Yield and quality of sugarbeet in relation to nitrogen fertilizer rates and acidity of a sod-podzolic light loamy soil

Bogdevich, I.M.; Shatalova, R.V.; Titova, S.A.

Agricultural Chemistry 30: 3-13


ISSN/ISBN: 1560-0890
Accession: 003615012

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In trials on a sod-podzolic light loamy soil of the Central agroclimatic zone of Belarus in 1993-94 the yield of sugarbeet cv. Belorusskaya 69 was about 40 t/ha, with sugar yields of 6.73 and 5.92 t/ha and good root quality with 30 kg N, 60 kg P, 90 kg K and 120 kg B/ha with basal application of 50 t farmyard manure/ha + application of a Cu, Zn, Mn, Co and Fe complex. The efficiency of split N application (before sowing and at the three leaf pair stage) was correlated with the N-NO3 supply in the 60-cm soil layer. Application of 120 kg N reduced root sugar content and root quality.