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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 3608

Chapter 3608 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Using a hyperhalophyte aquaculture in pig feeding
, Svinovodstvo Moskva ( 4): 15-18 (2000)

Using a mensuration approach with FIA vegetation plot data to assess the accuracy of tree size and crown closure classes in a vegetation map of northeastern California
, Remote Sensing of Environment 73(3): 298-306 (2000)

Using a metal detector to determine lead sinker abundance in waterbird habitat
, Wildlife Society Bulletin 27(4): 952-958 (1999)

Using a mixture of field pea and white lupin to reduce extreme variations in production
, Lupin, an ancient crop for the new millennium: Proceedings of the 9th International Lupin Conference, Klink/Muritz, Germany, 20-24 June 1999: 201-202 (2000)

Using a moisture transfer model for assessing total evapotranspiration in the spruce forests of Valdai
, Lesovedenie ( 5): 53-58 (2000)

Using a nitrate specific ion electrode to determine stalk nitrate-nitrogen concentration
, Agronomy Journal 92(1): 186-189 (2000)

Using a non-destructive growth measurement technique to estimate the critical soil moisture level for leek
, Acta Horticulturae ( 537 (Vol.2)): 805-812 (2000)

Using a panel of monoclonal antibodies to detect Maedi virus (MV) in chronic pulmonary distress of sheep
, Journal of Virological Methods 88(1): 9-14 (2000)

Using a peat biobarrier to remediate PCE/TCE contaminated aquifers
, Water Research Oxford 34(3): 835-845 (2000)

Using a seedling hypocotyl elongation assay as a genetic screen for ethylene sensitivity of seedling geranium cultivars
, HortTechnology 11(2): 297-302 (2001)

Using a segmented model to describe in situ nutrient disappearance
, Journal of Applied Animal Research 18(1): 1-14 (2000)

Using a simulation model to assess potential and attainable sugar cane yield in Mauritius
, Field Crops Research 66(3): 225-243 (2000)

Using a stress integrated germination test to predict seed lot susceptibility to drying
, Plant Varieties and Seeds 13(3): 173-179 (2000)

Using a synoptic climatological approach to understand climate-viticulture relationships
, International Journal of Climatology 20(8): 813-837 (2000)

Using a watershed nutrient dynamics model, WEND, to address watershed-scale nutrient management challenges
, Journal of Soil and Water Conservation Ankeny 54(4): 630-635 (1999)

Using a web-based survey to research the benefits of children gardening
, HortTechnology 10(1): 71-76 (2000)

Using accumulated cold units to predict the development of superficial scald disorder on 'd'Anjou' pears during cold storage
, Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology 76(3): 305-310 (2001)

Using acrylic in the experimental extirpation of anal sacs in dogs
, Saglk Bilimleri Dergisi, Firat Universitesi 13(2): 127-130 (1999)

Using activated humic acids in the detoxification of soils contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls. Tests conducted in the City of Serpukhov, Russia
, Understanding humic substances Advanced methods, properties and applications: 265-269 (1999)

Using active learning to enhance lectures
, Review of agricultural economics Winter 21(2): 542-550 (1999)

Using adult female morphological characters for differentiating Tetranychus urticae complex (Acari: Tetranychidae) from greenhouse tomato crops in UK
, Systematic and Applied Acarology 5: 69-76 (2000)

Using agency Internet web sites to obtain public input
, Fisheries Bethesda 25(2): 26-27 (2000)

Using airborne multispectral imagery to manage within-field variability in rice production
, Aspects of Applied Biology ( 60): 99-106 (2000)

Using airflow modelling and spatial analysis for defining wind damage risk classification (WINDARC)
, Forest Ecology and Management 135(1/3): 331-344 (2000)

Using amplified fragment length polymorphisms and simple sequence length polymorphisms to identify cultivars of brown and white milled rice.
, Crop science 39(6): 1715-1721 (1999)

