat e Mustafa, M., 2000:
Towards an understanding of indigenous knowledge

Beck, E., 1999:
Towards an understanding of plant growth regulation: cytokinins as major signals for biomass distribution

Pessel, F.D.; Lecomte, J., 2000:
Towards an understanding of the dynamics of rape populations that have escaped from large-scale cultivation in an agricultural region

Wijk, C.A.P. van; Neuvel, J.J., 1999:
Towards balanced phosphate fertilizer use in vegetables

Brown, C.; Couturier, C.; Zockvic, T.; Parsons, J., 1999:
Towards best practices: a practical guideline for mussel aquaculture in Newfoundland

Xing, J.; Cianci, D., 1996:
Towards better feeding of yaks: a review of the present data on yak nutrition and future research requirements

Bateman, G.L.; Jenkyn, J.F., 2000:
Towards better understanding and management of cereal stem-base diseases

Dupigny Giroux, L.A., 2001:
Towards characterizing and planning for drought in Vermont - part I: a climatological perspective

Dupigny Giroux, L.A., 2001:
Towards characterizing and planning for drought in Vermont - part II: policy implications

Williams, J., 1999:
Towards coherence in developmental decision-making: the decision support roles of remote sensing and GIS - lessons from the larst approach

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Towards commercial mud crab culture

Biocca, M.; Vannucci, D., 2000:
Towards compulsory testing of sprayers

Mbaye, A.; Bon, H. de; Pages, J., 1999:
Towards concerted natural resource management in peri-urban areas. The case of the Dakar region

Mbati, P.A.; Hirumi, K.; Inoue, N.; Situakibanza, N.H.; Hirumi, H., 1999:
Towards developing a diagnostic regimen for the treatment follow-up of Trypanosoma brucei gambiense

Dhamankar, V.S., 2000:
Towards developing a technology for the removal of caramel from sugar industry by products

Lee, R.W.; Strommer, J.; Hodgins, D.; Shewen, P.E.; Niu, Y.; Lo, R.Y., 2001:
Towards development of an edible vaccine against bovine pneumonic pasteurellosis using transgenic white clover expressing a Mannheimia haemolytica A1 leukotoxin 50 fusion protein

Pinstrup Andersen, P., 1999:
Towards ecologically sustainable world food production

Dietvorst, D., 2001:
Towards effective participation in sector reform

Arriens, W.T.L., 1999:
Towards effective water policy in the Asian and Pacific Region: the regional water policy consultations of the Asian Development Bank

Onsongo, M.T., 1999:
Towards efficient coffee marketing in Kenya

Ottesen, E.A., 2000:
Towards eliminating lymphatic filariasis

Ibsen, H., 2000:
Towards environmental assistance: science and politics

Stutzer, A., 2000:
Towards free trade for agricultural goods - the allocation of tariff rate quotas using an average tariff procedure

Richard Molard, M., 2000:
Towards healthier and better sugar beet

Chan KookWeng, 1999:
Towards higher yield potential, production and its prediction in oil palm

Hardt, T.; Himmelbauer, H.; Mann, W.; Ropers, H.; Haaf, T., 1999:
Towards identification of individual homologous chromosomes: comparative genomic hybridization and spectral karyotyping discriminate between paternal and maternal euchromatin in Mus musculus x M. spretus interspecific hybrids

Muchow, R.C.; Higgins, A.J.; Andrew, W.T.; Haynes, M.A., 2000:
Towards improved harvest management using a systems approach

Kauffman, S., 1999:
Towards integrated soil management

Rio, Y., 2001:
Towards limited sector globalisation?

Ling, H.; Ganal, M., 2000:
Towards map-based cloning of two genes involved in iron acquisition and metabolism in tomato

Georges, M., 1999:
Towards marker assisted selection in livestock

This, P.; Lahogue, F.; Adam Blondon, A.F.; Doligez, A.; Bouquet, A., 2000:
Towards marker-assisted selection for seedlessness in grapevine

Jamieson, P.D.; Stone, P.J.; Semenov, M.A., 2001:
Towards modelling quality in wheat - from grain nitrogen concentration to protein composition

Mahadevappa, M.; Shenoy, V.V., 2000:
Towards nitrogen fixing rice (Oryza sativa)

Rosati, C.; Duron, M.; Cadic, A.; Rosati, C.; Simoneau, P., 2000:
Towards novel flower colors in Forsythia by genetic engineering

Bouquet, A.; Pauquet, J.; Adam Blondon, A.F.; Torregrosa, L.; Merdinoglu, D.; Wiedemann Merdinoglu, S., 2000:
Towards obtaining grapevine varieties resistant to powdery and downy mildews by conventional breeding and biotechnology

Nkoa, R.; Coulombe, J.; Desjardins, Y.; Tremblay, N., 2001:
Towards optimization of growth via nutrient supply phasing: nitrogen supply phasing increases broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. italica) growth and yield

Maffucci, D.M.; McMurray, R.G., 2000:
Towards optimizing the timing of the pre-exercise meal

Bock, J.G., 2001:
Towards participatory communal appraisal

Rooyen, J. van, 1999:
Towards partnerships and co-operation between developing farming and agribusiness in South Africa

Gommers, F.J.; Smant, G.; Bakker, J.; Schots, A., 2000:
Towards plantibody-mediated resistance to plant parasitic nematodes

Anonymous, 1999:
Towards policies for conservation and sustainable use of aquatic genetic resources. Proceedings of an international conference held in Bellagio, Como, Italy, 14-18 April 1998

Ashish Bose, 2000:
Towards population stabilisation

Armour, R.J.; Viljoen, M.F., 2000:
Towards quantifying the economic effects of poor and fluctuating water quality on irrigation agriculture: a case study of the lower Vaal and Riet Rivers

Longwe, S.H., 2000:
Towards realistic strategies for women's political empowerment in Africa

Paavola, J., 2001:
Towards sustainable consumption: economics and ethical concerns for the environment in consumer choices

Kelly, R.; Moles, R., 2000:
Towards sustainable development in the mid-west region of Ireland

Daibes, F., 2000:
Towards sustainable development in the water sector: a perspective from Palestine

Ayers, R.L., 2001:
Towards sustainable development: catalysts for change in industrial water management

Pretty, J., 2000:
Towards sustainable food and farming systems in industrialized countries

Wragg, A., 2000:
Towards sustainable landscape planning: experiences from the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Smith, D.M.S.; Morton, S.R.; Ash, A.J., 2000:
Towards sustainable pastoralism in Australia's rangelands

Sharpe, M., 1999:
Towards sustainable pesticides

Kemp, D.R.; Dowling, P.M., 2000:
Towards sustainable temperate perennial pastures

Housset, D.; Benabicha, F.; Pichon-Pesme, V.; Jelsch, C.; Maierhofer, A.; David, S.; Fontecilla-Camps, J.C.; Lecomte, C., 2000:
Towards the charge-density study of proteins: a room-temperature scorpion-toxin structure at 0.96 A resolution as a first test case

Gertenbach, W.D.; Kars, A.A., 1999:
Towards the conservation of the indigenous cattle of KwaZulu-Natal

Baldacci, M., 2000:
Towards the development of a tourist information system: the case of Rimini

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