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A list of Phthiraptera (Insecta) found on distinct local populations of Ctenomys (Rodentia: Octodontidae) in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil

Cicchino, A.C.; Castro, D. del C.; Baldo, J.C.

Papeis Avulsos de Zoologia 41(13): 197-211


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-1049
Accession: 003621708

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The authors deal with 20 species of Phthiraptera in the genera Phtheiropoios Eichler, 1940 (Amblycera: Gyropidae) (14 species, all recorded in Argentina, 2 in Uruguay, 1 in Paraguay, one in Bolivia and 1 in Brazil), Gyropus Nitzsch, 1818 (Amblycera: Gyropidae) (1 species in Argentina) and Eulinognathus Cummings, 1916 (Anoplura: Polyplacidae) (5 species, 1 in Bolivia and 4 in Argentina, 1 of which doubtfully cited for Paraguay). They were found after the examination of 50 local populations belonging to at least 36 species and subspecies of Ctenomys, including also data from the current literature in those cases in which the identity of the lice has been verified. Of these, 41 are from Argentina, 5 from Uruguay, 2 from Paraguay, 1 from Bolivia and 1 from Brazil.

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