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A laboratory set up to evaluate the hydraulic behavior of inclined capillary barriers

Bussiere, B.; Aubertin, M.; Chapuis, R.P.

Physical modelling in geotechnics ICPMG ' 02 Proceedings of the International Conference, St John' s, Newfoundland, Canada, 10-12 July 2002: 391-396


Accession: 003621584

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Capillary barriers have been proposed as an alternative to low saturated hydraulic conductivity covers to encapsulate wastes. Capillary barriers can be used to reduce water infiltration and/or gas migration, depending on the climatic conditions. Different factors can affect the efficiency of a capillary barrier such as material properties and layer thickness. Geometry is another parameter, frequently neglected in the past that could affect the performance of a capillary barrier. In this study, a physical model called the inclined box has been designed and constructed to evaluate slope effects on the hydraulic behavior of a capillary barrier. The test results show that the slope influences water distribution in the layers.

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