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Use of cross-species simple sequence repeat (SSR) primers for developing polymorphic DNA markers

Agrawal, D.C.; Sukumar Saha; Jenkins, J.N.; Zipf, A.; May, L.

Journal of New Seeds 1(2): 25-37


ISSN/ISBN: 1522-886X
DOI: 10.1300/j153v01n02_03
Accession: 003606036

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A study was conducted to determine whether commercially available simple sequence repeat (SSR) primers from other species could be used to detect polymorphisms in cotton. Forty-four SSR primers from cotton (Gossypium hirsutum), soyabean (Glycine max), sweet potato (Ipomoea fastigiata), banana (Musa acuminata), conifer (Pinus thunbergii) and hard pine (Pinus radiata), and 10 random amplified polymorphic DNA primer pairs were examined.

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