Using an artificial neural network to characterize the relative suitability of environments for forest types in a complex tropical vegetation mosaic
, Diversity and Distributions 5(6): 263-274 (1999)

Using artificial evolution and selection to model insect navigation
, Current Biology 4: 1305-1316 (2001)

Using automatic meteorological stations for early pest warning and irrigation prediction
, Zbornik predavanj in referatov 4 Slovenskega Posvetovanja o Varstvu Rastlin v Portorozu od 3 do 4 Marca 1999: 67-72 (1999)

Using auxiliary information to estimate stand tables
, Canadian Journal of Forest Research 30(6): 865-872 (2000)

Using bacterial growth on insects to assess nutrient impacts in streams
, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 63(3): 431-446 (2000)

Using benthic recruitment to assess the significance of contaminated sediments: the influence of taxonomic resolution
, Environmental Pollution 112(2): 131-143 (2001)

Using between-model comparisons to fine-tune linear models of species ranges
, Journal of Biogeography 27(2): 441-455 (2000)

Using bio-fuels for power in agriculture
, Mekhanizatsiya i Elektrifikatsiya Sel' skogo Khozyaistva ( 2): 22-24 (2001)

Using brand awareness and brand image in tourism channels of distribution
, Journal of Vacation Marketing 6(2): 119-130 (2000)

Using broad genetic diversity and in vitro culture to enhance breeding of some subtropical fruit plants
, Acta Horticulturae ( 538 (Vol.1)): 169-172 (2000)

Using characteristics of burrowing animals to reduce soil-tool adhesion
, Transactions of the ASAE 42(6): 1549-1556 (1999)

Using chlorophyll fluorescence to model leaf photosynthesis in greenhouse pepper and tomato
, Acta Horticulturae ( 507): 311-317 (1999)

Using citation analysis to evaluate Chilean scientific agricultural journals
, Ciencia e Investigacion Agraria 27(1): 9-19 (2000)

Using commercial bumble bee colonies as backup pollinators for honey bees to produce cucumbers and watermelons
, HortTechnology 8(4): 590-594 (1998)

Using complex plant pedigrees to map valuable genes
, Trends in Plant Science 6(8): 337-342 (2001)

Using composition of land multiplier to estimate ecological footprints associated with production activity
, Ecological Economics 37(2): 159-172 (2001)

Using compost to boost yields in Perth region
, BioCycle 41(6): 74-75 (2000)

Using computer graphics for three-dimensional seed cataloging
, Seed Science and Technology 27(2): 439-446 (1999)

Using computer spreadsheets for water flow and biofilter sizing in recirculating aquaculture production systems
, Aquacultural Engineering 23(1/3): 95-102 (2000)

Using computers to work with our customers
, Feed Compounder 20(2): 36-40 (2000)

Using concentration analysis for operating with indicator values: effect of grouping species
, Acta Botanica Hungarica 42(1/4): 55-63 (1999)

Using confocal laser scanning microscopy to measure apoplastic pH change in roots of Lupinus angustifolius L. in response to high pH
, Annals of Botany 87(1): 47-52 (2001)

Using conjoint analysis to value ecosystem change
, Environmental Science and Technology 34(8): 1407-1412 (2000)

Using constructed wetlands to treat biochemical oxygen demand and ammonia associated with a refinery effluent
, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 45(2): 188-193 (2000)

Using controlled and natural conditions to assess infection efficiency of Puccinia striiformis and P. triticina on wheat
, Acta Phytopathologica et Entomologica Hungarica 35(1/4): 295-298 (2000)

Using cost-effectiveness league tables to compare interventions to prevent sexual transmission of HIV
, Aids 15(7): 917-928 (2001)

Using costing as a district planning and management tool in Balochistan, Pakistan
, Health Policy and Planning 16(2): 180-186 (2001)

Using countercurrent chromatography to assist in the purification of new annonaceous acetogenins from Annona squamosa
, Phytochemical Analysis 10(6): 339-347 (1999)

