Wood characteristics of plantation slash pine at age 30

Haselein, C.R.; Cechin, E.; Santini, E.J.; Gatto, D.A.

Ciencia Florestal 10(2): 135-144


ISSN/ISBN: 0103-9954
Accession: 003614267

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In this study, six trees from a 30 year slash pine (Pinus elliottii) stand in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, were harvested and the stems were converted into 2.5 m logs. The first two logs from each stem were processed into pith centred cants (12 in all). After air seasoning, the cants were transformed into small clear static bending specimens according to ASTM D143-93 (1995). Samples were taken near the pith and the bark. Bending stiffness (MOE) and strength (MOR) and basic density measured at 12% moisture content were related to the number of growth rings and percentage summer wood determined at every specimen cross-section. Significant differences were found between radial positions. In general, there was an increase in bending strength of the juvenile wood as a function an increase in the number of growth rings and percentage summer wood (latewood), i.e., from pith to bark.