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Chapter 3,602

Transforming organic agriculture into industrial organic products: reconsidering national organic standards

DeLind, L.B.

Human Organization 59(2): 198-208


ISSN/ISBN: 0018-7259
DOI: 10.17730/humo.59.2.hm8263678687n536
Accession: 003601225

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The 1990 National Organic Food Production Act was enacted to establish the criteria and certification regulations that would give uniformity and credibility to organic processes and products - to define the organic label across the U.S. The promulgation of these standards has been a contentious issue, with purists pitted against pragmatists and attention focused almost exclusively on the development of a materials list for growers and manufacturers. The 'organic rule' proposed in December 1997 generated widespread public protest that was also largely materials- and technology-focused.

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