Using crop models to analyze consequences of prescriptions
, 2000 ASAE Annual International Meeting, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, 9-12 July 2000: 1-16 (2000)

Using cross-section data to adjust technical efficiency indexes estimated with panel data
, American journal of agricultural economics 81(4): 894-901 (1999)

Using current protection status to assess conservation priorities
, Biological Conservation uary; 97(1): 1-20 (2001)

Using database management system on farm mechanization economic analysis
, Inzynieria Rolnicza 6(7): 112-118 (2000)

Using date seeds in fattening rations of Friesian calves
, Egyptian Journal of Nutrition and Feeds 2(Special Issue): 179-188 (1999)

Using diaries to examine children's fishing patterns
, North American Journal of Fisheries Management 19(4): 1103-1107 (1999)

Using dielectric soil moisture sensors for irrigation scheduling
, Acta Horticulturae ( 537 (Vol.1)): 471-477 (2000)

Using different kinds of glazes for making confectionery items
, Pishchevaya Promyshlennost' ( 8): 26-27 (1999)

Using digitized handheld Space Shuttle photography for terrain visualization
, International Journal of Remote Sensing 21(1): 1-5 (2000)

Using dried quail manure in diets for growing Japanese quail
, Egyptian Poultry Science Journal 17(2): 115-125 (1997)

Using drug residue screening tests to investigate antibiotic contamination of milk
, Veterinary Medicine 94(5): 474-479 (1999)

Using ecolabeling to encourage the adoption of innovative environmental technologies in agriculture
, Flexible incentives for the adoption of environmental technologies in agriculture: 119-138 (1999)

Using economic incentives for pesticide usage reductions: responsiveness to input taxation and agricultural systems
, Agricultural Systems 63(3): 175-194 (2000)

Using ecosystem-based and traditional land-use planning to conserve greenspace
, Journal of Arboriculture 25(5): 264-273 (1999)

Using egg antibodies to treat diseases
, Egg nutrition and biotechnology: 351-370 (1999)

Using eggs containing an irritating odor to teach mammalian predators to stop depredating eggs
, Wildlife Society Bulletin 28(1): 84-89 (2000)

Using electric fences to reduce Asiatic black bear depredation in Nagano prefecture, central Japan
, Wildlife Society Bulletin 27(4): 959-964 (1999)

Using electrolyte leakage to detect soybean (Glycine max) cultivars sensitive to sulfentrazone
, Weed Technology 14(4): 699-704 (2000)

Using electronic odor sensors to discriminate among oak barrel toasting levels
, Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 47(10): 4319-4322 (1999)

Using electrophoretic characteristics of thoracic proteins in the separation of honeybee (Apis mellifera L.) populations in Iran
, Journal of Science and Technology of Agriculture and Natural Resources 3(4): 97-104 (2000)

Using enzyme supplementation to improve wheat utilization by broilers and turkeys
, Zootecnica International (6): 50-55 (2001)

Using enzyme supplemented, reduced protein diets to decrease nitrogen and phosphorus excretion of broilers
, Asian Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 13(11): 1561-1567 (2000)

Using enzyme supplemented, reduced protein diets to decrease nitrogen and phosphorus excretion of white leghorn hens
, Asian Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 13(12): 1743-1749 (2000)

Using evidence to change antimalarial drug policy in Kenya
, Tropical Medicine and International Health 5(11): 755-764 (2000)

Using existing soil databases for estimating retention properties for soils of the Pianura Padano-Veneta region of North Italy
, Geoderma 99(1-2): 99-121 (2001)

Using eye lens diameter as age indicator of young Lithognathus mormyrus and Diplodus vulgaris
, Naga 23(3): 21-22 (2000)

Using factor analysis in the development of dairy equipment
, Tekhnika v Sel' skom Khozyaistve ( 2): 9-11 (2000)

