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Yield and quality of spring wheat depending on nitrogen fertilizer rates on various levels of organic fertilizers and soil acidity degree

Shatalova, R.V.

Soil research and use of fertilizers: 76-88


Accession: 003615009

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On well-cultivated dernopodzolic coarse loamy soils in Belarus, at an average manure application of 10 t/ha in a crop rotation in a soil acidity range of pH 5.5-5.7 to 6.3-6.5, and a background of P60 + K120, the average spring wheat yield (4.59-4.83 t/ha) was more effective with one application of N60 than with split dressings of N. Nitrogen top-dressing application at the beginning of leaf-tube formation can be regulated using the developed diagnostic scale of the total nitrogen content in plants. Variations of gluten content in spring wheat grain from 18 to 31% resulted mainly from the interaction of nitrogen fertilizers with the weather conditions.