Using fallout lead-210 measurements to estimate soil erosion on cultivated land
, Soil Science Society of America journal 63(5): 1404-1412 (1999)

Using farm consumption data to estimate the intertemporal elasticity of substitution and relative risk aversion coefficients
, Agricultural Finance Review 60: 61-70 (2000)

Using farm-based data in risk analysis
, Risk analysis in aquatic animal health Proceedings of an international conference, Paris, France, 8-10 February 2000: 125-131 (2001)

Using farm-sector income as a policy benchmark
, Agricultural Outlook ( 282): 14-19 (2001)

Using felled timber as water bars to control postfire erosion
, Fire Management Notes 59(4): 35-38 (1999)

Using fibreboards made by continuous dry pressing to make laminated parquet
, Derevoobrabatyvayushchaya Promyshlennost' ( 1): 6-8 (2001)

Using field scale models to predict peak flows on agricultural watersheds
, Journal of the American Water Resources Association 35(5): 1223-1232 (1999)

Using five sampling methods to measure insect distribution and abundance in bins storing wheat
, Journal of stored products research 36(3): 253-262 (2000 )

Using fluid whey in comminuted meat products: effects on technological, chemical and sensory properties of frankfurter-type sausages
, Food Research International 34(2/3): 97-101 (2001)

Using focus groups for evaluation of the CAP Accompanying Measures
, International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management 1(1/2): 127-139 (2001)

Using foliar variables to predict the response of lodgepole pine to nitrogen and sulphur fertilization
, Canadian Journal of Forest Research 30(9): 1389-1399 (2000)

Using foresight to develop strategies for science, technology and innovation
, Towards an agenda for agricultural research in Europe Proceedings of a Conference held in Wageningen, The Netherlands from 13-15 April 1999: 91-99 (2000)

Using forest fire hazard modelling in multiple use forest management planning
, Forest Ecology and Management 134(1/3): 163-176 (2000)

Using free proline concentration as an indicator for identifying sugar beet varieties relatively tolerant to salinity
, Egyptian Journal of Agricultural Research 78(2): 733-744 (2000)

Using fresh fat-free cheese (Lor Cheese) in processed cheese production
, Ondokuzmayis Universitesi, Ziraat Fakultesi Dergisi 15(1): 26-32 (2000)

Using full-fat flax and rape seeds for fattening young slaughter cattle
, Rosliny Oleiste 20(1): 207-220 (1999)

Using gene knockouts to investigate plant metabolism
, Journal of Experimental Botany 52(361): 1593-1601 (2001)

Using genetic diversity for disease resistance in agricultural production
, Outlook on Agriculture 29(1): 25-30 (2000)

Using genetic evaluations for growth and maternal gain from birth to weaning to predict energy requirements of Line 1 Hereford beef cows
, Journal of Animal Science 78(9): 2299-2304 (2000)

Using genetic markers of the AFLP type for studying the genetic variability of rye inbred lines
, Biuletyn Instytutu Hodowli i Aklimatyzacji Roslin ( 211): 219-227 (1999)

Using germplasm of the heterotic Lancaster group in the breeding of early-ripening maize
, Kukuruza i Sorgo ( 1): 6-11 (2001)

Using gliadin genetic markers in breeding winter wheat in Krasnodar
, Tsitologiya i Genetika 34(2): 24-31 (2000)

Using goal programming in rational and economical animal nutrition
, Turk Veterinerlik ve Hayvanclk Dergisi 24(3): 233-238 (2000)

Using goal setting as a strategy for dietary behavior change
, Journal of the American Dietetic Association 101(5): 562-566 (2001)

Using grey system theory analysis the effect of the meteorological factors on the saturated fatty acid content of developing soybean seed
, Journal of Jilin Agricultural University 22(1): 26-29 (2000)

Using ground penetrating radar to investigate spoil layers in rehabilitated minesoils
, South African Journal of Plant and Soil 16(3): 131-134 (1999)

Using growing degree days to predict nitrogen availability from livestock manures
, Soil Science Society of America journal 64(5): 1876-1882 (2000)

Using habitat models to map diversity: pan-African species richness of ticks (Acari: Ixodida)
, Journal of Biogeography 27(2): 425-440 (2000)

Using hard seed coats to preserve seed quality in soybean
, Genetic improvement of seed quality Proceedings of a Symposium sponsored by Divisions C 4, C 1, and C 8 of the Crop Science Society of America, Anaheim, California, USA, 29 October 1997: 59-66 (2000)

Using hempotin in rearing piglets
, Svinovodstvo Moskva (4): 12-14 (2001)

Using herbicides for improving establishment of switchgrass
, Proceedings/Reports of the American Forage and Grassland Council, 37th North American Alfalfa Improvement Conference, Madison, Wisconsin, July 16-19, 2000: 196-200 (2000)

Using heterosis to improve the production of pig meat
, Svinovodstvo Moskva ( 2): 5-9 (2000)

Using high spatial resolution multispectral data to classify corn and soybean crops
, PEandRS, Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 66(3): 319-327 (2000)

Using high-tech to reduce poverty and regional disparities
, Regional Development Dialogue 21(2): 144-150 (2000)

Using hormone in cattle embryo transfer: a review
, Lalahan Hayvanclk Arastrma Enstitusu Dergisi 41(1): 95-104 (2001)

Using hydrothermal time concepts to model seed germination response to temperature, dormancy loss, and priming effects in Elymus elymoides
, Seed Science Research 10(3): 213-223 (2000)

Using hyperspectral data to assess forest structure
, Journal of Forestry 98(6): 47-49 (2000)

Using image processing technique to measure spray coverage
, Journal of Agricultural Research of China 48(4): 96-110 (1999)

Using imaging spectroscopy to map acidic mine waste
, Environmental Science and Technology 34(1): 47-54 (2000)

Using imidacloprid as part of an integrated system for controlling the black bean aphid Aphis fabae Scop
, Bulletin OILB/SROP 22(5): 219-222 (1999)

Using immunohistochemistry to study plant metabolism: the examples of its use in the localization of amino acids in plant tissues, and of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase and its possible role in pH regulation
, Journal of Experimental Botany 52(356): 565-576 (2001)

Using indicators to assess hydrologic risk
, Working Paper Ministry of Forests Research Program, British Columbia (57): 26-43 (2000)

Using insurance to enhance nitrogen fertilizer application to reduce nitrogen losses to the environment
, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 68(3): 209-233 (2001)

Using internet discussion of antimicrobial susceptibility databases for continuous quality improvement of the testing and management of antimicrobial resistance
, Clinical Infectious Diseases 33(Suppl. 3): S118 (2001)

Using isoelectric focusing of isozymes of acid phosphatase of a measure of hybrid purity in Brassica napus L
, Plant Varieties and Seeds 14(1): 53-65 (2001)

Using isothiazolone biocides to control microbial and fungal contaminants in plant tissue cultures
, HortTechnology 8(4): 598-601 (1998)

Using isothiocyanate excretion as a biological marker of Brassica vegetable consumption in epidemiological studies: evaluating the sources of variability
, Public Health Nutrition 4(3): 837-846 (2001)

Using isozyme polymorphism to assess genetic variation within cultivated yams (Dioscorea cayenensis/Dioscorea rotundata complex) of the Republic of Benin
, Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 47(4): 371-383 (2000)

Using jet pumps in the drainage systems of pumping stations
, Mekhanizatsiya i Elektrifikatsiya Sel' skogo Khozyaistva ( 12): 14-16 (2000)

Using landscape characteristics for targeting habitat conservation and restoration: a case study of ancient semi-natural woodland in the Chiltern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, UK
, Landscape Research 26(3): 203-223 (2001)

Using landscape hierarchies to guide restoration of disturbed ecosystems
, Ecological Applications 10(1): 189-202 (2000)

Using landscape metrics to model source habitat for Neotropical migrants in the midwestern U.S
, Landscape Ecology 15(7): 621-631 (2000)

Using lime pretreatment to facilitate the enzymic hydrolysis of corn stover
, Biomass and Bioenergy 18(3): 189-199 (2000)

Using liquid manure additives for emission reduction
, Landtechnik 56(3): 152-153 (2001)

Using live estimates and ultrasound measurements to predict beef carcass cutability
, Journal of Animal Science 78(5): 1255-1261 (2000)

Using live-crown ratio to control wood quality: an example of quantitative silviculture
, General Technical Report Southern Research Station, USDA Forest Service ( SRS-30): 511-514 (1999)

Using local variety and fungicide interaction trials to manage cost-effective disease control programmes for winter wheat
, Aspects of Applied Biology ( 62): 135-142 (2000)

Using lorries with removable bodies in agriculture
, Mekhanizatsiya i Elektrifikatsiya Sel' skogo Khozyaistva ( 3): 20-21 (2000)

Using lux genes marker technique to track Pseudomonas chlororaphis in cotton rhizosphere
, Acta Microbiologica Sinica 39(1): 43-48 (1999)

Using mass customization to achieve hybrid competitive advantages in the tourism industry
, Tourismus Journal 4(1): 27-49 (2000)

Using mass media to promote healthy eating: A community-based demonstration project
, Preventive Medicine 29(5): 414-421 (1999)

Using measurements of muscle color, pH, and electrical impedance to augment the current USDA beef quality grading standards and improve the accuracy and precision of sorting carcasses into palatability groups
, Journal of Animal Science 78(10): 2595-2607 (2000)

Using meta-analysis for benefit transfer: in-sample convergent validity tests of an outdoor recreation database
, Water Resources Research 36(4): 1097-1107 (2000)

Using metaphors for high-performance teaching and coaching
, Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance 70(7): 33-35 (1999)

Using methods based on the polymerase chain reaction to analyse and map the plant genome (review)
, Sel' skokhozyaistvennaya Biologiya ( 3): 3-14 (1999)

Using microsatellite sequences from peach for fingerprinting and genealogical analysis of almond
, Rivista di Frutticoltura e di Ortofloricoltura 61(11): 70-73 (1999)

Using microscope observations of thin sections to estimate soil permeability with the Kozeny-Carman equation
, Journal of hydrology 251(3-4): 186-201 (2001)

Using Microwave Irradiation to Improve Preservation of Female Nematodes and Gall Tissues for TEM Observations
, Journal of Nematology 32(3): 323-329 (2000)

Using mixing ability analysis from two-way cultivar mixtures to predict the performance of cultivars in complex mixtures
, Field Crops Research 68(2): 121-132 (2000)

Using models to assess the value of traits of food legumes from a cropping systems perspective
, Linking research and marketing opportunities for pulses in the 21st Century Proceedings of the Third International Food Legumes Research Conference, Adelaide, Australia, 22-26 September 1997: 265-278 (2000)

Using modern reproductive methods to hybridize Old and New World Camelids: Camelus dromedariusxLama guanicoe
, Revue d' Elevage et de Medecine Veterinaire des Pays Tropicaux 53(2): 93-96 (2000)

Using modern reproductive technologies such as embryo transfer and artificial insemination to improve the reproductive potential of dromedary camels
, Revue d' Elevage et de Medecine Veterinaire des Pays Tropicaux 53(2): 97-100 (2000)

Using modified length-weight relationships to assess the condition of fish
, Aquacultural Engineering 20(4): 261-276 (1999)

Using modulation to green the CAP: the UK case
, Land Use Policy 17(4): 269-277 (2000)

Using molecular markers to understand rhizomania and powdery mildew resistance
, British Sugar Beet Review 67(4): 16, 18-19 (1999)

Using money in participatory technology development
, Beraterinnen News ( 2): 28-30 (2000)

Using monogenic and polygenic disease resistance in fruit breeding
, Erwerbsobstbau 42(3): 87-92 (2000)

Using mouse genetics to understand infectious disease pathogenesis
, Genome Research 11(3): 325-331 (2001)

Using moving averages as a cotton pricing tool
, 2000 Proceedings Beltwide Cotton Conferences, San Antonio, USA, 4-8 January, 2000: Volume 1: 313-315 (2000)

Using multi-scale sampling and spatial cross-correlation to investigate patterns of plant species richness
, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 64(3): 591-605 (2000)

Using multiple experimental methods to determine fracture/matrix interactions and dispersion of nonreactive solutes in saturated volcanic tuff
, Water Resources Research 36(12): 3547-3558 (2000)

Using multiple taxonomic groups to index the ecological condition of lakes
, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 61(2): 207-228 (2000)

Using multivariate statistical analysis of groundwater major cation and trace element concentrations to evaluate groundwater flow in a regional aquifer
, Hydrological Processes 13(17): 2655-2673 (1999)

Using municipal biosolids to bring new life to rangeland
, BioCycle 41(4): 60-61 (2000)

Using municipal effluents for irrigation of agricultural crops
, Irrigation under conditions of water scarcity Vol 1G 17th ICID International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage, Granada, Spain, 13-17 September 1999: 33-44 (1999)

Using natural products to control powdery mildew in oak and rose seedlings
, Mededelingen Faculteit Landbouwkundige en Toegepaste Biologische Wetenschappen, Universiteit Gent 64(3b): 553-558 (1999)

Using new video mapping technology in landscape ecology
, BioScience 50(6): 529-536 (2000)

Using nitrogen balance to calculate fertilization in strawberries
, HortTechnology 10(1): 147-150 (2000)

Using nitrogen fertilizer to influence mineralization and crop requirement
, Themaboekje Praktijkonderzoek voor de Akkerbouw en de Vollegrondsgroenteteelt ( 22): 46-55 (1999)

Using noxious weed lists to prioritize targets for developing weed management strategies
, Weed science 48(5): 640-644 (2000)

Using nuclear energy in plant breeding
, Perspectivas Rurales 3(1): 117-121 (1999)

Using numerical optimization for specifying individual-tree competition models
, Forest science 46(2): 277-283 (2000)

Using nutrient uptake patterns to develop efficient nitrogen management strategies for vegetables
, HortTechnology 9(4): 601-606 (1999)

Using object oriented methods to add to our capacity to develop and use functional models for plants and populations
, Fonctionnement des peuplements vegetaux sous contraintes environnementales, Paris, France, 20-21 January 1998: 217-231 (2000)

Using of Daphnia pulex, Artemia salina and Tubifex tubifex for cyanobacterial microcystins toxicity detection
, Biologia Bratislava 55(6): 637-643 (2000)

Using of chromogenic substrates for study of proteolytic enzymes
, Bulletin Potravinarskeho Vyskumu 38(1): 55-59 (1999)

Using of hardened ridge-surface method for environmental conservation compatible with crop production
, Sweetpotato Research Front ( 9): 3 (1999)

Using of leaf discs for direct regeneration of issope plants
, Sodininkyste ir Darzininkyste 19(3(1)): 427-433 (2000)

Using of liquid smoke in white brined cheese production
, Veteriner Bilimleri Dergisi 15(1): 63-70 (1999)

Using of plant resistance activator in protection of winter wheat against fungal diseases
, Progress in Plant Protection 39(2): 818-822 (1999)

Using of random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers for genetic analysis in potato plants
, Journal of Turkish Phytopathology 27(2/3): 83-90 (1998)

Using of surfactant modified Fe-pillared bentonite for the removal of pentachlorophenol from aqueous stream
, Environmental Technology 22(1): 69-74 (2001)

Using olfactometry to measure intensity and threshold dilution ratio for evaluating swine odor
, Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association 49(7): 847-853 (1999)

Using optimization to estimate soil inputs of crop models for use in site-specific management
, 2000 ASAE Annual International Meeting, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, 9-12 July 2000: 1-28 (2000)

Using outside temperature to predict odour emission from mechanical ventilated livestock buildings
, Air pollution from agricultural operations Proceedings of the Second International Conference, Des Moines, Iowa, USA, October 9-11, 2000: 369-375 (2000)

Using oxalate to indirectly test for physiological resistance to white mold in dry bean
, Proceedings of the 1998 International Sclerotinia Workshop, Fargo, ND, 9-12 September 1998: 44-45 (1999)

Using oxygen to debottleneck a nitric acid plant
, Nitrogen and Methanol ( 243): 47-50 (2000)

Using pH value indicator in selection of meat pigs
, Roczniki Naukowe Zootechniki ( Supl.z.5): 119-122 (2000)

Using paper de-inking sludge to maintain soil structural form: field measurements
, Soil Science Society of America Journal 64(1): 275-285 (2000)

Using parasites as biological tags of fish populations: a dynamical model
, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 62(1): 87-99 (2000)

Using participatory approaches for rehabilitating salt affected lands by fruit based agroforestry systems
, Indian Journal of Soil Conservation 27(3): 220-226 (1999)

Using path analysis to measure natural selection
, Journal of Evolutionary Biology 13(3): 423-433 (2000)

Using pheromone traps to control California Red Scale Aonidiella aurantii (Maskell) (Hom.: Diaspididae) in the Eastern Mediterranean region
, Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry 25(2): 97-110 (2001)

Using phylogenetic approaches for the analysis of plant breeding system evolution
, Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics 30: 167-199 (1999)

Using plant analysis to predict yield losses caused by sulphur deficiency
, Annals of Applied Biology 138(1): 123-127 (2001)

Using plant cuticular alkanes to study plant-animal interactions on pastures
, Canadian journal of animal science 79(4): 553-556 (1999)

Using plant physiology to improve the water use efficiency of horticultural crops
, Acta Horticulturae ( 537 (Vol.1)): 187-197 (2000)

Using plough down of sugar beet tops to affect the production parameters of spring barley in a maize-growing region
, Rostlinna Vyroba 47(7): 319-325 (2001)

Using polymerase chain reaction to obtain PRRSV-free piglets from endemically infected herds
, Swine Health and Production 7(6): 255-261 (1999)

Using population models to assess culture-based fisheries: a brief review with an application to the analysis of stocking experiments
, Reservoir and culture based fisheries: biology and management Proceedings of an International Workshop held in Bangkok, Thailand from 15-18 February 2000: 257-265 (2001)

Using possibilities of unsalable milk in calf feeding
, Veteriner Bilimleri Dergisi 15(1): 137-143 (1999)

Using powdery and microcapsular preparates to decimate ants populations on citrus trees
, Alon Hanotea 55(5): 219-221 (2001)

Using precision temperature logs to estimate horizontal and vertical groundwater flow components
, Water Resources Research 37(3): 663-674 (2001)

Using Predictions Based on Geostatistics to Monitor Trends in Aspergillus flavus Strain Composition
, Phytopathology 89(9): 761-769 (1999)

Using preferential flow models for management purposes
, Modelling of transport processes in soils at various scales in time and space International Workshop of EurAgEng' s Field of Interest on Soil and Water, Leuven, Belgium, 24-26 November 1999: 521-535 (1999)

Using presence-absence data to build and test spatial habitat models for the fisher in the Klamath region, U.S.A
, Conservation Biology 13(6): 1344-1359 (1999)

Using principal-agent theory to deal with output slippage in the European Union set-aside policy
, Journal of Agricultural Economics 52(2): 29-41 (2001)

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